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NEW RELEASE! At First Sight: A Shapershifter Paranormal Romance by Phoenix Johnson and Gina Kincade

From Bestselling and Award Winning Paranormal Author Phoenix Johnson and Bestselling Paranormal Erotic Author Gina Kincade comes a new Shifter series set in Japan.

At First Sight is the first installment of the Kitsune's Raven Trilogy.

She's a Fox. He's a Raven. 
From opposing sides of a shifter clan war, their relationship is against the rules...but nothing is sweeter than forbidden fruit. 

When Kitsune returns home for a fireworks festival, she doesn't expect to run into Karasu, a handsome young man with a smile that melts her heart and dampens her panties. Their attraction is instant, their love bright and hot. When she discovers he's from an enemy clan, and a Raven shifter, she fights her instincts and the clan laws to be with the one she loves. 

Will their love be the balm to heal the rift between the two clans? 
Or will it spark an all-out war? 
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A few hours later, the evening sky darkened, and the warm, humid day gave way to a balmy night. People began to gather along the harbor, excited murmurs rippling through the growing crowd. Children giggled and fidgeted, the voices drowning out the usual sounds of water slapping against pylons, ropes creaking as boats fought their tethers, and cats begging fishermen for scraps.
Kitsune veritably danced in anticipation, her backpack knocking against her back as she moved. This was her second favorite time of year, after the Sakura Festival in spring. While the blooming cherry blossoms during April brought her peace, this night, the night of the Yokohama International Fireworks, made her feel like a child again, giddy with delight. The pops and crackling as the pretty pyrotechnics exploded into twinkling bursts of color always gave her a thrill. As the city ushered in summer, promises of green tea ice cream and trips to the beach filled her thoughts, much as they always had.
While Kitsune called Japan her true home, she lived in Australia to attend university. She was studying for her Masters of Science degree, majoring in Zoology at the James Cook University in Cairns. At twenty-three years old, she was well on her way to achieving her dream of being a zoologist. She already volunteered at the Cairns Tropical Zoo when she wasn’t studying. She loved Japan, but the variety of wildlife she worked with in Australia was something she couldn’t pass up. It had become her second home.
She wandered along the dock, weaving between the people milling around, waiting for the fireworks to start. She barely noticed where she was going, lost in thoughts of her two homes. She didn’t see the tall, lanky stranger until he bumped into her.
His stark blue eyes were the first thing she noticed when she looked at him. There was a sharp cunning in his gaze, and she felt as though he were sizing her up as a bird would potential prey. As her breath caught in her throat, tingles shot through her, setting her nerves on fire.
He flicked his jagged styled fringe out of his face with a grin.
“I’m so sorry. I was lost in my own little world and didn’t see you. The fireworks are my favorite festival, and I just get so excited, you know?”
His eyes sparkled and she could almost feel his elation. She struggled to find her voice as the sound of his made her stomach quiver, and she thought her bones would melt.
“I’m Karasu, by the way.”
When she didn’t reply immediately, he arched an eyebrow, and his quizzical appearance warmed her heart, shaking her from her hypnotized daze.
“Kitsune.” She smiled, hoping she wouldn’t come across as a silly schoolgirl with a crush. “I know what you mean. About the fireworks, that is. I come home every year for this.” She glanced around and sighed, content.
“How fitting.” He grinned, giving her a wink that threatened to crumble what dregs of composure she’d managed to gather. “You certainly suit the name of Fox.”
A second wink from him caused her to blush, warmth spreading across her cheeks, neck and ears as a pulsating heat started low in her belly. She bit her lip, pondering what it would be like to kiss him. His mouth appeared soft, gentle, and he broke into a smile with ease.
Karasu cleared his throat, bringing her back to reality. “I know, I’m hot,” he joked, grinning once more.

About the Authors
Phoenix Johnson

Phoenix Johnson has always been intrigued by the written word. Even when she was a young girl, she usually had her nose stuck in at least one book, and her need to read would drive her to peruse the back of the same cereal box each morning at breakfast. Paranormal and fantasy captured her heart, with tales about dragons, magic, and fanciful creatures sweeping her away to a wonderful new world where she felt she truly belonged. While she dabbled in writing while in primary school, it wasn't until high school that she decided she should try her hand at writing her own book, and even gave poetry a try.
She wandered away from writing for a few years, but was soon encouraged to return and, within months of picking up the proverbial pen, Phoenix' first story, The Wolf In The Neighborhood, was accepted for publication by Naughty Nights Press. While working on the rest of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy, Phoenix decided to take on a university degree, and is now in the final stretch of her Bachelor of Art's degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, with plans to continue on to her Master's degree.
In early 2015, Phoenix was thrilled to discover she'd made two Top 5 lists with three entries in the Easychair Bookstore Awards. In June, it was announced she had placed first in Best Paranormal with Once Bitten Twice Shy, the second installment in her Wolf Smitten Trilogy, while The Wolf In The Neighborhood and Wolf Smitten placed third in their respective categories of Best Paranormal and Best Series. Once Bitten Twice Shy also recently won Best Paranormal Erotic from Erotic Writer's Guild's Ravishing Reads Awards.
With her inclusion in the Alphas on the Prowl Box Set in 2015, Phoenix hit the top 100 bestsellers lists across numerous distributors, number 1 bestseller on several Amazon lists, and this was quickly followed by the announcement of her achievement of number 1 bestseller for her publisher, Naughty Nights Press, for the entire year of 2015. The awards and achievements have only served to strengthen her ambitions, and she is now aiming at reaching the bestseller lists for USA Today and New York Times.
Phoenix has been working hard to make 2016 her year, and has been busy getting prepared for the numerous projects she has on the go for this year. She is extremely excited to see where her writing career takes her next.

