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Chit Chat & All That: Fan Fiction with Sherry Tooker & Gemma Parks!

Welcome to Naughty Nights Press' Chit Chat & All That: Fan Fiction with Sherry Tooker & Gemma Parks!

Sherry Tooker and Gemma Parks are our guests today and they are here talk about Fan Fiction.

So grab a beverage of your own choice and make yourself comfortable and read today's Chit Chat and All That!

Fan Fiction, where do I start?

As a writer I dabbled in a few things previously before deciding to submit anything decent for publishing just to hone my skills and fan fiction is where I got my start. What is Fan fiction you ask? It’s simple, it’s exactly what the name says, fiction by the fans of some sort of celebrity. It could be anyone from an actor to a musician to a sports star. I started with writing fan fiction about Leland Chapman, yes as in Leland from Dog the bounty hunter.

I had a few friends who liked the show and they suggested I write a story about Leland (They were obsessed with him) and I did and all I can say since that fateful day when fan fiction was introduced to me, I have written about 1000 or more (i’d probably say more)

The best thing about fan fiction is that you can write any scenario you want, even erotic nights and steamy sex scenes with your favourite celebrities, hell I do. Everyone has fantasies about someone famous but there is only a few game enough writing them down.

I got so into fan fiction that I ended up starting my very own fan fic site, it’s had over 5000 members and majority of them have written something. It’s like its own little community.

Another awesome reason to delve into fan fics is you can write any length, one shots, chapters, completely outlandish stories and no one judges you for it. I know a lot of writers get judged for what they write and get published, with Fan fiction you don’t get that. Readers search for who they like and only read who they like. Even other books (Like harry potter, twilight, etc) have their own fan fiction and with the twilight, I think they’re better then the books.

Here’s the first chapter of a story I have (and haven’t finished yet) about Greg Sanders from CSI. I Love him *giggles*

Part 1

I sat on the curb with my head in my hands, my cold fingers gripping my long wavy hair in my hands. I could see the flashing the lights bounce off the ground and onto my closed eyelids but I didn’t dare open them. I didn’t want it to be true, it just couldn’t be real. I heard another car pull up among the racket of the reports screaming questions and the police whispering between them.

“Greg you talk to the witness, I’m going to go inside and have a look around” I heard an older man say. I sighed heavily knowing my thoughts were about to be interrupted. It didn’t take him long to reach me but I still didn’t want to look up and see who was standing over me.

“Um hey, my name’s Greg” I heard him say as he shuffled his feet on the grass. “I need to ask you a f....”

“Questions yeah I know” I mumbled into my hands as I ran them down over my face. I took a deep breath in and finally opened my eyes seeing camera bulbs flashing and the dark ground under me. I turned my head to the side and looked up to see a gorgeous man beside me. I swallowed hard as he bobbed down beside me and gave me a sweet cheeky smile.

“I know you probably don’t want to do this right now but...”

“Yeah I get it I know, what do you want to know?” I asked sounding more irritated then I wanted to.

“Well um, what happened would be a great start” he asked with a nervous chuckle. I nodded my head and wrapped the blanket that was around me tighter around my shoulders.

“Um I don’t know. I woke up, went downstairs for a glass of water, tripped over something so I turned the lights on and saw her laying there” I stopped for a moment as the image of her body came back to me and my voice hitched in my throat. I fought back fresh tears as I took a deep breath in and continued. “I bent down to check out if she was alive but I knew that if she had lost that much blood there’d be no chance. Then I heard something crash in the closet behind me. I went to run slipped over in...In her... in her blood and that’s when he came out. I screamed, somehow made it into the kitchen grabbed a knife but by the time I had he was gone. I ran to the phone, dialled 911 and then he came out of nowhere. I don’t really remember what happened next, it was all over the place. I know I got him with the knife. I don’t know how bad it was but he ran and then the police showed up about 15 minutes later I think, I assume. I don’t know” I finished with a shrug. Greg gave me another smile and finished taking his notes before stopping and looking me over.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch who did this” He told me reassuringly. I nodded my head before hugging my knees as his supervisor walked out and called him over. I could hear them mumbling together about what was inside and a cold shiver ran through me. Actually saying it had made it all the more real of a sudden, I really didn’t like the feeling that was bubbling inside my stomach. I felt him come back over to me and bob down now with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked placing his gloved hand on my blanket covered shoulder. I gave him a look with a raised eyebrow before hanging my head against my knees.

“Would you feel alright if you found your sister laying dead on the floor then fall over in her blood and had to sit in the clothes still soaked it?” I asked snapping at him a little again and immediately feeling guilty for it.

“Sorry” He mumbled as my stomach rumbled. I could feel the bile burn inside me I just refused to let it come up. “I gotta take you to the hospital and to get you checked out. It looks like you’ve been stabbed with the knife as well.” He said as I looked at him with a confused look. He moved the blanket away from my shoulder letting the cool night air wash over my bare skin. I looked down and saw the blood that I thought was my sisters but realised that it was coming from a cut in my skin.

