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Micah Black thought he was the last of his bloodline. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

Micah just found out he has a brother. Ronan, the cat burglar who broke into his apartment and stole the ankh he'd been entrusted to protect, has turned out to be none other than his own flesh and blood. But that's not the only revelation he uncovers about his family. After centuries of thinking his father was killed during the war, he learns that his father is alive. Still suffering the loss of Micah's mother, his beloved mate, but alive.

The discoveries continue to pile up as more tightly held secrets and shocking surprises come to light, upending Micah's world, sending him into a whirlwind of emotions and memories of war, love, and death. But it's what King Bain reveals that throws Micah for the biggest loop. One that will chart a new path for Micah's future and change the course of the coming war between the vampires and the drecks forever.

In the much-anticipated eighth book of the emotionally-wrenching, heart-stopping All the King's Men Series, you see Micah as you've never seen him before. You will meet new characters pivotal to the survival--and hearts--of the characters you've come to love. Aliases will be revealed, alliances will be formed, and new enemies exposed as paranormal forces converge in a battle to decide who will ultimately rule humanity.

Books in the AKM Series, in reading order:
Rise of the Fallen
Heart of the Warrior
Micah's Calling
Rebel Obsession
Return of the Assassin
All the King's Men - The Beginning
Bound Guardian Angel

About the Author
Donya Lynne is the bestselling author of the award winning All the King's Men and Strong Karma Series and a member of Romance Writers of America. Making her home in a wooded suburb north of Indianapolis with her husband, Donya has lived in Indiana most of her life and knew at a young age she was destined to be a writer. 

She started writing poetry in grade school and won her first short story contest in fourth grade. In junior high, she began writing romantic stories for her friends, and by her sophomore year, she'd been dubbed Most Likely to Become a Romance Novelist. 

In 2012, she fulfilled her dream by publishing her first two novels and a novella. In 2016, she began writing serialized novels under the pen name, Dick Hertz. Her work has earned her two IPPYs, five eLit Awards, a USA Today Recommended Read, and numerous accolades. In October and November of 2015, she had two books hit the Smashwords Top 25 Bestsellers list. 

When she's not writing, she can be found cheering on the Indianapolis Colts or doing her cats' bidding.

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Mythical Creatures with Skye Knizley #BravetheBeasts @naughtynightspr @ginakincade @erzabetbishop @shifter_lover @Skye_Knizley

Creatures Box Set

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I don't have a "favorite" mythical creature. There are, however, those I am interested in, one being the Skinwalkers of Native American lore. For some reason people think that Skinwalkers belong only to Navajo folklore, however that is not true. Most have some version of the Skinwalker, including my own ancestors. Navajo are just the ones who get all the press.

The consensus is that Skinwalkers are evil shamans (or witches) capable of changing their shape to that of various animals. Depending on the tale being stretched around a campfire, they can change shape at will, change shape only to those animals they have killed and eaten or are those who can don the skin of other creatures and take on their characteristics. The latter are of particular interest to me as villains. The ability to kill and impersonate another human is far more frightening to me than appearing as a wolf or bear. Disinformation and betrayal is what destroyed much of Native American culture to begin with, and impersonating a friend or loved one is the easiest way to betray someone.
I find the idea of magical transformation to be fascinating, and many of my villains are capable of such a feat, often in the most gruesome way possible. Many of my most memorable villains eat human hearts, skin their victims alive or pluck out their eyes and devour their souls. Think about that the next time someone you care about seems to be being weird and tell me it doesn't give you the creeps.

Teenage girls are going missing in the St Louis area only to reappear sliced into bloody, unrecognizable ribbons dropped along a lonely stretch of highway, leaving parents in a state of panic and the police baffled. Twin monster hunters, Jynx and Piper Kane, take the terrifying case, digging in where angels fear to tread in hopes of finding a link to the lycan clan that turned their brother and destroyed their family. 

As clue after gory clue leads deeper into the darkness that lies just beyond the glow of the city Jynx and Piper find themselves facing a terror like nothing they've hunted before. Something with no fear and no remorse. 

It's out there in the dark... and it's looking for Fresh Blood.

Find more from Skye Knizley here!

