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Best Bondage and Lesbian authors, Tessa Wanton and Abby Hayes

Congratulations to Naughty Nights Press authors, Tessa Wanton and Abby Hayes for being BEST BONDAGE AND LESBIAN AUTHORS.
It is not every day that a publishing company, especially a small, relatively new one likes Naughty Nights Press can boast that two of their authors have Best bondage and lesbian sellers in the following categories through All Romance ebooks.

The Training of Tess (first book the The Tess series) by Tessa Wanton hit Number 1 in the following categories:

Erotic Romance
Congratulations Tessa, on this wonderful achievement, may this be the first of many!

Tessa had always been fascinated with the Dominant submissive lifestyle, and she was – she felt, a very submissive person. In her real life people knew her as a feisty, headstrong and passionate woman, no one would ever have described her as submissive. But then she had learned over time that being submissive didn’t mean she had to be a doormat, it meant to her that she wanted to hand over her control, her welfare, her safety, to someone else. Throughout her life she had maintained an iron grip on her personal control, organized to the extreme in her work and home life, highly respected in her profession as a Personal Assistant, so used to controlling others to ensure success. But what she truly wanted deep down inside, was a man who could take her to that special place of freedom she had heard and read so much about, to experience true freedom within her mind.
She had signed up to a lifestyle website to learn more about what it was to attain this ‘sub-space’ she had heard about. Peppering her profile with photographs she felt were ‘artistic’, and writing a personal passage about who she was had attracted plenty of admirers, but no one she had particularly connected with. She wasn’t looking to find a soul mate, or even a playmate, just someone to discuss her thoughts and passions and desires with. It was out of the blue that a message had dropped into her inbox.

This intriguingly daring and fiery novella describes three encounters experienced by a young woman, who, whilst fascinated by BDSM throughout her life, had not had the courage or opportunity to experiment in the scene, until now...

Other titles by Tessa Wanton
Tessa’s Dilemma (Second book in The Tess series) | Tickled Pink | Naughty Hot Shots – Becoming the Master (Offshoot from The Tess series)

Finding Paradise by Abby Hayes hit Number 1 in the following categories:

Multiple Partners – currently sitting at Number 2 (at time of writing post)
Lesbian – still Number 1 (at time of writing post)
Erotic Romance – currently sitting at Number 4(at time of writing post)

Congratulations Abby on such an awesome achievement, we look forward to seeing many more from you.

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Mรฉnages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits... 

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?

Other titles by Abby Hayes



As Christy gets ready for her once a year, letting go, night out with her friends, she vows to show them all just how wild she can be. Clad in a skimpy vampire costume, this Halloween, her friends Laurie and Missy take her to a big party in a mansion across town.

But, after a small mishap leaves her covered in wine, a man also dressed as a vampire, the home owners son, leads her downstairs with the promise of getting to clean up.

But, the downstairs is more a bachelor pad, and Christopher is very direct in proposing a night in what he calls his dungeon. And, things are not always as they seem…

So here is hoping that Tessa and Abby come up with even more best bondage and lesbian books, along with the other talented authors at Naughty Nights Press in their chosen sub genres.

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Abby Hayes Guest Post – MMA & MMM

Mmmmm, now doesn’t that combo sound yummy? I thought so, and in my coming release, The Fights of Summer, I prove just how hot that scenario can be. I have two men who fight in the amateur MMA league pair up with another man after the fights. This one is about a committed relationship, and how a near-death event can affect a relationship in good and bad ways. So, how did I come up with this story line? Well, in all honesty, with some girlfriends who were, well, *clears throat* drinking, laying around the apartment, and one of them Googles “naked men” Innocent enough, right? I can tell you that there is nothing innocent about the third site in our search results that came up, UK Naked Men. Yeah, dot com *winks*So, anyway, the first night we were on there, there was a free clip of men wrestling. I go out with a guy from time to time that is into all the MMA fights, so ideas started to roll, and I really got into researching the MMA. So, sue me, my mind kept picturing then wrestling around all naked. Made the bedroom scenes fun, you know, when they brought their work home *winks*

There are places in the story where tempers flare, mostly out of fear, from the one in the relationship who hasn’t grown up around gyms and fighting. So, naked male wrestling starts to become his way to cope on several levels. The story has a real emotional intensity to it, and sometimes, what one does when extremely stressed may not be our normal, but once the stress passes, it could become a favorite, if you know what I mean. As if having these three men together was not hot enough, in writing it, I really liked creating a tenseness, a serious note to a lot of the story. There was intense love, intense fear, and let’s face it, the MMA is an intense sport. Okay, yeah, I like the word INTENSE! And I loved the challenge of writing it with this hot novella.