“Whoa, I don’t even feel that” I said staring at it. I heard Greg chuckle at me before helping me up off the ground as I continued to stare at the cut, fascinated by the blood that slowly seeped from my shoulder. Greg helped me into the car and got a patch from the paramedics before jumping in the driver’s seat. I held the patch on my shoulder as I looked up and saw the house and flashing lights start to get smaller and smaller in the window before completely disappearing all together. In my head it became silent like there was nothing in there before my eyes started to cloud over. I could feel the reality of things slipping away as I fell into some sort of sleep. I really hoped that when I woke up that this would all be a bad dream.


Hm, very interesting Sherry. I must admit l had never heard of fan fiction before and was terrified when I saw that I was going to have to write it! I confess to not having the slightest bit of interest in celebrities (sorry!) but like everyone else, I have had my share of crushes. The sort of men I go for tend to be geeky, I’m really into intelligent, funny men who are skinny (mostly) and not too pretty!
Still, I’ll try anything once!:

‘Once upon a time in the eighties, Stephen Patrick Morrissey had just left the stage. Impatient shouts of ‘more!’ were echoing through his head and sending his ears numb.
“We need to get back out there.” said Johnny Marr looking anxiously across at his exhausted friend.
“You go,” said Morrissey, “Play them an instrumental.”
Johnny knew there was no point in arguing with Morrissey in this mood. He took to the stage with the rest of the band and gave the crowd a part of what they wanted.
Morrissey had something else on his mind and headed back to the dressing room to shower. Afterwards he looked once again at the crumpled note with HER phone number on it. ‘Just another fan,’ he thought, and yet this one had seemed different somehow. He took out his phone and rang her.
“I knew you’d call” Her voice was calm, “come on over, I’m in the hotel opposite you, room 110.”
She hung up. Morrissey could not believe this girl. Oh sure, they all threw themselves at him, but to hang up assuming he would go to see her?
He found his jacket, crossed the road and took the lift up to room 110.
She opened the door wearing a leather basque and high stilettos.
“I think l should warn you that I’m celibate.” said Morrissey.
“I know,” she purred, “I’m not looking for sex.”
“Oh…ok.” He replied, going into the room and shutting the door behind them.
“Take your shirt off and sit on the bed…please” her tone was still calm.
Morrissey did as he was asked (Hey it’s my daydream!) then he lay back hoping for a massage and a cup of tea.
He heard the sound of a riding crop being swished through the air and thought about leaving until it made contact with the stretched denim covering his ass.
“Oh”, he said, “That’s different.”
“I think I need you to take your jeans off now.” She said stroking his firm buttocks. ”You have been a really bad boy…”


LOLZ I love your first attempt at fan fiction darling!! It’s awesome. I say everyone to give it a go, let your fantasies come to life so to speak. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be what you want and what comes out of your mind. If things won’t happen in real like, you can at least put them on paper. It’s the next best thing *winks*

If you're interested in knowing more about Gemma or Sherry, you can find these ladies at their homes on the web below:

Twitter: @SherryTooker



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I’ve Got Spring Fever…

And I want to go somewhere exotic! Where, hmm…, no idea. But I think I want to cruise the ocean to get there, and I want to end up on an island with waterfalls I can swim under, lush foliage with bright flowers I can get lost in. I want to eat mountains of sweet fruits and to sip fancy cocktails on the beach at night. Hmm, get drunk enough to have sex on the beach! No, I’m not asking for much here, and I can assure you that it will never happen, well at least not until I graduate from college and start making some money anyway.

But, until then I can dream! Want to come along? I’m going searching for pictures of these places: 

Yes, I want to visit all of these places, and maybe get into some of the sandy activities...

Again, I will be there in my dreams this year :( But, maybe I will be inspired to write something warm and exotic. 

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Fantasies and Fetishes with Cassandre Dayne and Benjamin T. Russell on Chit Chat and All That!

Today on Chit Chat and All That! we have the deliciously wicked and talented Benjamin T. Russell with the Mistress of all that is Wicked, Cassandre Dayne, talking about their favorite subjects...FANTASY AND FETISH.

Believe me readers, you will really need to grab a beverage, possibly something cold and make yourself very comfortable when you read their exchange, as you are bound to become quite "thoughtful" dreaming about what they are describing.

Fantasies and Fetishes

I was so juiced on adrenaline; my hands were cramping as I struggled to fasten all the straps on my full body harness. Wouldn’t you know it, the damn one size fits all O-ring was quite - snug. A glint of light danced off the metal studs when I looked at myself in the mirror. The image excited my Muse Jezebel and she danced in my mind. 

I agree Jez, you had another great idea, this is just the outfit we need to get your imagination going for today’s Naughty Night Press Chit-Chat with the delectable Ms. Cassandre Dayne. Now, where did you put my Hugh Hefner smoking jacket?  

