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New Submissions Call At NNP: Pagan Inspired Erotica and Erotic Romances!

Naughty Nights Press has started a new line of wickedly wonderful reading! 

A truly magickal theme of sensual and spicy, all rolled into one, everyone at NNP is quite excited about!

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Ms. Erzabet Bishop, a new author with NNP, with Beltane Fires and Samhain Shadows (to be released in October) under the erotic short stories theme, and our own enchanting spell weaver, Ms. Kiki Howell, a long time NNP author, with her erotic romance, Working Out The Kinks

We owe these ladies something very special for sparking the inspiration for the Pagan-themed line of submissions calls.
We will have to see what we can stir up for them. *wicked grin*

So... without further ado... we now have:

Line Name: The Erotic World Of Paganism: 
The editor for all stories within this line will be Cynthia Boudreaux.

These stories are sometimes considered erotic literature more than erotic fiction as they center on the Pagan/Wiccan Faith, both ancient and modern day, and all the beauty it entails
They are, however, still intended to be fictional works, and so, even though our acceptances will be detailed and delicious, as always, we cannot condone the kept secrets of the Wiccan Covens being given away in our publications. 
We must respect the members of our faith, the right to keep some practices or writings private and be sure we do not cross the lines.
If your submission contains factual information on any Wiccan practice, you must have written permission from the creator or rights holder before we can publish it in your book. Please be aware when researching your sources.

Heading/Primary Book Titles:(Followed by Author’s Book Title On The Cover)

The Erotic Pagans Series: 

A series/group of short stories (4500-9500 words), based on Pagan/Wiccan traditions, spells, handfastings, holiday rituals, etc., with an obvious spicy erotica theme.

The Erotic World Of Pagan Romance:

This part of the line will consist of works 10, 000 words and up where the primary focus is on the romantic relationships of the characters. Must follow some sort of Pagan/Wiccan traditions, cultures, spells, handfastings, holiday rituals, etc., made into stories of an erotic romance nature and contain all the other typical requirements for any of our erotic romance works. MUST have HEA or HFN

These erotic romances can be any manner of couplings. The Pagan faith does not judge. Although fertility may be a main focus of portions of paganism, there are also the romance and sexual aspects of the faith that carry a heavier core attraction. The primary rede of Wicca is “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

Sub-heading/themes in the erotic romances:

Each story must fit into one of the sub-headings/themes listed below:

Amorous Pagan Traditions - works based on Pagan, non-holiday traditions where the characters engage in some sort of romantic relationship but where the Pagan tradition is a primary focal point within the work.

Passionate Pagan Rituals - works based on Pagan rituals where the characters engage in or further a romantic relationship. Perhaps a Pagan ritual for fertility, true love, etc. The ritual or rituals performed must be a primary focal point within the work.
Optional: The exact details of any ritual can be shared within the book and the source(s) quoted.

Sensual Pagan Weddings - works focused on handfastings/bindings (weddings) where the characters engage in a romantic relationship before, during and/or after the wedding but where the handfasting is a primary focal point within the work.
Optional: Vows can be original or traditional and should be listed within the story with source(s) quoted.

Impassioned Pagan Holiday Traditions - works focused on Pagan or Wiccan holidays and traditions for a specific holiday where the characters engage in a romantic relationship but where the holiday tradition is a primary focal point within the work.

Seductive Pagan Potions & Sex Spells - stories focused on potions, blessings or spells used within the story to assist the characters in engaging in or furthering a romantic relationship, but where the spell and/or creation of a potion is a primary focal point or necessity within the work.
Optional: The spell or potion will be partially shared within the book and the source(s) quoted.
Due to the nature of potential dangerous spells in the hands of those who do not know the weight they carry and how to properly manipulate them, we will not publish a full spell or potion recipe.

So, my friends, let’s polish up those research skills and make some magick words start covering the pages of your word processor, shall we! Our readers can’t wait!

Submission Guidelines:

Please ensure that all submissions are followed in the manner detailed below. For multiple submissions, please send each in its own individual email with separate cover letter including the requested personal information, story details, synopsis, word count, attachment, etc.

Works must be original, previously unpublished or free of existing publication rights, polished and ready for publication. This means we do expect all submissions to be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

• Text is Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing.
NO other formatting, header/footer, page numbers, tabs, indents or spaces please.