So, do you want a sneak peek?

The Fights of Summer Blurb:
James, Carl and Dane live together under the guise of being just roommates and nothing more. But, even as roommates, James doesn't feel he belongs with them sometimes. Carl and Dane are MMA fighters, two boys pulled off the streets as children and into a gym in hopes of keeping them out of trouble. James, on the other hand, was raised with what Carl and Dane would refer to as middle class normal, or with a silver spoon in his mouth - their joke.

All three attend the University of Akron. Carl is studying to be a teacher, in hopes of giving back to inner city kids like he was. James is a business major who hopes to follow in his father's footsteps as a broker. And, Dane, well he attends school part-time, a journalism major who hopes to make it pro, UFC, and drop out of school.

James supports the two fighters he loves by attending all of their fights. The brutality of the cage fights is just something he has adjusted to. He doesn't mind it rough at all though when one of his lovers wins and comes home all hyped up for sex. The bedroom is one place he is good with some roughness. They play fight, naked wrestling really, with the loser taking it up the ass. James loses a lot, and doesn't mind at all.
This tense situation changes dramatically when Dane is hurt in the cage. As he lays unconscious in the hospital, James starts having nightmares, and Carl is more than willing to take one for the team to help calm James down a bit each night. The problems escalate for James once Dane wakes up and returns home for a long recovery. James just can't understand why the man is fighting so hard to get back to fighting – back into the cage where he almost died. Will James' confusion make him the permanent odd man out, or will he eventually learn enough in play to make him understand his lovers' drive to fight?

The Fights of Summer Excerpt:
Taking the initiative, James went at Dane with some play punching. A few times his fists actually connected with Dane's skin; that was until he switched gears and rammed into Dane's side just the way he'd seen the guy do tonight in the cage. They fell to the floor. Their bodies collided with each others. James soon had Dane on all fours with his arms wrapped around the guy's chest, his leg up over Dane's back. His stomach and hard on pressed against Dane's back was sublime as much as having the tables turned. He truly could go either way, just as happy to play the submissive as the Dom.
“Oh yeah, nice balls shot,” Carl whooped as he clapped. The loud sound as his palms came together made James jump. He gave the guy a scowl for the interruption which didn't phase Carl in the least, if he even noticed.
Carl had crouched down on all fours, level with the action. Dane rolled them quickly, took James to the floor on his back and pinned him beneath him. A rapid response on James' part allowed him to knock Dane off balance enough to not let him recover the position of dominance, to get Dane in a lock from underneath. He was sure Dane had allowed it, but what did it matter when you had your lover in such a hold, still with his stomach to his lover's back, his cock crushed just the right amount underneath his weight to incite James to start dry-hump against him.
Moving his legs out quickly to really pin Dane, he couldn't help but stretch one arm down, snake it around the guy's hip, and grab the cock that had hardened again. James gave it a few hard pumps, felt the skin warm and veins pulse against his fingers from the friction.
Dane's hips responded, but soon the guy was back on his knees exploiting James' inexperience. Rolling James until he was pinned, stomach to the floor, Dane straddled his back after he'd turned to face his ass. James took a couple of punches to the gluts, which only made him ache for more of the same.
The way their bodies struggled, muscles bunched, dicks slid, was not only arousing but an adrenaline rush. He took the high, fought with all he had until he had Dane down on his back again, his thighs pinned under his hands. He took a few, gentle, play punches at his exposed balls. This gained him more cheers and more fighting advice from Carl who was just inches away at this point. In fact the guy was so close that the scent of his lovers together mixed, a drug like no other.

