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Erotic Author Missy Martine Interview & Giveaway on Naughty Nights Press Blog!

Missy Martine joins us on the Naughty Nights Press blog for an Interview and Giveaway of her latest book "Catch Her When She Falls"

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Hi Missy! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on the Naughty Nights Press blog. I am thrilled that you could join me here today!

1. Can you share a few “interesting facts” about your self?

Hello, Gina, it’s great to be here. Let’s see, interesting facts about me, hmm. I don’t really consider myself interesting so this might be a challenge. I’m 56 years young and born and raised in the south, mostly Tennessee. I was a nurse until 2002 and then health reasons forced me into early retirement. I did turn my heath around last year by losing 158 lbs, over half my body weight. I was suffering with pulmonary hypertension and the weight loss has allowed me to get off all the medications and oxygen that plagued my days and nights.

I’ve only been writing about two years. I’ve traveled all over the world, and spent some time living with my hubby in China. Let’s see, I enjoy photography, especially tracking and photographing wild animals. My favourite place to do this is Wyoming. I’ve even submitted some of my pictures to the Wyoming Wildlife Magazine. I’m an avid reader, and my hobbies include model railroading.

I’m married, for the second time, to a wonderful man quite a bit younger than me which makes me a real-life cougar. That’s about as interesting as it gets!

2. What is a typical day like for you? What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

Gosh, I wish I knew what a typical day felt like. It doesn’t seem like any of mine fall into that category. I suffer from insomnia so my days can begin anywhere from 1 am to 4 am which is about as long as I can make myself lie in bed staring at the ceiling while my hubby snores away.

I do have a routine once I get up. I have to scoop the litter, fill the water and food bowls, and pick up the trash cans the cats turn over every night. Then I sit down and pull up my email. I’ve made it a point, from the beginning, to answer each and every letter I get from fans. I check on my favourite blogs, and the different sites where I buy books to read.

By then, I’m ready to raid the fridge for some breakfast and milk. My weight loss was accomplished by surgery and I practically live on milk now. All this takes about 2 hours so now hubby is usually getting up. I make his lunch and see him off. He rides 28 miles to work daily on his bike and he waits and eats breakfast at the office.

After he leaves, I start in on whatever book project I’m working on. I start by reading over what I wrote the day before to make any corrections, and then bring up my outline for the work in progress.

As for pet peeves, I’m not sure I really have any. I’m pretty easy going so nothing much bothers me. I do hate it when I turn on my computer and it suddenly decides to do a system check of each and every file. Hubby has forbidden me from over-riding it just in case it has some kind of problem. It leaves me just sitting here, watching it tell me how many of the over a million files it has checked L It takes over an hour to complete and it does it a couple of times a week.

I also have a cat with a food bowl fetish. He won’t eat out of his bowl unless it’s filled rounded over the top. If the other cats (I have three) have eaten it down at all he stands by my desk and meows loudly! It’s extremely annoying but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to make him stop except get up and fill his bowl over the top. We go through this several times a day.

3. When did you realize you wanted to be an author? How long have you been writing?

I wish I could say that I dreamed of being an author all my life, even entertaining my childhood friends with my stories when I was little, but it would be a lie. Like a lot of little girls, I dreamed of becoming a nurse. My dream came true and I worked in nursing until 2002 when I had a series of small strokes. During my long recovery is when I became an avid reader of romance, and when I read my first ménage romance story.

Life had gotten pretty depressing. I’d been used to working at least 12 hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week. Besides being a nurse, I owned my own business – a medical billing service. Suddenly finding myself unemployed, and stuck at home, put me in a terrible depression. Then, I read Leah Brooke’s “Desire for Three” in her “Desire, OK” series. It absolutely, single handed, put romance back into my soul, and my marriage. Things begin looking up for me at that point, and I began reading every erotic romance I could get my hands on.

I still wasn’t doing anything challenging in my life, and my loving husband recognized a need in me that I didn’t even realize myself. He knew I needed some kind of purpose in my life to make me whole again. So, he nagged me into writing my first book. He made it like a dare; even saying “you’ve bought enough of the dang things to pay the national debt! By now you ought to be able to write your own, or are you afraid to try?” That was all it took, because I’ve never been able to turn down a dare. So, I began writing “Table for Three.” That was about two years ago.

4. What was the first fiction you ever wrote? Was it for publication? What reaction did you get?

“Table for Three” was the first book I ever wrote. At the time, it was strictly to get my husband off my back. It never occurred to me that anyone would be interested in publishing it. It’s based loosely on my own first marriage. I spent 20 years in an abusive relationship, finally getting the courage to break away. Like Cass, from the book, I met a much younger man who swept me off my feet. The only difference, I didn’t inherit a lot of money and my hubby isn’t one-half of a pair of identical twins! A girl can’t have everything!

I wasn’t even going to send it to a publisher but hubby insisted. No one was more surprised than me when I got the offer from Siren to publish it. I’d sent it to them because I bought most of my books from them so a lot of my favourite authors were there.

5. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

My goal, or my hope, has always been for my books to inspire passion and romance in someone else’s life just like Leah’s book inspired it in mine. Did I meet that goal? From the letters that I’ve received, I’d have to say I have to some degree. Not everyone tells me that they’ve been inspired, but I have had 2 very nice letters that let me know that I’ve managed to influence at least 2 people’s lives since I began writing.

6. Do you write exclusively naughty erotic fiction?

So far, all I’ve written is erotic. I don’t see that changing since erotic is my favourite thing to read.

7. Do you have a ritual to get you ready to write? Something special you do to psyche you up?

I’m not sure it counts as a ritual, but I have to have my work environment just right to be able to write. I can’t stand clutter, so I have to spend some time organizing my area before starting.

I line up my reference books, set up my snacks beside my desk, and turn off the phone before I start. I’m not one of these people that can work with soft music playing in the background. It has to be quiet for me to concentrate.

I pull up my outlines and excel files from my work in progress on my upper monitor and then I’m ready to begin.

8. Where do you write? Does your environment have an impact on what or how you write?

My husband has set up a work space for me in the corner of our living room. We’re in a small apartment in California and there’s no place for me to have an office of my own. Besides, I think he picture me writing and watching television at the same time. ;)

I don’t think my environment has an effect on what I write, but it definitely effects how I write. When things are messy, or disorganized, my attention tends to wander and I make a lot of mistakes that have to be corrected.

9. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I definitely just go with the flow. I’ve tried to put myself on deadlines before, ones that would insist that I spend “x” number of hours during the day writing. I failed miserably. You can’t force creativity; you have to strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak. At least that’s true for me.

10. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

For me, a small idea of a story comes first. Next come the characters and setting, and finally the story.

11. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

There has to be a strong alpha male or men as the case may be. I like there to be some type of problem to the coupling, something they have to overcome to be together. There should be romance, a meeting that develops into deeper feelings. I don’t like the books that have them in bed together by page 3. And the sex should enhance the story instead of being the story. I love romance stories about getting a second chance at love.

12. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

Oh, boy, my writing process is a little involved. My strokes left me with short-term memory loss so I have to go the extra mile to get my stories done.

I begin with an idea for a story and then I create the characters, both primary and secondary – at least as many as I know about up front. I use an excel file to keep track of them. I give them names, physical characteristics, and brief social histories. I want something that’s going to remind me how they’re related or how they know each other and for how long.

Next, I do a detailed outline from beginning to “The End.” It’s done in bullet points and not paragraphs. I need something I can mark off as I go along and know where I’m at in the story since I can’t write an 80,000 word book in a day. The outline will include detailed facts from the research I’ve done, as well as any descriptive phrases that I want to use. It’s supposed to make it where I don’t have to keep going back and forth between screens as I write the finished product. The outlines can be quite long.