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Creatures 3D

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Cimmerian Shade: Catherine Vale with Magic Fire @naughtynightspr @shifter_lover @erzabetbishop @ginakincade @valeromance

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Catherine Vale.

What happens when a dragon shifter chooses a fae for his mate? Magic Fire!

My jaw dropped before I could stop it. I seemed to have stumbled upon a grand hall of sorts, like the kind dwarves would burrow deep into a mountain’s core. The ceiling shot up at least a hundred feet above, revealing an opening from which one could see the stars, beautiful and twinkling and beckoning me forth.
And in the middle of it all, a man sat on a log in front of a healthy fire, roasting something on the end of a stick. I crossed my arms and straightened up, feeling his presence so profoundly and so suddenly that it actually took my breath away—not that I’d let it show, of course. No human could throw me so off-balance, yet he wasn’t a supernatural like me.
I inhaled softly. Not like a werewolf breathing in the scent of its prey, but like a snake who flicks its tongue out for just a second to taste the air.
Shifter. The word flashed through my mind when his head snapped up, eyes darting in my direction. He must have scented me when I let my guard drop, so startled to find a shifter in our fairy wards that I momentarily forgot myself.
Fuck it. No sense hiding now. We both knew the other was there.
“Hey,” he barked, shooting to his feet and marching around his bonfire. Attractive shifter that he was… I couldn’t stop myself from skimming his muscular figure, made more prominent by the fact that he was shirtless and totally ripped.
Chestnut brown hair, tousled and thick—begging for someone to run their fingers through and tame it. A chiseled jaw and light eyes: gray, if I wasn’t mistaken, and beautiful. Oh, and a six pack that probably made human women weep at first sight, with a tantalizing V-cut guiding my gaze down to the low-hanging waistline of his olive-green sweatpants. Yum. Yum times a thousand.
“What are you doing here?” he demanded, handsome face contorted somewhere between surprised and annoyed. I could deal with that. The shifter raised his stick between us, maybe to intimidate, but the now obvious marshmallow on the end was on fire. It bubbled up as I stared at it, my eyebrows shooting up, as it finally fell off and landed on the floor of the cave with an oddly satisfying splat.
I looked up, biting back a grin. “Wow. Terrifying.”
“Yeah, well…” He tossed the stick back toward his happy little bonfire. “I don’t need a weapon to throw you on your ass. Answer the question.”
“No need to be rude, shifter,” I fired back, temper prickling at the thinly veiled threat. Arms still crossed, I stepped out of the shadows completely and into the cave, noting the flash surprise, this time surpassing the annoyance that I called him out. Surely he could sense me too. “My sisters and I are camping at the base of the mountain. I…” I swallowed hard. “I couldn’t sleep and went wandering. No foul intentions, I swear.”
I raised my hands innocently. Lying had never come easily to me, or to most fae. We preferred to play with our words, saying one thing and meaning another, but not outright lying. And this wasn’t a lie. Just not the whole truth.

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Long after the burn from the Cimmerian Shade Limited Edition Collection of stories has ebbed, one winner will have this machine washable, micro-fleece 50" x 60" (double sized) blanket to keep them warm and toasty on winter nights...or better yet, to share it and relive the stories all over again.

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Mythical Creatures with Wendy Owens #BravetheBeasts @ginakincade @naughtynightspr @erzabetbishop @shifter_lover @WendyLOwens

Creatures Box Set
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My favorite mythical creature has to be dragon. So much power, magic, and I suppose they will always represent what a fairytale is made of for me. Now put a sexy vampire riding a dragon and I may just pass out from the excitement. Wendy Owens is the Author of Burning Destiny. You can find out more about Wendy here!

Tynder Crown doesn’t have a clue where her life's headed, and she’s perfectly fine with that. That is, until the murder of the only person she cares for triggers a transformation she can’t stop. Who killed Tynder’s grandfather? What kind of strange world was he tied up in? And why did he try so hard to keep it a secret from her? Tynder has a choice now. She can walk away from her grandfather’s mysterious world and let his killer go free, or try to fill the position that was left vacant by his tragic death—private investigator to the magic realm. If she wants justice for the man who raised her, Tynder has to convince the powerful Fae Queen she’s all in on her new life. If she fails to do so, she could be the queen's next meal.
Creatures 3D

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Cimmerian Shade: Rogue by Savannah Verte @ginakincade @naughtynightspr @erzabetbishop @savannahverte

Get ready for 22 doses of hot, heart-pumping romance from the darkside with heroes and heroines to keep you turning the pages! Grab this 24-author set now for only 99 pennies! This is a limited edition, and the steal-of-a-price is for a limited time featuring stories from award winning, bestselling authors. 