• Underline all text that is to be italicized. (ie: character thoughts and words with emphasis)

• Identify new chapters with the chapter title only. (Chapter Two or A Wiccan Wonderland), with two blank lines above the title.

• Manual page break immediately at the end of the chapter (Ctrl +Enter) (no lines or spaces)

• Scene breaks with *** centered, one blank line above and one blank line below, no spaces or other characters in between the asterisks.

• In the body of the email AND on the first page of the manuscript, please include the following:

Your Legal Name, Mailing Address and Contact Information
Pseudonym (If any)
Author's Title
Word Count
Primary Heading/Title Category and sub-heading/theme it fits into (If applicable)
Primary genre (ie: BDSM erotic romance) and at least two additional genre categories your story contains (ie: paranormal, comedy, drama, gay male fiction, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, new adult)

Brief Synopsis Of The Story (Min 1/2 page, single spaced)
A condensed 400-character blurb of the story. (See “How To Write a Synopsis Made Simple” and “Writing a Blurb Made Simple”)
A 50 - 75 word Biography written in the third person.
Your Marketing Proposal detailing how you intend to market your work.

• Please ensure you include the following as an attachment to the email in .doc format (No docx or rtf): Save the file in the following manner: YourLegalName_StoryTitle_EWOP.doc

Please email submissions as per the guidelines with the appropriate title of the submissions call as the subject line to: submissions at naughtynightspress dot com
(Change at to @ and dot to . accordingly)

This submissions call is currently open. 

Subject to change without warning depending on the volume of submissions.

Submissions that do not follow the above guidelines will be discarded without notice.
NNP reserves the right to change, add to, modify or remove any/all of these dates or entire intended releases/submissions calls at our discretion.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It isn't Transphobia it's Ignorance

It isn't Transphobia it's Ignorance

Transphobia (or less commonly transprejudicetrans-misogyny, referring to transphobia directed toward trans women and trans-misandry, referring to transphobia directed toward trans men) is a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards transsexualism and transsexual ortransgender people, based on the expression of their internal gender identity (see Phobia – terms indicating prejudice or class discrimination).
The related term cissexism, which is sometimes used as a synonym of transphobia, refers to the assumptions that all men and all women are biological male or female and that trans people are inferior to cis people. Whether intentional or not, both transphobia and cissexism have severe consequences for the target of the negative attitude. Many trans people also experience homophobia from people who associate their gender identity with homosexuality. Attacking someone on the basis of a perception of their gender identity rather the perception of their sexual orientation is known as "trans bashing", as opposed to "gay bashing".

Above is the wikipedia description of Transphobia. However there is a much better word that should be used and that word is described below.

Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge).[1] The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Ignoramus is commonly used in the US, the UK, and Ireland as a term for someone who is willfully ignorant.

Greetings everyone and guess who's back at Naughty Nights Press, continuing my crusade to get transsexuals the same equality, respect and rights as everyone else. Yes I've used an outside source (wikipedia) to get my point across but I think you can see how that although they are two very different words, Transphobic and Ignorance, they both lead to the same conclusion.

phobia (from the GreekφόβοςPhóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is, when used in the context of clinical psychology, a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.

As you can see a phobia is a fear and why the hell would you be afraid of Transsexuals? Transsexuals are not aliens, from another planet, sent to destroy us and they are not trying to make us all become transsexual they are people, just like you and I and deserve to be treated as equals just like you and I.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Importance Of Following The Guidelines Of Manuscript Submission To A Publisher

You've written your book, researched multiple publishers and decided on where you'd like to submit your work based on your findings. Now what?

It’s been noted recently that many authors who submit their stories for consideration are not appropriately following the publisher requested guidelines for manuscript submission.

At Naughty Nights Press  the guideline requirements can be found on our blog, here:

What does this mean for you as a writer? For your story when you send it in to NNP or any publisher for that matter? What happens when you send the wrong format or do not fill out the requested information on the cover letter within the body of the email?

Chances are, it means the acquisitions editor may never see your story. Yes, it likely gets tossed in the trash. 


Because we have requested these guidelines be followed for a number of reasons, the first and most important one being to make our job easier.

We requested your story sent in .DOC format. Why?

Because any other format does not retain the formatting required on the submission when it’s opened for review in our applications. Period.