*New BDSM toys placed artfully around the room - $2,500
The apropos song - I Will Corrupt You by Depeche Mode pulsing through my stereo sound system on a repeating loop - $25
The lovely, sexy, Hell-Kat in sheep’s clothing a.k.a. Cassandre Dayne alone once again with me in my den of iniquity a.k.a. my media room – Fucking Priceless.*

Hi Cass, it’s so good to see you again, it’s been a while since I’ve had you - over. Enter-enter, welcome to my humble abode. Please - have a seat. I bet you never thought you’d be back in the infamous Benjamin Russell media room so soon.  As you can see, it is still resplendent with movie posters of some of my all time favorite porn stars: Vanessa del Rio, John Holmes, Jenna Jameson and the incomparable Linda Lovelace.

By the way, I think you forgot a few delicious pieces including a studded ruby collar and brand spanking new thigh high boots. I love what you’ve done with the place. Howdy sexy man and I’ll add the song – The Lady in Red for the way I feel tonight. It’s Cassandre jumping in to say Hi - to the ultra sexy and oh so dominating Benji. Yes, don’t forget I’m a hell-kat and there’s only one way to deal with a very naughty vixen such as myself. I’m going to guess Benji knows what that is – it’s called discipline and that involves several things including a fantasy of mine – I love to be spanked. So for today we’ll allow Benji to be Sir Benjamin, as we explain some intricacies about fetishes and fantasies. Of course, we all have them. Don’t we, Sir Benjamin?

Allow me to add something too – for fetishes and fantasies, they can be wild and down right hard core or a touch vanilla. Sir Benjamin and I are going to take this further into what some may never try in their relationships. Now, there are many more than we’re describing from breath play to heavy duty bondage, so keep in mind we’re only touching on a few. For demonstration purposes, today Cassandre is the sub and Sir Benjamin the Dom - completely. I know Sir Benjamin has something else to say before we get started… Sir, don’t crack the whip yet.

*Sucks in a deep breath and exhales it slowly. Dark eyebrows rise and his eyes swallows the Lady in Red like a can of Ensure*.  Ok Cass, I like the way you think. Since there are more fetishes and fantasies out there than we could do justice to in a short post like this one, let’s focus on the BDSM flavor of fetishes and fantasies.  Also, I had intended to apologize for taking so long to sit up our chat, but under these new rules of engagement – no apology, Sir Benjamin doesn’t apologize.  By the way, we both know how much our beloved Chit-Chat coordinator Mistress Penny likes to crack the whip, but she’ll just have to wait until I’m ready. Psssh, between you and me, I think she’d love to give my arse a few lashes.  

*Penny sits on the sidelines watching, lovingly staring at Benjamin's butt, dreaming of the shades of red she can turn those tight cheeks into*

Oh, I see you eyeballing some of my new ‘furnishings’. Well, since we’re here today to chit-chat about Fetishes and Fantasies, I thought I should go get some of the items that you and Mistress Gina Kincade suggested when you were here for our previous chit-chats. I’ve got the spanking bench that you said no Dom’s playroom should be without and on the wall, is the X-cross that Gina recommended. So, what do you think?

Purr... I personally love the bench and can just imagine being tied and flogged – but of course only if you wield the leather. Toys and furniture – for many of us we might allow something slightly kinky such as purchasing a pair of handcuffs. I have a pair – fuzzy red in color and while they’re fun to toy with, they’re playtime only. (Gazes around Sir Benjamin’s place and sucks in her breath.) There are so many more aspects to providing true playtime, for those who aren’t into vanilla and that’s what Sir Benjamin and I are going to talk about. From handcuffs to floggers, spanking benches to the St. Christopher’s Cross, what we’re talking about is fairly standard to those who understand the practice, but not to others who might want to engage in something kinkier, but fear what they hunger for. Sir Benjamin, what have you had experience with and what would you like to try? I do so love your furnishings. Tell me, will you use them on me? I’ll be a very good girl.

*Stifles a chuckle* Cass, something tells me that you had a hard time even spelling ‘good girl.’ I have certainly used the handcuffs and had them used on me. I’ve also administered my share of spankings over my knee, but the spanking bench will be a new experience for me. I’m trying to decide how much of a distraction it would be to strapped you in now, or if we should wait until after the Chit Chat. *Sighs* Let’s continue our discussion for now, or until you do something willful to test me.

You do understand how willful I am, right? (She says as she gives him a mischievous smile) I honestly think you need to tether me to both and remind me how I need to obey. For the layperson, engaging in fetishes is something you both have to talk about and agree on. I mentioned the D/s situation and by the time you as a couple get to this point you have to know what you’re getting into - that can only happen when you both talk. I’ve said this before, but entering into this either as play or a lifestyle is something that can’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of Dom wannbe’s and they don’t know what they’re doing. I heard just today someone asking how to handle a girl who loves pain. While spanking is of course painful, there are aspects if performed correctly by the Dom that pull the sub into a moment of ecstasy. If they are expecting that and then the Dom is a sadist, the sub will hate what is happening. I’m lucky to have Sir Benjamin who wants to train me, guide me and discipline me as we move into another level of our relationship. Sir Benjamin, I think you need to describe what you want as far a sub in this world of fetishes.