And, Coming October 2012:

Abby Hayes
By day, Abby is what the world tells her to be. By night, alone with her imagination, she is who she wants to be. Giving into the breathy voices who pant new and exciting sexual scenarios inside of her head, she pounds away at her keyboard. Abby’s only goal is to have her readers free their own minds, grab their ereaders, and go away with her into a world where no one judges what the body wants, instead they explore what the flesh is capable of.

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Are you a "Willing Sacrifice" or do you "Whisper on a Scream"?

Author Cree Walker
            Today I’ve been invited to tell you a little more about myself and my writing. First things first I am a paranormal erotic romance author published by Naughty Night’s Press. My first release was in February of this year and my latest book release was this past July and I hope they are the first of many.  
The two books I currently have published with Naughty Nights Press are titled, Whisper on a Scream and Willing Sacrifice. They are books one and two of my Sugar and Spice werewolf romance series. Now if you’re a diehard Vampire fan I ask you to at least consider this…can you imagine that you’ve lived a life of abandonment and pain and the only thing you’ve ever been taught is abuse and hate until one day you meet the man of your dreams? He’s kind, loving, and he’s quite capable of killing anything that may ever threaten to hurt you again. Your safety means more to him than his own. He’s willing to die to save you from your world and his. This is how Sugar’s story begins.  


I am also signed with Naughty Night’s Press for an upcoming Hot Shot’s short entitled Cougar Hunter. This is my first non-paranormal release. It is the story of a thirty something year old woman who’s fallen in lust with the twenty one year old man hired to build a foundation under her home. It is a laugh out loud account of Lynn and her hesitation to sate a deep almost rapacious need for this young man’s affections while he’s in his sexual prime as she’s just coming into hers.
My next full length novel soon to be released is titled A Winter’s Grave. This is the story of Ceres, a newly made Reaper who’s not only having trouble keeping a day job but she’s realizing she’s not very good at her night job either. She and her 12 pound hellhound, Titan stumble from one misadventure to another while trying to piece together a forgotten memory of who she was in life holding off the sexual advances of the head Reaper of her house. He’s shown his interest in her but their jealous Demon mistress has warned Ceres to look elsewhere in the name of love. Ceres is the perfect comic relief to this story of death, slavery, forbidden love and paranormal mystery.
My current works in progress are, book three to the Sugar and Spice series and book two of my Reaper series. Sugar may have ended the war and found true love but her twin daughters are coming of age and these books describe their very different journeys into becoming adults and making their own sacrifices in the name of loyalty and family.
I also have another book that is nearly finished but not part of any series. This book is a fun mix of paranormal romance and comedy. The idea for this book came to me in a dream. I’d only slept two hours of sleep before I had to get up and write it down or risk forgetting it.
 Maple Lane Manor Home for Retired Supernaturals. I know it’s a mouthful. In this story our main character Maple, has just inherited her grandmother’s retirement home and its colorful group of longtime residents. Maple has taken on the task of bringing the aged manor back to its former splendor while saving it from being foreclosed on by her high school arch nemesis, Stacy. Oh and did I mention the sex demon handyman she’s accidently hired? Well he’s set his sights on Maple and he’s patiently waiting for her to satisfy his appetite.
To see updates on these and other works in progress check me out on facebook or visit my blog at   

Posted on behalf of author Cree Walker

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Welcome to Hump Day Delights with Naughty Nights Press

Monday Madness and Mayhem describes the start of every week at NNP. The weekend has come to an end while real life once again begins to intrude, reminding us that though we love to be engrossed in fantasies--the mundane must be appeased. A very tumultuous day for everyone concerned.
Hump Day Delights on the other hand, has to be the most longed for day at Naughty Nights Press. We have slowly inched our way up from Monday Madness and Mayhem, to find ourselves at the beginning of a climactic race for the end of the week with Friday Fantasies. Hearts pounding, knees trembling, glistening beads of sweat slowly making a trail down smooth, soft yet firm flesh
Naughty Nights Press or NNP as it will be referred to from here on in, has had  a fabulous past two weeks.