Next, I map out my love scenes. With my memory problems I want to make sure I don’t reuse words, positions or phrases when I do the sex scenes. To do this I had to develop a way to keep track of what I write as I go along. I have a file I’ve put together over the past 2 years of nothing but sex words, phrases, and positions. Laugh if you want to, but it works. Before I begin a book I pull up this file. The words and phrases are all divided into categories and there are no duplicates. If I have a book that has 4 sex scenes to be written, I go to my file and I choose 5 words or phrases from each category – four different times. I save these words in an excel file and when I come to the sex scene in my outline I use this list of words and phrases to write my scene. No words or positions get used twice.

Finally, I’m ready to start writing the finished product. I keep the excel file of the characters on my upper screen so if I get confused about a character’s name I can easily reference it.

13. What do you love most about writing? What do you hate about it?

I love writing dialog! It can be fun creating snappy conversations between characters that help define their personalities. Plus, you’re not as tied to “correct grammar” with dialog. In fact, sometimes it’s better to be “improper.” Slang and poor grammar are just another way to define our character’s personality.

What do I dislike most about writing? I hate promoting what I write! There seems to be a fine line between promoting your work and harassing people – I’d like to think I don’t cross that line. Promoting can be really time-consuming, taking as much time to promote a book as it did to write it. And, there’s not a good way to know if you’re being successful until all your numbers are in at the end of the quarter. It’s definitely not something I enjoy doing.

14. After writing for hours at a time how do you relax?

Believe it or not, most of the time I sit down to read a good book after a day of writing. Occasionally, I’ll watch a DVD, but 90% of the time I stay at my computer and pull up one of my downloaded books.

15. Is writing your full-time job? If not, how and when do you find time to write?

If you mean do I work outside the home, then yes, writing is my full –time job. I haven’t worked outside the home since 2002. I don’t have to work, my husband is more than able to support us, but it feels good to be able to help provide for us.

16. If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

I’d probably still be reading four or five books a week and watching daytime television. If I’d never had the strokes I’d be a nurse supervisor somewhere with five or six employees working for my medical billing service.

17. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work? Traditional or Self-Publishing, which would you suggest?

First, I would tell them to believe in what they write. You have to make yourself happy before you can please anyone else. Don’t let others influence what you write about, stick to what you know is right in your heart.

Next, I’d advise them to buy a Thesaurus. There’s always going to be a need to find new ways to say the same thing.

Finally, I’d encourage them to find a publisher and not attempt to self-publish. A legitimate publisher will not cost you anything. You’ll receive royalties for your finished work. They’ll provide you with editors to polish your book, artists to design a cover that will draw people to your book, and a certain amount of publicity and exposure. You can concentrate on your writing and leave all the tedious details of publishing to an expert.

18. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

My current newest release is “Catch Her When She Falls.” It’s the sequel to my first book, “Table for Three.” In “Table for Three” you meet Serena, a secretary with a disagreeable personality. She’ll do just about anything to land herself a rich husband. Before the end of the book, she makes a malicious phone call guaranteed to cause trouble for the book’s main trio. In “Catch Her When She Falls” you find out the outcome of that phone call, and what makes Serena the way she is. You’ll also meet Marc and Tony. They’re cowboys, part-time bounty hunters, and full-time lovers. They take one look at Serena and recognize the person deep inside her. They’re determined to make her theirs, and they’ll do anything to make her see life with a pair of simple cowboys is definitely what she needs. This book is available in eBook from Siren/Bookstrand at and in print from Amazon at

19. Do you have other published works? If so please tell us about them!

Well, you already know about “Table for Three.” It’s the story of Cass, a woman who finally gets the courage to get out of a 20 year abusive marriage. She travels to Oregon to accept an inheritance from a relative she never knew she had and meets up with a pair of twin brothers determined to lay claim to her. She’s up against an abusive ex, a crooked lawyer, and a vicious jealous woman. The road to happiness is not a smooth one!

Next came my “Wolfen Heritage Series.” It’s set in Wyoming and is based on the Wind River Pack. It’s the story of Remus & Maddie’s family. Remus is Alpha of the Wind River Pack, while Maddie’s family kept the secret of their heritage from the children.

Book 1 is “Discovering Her Wolfen Heritage.” It tells the story of Maddie and Remus. She meets Remus when she’s a little girl while he’s in his wolf form. He knows immediately she’s his mate but has to wait to claim her. Maddie returns home and a tragic accident keeps her away for many years. When she finally returns her wolf friend is still there. Remus must tell her of her heritage, and help her fight a distrustful brother and a dangerous doctor before they can finalize their love.

Book 2 is “Denying His Wolfen Heritage.” This is Michael’s story, Maddie’s brother. He’s seen Maddie’s wolf with his own eyes and still doesn’t believe! He feels guilty for aiding the doctor that was trying to do her harm so he spends time with his sister in Wyoming. There he falls in love with a beautiful wolf shifter. He and Ariane are faced with a jealous woman, and another male shifter that wants her for himself. Michael has to find his own inner wolf or risk losing Ariane forever.

Book 3 is called “Changing Their Wolfen Heritage.” This is the story of Remus’s brothers Ethan and Latan. They’ve always shared their women and it’s no different when they meet Kitania, the new Pack teacher. But, this time, they both feel like she’s their mate. But wolves don’t share mates, or do they? Kitania has some secrets of her own. She’s not who, or what they think she is. Everything comes to a head when they must battle the evil doctors out to experiment on the wolves one final time.

Finally, I have a new release, from eXtasy books, called “The Magic in Her Gift.” It’s the story of a young woman who desperately wants love and is settling for something less. Her grandmother is dying and wants to pass the family magic to her so she can make her dreams come true. It’s too bad she dies before she can tell her granddaughter how to use it! She only has a brief time to figure out how to bring her dream lover to life before she loses him forever.

20. Where can your readers find you?

You can find me at any of the following places:
My website:
My Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100000107833768
My Twitter:
My LinkedIn:

You can also email me at

If you visit my website be sure to sign up for my newsletter and sign my guest book.

We’d like to thank you Missy for being here on Naughty Nights Press blog today.
I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we enjoyed learning more about you and your daily life.

I appreciated the advice you give to aspiring authors. It is something many have said yes, but really can it be said too much? Get a PUBLISHER! Hey, I hear Naughty Nights Press (NNP) is accepting submissions. *wink*

It was awesome to be able to find out more about your new release and the other books you have written. I am for one will be adding a few of them to my TBR list pretty quick!

We hope you will come back and share more of yourself and your writing very soon!

Thanks so much, Gina. I’ve enjoyed my time with you today. It was great of you to let me come on and toot my own horn today!

Catch Her When She Falls

Serena Dammler is recovering from a savage beating and needs protection. Cowboys and lovers Marc Weller and Tony Estabon are taking jobs as bounty-hunters, and their newest assignment is to capture her attacker and return him to Texas. They take one look at Serena's fragile beauty and decide she'd be the perfect third to their family.

Serena's always dreamed of catching herself a rich man, and she'd do just about anything to make that dream come true. She's not going to allow herself to fall in love with her two cowboy protectors, no matter how sexy they are.

Marc and Tony want Serena as their third, but they want her love to be real and not based on their bank accounts. So what will it hurt if they take her to a little cabin on their ranch and pretend to be simple cowboys?

Biography: Missy Martine

I was born, and raised in the great southern state of Tennessee. In my youth, I studied nursing, and spent several happy years working in the hospitals there until I branched out into medical management in 1980.

In 1998 I was managing a medical supply house in Chattanooga, when I met the love of my life. The only problem facing me then, he lived way out in Oklahoma. You see, we had met in a chat room!

He romanced me daily with love letters, flowers and phone calls. It wasn't long before I uprooted myself, and moved west to join him. We married in 1999, and then continued our fantasy romance all over the world. Together we have traveled in almost all of the Continental United States, and taken trips to Canada and China.
I retired from working in 2002 and it wasn't long before my husband was encouraging me to find some kind of outlet to occupy my time, something that was challenging, and rewarding. I was already obsessed with reading about romance, and I began to think I could probably write a good, romantic story. My husband heartily agreed with me. With that encouragement, I began writing my first book. I wasn't really convinced that anyone else would find it interesting, but he pressed me to take a chance and send it in to a publisher.
To my surprise, it was accepted, and now I'm able to share it with readers everywhere who like a "happily ever after" story.

Today, I'm living in California with my, still romantic, husband of twelve years, and our boys. Our boys consist of Beau, Midnight, and Bubba, three male cats that allow us to live with them and serve them at their leisure. I continue to write almost daily, hoping that someone, somewhere will get the same enjoyment from reading my stories, that I get from writing them.

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Cassandre Dayne

In writing erotic romance, I have spent hours and hours researching my craft. I think all good writers do and as you can imagine, learning more about certain erotic arts and activities has been fascinating. There are many aspects of the genre and the flavors can be from fairly vanilla laced with a touch of kink to living the lifestyle.

One of the flavors I enjoy writing about is BDSM – I don’t mean simply light spanking and toys that you and your partner order and enjoy. I certainly do have many of those delicious little bits in my books along with ménage, public display and voyeurism, but I’m also talking about a practiced art where two or more people consent into entering into a life of pleasure that stretches the boundaries.

This can mean something like playtime where you enjoy delving into a highly trusted relationship where one of you takes the dominating position while the other submissive and learn the art of pleasure and pain. For those of you that don’t understand the lifestyle where it’s for play or living the life all the time, trust is the number one factor. It’s the strongest bond between the couple and without it the participants will never be comfortable and feel a level of freedom to throw their inhibitions aside.

You’ve all heard about the safe word, but there is so much more to the lifestyle than that. I’ve been asked many times how you know if you’re the dominate or the submissive and generally I think most of us know if we want to take the control in the bedroom or have our partner be the one in charge. Some people enjoy being a switch, which means they can take both roles.

I think any of us that are curious might begin with spanking that turns into experimenting with toys and perhaps moving into a touch of role play or even going as far as tying your partner to an apparatus and using floggers and whips. There again, most of these activities are truly vanilla in flavor and design but you certainly can enjoy ecstasy and anguish.

Let’s talk about something a little heavier. In doing my research, I’ve talked to several full time dom’s – in my case males that have a female slave that belongs to them. They are collared and they were kind enough to help me understand what that entails. If you ever have a craving to taste a bit of the lifestyle, I assure you that it doesn’t mean flogging and violet wands the first day out.

Entering into the lifestyle a newbie, your practiced dom will bring you slowly into the lifestyle. Perhaps you are a jeans wearer and can’t stand dresses and heels. It’s likely your dom will have you wear nothing but dresses for two weeks. He might have you call him at a certain time every day or perhaps take a picture to send to him at the exact time he tells you. The types of requirement are simply to build complete total trust.

One thing that so many people don’t understand, the sub truly has the control in the relationship. The dom, while in charge per say, heeds your needs and desires and that gives him or her pleasure.

Again, some people live this lifestyle only during playtime or maybe at night after work and behind closed doors. There is still some fear and apprehension of being found out so many develop friendships with other couples or societies that also enjoy. I wanted to introduce you to one such society.

I’ve talked with a couple of members and while this is completely consensual in all aspects, they have been banned from sites and web addresses continually. They are… Code d' Odalisque. This is a lifestyle of pleasurable slavery in which the dom is a male and the female signs a contract with their dom. Here’s the actual definition:

It is a genre or style of non-violent consensual slave play engaged in by willing adult men and women. It is a modern revival of aspects of the historical institution of odalisque (female sexual servant) in a consensual form. Play is guided by a written code of rules, etiquette and protocols. The genre or style is an alternative sub-culture within the broader BDSM community; play includes aspects of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission but not sado-masochism. The use of pain and degradation is forbidden under the Code. The values of the Code are hedonistic and pleasure-oriented combining exotic elements from Turkish/Persian erotic culture with modern, Western hardcore tastes. The structure of play is based upon the relationship between a male Slavekeeper and a female slave. Play is essentially heterosexual in character.

They enter into a contract with their master – here’s what it entails:

Slave play in Code d' Ode is governed by a system of contract. The first principle of contract is consent. All players must be legal, sane adults and must be fully consenting. The system of contract is designed to protect all parties, especially the female slave. In the first instance, a slave must draft and sign a Contract of Submission which sets out the shape and limits of her submission to slavery. This can then be modified as required by a further contract called a 'Plea for Mercy'. This system is very flexible. All contracts must be signed by three persons. The contractual provisions of the Code were developed in consultation with legal professionals and in view of the best advice regarding the legal issues inherent in Master/slave relationships, but no claims are made for the legal integrity of Code contracts. Such contracts have no actual legal status but are quasi-legal and are designed to ensure strict adherence to the principle of consent above all. Many legal cases have demonstrated that consent is a problematic matter in Master/slave dominant/submissive relationships. The Code is carefully crafted to provide as much protection to players as possible.

There are many other societies and some are much darker with using creative and sometimes painful forms of punishment to keep their slaves in line. I have been on forums in which both slaves and their masters talk. One thing I have found that if you are collared by your master – literally you wear a collar either 24/7 or when you are in the house, if punishment entails having your collar taken away, it’s horrendous.

The slaves I have talked to are truly finally at peace with themselves because of succumbing to the lifestyle. Many come from terrible relationships where the other partner never understood them. Finding a master is like finding a home.

I’ve enjoyed learning and plan on continuing my research. I hope you enjoyed a little taste and tell me, could you enjoy the lifestyle?

Contact me at:


Kisses xxx

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Naughty Erotic Author Christy Parks Visits Naughty Nights Press blog!

We are honored to have the opportunity to interview Erotic Author Christy Parks on the Naughty Nights Press blog today!

Christy is the Author of "A Repeating Life"

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome Christy Parks, author of "A Repeating Life" to the Naughty Nights Press blog.

Hi Christy! Thank you for joining me here today! I am very excited learn all about you and your new book and to share it with our followers so lets get started!

Thanks for having me!

1. Can you share a few “interesting facts” about your self?

Oh, gosh. Well, one of the first things people find “interesting” is my nickname is The Lizard Lady. My nephews gave that name to me when they were just toddlers because of my collection of reptiles.

2. What is a typical day like for you?

Lol Typical? No such thing. Lol During the week I'm up at 6:30 to get the kids ready for school. Once they're all out the door by 7am, I walk the dogs, then it's straight to the laptop. Sadly enough, absolutely nothing of merit gets written until my second cup of coffee. But at least I try!

3. What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

About writing, or life? Lol My pet peeves about being an author is people don't realize how much blood, sweat, and tears we put into our craft. If I'm not working on one of my books, then I'm researching, training, marketing, get the picture. When someone calls and I say I'm working, you can hear the tone in their voice that says “yeah, working...riiiight.”
My pet peeve in life in general is ignorance. If you're going to hate someone have a really good reason for it.

4. What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?

I actually read a few really good books last month, but I think my favorite was Spider Bite by Jennifer Estep. The sequel to that one is Web of Lies and it's just as good. I would absolutely recommend those two to my friends, but they aren't paranormal romance. They're urban fantasy, and while there's some relationships, they're far from romantic!

5. When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

Lol I have no idea. I learned to read before kindergarten, so I've always loved books. When I was in elementary school I was always winning something for my writing. Come junior high school I was writing short stories about New Kids on the Block. Yes, I had a thing for NKOTB and truth be told, still do!

6. How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember. As soon as I learned to read I started writing my own stories. There's nothing better than creating your own world!

7. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

My goal as a kid was to be rich and famous and have dinner parties with Stephen King. Well, now as an adult, I just want someone to read my book and say 'Oh, my gosh. I love this book.' I just want to have my books in other people's hands and have them like my work.

8. Do you write exclusively naughty erotic romance?

Oh, no. While I love it, I also write urban fantasy, and at times, satirical short stories. But there's nothing better than a good naughty story!

9. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre? Was there anything that influenced your choice?

Stephen King. I don't know how that relates to my genre, really, but he's the one that made me want to write about the paranormal. His stories always reminded me of a written version of Alfred Hitchcock. I wanted to create my own little world where people cheered for the vampire, started sweating when he got his woman in the bedroom, and boo for the atypical good guy.

10. Do you have a ritual to get you ready to write? Something special you do to psyche you up?

Yep, I guess we all do. First of all, I have to have a cup of coffee nearby. For the first few minutes I leave the tv on, playing some stupid show I'd never normally watch like Real Housewives or something. Then, the tv either gets muted or turned off, and the music comes on. For the first half of my new book I was all over Beethoven. Now it's a mix of artists like Evanessence, Paramore, Chevelle, get the picture.
The first few attempts usually get deleted, kind of like I'm waiting for my fingers to catch up with my brain. But, eventually, I'm able to get some good stuff down, and the writing has begun.

11. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

Realistic relationships, descriptive, but not Hustler type descriptions of the sex. Uh, I love a good buildup with some really good foreplay, but I hate cliches. You know, 'he ripped her bodice to expose her milky white breasts.' Really? Noone talks like that. Tell me how sensitive her nipples were to his touch. Tell me how swollen he is, or how thick he appears through his jeans. One of the best descriptive scenes I've seen lately is in one of Laurell K Hamilton's books. She's really good at erotica, even if she's doing wereleopards.

12. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

That's really a hard one, because it's never the same. The first book took about three weeks. The one on the market took two months from start to finish, and this one is now rolling over on the fourth month. I wish I could be like Amanda Hocking and knock one out in a week, but I get distracted fairly easily.

13. What do you love most about writing? What do you hate about it?

The world and character building. I always refer to it as playing God. We get to create any world we want, choose the players, name them, give them life, then on the seventh day rest...I wish.
I absolutely hate the edit and revise stage. I'm still looking for the Easy button so if you know of anyone with one for sale let me know.

14. After writing for hours at a time how do you relax?

Believe it or not I read. There's nothing as enjoyable to me as reading. Well, yeah ok, sex, but that's a little hard when three kids are running around the house saying “hey mom!”. I actually read in my genre, and can finish two to three books a week so I'm constantly at the bookstore or on Amazon.

15. What is your opinion of writer's groups? Do you find them helpful? And how did you find yours if you have one?

Oh I love writer's groups. There's no way to get an honest opinion on your work from your friend's and family. That's where the members of your group come in. They can offer honest opinions, feedback, even suggestions to improve.
I found mine by posting on Writer's Digest. How lucky am I that one of my friends in my group turned out to be the Bestselling author Norma Beishir?!

16. Is writing your full-time job? If not, how and when do you find time to write?

Yep, well, next to being a mom and wife. Unfortunately, they don't both mesh all the time. I still have to get the laundry done, cook dinner, all the fun stuff. But the rest of my time is spent working on my craft.

17. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work?

Never give up! Sounds so cliched but that's the best advice I've ever heard. If you keep getting rejections, turn them into wallpaper. If people keep saying the same negative thing about your work, take some classes, study some books, keep working. Just remember...Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer both got rejections.

18. How did you decide on a Publisher? What were the factors that convinced you it was the right one for your work?

I'm actually an independent publisher. I tried to the traditional route, and even got offered a contract by an awesome agent. But in the end, I chose to go the self-published route. I love doing all the work myself, including finding someone to edit for me, marketing on my own, and I recently found someone to write a press release for me. I don't think anyone should turn their nose up at the idea of independent publishing...we're taking over. lol

19. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

Oooh, my favorite subject. Lol In my newest release, not to mention my first out in public, A Repeating Life, a woman finds herself dependent on her boss, who turns out to have a few secrets. After some really hot and sweet scenes, she begins to realize there's a lot more to their relationship than she ever dreamed possible.
It's currently available on Amazon and Nook. The paperback will be available this spring. I'll also be releasing a new book, an urban fantasy about demon huntes, late this spring.

20. Where can your readers find you? Blog/Website/Twitter or any other links you’d like to share with us please feel free.

The stalking options are endless, lol.
You can find me at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, or on my blog.

This has been a phenomenal interview and I would like to say thank you Christy, for taking time out of your day to tell us all about yourself and your writing.

Thank you for you having me!

I am sure there will be many updating their TBR lists after this!

About "A Repeating Life"
Juliana Benson thought she'd finally get a little excitement in her life when her incredibly good-looking boss, Michael Mason, offers her a job as his personal assistant. She had no idea she'd be depending on him for her life; and finding the soul mate she lost in 1846.

Set in today's world, Juliana begins to realize there are some things not quite human about her boss. When she wakes up in his home after a brutal attack, she realizes there's more to Michael than she ever thought possible. The true test will be when she realizes her dreams are trying to tell her the truth about Michael...and herself.

Sample or purchase "A Repeating Life" by Christy Parks at
Or on Amazon at

Visit Christy on her blog
Or Website

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Erotic Author Avril Ashton Joins Gina Kincade For An Interview And Info On Her Newest Release "One Wicked Night"!!

Hi peeps and welcome to the Naughty Nights Press blog today! I am very excited to have Avril Ashton here with me to share a little about herself, her career as a writer and info on her naughty new release "One Wicked Night"!

Rumor has it she actually brought along some interesting reading for us too! *does a happy dance* Woot Woot!

See and I can tell already that my TBR pile is gonna get longer after tonight..Geesh, that sucker is gonna topple on me soon! lol

Ok, Ok! I shall get on with it..Yes, I know that is just what you were thinking! Yes you! *points to Cassandre hiding behind her monitor* Yeah, I saw ya hunny! *naughty grin*

Hi Avril and welcome to Naughty Nights Press blog. We are thrilled you could join us here today and can’t wait to share some information about your and your writing with our followers!

1. How long have you been writing? And have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been writing seriously since the summer of ’09. I’ve always loved books, and reading, even wrote short stories and poems in school, but I never dreamed of writing seriously until late ‘o8

2. To date, what has been the best advice or words of encouragement you've received?

When I decided to really buckle down and write, I checked out all the books on writing out of the library and read them. They confused me more, so I emailed the president of the local RWA chapter in a panic out of the blue, asking for any advice she could give. To my surprise, she responded, just write. I haven’t stopped since.

3. What are three things about you that might surprise yours fans?

I’m a hermit, I hate cooking, and I love eating.

4. What genre(s) do you write? And what made you choose this it?

I write erotic-romance with a little bit of everything including suspense and paranormal, just now wetting my feet in M/M. I didn’t choose any of it, the entire thing chose me.

5. How do you decide on your storyline? Is there a specific thing that might set you to thinking of your next book plot?

I don’t plot, I’m a total pantser. And anything sets me thinking of my next plot—music, food, clothes. High heels…hmm.

6. How do you name your characters? Decide on where a story takes place?

Gosh, I love coming up with character names, I like them unique. You won’t find a Tom or Jane in my stories any time soon. Whenever I hear/see a name that’s out there, not the norm, I file it away until I can pull it out. I write my stories without naming a physical setting, then find a place after the story is done. I make whatever setting I choose fit the story instead of the other way around.

7. What do you love most about writing? What do you hate about it?

I love writing. The click of my fingers as they fly over the computer keys. I adore the way the pictures in my head forms into words on the page. I love getting choked up and feeling, just feeling, as I write. I hate anything that doesn’t involve what I just mentioned.

8. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

Oh man, I love this question. A great erotic romance is one that marries romantic love, hot and dirty sex, with a unique plot and amazing, stomach churning angst. In my view LOL

9. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work?

Write because you can’t bear not to. Read for the same reason and do your research on the business. Keep doing it.

10. Can you tell us a little about your newest or upcoming release? Where can we find it?

Sure, luckily I brought along a blurb of One Wicked Night *g*

BLURB: Justice Alexandre kills for a living. A lover of the shadows, he makes no excuses for what he does. Besides, people bore him. He has no use for them…until a hot summer night in a Toronto nightclub. A woman with misery in her eyes whispers three words in his ear, shattering his world like shards of crystal at his feet.
She wants to lose herself—or maybe find herself, Myka Prentiss can’t readily decide. What she does know is the dark stranger hugging the shadows at the back of the club calls to her in ways she can’t explain. Putting fear aside, accepting the heady pull, she makes her move and asks for one nameless night. Nothing between them but hot sweat and tangled sheets.
He accepts.
When they’re done, she walks away, wanting more. Back to an unfulfilled life, she’s comforted only by her memories…until her dark stranger shows up at her door with an announcement.
He’s been hired to kill her.

As of now, One Wicked Night is only available on my publisher’s site:

11. When not writing, where can we find you?

Catch me on my blog-,
My website-
I’m also on Facebook at,
on Twitter!/AvrilAsh.
You can find my books at Amazon:

Thank you so much Avril for sharing with us. It has been great getting to know more about you and your writing. We look forward to the opportunity to have you back again soon!

Thank you, Gina, for having me. I had fun!


Once outside, Myka stood against the exterior wall of the club and waited. The whisper of cool air on the nape of her neck felt like a lover’s caress. She crossed her arms over her chest, then changed her mind and let them hang loose at her sides.

He wasn’t coming.

What was she thinking? She shouldn’t have approached him, but she’d wanted to prove her life was still her own. Pretend what she’d overheard wasn’t true, and her father hadn’t sold her to the highest bidder for a senate seat. But he had and here she was, grasping at anything to dull the pain.

The doors opened and Mr. Dark stepped outside. Breath left her body, her spine tingled. His gaze clashed with hers as he approached like a lion stalking its prey. Dark clothes cloaked his bulky frame—leather jacket, shirt, jeans and boots. His features looked like they’d been chiseled from the finest, darkest chocolate. Sharp, dark and smooth. He had high cheekbones, slanted eyes, and just a hint of stubble on his square jaw, framing full lips made to kiss and taste. A voice in the back of her head yelled run, but she ignored it. She sensed he’d like the chase.

He stood in front of her, chest to chest, and placed a hand on the wall behind her. Then he leaned in, licked her earlobe and caught it between his teeth.

Her breath hitched, knees wobbled. A whimper left her throat as her pussy flooded.

“You beckoned?” A Caribbean accent gave his deep voice an exotic flavor.

Nipples hardening, Myka stayed with the bold approach. “I want you. Under me, on top of me, but definitely inside me.”

Posted by:
~ Lady Gina Kincade, The Mistress
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Halloween Theme: Call For Submissions

Halloween Theme: Call For Submissions

Got a unique, hair-raising, spine-chilling, bizarre or darkly haunted story laced with wicked, shameless, kinky, impassioned, earth shattering and mind numbing sex?

Ghosts, gobblins, witches, werewolves, vampires and other worldly creepy critters that like to go bump-de-hump in the night.

Short stories with a paranormal element, halloween party masquerade, haunted house or simply a spooky, ghoulish theme and loaded with sizzling sexual escapades and encounters of the other world kind.

Join Naughty Nights Press in their soon to be released "A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve" ebook anthology!

Special preference given to: f/f, f/f/f, m/f/m, or other ménage combination or those with a fetish theme.

2500-7000 words, 12 point times new roman, single spaced. 1.5 indent on new paragraph, 1 in margins.
(no extra spaces or returns)

Save file as: YOURNAME_HalloweenTheme.doc

Send as a .doc attachment (not .docx or rtf) with "Halloween Theme" as the subject line to: with the following information in the body of the email:
Legal Name, pseudonym (if applicable), title of the story, word count, and short synopsis.
Also include: A 50-75 word bio, written in the third person and link to your website or blog.

Royalties are 80% net to the contributors and one complimentary ebook copy.

Deadline: July 31, 2011
Release Date: October 30th, 2011

Have or want to write a halloween themed Naughty Novelette, 7,500 to 17,500 or Novella, 17,500 to 40,000 words?? Send it in!!
We will be epublishing several of the most titillating books for Halloween release too!
Same criteria and deadline as above.
Royalties are 40% net.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Erotic Author Patricia Logan Interview & Giveaway On Naughty Nights Press blog!

Patricia Logan visits the Naughty Nights Press Blog for an interview with Gina Kincade today!

Patricia will be sharing some personal insight into her life as a mother, GBLT supporter and a sultry, exemplary, primarily m/m erotic author!

We will get the opportunity to learn a little about her current release "Undercover Nights" and alot about her as a person.

One lucky person who leaves a comment on the interview will win an ebook copy of "Undercover Nights" too! Wow, now what could be better then that!

Patricia Logan is one amazingly busy woman and a fantastic author!

Hi Patricia! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on Naughty Nights Press.

I have truly been waiting with baited breath for your interview! Why? Because I can’t wait to give our followers the info on how to get a copy of "Undercover Nights"!

I think my personal TBR list has now reached the length of my leg but I just can't resist adding a new one that looks like it is going to be so spectacular!

Well, suppose I should stop yammering and get on with it

1. Can you share a few “tid bits” about your self?

Sure. I’m an author of M/M erotica and M/M/M erotica. My first M/M/F erotica release comes out in October of this year. I’m also a wife and mother and active in GLBT causes. I’ve had a pretty complex career background including being a nurse in the ISU (immune suppressed unit) where the majority of my patients were HIV/AIDS patients and also being a jeweller and a mortgage broker for a couple of decades.
The decline of my business due to the economy was the catalyst that launched my writing career. So, in my case, the economy was good and bad for me. Now, I do what I truly LOVE.

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me begins with getting my daughter out the door to school and two cups of coffee before I sit down at my keyboard. I check my email, interact on FB with my fans and friends and then write.
My writing takes up the majority of my day and like any other author I have super productive days, 10K words + and lousy ones, if I can’t find my muse. I write every day, even if it’s only a paragraph.

What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

Really, since writing is such a creative process, my biggest pet peeve is that some days I’m just not “on” and being the control freak that I am, this is a hard thing to deal with.

2. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was small with a large gap in between. I wrote when I was in grade school, lots of short stories, and even then, not to blow my own horn, I knew I was creative. I picked up writing again four years ago, and haven’t stopped.

3. Do you write exclusively gay male erotic fiction?

No, though all of my stories now, have at least one gay male couple in the mix. Sometimes there’s a third man or a woman thrown in but the gay male couple is my absolute must have and my very, very favourite.

4. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started?

My goal was to write a full-length novel that was good enough to get published.

Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

Wow. That’s a good question. The first novel I ever wrote is now just getting published in October though it will be my fourth published work. That little gem, “Gypsy Knight” was written as a hetero romance but I couldn’t get it published in the “vanilla” world so, after I had some success with gay male erotica, I rewrote it and made it a M/M/F novel and my publisher liked it and accepted it. The story remained the same, the characters just loved each other differently, LOL.

5. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre?

First of all, I made a transition in my reading. I also read about 400 novels a year in order to keep my plots fresh. I don’t want to repeat what other authors are writing and that is hard, so I read what’s out there. I made a transition in my reading from mild romance, to more racy stuff, to erotica, to ménage, to gay erotica to some pretty heavy fetish stuff.
I found that I loved the gay erotica the most but the heavy fetish stuff was too much for me. I do include some BDSM in my writing but it’s not heavy, just extremely sexy and erotic.
There was a turning point in my writing that lead me to M/M erotica and that was the determination to get published.

Was there anything that influenced your choice?

Yes of course, I think all writers write what they like to read. For me, it was a financial decision as well. I sent out my hetero novel and got thirty-nine rejection letters and so then began the research. I found out that there are only 2,000 titles of hetero vanilla romance published per year and 400,000 submissions.
As a former mortgage broker, I figured that it was only 5 percent possible that I’d get published. Bad odds, even if I don’t live in Vegas. That meant that I was competing as a tiny fish in a gigantic pond for one of those slots.
When I researched the hottest new categories of sales, I found erotica was the hottest and as a sub-group M/M erotica, and since I was already reading it, I figured, this is my niche. Now, I just needed to just the mechanics of gay lovemaking down (I’m a hetero female) and I’d be all set.
I dissected the books I was reading so I could learn how men do it, interviewed my gay male friends over a lot of wine and laughter, watched a little of it and voila, cranked out my first novel “Leather Nights” which has had great success.

6. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

I have OCD really bad so I have to sacrifice to that god on a daily basis. My writing is extremely methodical as a result. When I get a plot-bunny in my head, usually somewhere I have no pen and paper, I have to sit down and write a synopsis. Sometimes it’s notes on an envelope or napkin. Then I flesh that out to about a thousand words or less but it does contain the whole story, beginning to end.
Secondly, I write a comprehensive outline, about 1,500-2,500 words where I break it out in chapter form. Then, I sit down and write from the outline. The outline remains fluid throughout the writing process though, because I’m constantly going off on tangents.
I wrote the first book “Leather Nights” in 26 days. It’s a 90K word book. I was obsessed to get it on paper before I lost it in my head. That’s an anomaly however. Most full length novels take two to two and a half months before they’re submission ready.

7. What do you love most about writing?

I love my guys and putting their lives on paper and revelling in the love they feel for each other is what I love the best. I live and breathe my men while and long after I’ve written about them. They become real to me, real people and when my fans write about them as a real person that is the COOLEST thing on the planet. It’s like they “got me” like my fans really understood and loved my guys like I did at the time and still do now. So, so, cool!

8. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I make myself write every day even if I’m not feeling terribly creative at the moment. If I have to go back and revise later, so be it. At least I’ve done something toward the goal of a completed work each day.

9. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

My characters are the first thing that develop in my mind. I tend to write novels in series form or trilogy’s so that helps because the characters for the next novel generally appear in the one before it and so on. Once I have characters I like, I write a story just for them.
If you read me enough, you can pick out the main character for the next novel based on the character development of a certain personality and the way he appears. For example, the gay physical therapist in “Leather Nights” is Gage Neary. He’s gorgeous and gay. You just know that he deserves his own story when you read about him and sure enough you get him and his sexy lover in “Undercover Nights” the next book in the series. You’ll see.
As far as the setting goes, I had originally written the Armadillo series in a real town. My editor and publisher decided that it would work better in a fictional town so there was the birth of tiny “Westburg, Texas”. I actually agree now, though I was a little miffed at the time. I’ve been able to do things with Westburg that I couldn’t have done with a real town. That’s where giving up some editorial control worked for me and I’m thrilled that Torquere Press did that for me. They knew their stuff and my boys and my books benefited from it.

10. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

You have to have hot sex and in my opinion, a lot of it. But, the most important thing about a romance is the “romance”. No one really wants to read a 200 or 300 page orgasm right? Take a breath people. LOL.
No, I think we all need a great story with real characters and guys we fall in love with. That’s the point, falling in love right? Lot’s of sex along the way but ultimately falling in love is the most important.
That said, a great action book works for me. I like my bad guys, well I should say I hate my bad guys, as much as my good guys because they make the story exciting. Whether it’s a bigot, a serial killer, the mafia, a pedophile or something worse, if there is such a thing, it makes a complete adventure for the reader. I want to go along for the ride and I think you don’t need a super complex plot but you definitely need a villain.
A villain can be something as innocuous as poverty, or a bad boyfriend or a jealous former lover, but I personally like something that can maim or kill. LOL! Maybe Bigfoot is my next beastly villain!

11. What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

Writing when you’re so not feelin’ it, is the most challenging and sometimes the next day, that gets erased from the hard drive and rewritten but those days are rare. The most rewarding for me are the days I can sit down and start typing and the words flow out of my brain and onto the page faster than I can type. I keep word counts. Anything over 3,500 is a great day for me and those rare 7K or 10K days are “DA BOMB BABY”!

12. Is writing your full-time job? How and when do you find time to write?

Writing is my full time job but not our only income. If it was what I had to live on at this young stage of my career, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Fortunately, I have a large family and more than one income earner in the family. That will change as my fan base grows. I can already feel the momentum and I’ve only got two books out and several others coming out very soon. I have fans clamouring for more and that’s SO COOL!
I write from morning until whenever I have enough on the page or my real life interferes with what I call playtime (my writing time). Sometimes I’m done by noon or one o’clock.

13. If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

I’d simply die if I couldn’t write. It’s now so much a part of me, that there’s nothing else I could do that would satisfy me. If I were locked away somewhere without paper and pen, I’d be writing in my head and memorizing it all for the time when I could put it down on paper.

14. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work?

Don’t give up honey, no matter how much you feel like throwing in the towel. I had one publisher not only reject my novel, but send me a brochure on “how to write a book”! If that wasn’t a slap in my creative face, I don’t know what was. The nerve of some people!
That was about the 30th rejection on the same book and it was about that time I realized that he/she was a complete narcissist and that publishers were just people… like me. Some day, I’d find one that loved my writing as much as I did so I kept going. I eventually found one.

Traditional or Self-Publishing, which would you suggest?

Traditional! I say that because I knew that I needed the support and exposure as a new writer, that a publisher would give me. Although I do most of my own promoting now, I liked having another person or publishing house that “seconded” my work. I’m too insecure to put myself out there and wonder if anyone “loves me”. I needed for personal reasons, to feel that I was doing a good job and that someone else believed in me.
Now to have my publisher use me as the featured author of the month or do an interview like this, wow, that’s unbelievable and so cool. Self publishing is something I considered but rejected for the reasons above.

15. How do you choose a publisher? Who are your current publishers?

I sent out the first book to four publishers and five agents. I got eight rejections and one “eh, we may take it if…” I grabbed that one, and ran with it. I found out from the editor what she wanted changed and it was a heck of a lot. Not because she didn’t like the story, but because I had formatting errors, point of view wobbling and spelling and grammatical errors.
I worked with her, revised the manuscript and sent if back with the fixes and she accepted it. I loved the fact that I’d lucked out and found someone who liked the manuscript enough to not reject it outright.
What’s funny is that I sent it to both the editor and the publisher by accident and one rejected it and one accepted it with changes. Funny huh?
I am exclusively published with Torquere Press at this time and I love them so far.

16. How do you market your work?

I do interviews like this. I have made awesome industry contacts through FB and have several author friends that feature my work on their blogs and special projects like World Autism Day etc.
I take every opportunity to publish great reviews to my FB for other authors/readers/fans to access and I am currently setting up a blog and website. I offer to be a guest blogger wherever I can and spend a lot of time networking with other authors.
I will be going to conventions beginning next year. I also have a lot of friends in the gay community that promote me, passing out business cards for me etc. I’ve done a lot of gay charity work in the past and my friends remember me.

17. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

My current release is “Undercover Nights” and it’s available at It will be on Amazon and other 3rd party retailers possibly by the time this interview appears. It was just released March 9, 2011.
It is the second book of the Armadillo trilogy and it’s the story of Gage Neary a sweet and gentle man with a smokin’ hot body and gorgeous violet-colored eyes. When he becomes entangled in an investigation into the deaths of his patients, the equally sexy Cody Redsun, an FBI agent, is tapped to head up the investigation. Gage is the primary suspect but all Cody can think of is getting him naked. When a connection to the Mexican Mafia is uncovered, Cody’s primary focus changes to keeping Gage alive. It’s a wild ride with super bad villains and a sexy back story about Cody’s tortured past. As you read my stories, you’ll find that usually one of my heroes has had a tragic or hideous incident in their past and is struggling to overcome it.

18. Do you have other published works? If so please tell us about them!

I have the first of the Armadillo trilogy “Leather Nights” which is available at all book retailers and These books should be read in order because some of the characters cross over but they are essentially stand alone novels.
The third book is a M/M/M erotic romance and is called “Warrior Nights”. It’s due out on June 8th.
The next release is “Gypsy Knight” and is a M/M/F erotic romance. It is an epic medieval tale with a couple of gay men thrown in and not as target practice. LOL. Hey it wasn’t easy being gay in the year 1200 A.D. If you like historical fiction, you will love it. The settings are beautiful and come with a few sword fights thrown in.

19. Where can your readers find you?

You can email me at or or friend me on Facebook. I have a blog named Naughty Passions and I hope to see you there. I promise to answer all emails. I love talking to other writers and fans. See you in the funny papers!

We’d like to thank you Patricia for being here on Naughty Nights Press blog today. I personally had a blast and look forward to reading "Undercover Nights" real soon!
We hope you will come back and share more of yourself again!
I can't wait to find out just who the lucky winner of their very own ebook copy of "Undercover Nights" will be today! Woot Woot!

Thank you for the opportunity to be on Naughty Nights Press blog.

To recap folks: All you have to do to be entered to win YOUR copy of "Undercover Nights" by Patricia Logan is leave a comment for Patti at the end of this interview.

One lucky winner will receive an ebook copy by email in the next few days so please do not forget to leave us your contact information! Good luck to you all!!

About Patricia Logan
Patricia comes from small town America where people still believe in true love. In a house filled with family, friends and pets, she sometimes laments the lack of time just to sit down and write, though surrounded by those she loves, she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Patricia’s writing and characters are real stories and real people, well to her they are, and this makes putting their lives down on paper and bringing them to life, a joy. She realized a very long time ago that the world is filled with people who live diverse and amazing lifestyles and she tries to capture the beauty of such diversity in her writing.
Living in a home with family from eleven to eighty-five, two ugly dogs and one beautiful cat, she deals with a little diversity of her own every day. Her best friends hail from Greece, Iran, Michigan, Pacoima and New Jersey and loves more than anything to be surrounded by them laughing and enjoying life. On any given day you’ll find Patricia pursuing her favorite past time, curled up on the couch with a book in one hand and often with a glass of Cab in the other.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Release: "The Canuck Werewolf" by Marisa Chenery

The Canuck Werewolf is the first book to come out for Ellora’s Cave’s Oh, Canada! themed series. Since my first Canadian themed werewolf book, The Wolf in the Woods, did so well at Liquid Silver Books, I thought to write one along the same lines for EC. Except this time I set the story in the area of Ontario I live in, during the Victoria Day long weekend.
Just my take on what it would be like for a local girl to actually meet her werewolf mate, and have him sweep her off her feet.

The Canuck Werewolf was released today, April 15th, at Ellora’s Cave. You can find it at EC here:


Rylee doesn’t have high hopes for the Victoria Day weekend camping trip, seeing as she’s been roped into taking her brother and his juvenile friends. But her mind is changed when she spots a gorgeous man on a hiking trail. She’d like to be zipped in a sleeping bag with him, no doubt about it.

Atticus came to Elora Gorge to get away from his father and his demands that his son find a mate. Like yesterday. Atticus needs time away from being groomed to be the pack leader and the endless stream of “suitable” mates thrown his way in hopes of stirring his mating urge. No luck yet. But then he spots a shy mortal who draws him like no other.

The tent heats up quickly, but before Atticus can tell Rylee what he is, he discovers a member of his pack has followed him with the intention of claiming him for her own. Not only does he have to convince Rylee she is his mate, he must also prove she can trust him.


He hadn’t been at his campsite for very long, had just started to set up his tent, when a scent came out of nowhere and slammed into him like a punch to the gut. His mating urge instantly came to life and his cock went rock hard. Looking up, he found a woman slowly walking past his site. Drawing in great gulps of air, Atticus filtered out the many scents around him, concentrating on the one that had his body going haywire.


The longer he stared, the harder his cock got. And when she stared back at him with marked interest, he wanted to throw back his head and howl. Before he could pull his thoughts together, she ducked her head and hurried on her way. But he wasn’t prepared to let her go so easily. He finished setting up his campsite and went after her.

Following the scent trail, he walked at a brisk pace. He rounded a corner and saw her standing at a rail looking down at the gorge. Her long, light brown hair fell to the middle of her back. His gaze ran hungrily along her slim form as his cock jerked inside his jeans. This mortal was his would-be mate. Aroused, he wanted nothing more than to go to her, take her to the ground and bury his aching cock inside her. And his wolf wanted her as well.

As he slowly closed the distance between them, a small part of his brain that still functioned thought of what his father’s reaction would be once he learned Atticus’ mate was mortal. The pack leader wouldn’t be at all pleased. He thought it was beneath a werewolf to mate with a lowly mortal. Atticus had no such feelings.

Coming within a few feet of the woman, he came to a standstill and drew in a deep breath, filling his lungs with her scent. It would now be permanently etched on his brain, never forgotten. He’d be able to find her anywhere just by following it. Another breath, and a groan close to a moan punched out of his chest before he could hold it back.

She turned, her gaze latching onto him. As she looked him up and down with the same stark interest as before showing in her dark brown eyes, he hungrily stared back, fighting the wolf’s growl that threatened to break free. She was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. Her looks did more for him than any female werewolf’s supermodel beauty ever would.

Her gaze stayed locked to his as he closed the remaining distance between them. It took everything in him not to reach out, pull her close and claim her lips. His mating urge rode him a little harder when he smelled the heady scent of her arousal in the air around them. It would continue to ride him until he claimed her as his mate the first time they made love. That would be when their souls joined, truly mating them.

“Hi,” he said, his voice gruff with the pounding need throbbing through his body.

She gave him a shy smile. “Hi.”

“Nice day for a walk.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Can I join you? This is my first time coming to the gorge.”

She nodded and shifted a little farther down the rail. “Sure. Not that I could stop you since this is a public place.”

He joined her at the rail and peered down the long drop to the river below. She shifted to stand beside him. Her nearness had him fighting to maintain control. If he wasn’t careful, his eyes would mutedly glow, something they did whenever he became very aroused or angry.

To make small talk, he said, “Great scenery. Makes it worth the drive from Toronto.” Out of the corner of his eye, Atticus saw her turn her head in his direction.

“Is that where you’re from?” she asked.

Feeling as if he had himself tightly reined back, he turned away from the view to face her and nodded. “Yes. Do you live here in Elora?”

“No. I live in Kitchener.”

“I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard about it.”

“Let me guess,” she replied with a grin, “you’ve heard about our Oktoberfest? Or as I like to call it—the big drunk.”

He grinned. “I do believe that came up during the conversation I had with one of my friends who has visited Kitchener.”

She smiled. “I thought so. And I bet this friend of yours made his visit when Oktoberfest was on. He more than likely spent some of his time in the Concordia Club’s big tent drinking beer and eating Oktoberfest sausage.”

Atticus chuckled. “Yes, but he consumed more beer than sausage. By the pitcher full, to be exact.”

“I don’t call it the big drunk for nothing.”

“Have you ever been?”

“No. It’s not really my thing. Though, I once rented an apartment across the street from the Concordia Club for about a year. During Oktoberfest, the polka music they played was loud enough to be heard inside my apartment, even with all the windows closed. That’s the closest I’ve come to going Oktoberfesting.”

He stuck out his hand. “I’m Atticus, by the way.”

She put hers in his and gave it a shake. “I’m Rylee.”

Atticus continued to hold her hand, reluctant to give up even this small amount of contact. The feel of her touching him made him crave a taste of her. His gaze focused on her lush lips. It would be so easy to pull her closer using their joined hands, bend and kiss her. As if she’d sensed his thoughts, the tip of Rylee’s tongue came out and licked her bottom lip as the scent of her arousal grew stronger.

That was enough to have him acting before he could rein himself back under the ridged control he’d been holding. With a moan that bordered on a wolf’s growl, Atticus yanked her against his chest and buried his other hand in the hair at her nape. He took her lips in a heated claiming, sweeping his tongue along the crease until they parted to allow him entrance.

He twined his tongue with hers, stroking. The taste of her went straight to his head, making his libido go into overdrive. A true growl of approval pushed out of him as he released her hand and she placed it on his chest. Dropping his hands to her hips, he pulled her even closer, grinding his aching cock against her. Rylee moaned, and kissing him deeper, sucked on his tongue.

The rest of the world seemed to fall away until Rylee became the center of his universe. Her scent, the taste of her on his tongue, the feel of her against him and the small sounds of pleasure she made had his mating urge demanding he take her right then and there.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Interview With The Sexy, Naughty, Erotic Author Cassandre Dayne on Naughty Nights Press Blog!!

Gina Kincade, of Naughty Nights Press, has the extreme pleasure to interview Erotic Author Cassandre Dayne on the NNP Blog today!! Woot Woot!

Cassandre Dayne is the brilliant author of "Shadows Of Panic & Desire" published by Rebel Ink Press.

To purchase your copy of this sizzling, stimulation and downright naughty books please visit one of the following links:

All Romance, and just to name a couple.

Cassandre has a number of other spicy books for your reading pleasure too!
Cassandre has included a more detailed list later on in the interview but I KNEW you all would want to know where you could get "Shadows Of Panic & Desire" fast! It is just THAT good!

So go, go, go! Get your copy and then run back here and comment on the post on the things you liked most about it! Or better yet, write up a review on "Shadows Of Panic & Desire" and I will make sure it gets posted up here on the Naughty Nights Press blog too!

Hi Cassandre! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on Naughty Nights Press. I am so excited to have you here!

1. Can you share a few “interesting facts” about your self? What is a typical day like for you? What “pet peeves” do you have if any? Where DO you get your incredibly hot ideas?

Interesting – I am an accomplished musician and singer. I love animals much more than people and I love to bake (used to own a catering company) and especially love to make all things decadent chocolate but I am completely allergic!

Typical day? This girl owns two companies, a community association management firm and a contracting firm so I to several hours of non-writing work every day. In the evenings I typically market and write for several hours – often outside when it’s lovely.

Pet Peeves? You bet. I don’t suffer fools easily and I tend to tell them what I think!

My naughty ideas come from anyplace and every place. Many of them in my dreams. There is little I can’t turn into a very wicked story. Challenge me…

2. How long have you been writing?

Since I was six, but for the last two years non-stop.

3. Do you write exclusively naughty erotic fiction?

No, I write under several pseudonyms and my work includes a vampire/devil series - In the Shadow of Darkness - under my real name and a campy murder mystery series called Pinked under Dakotah Black. But they all have sensual tones.

4. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

My goal was initially to get back to finishing a book – I did when I was a teenager and then stopped. I met that goal and raced past it. The second goal of course was to get published and now the goal is to get my wicked voice out there to everyone that will enjoy.

5. What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to finish a story from beginning to end?

I am a very fast writer. While I do come up with a story in my sinful little mind and put a handwritten portion on paper, I’ll go back a draft a basic outline and just start. Usually I can finish a long novella – 40,000 plus words in a little over a week. A novel tends to take longer as it’s more complex.

6. What do you love most about writing? What do you hate about it?

What do I love most? Love?? That I can be as wicked and wanton on paper as I want to be. The least? Hmmm…the waiting for either acceptance and to have the book come out.

7. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

No real set schedule except that I am burning with ideas and write every free minute I get.

8. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

Usually I think of the idea almost all the way through in my head and then the rest is history.

9. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

I think that erotic stories already have a bad connotation for writers who don’t understand the passion behind them. I think they have to be filled with a high level of fantasy – we all want that. I also think they have to be believable in that you have to talk and walk like a guy and you need to do research if you are going to have a bit of kink – like using delicious apparatuses for BDSM – you have to know what you’re talking about.

10. What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

Rewarding is seeing the story come to fruition and the most challenging for me personally is that my muse is so creative, I can’t write fast enough. Currently, I have 15 novels, 8 stories and several novella waiting to be edited and that shameless girl just keeps coming up with ideas.

11. Is writing your full-time job? If not, how and when do you find time to write?

As I mentioned – I own two companies so I don’t have the luxury but I can fit it in – nights, weekends, snippets at lunch time and since I am very fast, that helps.

12. If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

Probably I’d be a veterinarian.

13. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work? Traditional or Self-Publishing, which would you suggest?

Self publishing is a tough market in a lot of ways still. There are so many wonderful new presses – I would try and go that route for the support system including editors and cover artists.
As far as other advice – consider yourself a writer early and start with the social marketing – facebook, twitter, gathering writing friends for guest blogging, learning about creating press releases and where to go for reviews – YOU are going to have to do a huge majority of the marketing for yourself. And most importantly – WRITE.

14. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

My current release, Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire is a one of my shorter pieces about a fantasy.

Snake adores his girl, Halle and they are a very kinky couple that will indulge in almost every fantasy they think of. Snake decides to give her the ultimate – three masked men seducing her in the cool waters of a moon-kissed pool in the middle of a very naughty party where the patrons are told to watch…then the little sinful escapade picks up in heat so just imagine.

You can purchase all of my releases at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, All Romance E Books, Book Strand and Coffee Time Romance.

15. Do you have other published works? If so please tell us about them!

Currently I have three other releases out: Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper – about an erotic writer that orders from the internet “tools” of the trade for research and they are always delivered in discrete brown wrapping by her chocolate kissed UPS man – that she has the hots for. One day, she decides to kick up the heat and invites him in to test her toys.

Her Sinful Long Legs – what would you give your man for his birthday IF he has every toy money can buy? How about giving him his ultimate fantasy? A night at a strip club with his three friends where everything goes… Now, I wonder if there’s a kinky twist or two?

Revving Her Wild Engines – what if you met a man on the internet and had a wicked tryst together the heats up the internet lines – and then you decide to meet where he’s going to fulfill your every fantasy including making love on the back of his Harley and a very scintillating threesome? What if you both had a terrible secret that threatened to destroy your new relationship? Could you learn to trust and let go all of your wicked inhibitions?

And coming on April 20th – is the first of my series that crosses two girls – Cassandre Dayne and Dakotah Black using the fictional Flamingo Rustler and it’s man cave, Lucifer’s Lair, as the back drop for very wicked adventures. The first, Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales From Lucifer’s Lair – what if you had the hots for your best friend but he never gave you the time of day? That’s what happens to Veronica and Travis. Perhaps a little wager of pool and if you win, he’ll be your first to give you sex in the naughtiest most forbidden way but if he wins – you’ll be forced to be his sex slave for two full days. The only glitch? While he tells you he’s bisexual, he’s never been with a woman…and there happens to be a third in the mix.

16. Where can your readers find you?

You can find me in lots of yummy places and I love to hear from my readers!

We’d like to thank you Cassandre for being here on Naughty Nights Press today! I know our readers are anxious to run off and check out all your other books...I know I I will say bye for now and see you soon!

About The Author


Cassandre began writing in her early teens penning everything from science fiction to romantic poetry. Unfortunately she allowed her love of writing to take a back seat to real life, but ideas for very wicked stories never fully left her mind. Suddenly awakened by the rampant fantasies and untold stories of characters that flowed through her dreams every night and filtered into her daylight hours; she could hold back the creative process no longer.
Writing highly erotic stories and novels delving into all your most secret sensual fantasies, she is published with Rebel Ink Press and several short stories, novellas and a full length novel coming out in the next few months. In addition, she is the new radio show host at Robin Falls Red River Radio called Sensual Writings – Dare To Take the Plunge, highlighting writers, publishers and editors in the erotic romance genre.
Enter her many worlds where dreams and fantasies become realities and the desires for all things decadent hopefully will keep readers intrigued for many years to come. Visit her website for a taste of her spicy world and free reads.
Married and currently living in a small town in Virginia with her two wondrous four legged friends, her world is filled with endless possibilities of the future.

Remember always…dare to take the plunge!

Member of:

Virginia Romance Writers
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