We request certain information be included in the body of your email. Why?

Because we need this information to assist us in making a determination as to whether your story is of interest to us, who you are with your multi-pseudonyms and how many manuscripts you currently have open with us, among several other reasons.

We ask that you format your story with certain fonts, spacing, and other formatting. Why?

Because this saves us having to wipe out the formatting on your story and redo the entire thing to fit our typesetting style on the ebook conversion files or settings for print books. It also makes reading through your submission or editing it, easier. This reduces the amount of time required to tend to those issues if you've not followed our request.

What is the risk you take each time you don’t follow our request?

You may get lucky if one of our admin is feeling particularly nice the day he comes across your email, and he may send it back to you noting the concern, what is missing from the submission, and requesting you resend. However, this can still put your work farther back in the “FCFS” (First come, first served) queue that we work on here at NNP. OR, it may get dumped immediately in the trash as the admin have been instructed to do.

Why have the admin members been told to send these unsavoury emails to the garbage?

Because when we make a request for things in a submission, we expect them to be followed. We do not have time to fix things, make allowances, send emails back and forth between the admin and the author to get something done correctly from information that is right there in print on a publicly accessible page.
Because other writers who are waiting their turn on consideration of their works have followed our request to the letter and we don’t feel it’s fair to them to continuously expect them to follow the rules, yet make allowances for others.

Why should these other writers have to wait while you figure out what you should have done before you even hit the send button? What makes you think you are so important that you can forgo the requests NNP has made of EVERYONE who submits their works?

Because a simple thing like following these instructions can indicate to NNP how well you read, comprehend information and can relay that into your works. The process can show us how hard it may be to get you to understand the requested edits on your works. It shows us how much importance you place on attention to detail, and if you will reflect that high quality standard in the manuscript you are submitting.

There are so many factors to our reason for asking writers to follow a few simple guidelines. One of the most important ones, though, is RESPECT. Respect for your acquisitions editor. Respect for your fellow writers. Respect for your work and yourself as an author.

So, the next time you have a manuscript that you have double checked, triple checked, and gone over so thoroughly to ensure there are no errors or omissions that the words are blurring on the page, and you feel you could read your work in your sleep, STOP. DO NOT HIT SEND. WAIT.

Take the little extra amount of time and review the submissions guidelines to see if you’ve followed them as we’ve asked. Be confident that your work will pass the necessary “test” and actually get reviewed for consideration for publication at NNP. And, once you’ve done that, THEN, and only then, should you hit that button.

Once again, here is that special, simple little link:

You will find all you need to know at the bottom of the page under our current submissions calls. Additionally, you will find any changes to the requests that we may have made since the last time you looked at our guidelines.

This little bit of extra time you take can be the difference between an acceptance and you wondering what on earth happened to your submission. Give your manuscript the respect it deserves. Follow all requested publisher guidelines.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Do You Do To Restart Your Muse?

Elizabeth Black writes erotica, erotic romance, dark fiction, thrillers, and horror. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and four cats.


Until last week, I haven't felt much inspiration to write. This had been going on for months. I can edit and read, but writing was like pulling teeth. Very little of what I wrote pleased me. My muse was too afraid to give me a swift kick in the shorts because she feared I'd just crawl into bed and never get out again. I wasn't depressed as much as I was disillusioned. It wasn't writer's block either. It was worse. I can't write when I feel like I'm wasting my time.

I had to do something. Anything. Just to get out of this funk.

Dwelling on my writing drought only made things worse for me. So I forced myself to get out of my own skin. This worked for me but it may not work for you. 

I ignored the computer as often as I could. I gardened. Baked. Enjoyed bad movies and good food. And then I did two things that helped jump-start me.

I spent every morning at the beach, and I went to a science fiction and fantasy convention. 

Getting out of the apartment and being around other writers and fans helped immensely. Being alone at the beach to clear my head also helped. I began to feel the stirrings of the urge to write. I received word from a very good magazine that it was considering one of my horror stories. That alone lifted my spirits. I wrote a flash fiction fantasy story and submitted to a pro market. 

The convention - Readercon - lifted my spirits in ways being alone couldn't. I met some writer friends in person (one in particular was a delight to hang out with), and made some new ones. I did a book reading, which brought me out of my shell. Since I was there as a fan and not a guest speaker, I could relax and just enjoy myself. And I did. I felt energized in ways I hadn't felt in months.