August 31st saw the release of Kiki Howell’s newest book--Mystical Mayhem. A paranormal shapeshifter erotic tale that will hold you spellbound to the very end.

Buy Links
All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Amazon UK | Smashwords

Synopsis of Mystical Mayhem by Kiki Howell
When rogue shifters capture Aiyanna, a Native American Indian with a Dragon Spirit, she finds herself tied to the wall of a cave, about to be the sacrifice in their twisted sex ritual. Their intention is to conceive another Chimera, the legendary paranormal superman of Alaska. What the group didn’t plan for is the real Chimera, Xander, coming to their sacrifice’s rescue.

In this world gone mad, where paranormal creatures who once lived secretly on the fringes of society are currently joining together for evil purposes, indecision reigns. As lines are drawn, war ensues, and personal struggles mount, Xander is called to join a Special Activities Division of the CIA. Decisions must be made even as the mystical mayhem continues around them.


September 1st NNP were proud to announce two new releases. Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson and the third installment in the Campus Sexploits anthology--Campus Sexploits 3: Naughty Tales of Wild Girls in College.


Angelica Dawson gives us in Blue Moon House lots of paranormal--kink, BDSM, lgbt and spankings--just to name a few.

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Synopsis of Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson.
Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost. Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.


Following in the tradition of Campus Sexploits and Campus Sexploits Deux--NNP were very excited to bring together another talented group of authors, who tease us with naughty tales of wild girls in college.

Synopsis of Campus Sexploits 3: Naughty Tales of Wild Girls anthology.
Campus Sexploits 3 is the third book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth. Four naughty, college/university-themed, erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses, while giving readers a little taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave.
Worlds of incredible, earth-shattering, sexual freedom involving college or university students and the kinky antics they participate in.
Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into...

Tanith Davenport - Assume The Position
Scarlett Black - The Librarian
Angelica Dawson - The Highest Bidder
Liz Adams - Squirting Secrets

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All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Amazon UK | Smashwords


Sneak Peak!
Now what better way to finish this off, than by sharing the cover’s and synopsis for two books being released on September 14th.

We have for your reading fantasy, the synopsis of Delena Silverfox’s new book,
Of Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortunes.

She was the spoiled only child of a wealthy country lord, with a reputation as "used goods.”
After rumors of her running wild at night with a commoner in taverns, Anya is drugged and forced to wed the Duke of Eodel, the wealthiest and most powerful Lord in the kingdom. When he strips her naked and whips her through the streets of Eodel for the marriage procession, she is humiliated. After weeks in his dungeons, her defiance is exhausted and she despairs at her fate. Once she is delivered to her nuptial suites and locked inside, Anya comes face to face with the darker side of her new husband.
He is a cynic and a sadist.
More than his reputation was on the line when the Duke of Eodel wed the lowly Earl of Allimor's strumpet daughter: untold wealth was his for the taking. All it would cost him would be to wed a wild, spoiled brat in the habit of throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way. In his cruel instruction he finds the pleasure he always derived from a woman's pain as she slowly broke beneath his ministrations, but with Anya he finds something troubling. As she goes deeper into her own surrender, her beauty and passion move him...


The second release for September 14th is by the author of such books as Seeing Red, Dream Job and Finding Paradise...Abby Hayes.

The Fights of Summer by Abby Hayes
James, Carl and Dane live together under the guise of being just roommates and nothing more. But, even as roommates, James doesn't feel he belongs with them sometimes. Carl and Dane are MMA fighters, two boys pulled off the streets, while James, on the other hand, was raised with what Carl and Dane would refer to as middle class normal - their joke.

James supports the two fighters he loves by attending all of their fights. The brutality of the cage fights is just something he has adjusted to. He doesn't mind it rough at all though when one of his lovers wins and comes home all hyped up for sex, which is more naked wrestling in their apartment.

Their tense situation changes dramatically when Dane is hurt in the cage. James just can't understand why Dane is fighting so hard to get back into the cage where he almost died. Will James' confusion make him the permanent odd man out, or will he eventually learn enough in play to make him understand his lovers' drive to fight?