*Tries to adjust the constricting O-ring without being too obvious* What I want, is to bend you over that chair and - Oops, did I say that aloud? *Clears throat* Ok, when it comes to a good sub, I think there are three ‘basic’ requirements. By the way, I’ve gathered most of this information from friends of mine in the lifestyle who have graciously given me some of their insights. I must admit it has all resonated with me:

Trust. Being a good sub really does require the ability to let go, to know that your dom is never going to go past your limits no matter how hard they push.

Obedience. If I say to do something, they do it. I should NEVER have to repeat myself. If they invoke the safety word, that's fine, but they'd better be damned sure that they want me to stop.

Self Respect. Some subs like to be humiliated, but that doesn't mean they have to truly believe that they DESERVE to be humiliated. It's about mutual enjoyment, not about self-hate.

First, allow me to also address from my point of view as a sub about my Sir or my Master

Trust  The bond shared with a Master is stronger than marriage. I have to trust him to know when I’ve had enough and if he asks me to do something – including sharing with another person, it’s safe.

Obedience  I tease and have conversations with Sir Benjamin about being willful and at first he didn’t understand. Some subs will stretch their boundaries to see what they can either get away with or they want to have the Master/Dom take control. BUT… they also know when they can’t cross those lines and disappoint.

Self Respect  I completely respect myself and would my Dom. Again, this is not something to enter into lightly. You really have to know each other and trust.  Learning about the lifestyle takes time and you have to allow yourself the understanding sometimes you’ll fail.

All right, let’s get to our subject today – Fetishes and Fantasies. Some people aren't sure if they even have a fetish while others think that their fetishes are abnormal. So what is a fetish? If you have a fetish, you are obsessively fixated on either an object or a body part. That means you need that specific something for sexual gratification. When you masturbate, you fantasize about that particular thing. Even if you have sex with a partner, you still need to fantasize about that object or have it present for you to get off.  For instance, if you're attracted to brunettes, that's one thing, but if you are unable to get aroused unless you're with a brunette, then you likely have a fetish for brunettes.

A fantasy is quite simply something you would love to have happen, but it probably never will.

Perfect, I sometimes get it confused. So, let me ask you a question, I’ve been having a disagreement with a friend of mine. She’s into having her toes sucked, is that a fetish? Me, I’m am definitely into oral sex, as you and I discussed in our Oral Sex Chit Chat, is that a fetish?  

I guess for some it can be but for others it’s simply a matter of foreplay. But then again that depends on how you’re doing it. What I personally think is a fantasy is different for all of us but we do all have them. Fetishes many people aren’t going to explore but fantasies are softer, easier. What are yours, Sir Benjamin?

I am beginning to believe that what I want no longer falls into the fantasy category, because I now believe it will happen. However, before today, I would say that my fantasy was to find the perfect, willing sub – not just for playtime, but as a mate.

For me I do crave a D/s situation with a very strong Dom but that’s not something you take lightly so if and when I would enter into the situation I’d know what I was getting into. I think Sir Benjamin you have strong tendencies toward being a Dom. Do you and why?

Trust – the trust aspect of a D/s relationship appeals to me more than the over-the-top playtime. Don’t get me wrong, the playtime part of is huge. *Squirms and blatantly squeezes his length* However, the level of trust required in a working D/s relationship, for both parties, is something I’ve never experienced before and I’ve recently realized  it’s something I hunger for.

Well, there are still stigmas about the lifestyle and misunderstandings. I would never have admitted my cravings years ago and in truth, few people know what I hunger for. You have to honestly admit it to yourself first, but finding a partner is tough. What do I like.. Hmmm… Fetish – I think personally for me figging is something I crave and I don’t see the benches and the cross as a fetish. I see that as the beginning of a lifestyle change. How do you feel Sir Benjamin? 

Cass, honestly – I can still see the cross, the benches and even the spanking as being fetishes.  I don’t mean that in a negative way and I certainly don’t see anything wrong with the lifestyle or those desires. However, using the spanking as an example, if it becomes a requirement for one party or the other to enjoy the sex, then I think it qualifies as a fetish.

Personally, based on the definition we’re using for fetishes, I guess for me it’s a combination of performing oral sex and “dirty” - sex talk. I won’t repeat my thoughts on oral sex, if anyone is interested, they can read our previous Oral Sex Chit Chat, by clicking on the embedded link. I use the word “dirty” loosely, so that everyone will know what I’m talking about. I don’t think there is anything dirty about telling your lover, in specific terms; don’t spare the four-letter words, exactly what you want done to you and what you want to do to him/her.  If all my partner can do is moan and not say the words, that’s actually a turn-off for me, that’s why I consider it a personal fetish.

Why don’t we take fetishes one by one? St. Christopher’s Cross -

The thought of being tied to the cross while my Dom uses a myriad of implements is mind boggling and again, a good Dom knows when not to take it too far. This isn’t about punishment as much as it is about the playtime and taking the sub into subspace while the Dom enjoys his or her reactions. A true Dom knows when enough is enough. Sir Benjamin, if you were to tie me to the cross, what would you do?