I also joined a local writer's networking group. My first meeting with this group is in early August. I'm looking forward to meeting like-minded writers. Granted, my erotic and horror fiction may set me apart from the poets and literary writers, but I like a challenge. :)

Now that the convention is over, I'm back to spending my mornings at the beach. That picture above and the one below is of Cape Hedge Beach in Rockport, Massachusetts. That's my beach, LOL. I drink my first cup of coffee here most mornings, and I contemplate my work for the day. It's a great way to begin my day. I clear my head by walking in the waves and feeling the sand between my toes. It helps a great deal. 

This song has been keeping me up as well. It's appropriately entitled "On The Beach", and it's trance music. You won't be able to sit still listening to this song. And it will get you in the mood for the beach.

So what works for you when you're in a creative blue funk? What do you do to get out of it?

If you like New Adult books, you will like my Night Owl Top Pick novel "Don't Call Me Baby", published by Naughty Nights Press. This book is about a young, college-aged woman exploring her sexuality. She's trying to discover what she wants out of life. Catherine Stone is a force to be reckoned with, and she meets her match. Who is the man who can calm her storm? Read the book and find out!

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Hitherandthee at Night Owl Reviews:

Don’t Call Me Baby is a fast paced, very adventurous romantic novel that will take readers on a roller coaster ride of scorching romantic fun. The main character, Catherine, is a woman after my own heart. She is young and fiercely independent, and beyond gorgeous. She is not wealthy, but she wants to live the good life and is not afraid to go get it. She is also ery sexually liberated, and in the 1980’s this was sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a not so good thing. The story is so blisteringly hot and steamy; it’s difficult to put down. It took me back to a better time, and a time I enjoyed much more. It is a novel I truly enjoyed reading, and will definitely be reading time and time again. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s also not to be missed.

So many men, so little time. Catherine has a long list of men that she sees on a regular basis, and at the top of the list (for the moment, anyway) is Brian. He’s one of her professors at Quincy, and a married man, but that’s never been a problem. But he’s so demanding! So maybe some time apart will be just the trick. A summer theater camp at another local college for local teens should make him realize that Catherine is not his possession, right? That is, until she gets to the camp and meets the other counselors. Ryan is gorgeous, and the rest? Well, what’s a girl on her own to do? Why, enjoy as many as she can! In the meantime, Catherine will come to grips with her mind and her heart, and will figure out what she really wants in life.

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A View to a Thrill

Hi it's great to be back here on the NNP blog. Hope you are all enjoying your summer? Although l write in many sub genres, writing as the mood takes me, there are certain topics that often crop up. Voyeurism is one of them. The idea of being watched is a major turn on for me so voyeuristic situations creep into my stories unannounced with increasing regularity. My best sellers are stories about dogging, that quintessential British past time of watching people get down and dirty in parked vehicles.

Excerpt (Good Doggy - Park 'n' Ride):

He increased the speed of his thrusts slapping her round ass and pounding her harder. She started to gasp, her small, pert breasts jiggling with every jolt. I felt Max move in closer and tightly grip my waist, his own cock a rod of steel straining against his jeans. The car began to rock a little as the couple went at it furiously, his shouts matching her loud whimpers. Max slipped his hand under my skirt, pushing me harder against the car door. I moaned in appreciation as his fingers made contact with my clit and he began to stroke it.
“Sh,” he whispered hotly in my ear, “Be careful.”
I watched as the couple inside the car reached their peak together, their red, sweaty faces beaming at their audience and l gasped as Max chose that precise moment to push his index finger right up inside me.
“Oh!” l whimpered, a little too loudly.
There was a shift in the small crowd of people as they turned their attention towards us. They began to stand back a little to create a space around us.
“Let’s do this.”  Max hissed as his other hand lifted my skirt right up to reveal my small round ass and his busy fingers working my pussy below it.
Max was always incredible with his fingers. He knew how to make me powerless to resist him. He slid them deep before hooking them round and withdrawing them slowly.
“Ooh,” l moaned, “Max, l don’t…we can’t.”
He pushed them back deep inside me.
“Oh God Max, oh fuck…” l was a lost cause; l no longer cared who was there, l needed this. Everyone moved in closer to see us better.
Max pulled my little crop top up over my head exposing my full breasts with their very excited nipples.  The cold air hit them and covered them in tiny Goosebumps. He then took my hands and lay them palm down on the side of the car bonnet and removed my skirt. I looked at the faces around me briefly and felt wild with excitement.
He lifted me further forward so that the cold metal pressed against my breasts and my feet were off the floor. I opened my legs wide. My heart pounded loudly high up in my chest threatening to break through my rib cage.
Max pushed his long hungry cock deep inside me with one hard thrust and l cried out as he proceeded to fuck me furiously across the cold, wet bonnet. I was so turned on by the faces watching and the men that were stroking themselves in approval. Max lifted my trembling thighs so that my ass shone in the moonlight and he leaned back as he’d seen the other couple do so that everyone could see him pump in and out of my wet pussy. His thumbs pulled my ass cheeks apart to expose me further; l was so excited l was screaming out. 