The third book being released is the final installment of the Something New On The Menu series by phenomenal author Rawiya. Once again Rawiya has combined food, male on male action with a healthy dose of mirth thrown in for excellent measure.
Naughty Nights Press is proud to present Sugar Daddy by Rawiya.

Sugar Daddy by Rawiya
Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically.
He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts?
Which will he choose?


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The Mental Side of BDSM

*Shields eyes and squints* Wow - this is rather new... *shuffles uneasily, bites lip and holds hand out infront of me* are you sure that spotlight needs to be quite that bright???

Ah!! Hello there! *waves* I didn't see you for a minute, um, thanks for inviting me, I spill my thoughts here right? Well. Ok then! Welcome to my musings - and my first post for NNP. I thought this particular topic would perfect to explain where my ideas for my stories come from. Although it's a little something I wrote a while ago, this post is full of ideas and questions all gleaned from my experiences and research - so I believe it's still relevant now. Please do feel free to let me know what you think, I do so adore a good debate! So, here goes - the Mental side of BDSM.


BDSM is all about pain right? A good whipping, spanking, flogging, lots of bruises and marks as a badge of honour? For some yes – but there’s more. Much more than just the focus on pain. Through my conversations with those in the lifestyle, I have come to realise that at the core of everything BDSM is the intense mental connection between partners. It’s funny really as my stories have been labelled as ‘soft BDSM‘ due to my focus on mainly the mental and emotional connections that are forged between my protagonists. I agree, whilst I do not write about hard pain, the mental and emotional power exchange between partners, is for me, a much more potent marker of what BDSM represents.

Power exchange happens every day in so called ‘vanilla’ life but it is seen as acceptable if it is even noticed at all. Bullies try to enforce their dominance on people without their consent, others dominate in more subtle ways, and naturally submissive people happily work away to the commands of others. When I realised I was one of these natural submissives a lot of questions about my happiness slotted into place. For example the jobs I’d found most difficult, most stressful, were the jobs where I had no one to please. Making decisions, giving orders and planning wasn’t the problem for me as I am a very organised person, but if I was just managing my own workload, I became unhappy, depressed almost. And then I realised what was happening. I went back to being a PA, and the more people I had to look after, going just that little bit further to make them happy – I was happy. Deliriously so. So where am I going with this line of thought? Dominance and submission within personalities isn’t essentially a sexual thing. It is a marker of our innate characteristics, it is only when we exaggerate these characteristics that the sexual boundaries are explored.

Quite often I feel that the first four terms of BDSM are forgotten in favour of the more glamorous, perhaps salacious and more gossip-worthy last two. Bondage and discipline. Dominance and submission. Where is the beating and whipping and bruising in that? Pain is involved in the Sadism and masochism. Just because pain isn’t involved does not devalue or nullify an experience. I’m not in the lifestyle 24/7. I do not profess to be – but I would point out that astrophysicists do not have to experience the affect of a black hole first hand to know what effects they cause. I observe. I research. I dream. I am a big believer in free choice and keeping your mind open, and through my research I have found that the powerful mental connections associated with bondage, discipline, Dominance and submission are so strong that I am amazed there is so little mainstream written about this.

I have a feeling this debate will carry on in many forms. Anything but pain and severe markings will be nay-sayed as true BDSM, and then there will be those who live a vanilla lifestyle who can’t understand why they don’t feel whole, why there’s something missing from their lives who suddenly find BDSM but can’t understand why it seems right but they don’t have the urge to whip or be whipped… What’s the answer? There is no easy answer – I just have a theory, the start of a theory, it appears to be the answer for me and I explore it in my writing. Some readers have said that what I describe is realistic, and I’ve been asked if I write from experience. Conversely, others have said what I write bears no resemblance to reality. All we can do is explore different perceptions of what the lifestyle means to each of us, and more importantly than anything, continue to learn. To educate others to the diversity of practices that constitute BDSM so that each person can safely find their way to what is right for them. Maybe one day a choice to participate in BDSM will be seen as a respectable life decision, not perceived as an underground, secret and sometimes feared lifestyle

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Sacrifices – The Flash Story that Inspired Mystical Mayhem plus Giveaway!!!