Before or after? Cass, if I had you tied to the cross – I’d *Sucks in air, exhaling it sharply* Before we began, I’d make sure we agreed on a safe word. Also, before I took the flogger to you, I’d probably apply some oil to your back and ass – with my hands. Since this would be our first time, I would listen closely to your breathing and watch how your body responds to the flogger to make sure I don’t take it too far.   

Mmm… now it’s getting hot in here. Care for a real life demonstration on a willing partner? (She sighs and gives him her most teasing look of submission) Figging - For those of you who know me know I talk about figging – the art of using ginger in a sub’s ass before discipline. There are other uses but let’s concentrate on this. A Dom would place a piece of carved ginger root (we’re not going to go into specifics about how you cut the piece and deal with it – we can get into that later again if needed) For the concept of fetishes it’s a very sexy thing two can share together. Imagine selecting a piece of ginger root at your local grocery store and then you as the sub are forced to sit and watch as the Dom cuts the piece into the perfect dildo shape and then either chooses to use it right away or freezes it. I heard recently from a man who practices with his sub how freezing intensifies. Would you use that on me Sir Benjamin and what do you think?

Cass, I must admit that I didn’t know about figging until I read your book – Forced Fantasies. Gawd, that is a hot book. If some of our readers are interested in a book that explores very intense fantasies and fetishes – I highly recommend that you click on the embedded link and get your copy of Forced Fantasies. Now, my short answer to your question is, Ab-So-Fucking-Lutely. I will start growing my own ginger root just to make sure we never run out.

Ladies, does this man have a way of making you all hot and bothered? I won’t tell you what I might be doing with my hand right about now. Yes, Sir. Never run out PLEASE! Allowing a third into your bed – Hmmm, isn’t that sexy and a fetish and fantasy all wrapped up into one? I’ve often commented I hunger for a polyamory situation in which I have at least two people living in the house and sharing a bed but that’s extreme. What if you wanted to simply enjoy a moment of kink with another? We’re not talking about anything other than safe here, but imagine the delight for my Sir Benjamin as he decides to bring another male or female into our bed. Is that something you’d enjoy, Sir

I wonder what Mistress Gina Kincade is doing tonight? Cass I have visions of sugarplums dancing through my head at such a delicious idea. Of course, there may be times as a form of punishment; the sub would not be allowed to participate in the evening activities. Perhaps she would be tethered and forced to watch. Is that something a sub would enjoy or would it truly be a punishment?

Well, I do enjoy a delicious ménage but in truth you as my Dom would and could use that as a means of punishment. I can tell you without hesitation, for this sub not to be allowed to indulge would be a punishment. No matter how much I crave having another, seeing my Dom enter into somebody, would certainly remind me of my place.

I think for all of us we have fantasies and some might consider them going into the fetish side. We haven’t discussed things like men wearing sexy women’s lingerie or items such as hot candle wax. There are many aspect of the BDSM lifestyle that most would not enter into and probably shy away from but for many, it’s what they crave. I think what we all have to remember that we are individuals and hungering for something that might not be considered The Cleaver Family – is just fine. If you as two or more adults trust and want to try – learn first and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Oh Sir Benjamin – have I been a very good girl today?

*Bares teeth as arousal coils inside him like a viper ready to strike. Slowly removes all  outer garments until he is standing in front of Cass glad in only his full body harness, the O-ring bursting at the seams*  Cass, drop to your knees and show me just how good you can be.

Giving him a nod, she slowly sinks down, her eyes never leaving his. “Yes, Sir Benjamin.”

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Campus Sexploits Deux Anthology Contributors List
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Rowan Elizabeth - Binding Dean
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The Professor doesn’t really teach the class to help out the men – no, it’s to make sure that any women they go to bed with in the future receive exactly what they’re owed – amazing sex. And it’s to help a young woman come into her own sexually, just like Emma does during the class. Once everyone has taken their turn, they all leave, and the Professor’s favorite class is next – she gets out black, plastic gloves and puts a new sign on the door to the classroom – “Anal Fisting 101.”

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Assistant Copy Editor Required For Digital Publisher
Naughty Nights Press
Assistant Copy Editor
Advancement Opportunity
Commission Renumeration

Must have experience/be proficient in all general aspects of US Standard English editing, ebook editing, ebook formatting and Microsoft Word.

Must have reliable computer with own Microsoft Office software, work from own location via Internet communications, Facebook, Skype and Email, and have the ability to work in a virtual team environment, establish and maintain reasonable routines/schedules and meet strict deadlines.

Must be willing to edit ALL sub-genres of erotic fiction with primary focus on Erotic/Paranormal Romance/Erotic Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Steampunk & Other sub-genres
Including: GBLT, Ménage, Multiple Partner interactions, BDSM and Consent/Non-consent.
As well as other fiction genres from time to time that the publisher considers exceptional.

There will be no bestiality, underage characters or rape except in the extreme rare circumstance where the illegal/immoral act is critical to the storyline and/or past history to a character

Duties include:

Editing ebooks/articles/compositions/blogs/webpages etc. in Microsoft Word (.doc) Track Changes function for all grammatical and punctuation errors, tense, noun and verb use etc. Ensuring strong plotlines, flow and correct sentence structure and producing an excellent quality final manuscript working closely with the author.
Other duties reasonable/related to the position as required.