I wrote 'Good Doggy' three years ago when l began dipping my pen in erotic ink. 'A Voyeuristic Lover' a Naughty Nights Press exclusive, sees the theme of voyeurism in a very different setting. It tells the story of one man's need to watch his girlfriend picking up strangers.


I gasped as he lifted me up by my thighs and pushed me back against the cold brick wall. He entered me quickly and sharply groaning incoherently into my ear. I cried out with the eagerness of his thrusts stabbing upwards and easing my longing.
After a few moments l glanced at Paul who was standing just a few feet away smiling hotly, his body animated as he sought to bring relief to his own throbbing shaft.
I gasped at the power of this strangers fuck as he continued his passionate onslaught of my yielding body by pounding furiously up and into me grunting hard. My back scraped against the cold brick wall but l didn’t care.
I could see Paul clearly over his shoulder.
Did he like what I was doing? Was l thrilling him with my wanton decadence?
The stranger began cursing as his breathing became erratic, he was too excited to hold back and it was soon over. His ecstatic shout as he released himself inside me thrilled my soul. 
I wasn't disappointed, l knew that Paul would want to reward me once we arrived back home.
The stranger lowered my legs from around him and held me still as his breathing slowed, then, reminded by a gust of wind on his ass he quickly pulled up his clothing. I stood unsteadily, still wild with desire and in need of relief. I made an excuse about having to leave very soon to meet friends. He smiled broadly and kissed my head before returning alone to the sanity of the wine bar.
Paul stepped out of the shadows as l smoothed down my dress. I reached out to hold him. He gripped me tightly reminding me that although he had hidden himself away behind his trousers, his erection would be around for some time yet.

Contact Gemma:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Radio gaga!

It's been a busy month - Naughty Nights Press's second anniversary, and as a result a lot has been going on to celebrate. Blog hops, giveaways galore, and in my case, two radio shows! As an author, I am definitely more comfortable writing my thoughts - and of course it gives you a few more minutes to double check that what you're putting out into the ether is how you want to represent yourself. Being public property, and being under scrutiny can be perilous at the best of times. Hence, why when I go on radio, I get terribly nervous - especially as you simply never know what you're going to sound like!

So I invite you to judge for yourself - the first show was a wonderful hour long chat with Marsha Cook and Naughty Nights Press Authors Elizabeth Black, May McQueen and Delena Silverfox - joined by Bennet Pomerantz.

And the second show was indeed, Bennet Pomerantz's Anything Goes show, where I read out an excerpt live on air. I had to get up for 4am to go on his show, and I was a little sluggish as you can imagine, but it seems that the section I chose from Love in an Elevator was rather enjoyed. There is also the chance to hear the head of Naughty Nights Press, Gina Kincade, and also Author Angelica Dawson - who reads a delicious excerpt too. A lot gets crammed into 30 mins - it's definitely not a show to miss...

And don't forget... Love in an Elevator... out soon - you really don't want to miss this delicious little tale of illicit lust which finally bubbles over when two ladies are trapped - with no escape...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Issues With Porn

Greetings friends! This is resident bad girl, BLMorticia with another smexy post. This week, I’m stating my issues with gay porn or make that, the industry in general. Now, as we all know, the sex art industry makes money by the tons. Doesn’t matter if it’s gay, straight, bi, transsexual, or even the “other” stuff that’s kinda gross, someone’s out there watching it. Seemingly porn will never have the problems other industries have faced and now with the new technology, porn is at an all-time high.