“May the best one of us bring in his head upon a platter,” a gruff, baritone voice hissed in her ear. The tone was as menacing as it was seductive. A dry fire burned in her lungs as a cool chill ran its fingers down her spine. Both impaired her breathing, but she took off into a run along with him anyway.

Alexx knew if she was the one to capture the infamous Richard Vosslar during tonight’s foray for spoils of the mortal kind, then Brandon would be denied the victory.  Brandon was the voice, the only one who’d been standing behind her, huddled into a dark corner.  Intimate.  Dangerous.  She’d worked in close confines and on many a deadly mission with the man in a Special Activities Division of the CIA. The two of them, along with six others, were referred to as a Special Ops Group and were trained to carry out the deniable covert missions of this branch of the government. Tonight, they were on foreign soil to kidnap a man deemed ‘a threat’ to current plans of a Middle East stationed Marine Force Recon unit.

Over the past two years, Alexx had seen Brandon in many ways, in various states of peril and affliction.  In all of them, he appealed to her. His physical abilities were unparalleled, and his character was impeccable. The things he’d done for others never ceased to amaze and fluster her.  Who was she kidding, she couldn’t think a rational though about him. Yet, her feelings for him were her weight to bear alone. The man was as silent and deadly as they came, and as dedicated and caring as she had ever met at the same time. Trying to keep up with him was not the only thing making her warm!

As they moved through the oddly designed building, she knew there was no sense denying that fact to herself. Telling Brandon, on the other hand, was a completely different story. He was a vampire, one of the undead, and Alexx was very much alive and very much a witch. Everyone in their secret division had some otherworldly abilities.

The Special Ops group consisted of: herself, a hereditary witch able to manipulate energy; two vampires with power and speed; a tenacious werewolf and a more diversified shifter; a psychic trained to be a killer by the Marines; an actual mothman whose skills with mind control and prophesy had proven invaluable; and an old sorcerer whose varied magic keep him equally useful. The competition within this group was fierce. They battled for the prize, day in and day out, whatever their mission, not for other’s affections. And tonight, Vosslar had to disappear.

The job was delicate and critical. The eight of them were paired up to search the premises Mr. Vosslar was supposedly on. As usual, her partner was Brandon, not that she was complaining. Well, much.
She’d denied him a response, a reaction even. Instead, she concentrated on his hand on the small of her back as they halted their run to squeeze through a door. Yet, on the other side, she stiffened as Brandon’s hands grabbed her waist to make her crouch behind a stack of dilapidated boxes. He was always doing that, helping her with his generous nature, not knowing he was impairing her at the same time.

The next moments went by her in a quick, adrenaline rush. A voice came through both of their earpieces. They were so close, with his chin over her shoulder and his cheek against hers, that the voice came through in unison. It was the sorcerer. He and the mothman had spotted their target boarding a plane. 

“Stay put.” Alexx took charge after a moment’s pause. “Sorcerer, use a telekinetic manipulation spell on him. Don’t let him leave. I will support with a shield of energy to prevent him from running once we get there. Brandon and Moth will enter the plane. You will have mind control, quickness, and muscle between you.”

Brandon turned her body toward him as if she were nothing but a rag doll. His one slightly raised brow made it seem as if his eyes bore right through her. 

Her frozen body trembled, heat blazed within.

He let out a growl, animalistic and lethal, rather than words. Then, he let go of her and took off toward the back of the building where the plane was. 

She followed.

Once on the black pavement, she met the sorcerer’s spell with straight magic to immobilize the aircraft.  Not cognizant of time passing, she waited, hoping she’d handed Brandon the win by letting him go in. Her reward was feeling the imprint of his cool hands still heating all of her flesh. It was enough. Focus, she shouted at herself, taking a deep breath as she let the fire of her magic burn through her hands to hold the shield.

So, it took a second where time stood still to comprehend seeing Robert Vosslar come running from the plane. Her heart began thumping hard enough to make her stomach roll. Worry if her vamp had been hurt somehow was pushed into a throbbing part of her head, while she moved her efforts to binding the bad guy with invisible, magick rope.  