Reply with resume, at least three samples of your work, a 500-1000 word description of relevant experience and why you believe you would be a good fit for the position, and references as an attachment (.doc only please) to: with Assistant Copy Editor as the subject line.

Only candidates being considered will be contacted. No phone calls please.


Detailed Overview Of Assistant Copy Editor Position

Must have the ability to competently send/receive e-mail and/or text messages, transmit and download data/books/stories etc, perform research, or review materials using the Internet. Strong organizational skills and ability to work with minimal supervision.

- Review MS copy for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and check the copy for readability, style, and agreement with editorial policy.

- Suggest/complete revisions, such as changing words and rearranging sentences and paragraphs, to improve clarity or accuracy.

- Overseeing and coordinating multiple writing projects simultaneously.

- Arrange page layouts of multiple digital book versions, articles, photographs, and advertising; compose headlines; and other duties necessary to prepare copy for digital printing on tight and specific deadlines.

- Assist on/prepare small publications/emagazines, compile articles available from the Internet, answering emails and proofread articles/blogs/webpages etc.

- Carry out research and confirm sources for writers/publisher and verify facts, dates, and statistics.

- Read and evaluate manuscripts submitted by freelance writers, proofread printers' galleys, and answer inquiries about published material.


Successful Candidate will preferably have a degree in communications, journalism, or English, however those with other backgrounds and who can demonstrate good writing skills through paid assignments or other works based upon the quality of the writing or unique perspective may be considered without regard to the absence of a degree.

- Must be able to express ideas clearly and logically and should enjoy writing/reading.

- Excel in the knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

- Excel in understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience

- Excel in the ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing.

- Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.

The position requires being meticulous about detail and thorough in completing work tasks; being reliable, responsible, and dependable; fulfilling obligations on a specific and tight schedule; pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude; a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges; accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations.

Good sense of creativity, curiosity, a broad range of knowledge, self-motivation, and perseverance; must demonstrate good judgment and a strong sense of ethics.

In addition, the ability to concentrate and to work under pressure is essential. Requires tact and the ability to guide and encourage others in their work

Applicants with experience/knowledge in Adobe and other digital conversion software, XML programming and metadata management, statistical analytics, Web design, information architecture and app development, or those with a background in accounting procedures/excel spreadsheets/database management or royalty software will be considered a definite plus.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chit Chat and All That! Sharita Lira and Tessa Wanton discuss...How Important Are Reviews to Marketing your Work

The seductive Sharita Lira and tempting Tessa Wanton, are our chit chatters today and they are talk about a subject that is close to their hearts.

So grab a beverage of your own choice and make yourself comfortable and read today's Chit Chat and All That!

(Caption: He’s reading my book. OMG. What will he say? Will it affect my sales?)

Intro: Hello again. This is Sharita Lira once again participating in the Chit Chat and All that Series. This one is more for authors than readers as it touches on a subject that can be either negative or positive depending on the way you look at it. Reviews! Do they affecting marketing your work? Well, from my chat with fellow author Tess Wanton, they do help a little but we also discuss things that well help an author to promo their book even better. Here is our email chat about reviews and marketing.

Sharita: In reality, I haven't had that many reviews. LOL Let me know your ideas
Tess: As for reviews I thought you'd had loads??? I see this from a number of angles, good, bad, indifferent. I would say the worst type are indifferent reviews. If you don't move someone either way, that's definitely more damning a situation...
Sharita: One thing about reviews is they're dependent on the books you write, plus being a new writer, kind of hard to get them. I write mostly m/m so I haven’t seen a ton of reviews yet.
Tess: Good point! I'm a new writer too, but I've been lucky with the amount of reviews I received, in fact one review I received because the reviewer won my book in a competition and felt compelled to write about it! I was flattered beyond words... And there is the key... Someone was moved by my words, for the good in that instance, but I have had reviews which have had other strong reactions too, but strangely, caused a surge of interest in its popularity! As I mentioned before, any review as long as it isn't bland, can be very good, even if it is not so good for the ego!
Sharita: I've had a few. In all honesty, I'm not sure they affect sales all that much. I think it depends on the genre too. M/M readers are pretty loyal. They have their favorites and me being new have to try to become a favorite as well. It takes more time I believe.
Tess: Maybe someone should start up a M/M review site? Seems there's an almighty gap in the market, and other review sites specialize.
Sharita: There are some m/m sites and some sites that do both. I've long made up my mind that good or bad reviews will not shape your career as a writer. Sure they help a little but more important is that you put out a great book that everyone wants to read. Tell me about some of your experiences with the reviews? Are there a couple that stood out? Did you notice a jump after those reviews were posted?
Tess: Well... It's hard to say, in fact I've found more jumps in book sales when I've done an interview or posted something prosaic on my blog... It's also difficult to know how many sales occur because people have read a reader's review on the purchase websites... They are good tools for marketing I would say, because if you get a rave review you can plaster it everywhere! It's the bad reviews others plaster everywhere you have to beware of, and I must admit I don't envy reviewers because if a book really is awful, how can you be impartial without coming off badly in general? **Sigh**, difficult business isn’t it?
Sharita: It is a difficult business. It’s true. I've posted the reviews on my FB page and on my blog when its 3 stars and up. I received 2 low professional reviews on my first 2 stories and I've looked to improve my writing ever since because I agreed with her.
In both the reviews the person said she liked the story but would've liked to have seen the story developed more. I had to agree!

So I've tried to make sure I've taken a lot more time with the books I've written and lately, the few I have gotten have been good. 

More than reviews, blogging and interviewing works more in my opinion. Being on websites with high traffic, tweeting occasionally, the Yahoo loops, etc, all help in one way or another as long as you're getting the book out there. Never be afraid to promo. We all work at a different pace and have different situations. Work on building a fanbase. Make it so the reviews won’t matter as much. The most important thing is to get your name out there. Any thoughts on Goodreads?

I've actually had better luck there than with pro reviews. A few bad ones but for the most part very positive!

Tess: For me it's all been about the quality, and I hope it always will be, I suppose more than anything, I'm just frustrated by lack of time to write, blog and speak to people properly. That was the one thing I loved about all of this, meeting and speaking to lovely new people who *got* what I was writing... I have to agree though. Perhaps interviews and blogs do make a bigger impact, and of course carefully chosen excerpts... What better to entice than someone's own opinion and perceptions?

Sharita: Yeah true. The interviews and blogs make a bigger difference. I mean, the thing about reviews actually is the book has to be something you want to read and then you might read the review to see if you want to skip or not. 
In my own opinion, reviews don't make a difference whether I buy the book or not. If I like the plot, the blurb, and storyline and it’s reasonably priced, I'll buy it. 

You know I actually belong to an m/m readers group through Goodreads. Me and like 2 other authors go and meet with readers. I don’t push my books but I do ask them questions and chime in on the conversation. I’ve only recommended books, never have I said it was a book I didn't like but when they do I listen. I ask them, what they didn't like about the author's story and why? Was it badly edited? Was it too short, etc. I've taken a lot if what I've learned from them to heart and actually a couple of them have given my books reviews on Goodreads. 

In some reader’s eyes, they don't buy books from certain pubs because of editing, covers, etc regardless if they like the plot. Authors should listen to reader reviews more I believe so it will help to find out who your audience is. 

The other thing I notice is, when authors review other authors books they’re sometimes overly critical. I never would do that to another author knowing that the "bad writing" could be due to poor editors or lack of knowledge. I’ve given stars but haven't given in depth reviews.

Tess: I agree, perhaps it's the type of review which matters. Reader reviews definitely seem to have an effect on how people approach me, if I get a good reader review, I find more people follow me on Twitter, or chat to me on FetLife, but then, I am also cognizant that this could just be coincidence. The fact is this is all something which builds up over time, building a fanbase, building friendships, every little additional exposure to get your name known, whether review, blog or promo, or even an insanely funny tweet, all help to ultimately 'get you out there' and become a name that the reader is drawn to. See I've never really used Goodreads or yahoo groups or anything like that... I'm not entirely sure how they work, it does seem to have positive effects for many - it is so difficult to ensure that you don't spread yourself too thin too, as if you're everywhere but only in small doses, readers may not really get a feel of who you are and the whole point of marketing yourself is to show yourself as the author, not just plugging each book as it comes out.

Sharita: Yes that’s the plan and I agree, just talking about your books when out and about in social media won’t help. Interacting with readers is what’s more important. BTW, the Yahoo loops are through email. You can promo on certain ones on certain days. You just need to subscribe. Goodreads is a two headed monster. It can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes you find yourself checking to see if people added your book and reviewed it and then you might get disappointed when you see a bad one. Lol It’s just the way it works sometimes. All in all, promo along with a few good reviews, professional and reader adds to the buzz.
Conclusion: In our discussion, Tess and I have discussed how reviews can help but also other avenues o promote your book. All in all, an author must be “visible” to the public, meaning blogging, book tours, ads, etc but also Tweets, Facebook, Google Plus just to make connections with readers. As you can see, Goodreads is a double edged sword but still a helpful tool when it comes to marketing. No one wants to see a bad review of their book but as writers, we put ourselves out there to be reviewed and judged. Hopefully, if the reviewer didn’t like the book, then they will say so I the comments and let it not be because of poor editing or choice of words. Hopefully, it is a personal opinion and nothing more.
The key here is building a fanbase. All the above helps. Do what you can as an author to be successful. No doubt it takes time and LOTS of patience but if you want to make it, you have to be willing to ride this roller coaster. All part of being an author.
Thanks Penny and also big thanks to Tess on this discussion!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Star Search by J.S.Morbius is now only $2.99 at All Romance E-Books...get your copy now!

Star Search by J.S. Morbius, is his first book to be published. In Julez’ eyes the Third Sex deserve love and romance. In Star Search he give you a tale that he’s managed to weave with elements of criminal activity and a moment or two of some uniquely descriptive BDSM.
From the 9th of March through to the 23rd March, you can purchase a copy of Star Search at

Joe is a gay man who prefers to date Transsexuals.
Never attending work parties before, Joe decides to attend one after receiving an invitation from his boss but becomes a bit worried, as he is required to bring a partner.
His best friend Angel suggests he hire an escort. Joe goes through the pages on the Internet and finds Star, a stunning petite transsexual and books the evening of the party with her.
After spending the most glorious evening and all night with Star, Joe decides he will continue to book Star every weekend. When he gets in touch with the agency he finds out that Star has quit escorting and they can’t give him any more information as to how to get in touch with her. Joe becomes obsessed with finding Star and goes through a lot to find her.
Star Search is full of hot, sensuous, tender sex, with underlying currents of crime, intrigue and suspense. Lots of twists and turns, with the ultimate question being…Does Joe find Star, the woman of his dreams?

Star Search by J.S. Morbius
As soon as the last of them had gone, Star closed and locked the door, took hold of my hand and led me across the front room and into my bedroom. She closed the door and walked me over to my bed, before stopping and standing in front of me.
“It’s just you and me now Joe,” Star said and leant in as if to kiss me again.
However, she didn’t want a kiss, as I quickly found out. As I leant in towards her she placed both her hands against my chest, and pushed, catching me unaware. I tried to put a foot back to keep my balance but, as there was nowhere for me to go, I fell back onto the bed. As soon as I was on my back Star climbed on top of me, and placed her knees either side of me.
“Tonight Joe I am going to give you a night you will never forget,” Star said looking down at me. “As my way of saying thank you for everything...”
“There’s no need for this Star,” I said.
“I know there’s no need Joe,” she said. “But I want to.”
Before I could say another word Star bent her head down and placed her lips against mine again. This time there was no urgency, no rushing; just soft passionate kissing. Our lips and mouths opened and our tongues danced together, like two snakes circling each other before they mate, before darting into each other’s mouths. I wrapped my arms tightly around her back, holding her as close to me as I could, and we stayed like that for a few minutes, just kissing nothing else.
Eventually Star pulled away from me, sat up and pulled her top over her head, exposing her gorgeous tits to me. Throwing her head back she grabbed them in her hands and sat there on me, massaging them roughly while grinding her groin against my rock hard cock. Looking up at her hands as she played with her tits, I reached up, slowly moving her hands out of the way and placing my hands against her perfectly shaped, fake breasts. Gently running my fingers over her nipples I reached behind her, held her tight and sat up, taking each nipple in my mouth alternately and flicking my tongue over them, occasionally giving them a little nip with my teeth.
Star continued to grind and thrust her hips against my cock before moving down until she was sitting on my lower legs. Reaching forward she quickly, and eagerly, undid the zip and button on my jeans and began to pull them down. Once she had got them as far down as she could her hand reached towards my cock, the outline of which was clearly visible against my tight boxer shorts, and began to rub me softly.
I closed my eyes and let out a small gasp at the softness of her touch, only for her to quickly pull my boxer shorts down and release my cock. Gently wrapping her long, soft fingers around my thick, hard shaft she started to caress me slowly, as I moved my hips up and down against her hand movements. Expertly she played with my balls as she stroked my cock, taking me to the brink a number of times before lowering her head and flicking her tongue over the end of my cock, tasting the drop of pre-cum that had seeped out.
I lifted my head and watched as her tongue danced back and forth over the end of my cock. Gripping it tightly, Star opened her mouth and engulfed every inch of me. As her head began to bob up and down rhythmically as she sucked and stroked, my cock. I could feel my balls starting to tighten, and knew that I wouldn’t last much longer if she carried on like she was.
“Mmm Star that feels so good,” I gasped as her hand began to massage my balls as well. “You’re going to make me cum.”
Unable to speak, Star let me know exactly what she wanted as she started to suck me harder and faster and all of a sudden I completely lost control. My cock throbbed violently and the first stream of cum erupted forcefully and hit the back of her throat. Every spasm released more and more cum into Star’s mouth and she eagerly swallowed every drop that she could, until I was totally spent. Finally Star lifted her head, a small drop of cum still on her lips and looked me in the eyes.
“That’s just for starters Joe,” she said sliding up my body and laying on top of me.
Author Bio
Julian Spong is the real name of J.S. Morbius, an engaged father to nine children, four of his own and five stepchildren. He is partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease which has caused his nervous system to deteriorate of the years, and finds writing to be the way to express his many feelings, and fantasies.
Having been writing for less than five years Julian’s first ebook, Star Search, was released by Naughty Nights Press in November 2011. His second release Addicted to Charlie is due later in 2012 from the same publisher and Julian now considers writing to be his main occupation. He continues to write in the gay male, transgender and cross-dressing genres.

Author Links
Every month, Julez holds a competition with an Amazon gift card as 1st prize. Make sure to visit The Crypt of Morbius to enter his competition!