In a matter of minutes you can have all the wank off art you want on your phones, tablets, computers, and laptops. Some for a small fee or even free. That’s the best kind. *giggles* This leads to one problem I’m sure has been discussed: Quality.

“BL, what difference does it make? Why should I care about the quality of porn? I only wanna get my rocks off! I don’t give a rat’s ass about quality.” Well damn, I do especially when I’m wasting valuable time watching instead of writing or better yet, gettin’ my rocks off without the help of technology. *winks*

So, you ask, what are the issues? Hmm, let me think.

1.      Little plot – Oh boy. I know I’ll be crucified for this one. I’m not sayin’ you have to put together an academy award winning script but I wish some people would put some effort into it. Make an attempt to entertain me and get me off. There are a couple of flicks I can think of that have successfully achieved this. One, a gay porn movie titled Focus/Refocus with my fave former porn star David Taylor. The Acting? Not all that great but hey, they attempted to make a real story. A noir too that was dirty and freakin’ hot.

2.      Acting – Oh I know. They’re only porn actors so they only need to be well hung or big chested. No skills required. Ah this is even true in Hollywood. How many of so called “actors and actresses” are pullin’ in the big bucks and aren’t very good at this? That’s a topic for another day. Still, I’d like a little effort put into this as well. Perhaps a drama class or two when you put together this, erm, script.

3.      Settings/Background – *laughs* This is funny. I’ve seen some porn done in beautiful houses or paradisaical backdrops. This means the porn directors spent a little cash. I’ve also seen the ugly side. Someone’s basement or worse yet, some seedy bar on the wrong side of town. *laughs* Oh this means I’m a regular watcher right? Yeah I confess. *shrugs* How else am I gonna be able to write gay sex scenes? Can’t do the shit myself. Well, I could if get two guys drunk and… nevermind. Back to the point. I love a beautiful backdrop. Some of them are pretty simple too. Just clean couches or beds some art on the walls, a place that looks like home, not the local crack house!

4.      Dialogue – “Ohh baby, right there… yea…” The hetero version. “Fuck yeah, oh fuck, in my ass, ohh oh…” The gay version. Good fuckin’ grief. I dunno, does everyone say the same thing when they fuck? No, so why so porn movies have actors say the same shit through EVERY movie? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, fuck yeah in a gay porn. It IRKS me. Shar asked people in the gay writer’s group do they really say that. LOL is it a gay thing? Hmm… If so let me know. How about, oh yeah, right there, just like that. Heard that then the fuck yeah. Fuck yeah? *rolls eyes* Just a little variety would be good. Which brings me to my next point.

5.      Music/Breathing or voices that don’t belong to the actors – Otherwise known as vocal tracks. Why the hell do I need to hear someone else’s voices or breathing when watching two men? I mean, you can’t put a mic by them or somethin’? They can’t breathe or talk on their own? And the music. Oh God, even in Focus, the music was like erm, awful. Yes I know you can’t play sexy music from real musicians in porn soundtracks, I get it but uh, the music created by keyboard or computers, fuckin’ annoying!

Oh that’s just the tip of the iceberg but I don’t want to bore you. Don’t get me wrong, I love some porn, I really do, but it’s a turn off when the above things are shown in videos. I also know you get what you pay for. So if you pay nothing, you won’t get much. Unless you go to places like Redtube or Pornhub. Yepper, there are some good ones there and there are some horrible ones too. Recently, I saw one that made me take notice immediately and spurred on a story. *winks* It even got me to write this blog. *laughs* So it’s not all bad, especially when it titillates and inspires.

And I’m sure you’re asking did any of the above happen in that video? Yeah, just one. The “Fuck yeah” but there was some good to come out of that even though the one guy said he was a masseuse and walked into the other man’s apartment, kissing him like he knew him real well. *laughs* I digress.

Regardless, I do enjoy “adult art” and will continue to watch it even with all its flaws. Hopefully someone will read my post and ask me to direct one someday.

Ah a girl can dream can’t she?

This has been another no holds barred post by wicked gal, BLMorticia. 

BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. She entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! She also writes a biweekly column on Blak Rayne Books and blogs on the First Thursday of the month at NNP Blog. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark