Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving only a week away in the U. S., I've decided this month's post will be about what I am thankful for as far as writing goes.

I'm thankful I have a supportive family. My son and husband cheer me on all the way.

I'm thankful to be able to write, period. I take frequent breaks so I don't get too overwhelmed, but I'm happy I'm able to put pen to paper to begin with.

I’m thankful to have a peaceful location to write. Our apartment is small but it's cozy. No stress at all.

I'm thankful for Internet radio. I listen to trance, ambient, classical and Baroque music while I'm writing. It helps me to relax enough to get in "The Zone" and write. I know some people prefer dead silence but I have to have my beats.

I'm thankful I have some opportunities coming up soon for non-fiction writing.

I'm thankful for the free turkey we're getting from my husband's work. Where it fits in the fridge is beyond me, LOL.

I'm thankful for the good publishers I'm with that support my work (including NNP). I've had my share of duds, but the good ones make up for them.

Those are a few of the things I'm thankful for this year. I love this time of year. I spend it writing as well as baking, decorating, and listening to holiday music. It's cookie season so I'm baking gingersnaps to go with my coffee I drink while I write. May the rest of 2014 be good for me.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Importance of Self Care

First of all, apologies for being late. It's been a rough week for me health wise and, as such, I lost track of days.
And so that inspired my thought for this post. The importance of self care.
So many people are too busy with work, family, studying, and everything else, that they don't take the time to just stop and relax for a moment. We forget, in our need to do so much in such a short time frame, that we need to be able to pause and take a breath. We need to take stock of what we have, not just what we want, or need to do.
I'm most definitely guilty of focusing on what my family needs, and the stress has caught up to me this week and smacked me down. Hard. So I just want everyone to know, and start doing this one small thing every day: take 5 minutes, clear your mind, breathe and be grateful for what you have. Make time for yourself once in a while, relax and treat yourself. We're no good to anyone if we run ourselves ragged. We need to look after ourselves to be able to do our best in everything else we do.
So stop and take care of yourself. Do it! You'll thank me.

Monday, November 3, 2014

We All Have a Dark Side

Cassandre Dayne

Yes, everyone of us has a very dark side, one in which we need to venture into a heightened state of evil or kink. For some reason we all need to let loose, explore our inner sanctum and yet few of us allow the creatures who dwell within to breach the surface. For many, the concept of embracing a touch of raw evil is too all consuming. For the rest of us the thought is pure euphoria. 

I write in many genres and for those of you know know me realize I embrace all aspects of sex and kink. I'm also one who craves giving you a taste of madness, a moment where you're allowed into the rabbit hole few are ever invited into. In my writing I'm allowed to explore the type of dark terror the majority of us would run away from, screaming as though

the nightmares presented are real. Perhaps they are - if only in our minds.

What I've realized over the past few years is that I truly prefer to explore the evils of man, examine how basic normalcy moves into the sublime of murder and mayhem. When you add the paranormal aspect, whether we're talking vampires or werewolves, zombies or other creatures of the night, everything becomes more sensual, provocative. When I began combining my love of murder, serial killers, vampires and BDSM, for some reason readers truly embraced my personal dark side. I was able to give the worst of humans as well as the best of monsters and co-mingle them in a method that seemed to be a wild ride, one so many grabbed onto.

I had no idea where the Fire Trilogy would go. I had two characters in mind - my human cop who was very flawed and my Russian vampire, who longed for so many aspects of his past. I was very intrigued by attempting to bridge a curse with what had to be a heady dose of humanity. Throwing in aspects of BDSM and the reality of being a damaged soul proved to be a caustic but very powerful connection.

I fell in love with the characters and so did my readers. And so a new collection was born, one bringing you yet an even more intense side to the characters, showcasing their worst fears and tortured souls. ICE will take you much further into the depths of the characters, the reason they came to certain decisions. You'll be able to see the horrors in humans as well as a certain level of salvation within the monsters we so fear. 2015 will be the year of the vampire in ways you certainly can't imagine. A small taste...


In the days of the beginnings they knew no end. In the time before the Passing they celebrated life that held no bindings of man or beast. In the days of the kingdom they celebrated in life and in death, as they needed, until they were forced to ask for more…


For Detective Jax Steele, his life serving the good people of Richmond Virginia was forever changed. Just coming to terms with his status as a recently turned vampire, he was faced with a series of brutal crimes instilling fear into the hearts of every human in the city. A monster lurked, one so heinous no one was safe from danger. Assigned to the case, he was partnered with a new detective, one who could never know he was now a creature of the night. The crimes centered around the city’s nightlife, including kink clubs and raves, he and his partner were forced to go undercover in an effort to hunt down the killer.

Master Vampire Aleksandr Vasiliev’s art business was thriving as well as his newly acquired club, one catering to those interested in all aspects of BDSM. Life was good, especially given his relationship with Jax. The Time of Passing concluded, he was relishing in a peace his kind rarely experienced. When a gruesome murder occurred in his club, he was drawn back into Jax’ world, forced to question whether another malevolent force was at work. Was the killer very human or a new brand of vampire, poised to take over? As the light of day intermingled with the stench of night, a cold wave washed over the city. Would there be anyone who could survive the destruction?


Detective’s Jax Steele and Tyrone Walker had developed a close relationship working the gritty streets of Richmond Virginia, having solved various crimes against man and nature. What Ty would never know is that Jax was a vampire, serving both humans and creatures of the night. After being assigned to a series of kidnappings and murders, sons of prominent leaders within the community, they were taunted by shocking videos depicting the horrendous crimes. The only connection shared between every victim? A man of God. After receiving a viable tip, one both knew would lead to an indictment of the suspect, suddenly they ran against a brick wall. All communication stopped cold.

The case falling on ice, both detectives became frustrated, unable to find any additional leads. A single phone call captured, Ty began an investigation of his own, one that led him to face his darkest desires. As he traveled down a rabbit hole of knowledge, his past began to unravel, yet he was drawn into the light – a step that could lead him into oblivion. As Jax grasped the realization there was a ruse involving well-known citizens, he was forced to enlist the help of his lover, Aleksandr. Together they bridged the world of darkness, following a trail of death, but at what cost – what price would they pay for the truth?


A curse shall be reborn…

Nightmares plagued Detective Jax Steele, scenes of violence so unnerving he questioned his very sanity. Having difficulty coping as a vampire, he refused to feed, preferring to live life as a human. His work slipping, he was placed on a leave of absence, something he couldn’t afford. As a series of taunting notes began, ones drawing him back into the world of Edge Play, he found the attraction too difficult to resist.

There was no way to describe the agony Aleksandr Vasiliev was experiencing, no understanding of the reason why – except a knowing in his gut. His existence as a vampire challenged, including his life with Detective Jax Steele, he was being forced to make a choice. His past was forever comingled with Jax and a new dawn was coming, one where his ancestors wanted to take the lead, possibly destroy all he’d come to enjoy.

Both vampires faced the toughest task of their existence, one that could cost them immortality as well as the lives of all they cared about. In a race against time, they were enticed by a single promise and by the power behind the ancient curse, one they thought extinct. Floored by the revelation, they were empowered to fight against the blood of their own, a battle to the bitter end. Would either vampire survive the apocalypse of souls?

I hope you enjoyed. Soon the curse will be revealed...

Kisses and Spanks...