For your reading pleasure, we'll be featuring each author with a story of her choice for the next few weeks. Some will include interviews, and all will include excerpts. Today's featured author is Savannah Verte.

Who do you trust when you learn those you trusted lied to you?

Everyday immortal Bree Brigand gets a rude awakening as her family is slaughtered. Not only is the cursed, suicide blade of legend and lore real, but it has chosen her. She must quickly learn to fast-track a course she’s never navigated, in a world she thought only existed in campfire stories. But, only after coming to terms with the facts…her family is not her family.

Truths and lies collide in a world where the hunters and the hunted trade places faster than she can discern who is which, and everyone is an assassin. Can she find and claim her destiny? Or, will being marked by a male who is not her one true mate ruin everything, and clip this dragon’s wings before she can become all she is meant to be?

I was shaking with rage, but dropped my voice to a whisper. “What do you mean, these are the assassins? What am I then, a spring lamb for the slaughter? Why would you bring me here?”
The next sound that came from her lips was something between a cackle of laughter, a sigh of exhaustion, and an odd bark. “Because Asa, in this world, everyone is an assassin. The difference between them, is which side they are on, who they work for, and if the price or prize is worth the risk. Right now, you are not a prize here. The safest place for you to be, is in plain sight, able to identify others. Out there,” her head jerked backward over her shoulder, “you’re the unknown, you’re the rogue, and you’re the potential pawn in a game you don’t know that you’re playing. Now that you’ve tripped into this world, and all but announced your presence, the only option to keep you safe, is to expose your throat while looking them in the eye, which simultaneously exposes theirs.” She reasoned.
“That’s insane.” I hissed.
“That’s the world you were born to. Your parents knew it. What they didn’t know, was when they became the target. I choose to think that if they had known, or had even the slightest indication, you would not have been conceived. But, they are gone, and here you are. I thought I had succeeded in keeping you from this world. I was wrong.”
“So you are saying that my parents were assassins too?”
“Hear me clearly. You come from a long line of assassins. Your world now is filled with them. Trust no one. You will be safe until the time you are not. Do you still think it was so wise to come here?” She challenged with her hand on her hip.
I was dumbfounded. Why in the world would my mother have told me to remember and find this? Surely she must have known. It made no sense. “Did they know?”
“The Brigands?”

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Mythical Creatures with Jules Barnard @naughtynightspr @ginakincade @erzabetbishop @jules_barnard

Creatures Box Set
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I do enjoy a sexy vampire or shifter story. But I gotta say, I love the magical and conniving Fae creatures, which is why I chose them for the Halven Rising series. The Fae in the Halven Rising series have a slightly different mythology than the typical pixie or brownie sometimes found in Fae stories. One theory of the origin of Fae suggests they descended from angels, yet they’re different from Nephilim. That small piece of mythology gave me something to run with. In the Halven Rising series, the Fae were ordained into existence by a higher power and given magical abilities through their relation to angels. Just as there are said to have been battles in heaven, so too are there battles in Faery. It doesn’t hurt that Fae believe they’re superior to humans. Especially, when they find themselves falling in love with one. That’s when the real tension and magical sparks fly! Jules Barnard is the Author of Fates Altered. You can find out more about Jules here! 18588975_1368106883283118_7222377163209373603_o.jpg
Some love stories require great sacrifice… Humans are beneath her kind, but Fae princess Theodora Rainer must escape the Fae realm, or marry a man she despises. California farmer Alex Rosales is the responsible one. He stays out of the trouble his older brother gets into—someone has to hang onto the farm. But when Alex finds Theodora hiding out on his property, caution is nowhere in sight. She has the beauty of an angel, with deep secrets Alex can’t penetrate. No matter how hard he tries, Theodora won’t let Alex in. But when he breaks his own rules and invites her to stay with him, he glimpses her heart—only to discover something powerful seeks to tear them apart.
Creatures 3D