As Richard fell to the ground, there was a flash of blurred colors. She met with the smoky-blue eyes of her sexy man of the night over top of her captive seconds later. Held by unseen ties of a more emotional nature, she couldn’t see if he was unscathed.

“You okay?” Her voice, pitched high, hurt her own ears.

“Yeah. Thanks, Alexx,” he huffed in a breathy voice. “I don’t know how he got by me.”

“You let me escape, you fool! You told me to run to the gorgeous woman outside the plane or I was dead rather than a captive of the US government. What the hell game are you up to?” Richard spit out, his voice booming over her even from his position at her feet.

“What? I thought he’d hurt you! I could’ve cared less about some win.” She glared at Brandon. “Your fool move makes us both losers! I didn’t really win if you send him to me to capture! Why did you do that?” The last words, spoken quietly, strained her vocal cords as her chest heaved up and down.

“You volunteered to hold the plane to concede the win to me. I got it.” He shook his head at her. “I love you, too. Don’t you get it?”

Brandon’s response left her speechless, but his searing kiss left her feeling victorious in a way she’d only dreamed of.

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Close up of Image on T-shirt

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Mystical Mayhem, a novella
When rogue shifters capture Aiyanna, a Native American Indian with a dragon spirit, she finds herself tied to the wall of a cave, about to be the sacrifice in their twisted sex ritual. Their intention is to conceive another chimera, the legendary paranormal superman of Alaska. What the group didn’t plan for is the real chimera, Xander, coming to their sacrifice’s rescue.

Once in his cave, as Xander cares for Aiyanna’s wounds and shares a little of his rough life, the two find they’re mates. The next step in their lives should be clear. Instead, in this world gone mad, where paranormal creatures who once lived secretly on the fringes of society are currently joining together for evil purposes, indecision reigns. As lines are drawn, war ensues and personal struggles mount, Xander is called to join a Special Activities Division of the CIA. Decisions must be made even as the mystical mayhem continues around them.

Genres:  Paranormal (Chimera, Dragon Spirit, Vampires, Witches, and then some…), Erotic, Romantic Suspense


Pain cut like a blade stuck in her wrists each time she hurled her weight forward. Aiyanna needed her Dragon in order to break the ropes that tied her arms above her head. Yet, deep inside this cave, the Spirit remained elusive. A maize-colored light surrounded her – stifled her ability to call to her animal, the only one left to save her.

Rogue shifters had invaded her reservation here in Alaska, or at least what remained of an old one. Aiyanna had no idea what’d happened to the others there, those she called friends and family. She, alone, had been captured, taken in the dark in complete silence. Now, she hung against a cold rock wall listening to a man who’d shifted into a Hawk when he’d gotten frustrated a moment ago, but was now a man again. He fought with the other shifters present, as well as a witch about the specifics of a sex ritual she was to be sacrificed in.

“You listen to me. Bottom line. Ideal or not,” the Hawk-man hissed. “We have a sacrifice: a mystical woman, an Indian with a Dragon Spirit. The bitch is perfect. We have shifters here to represent each element with a corresponding animal. Don’t get all fuckin’ simpering woman on me because you know her.”

“I know of her. She is gifted, maybe too gifted to kill, was all I was saying, Aiden,” spat the witch, though she was wringing her fists in front of her. Aiyanna knew of the witch too – mostly rumors though. Her name was Selene, and she practiced on the dark side of magick despite the way she’d been raised. Selene, like Aiyanna, had lost her mother young.

“You listen to me. I’ve planned this for too long. You knew how it would work. You will do this! It’s your choice how easy or hard your participation will be. Got it? The moon is right. The ritual stones and other shit have been gathered.” The Hawk-man’s voice was rising, beating at the air as his wings had a few minutes ago. “We do this tonight. We kill her tonight! We will all mate with you, witch, tonight! A child will be conceived. One like the legends.”

Aiyanna knew exactly the legend they spoke of. The superman, if you will, of the shifters. She could use his help right about now. Not many had seen him, but the one who shifted into a combination of many beasts at once, the Chimera, saved those in dire need. She felt hanging from a wall, about to be sacrificed qualified as a bit dire.