To follow other projects by Phoenix Johnson, please visit She can also be found on Facebook, where you can sign up to her newsletter, The Nest. She is also on Twitter.

Gina Kincade
Ms. Gina Kincade has been writing erotic paranormal romance books and erotic short stories since she was seventeen years old. Her first and second publications were erotic short stories in a well-respected men's magazine under an alternate pseudonym.
She writes everything from M/F, M/M, Ménage, BDSM and fetish, to evil little vampires and were-creatures who will rip out your heart without thinking twice and then engage in steamy, explicit sex scenes.
Gina writes under a total of five pseudonyms to-date in other genres, including YA and children's.
A busy mom to three children, she lives in her wild household of two rambunctious dogs, a devoted, loving cat who believes herself to be royalty, and the most recent addition of ten little baby chickens. She loves gardening, beaches, fast cars and horseback riding.
Gina is also the C.E.O of Naughty Nights Press, a quality publisher of erotica, contemporary romance and paranormal fiction.

Ms. Kincade's life is full, time is never on her side, and she wouldn't change a moment of it!

~ Lady Gina Kincade,
Author of Erotica and Erotic Paranormal Romance

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PSA: When Authors Judge Other Authors - When the green-eyed monster should simply shut up. #donotjudge #whatmakesyousospecial

When you forget how you got where you are today... Look back and realize you are all the same and just shut your trap.

You know, I sit on FB daily and watch multiple authors covers and ads and links go through my feed regularly...yes, sometimes to the point where it's getting a bit much...but I deal. Why? Cause I don't have to look. I can turn off my computer at any time, and seriously who the hell am I to rain on their parade, right? 
Everyone has the right to get excited about their releases and successes.

During these daily Facebook visits, I have also seen other authors complain about anything from "she's posting too much" to "if they'd at least post one link instead of a bunch" to " well, hell, at least post the retailer links or don't bother posting!"

It seems to me there is a hell of a double standard in this business and those who think nothing of screaming their own praises and success are the first to complain when others do it. 
We just can't win here. Someone is always gonna find issue with everything you do.

So, if I am to get this straight, a group of authors who happen to be doing quite well in a shared release, and are living off that excitement in the moment rather than food or sleep, and just happen to be sharing their success like everyone else does ALL THE DAMN TIME, are suddenly the brunt of the negative chitter chatter and gossiping instead of others congratulating them or even just wishing them well. Why the f*ck?

Now, for my opinion, cause just like an ass every one has one and I am entitled to mine, right? 

If your aren't as pure as the driven white snow, then shut your damn mouth and stop proving your jealousy. Stop showing how envious you are over a current author's success and chance at furthering their career when yours is in the tank because you're a negative Nellie.

It's no less spam when YOU do it either, so why they hell do these authors have to "just shut up"  or "just f*ing stop"? What gives YOU the right to dampen their spirits and bitch for doing the same damn thing every damn author does and PROMOTE their work?
Unless you can prove there is a better way than using social media outlets, newsletters, blogging, giveaways, and every other outlet in sight, and you can guarantee those authors won't negate all their hard work by going silent when it happens that YOUR feed is filled with their book instead of your own, then it's time for YOU to stop and think about how you got where you are today. 
I'm willing to bet it was the same damn way. Quit hating on others for doing the exact same thing in the hope of the exact same results! .
For the sake of your sanity why not just go write and get off FB if it's bugging you that much. Quit Judging. Quit shaming. Quit behaving in a manner that you would find upsetting if it were directed at you.
This world IS big enough for everyone and nothing gives anyone more right than another. Get on with your life and quit yer bitchin'!

This has been a PSA. *steps off soap box*
Now that I've gotten that off my chest, have a wonderful and blessed day. Enjoy your successes as they come, celebrate life and the good fortune of those around you. Enjoy it while it lasts. And one more time: Never forget where you, too, came from. Do not measure yourself at a level above the rest of mankind.


Oh! and PS: I have several new books out for the first time in a long time so if you'd like to know me, see how *I* tackle my world weaving and character development for a change, hit me up and grab a copy. I am thrilled to be back doing what I love and yet still having the humanity to run my trad pub and help other authors along the way. I am not so special that I will ignore those who helped me get where I am today. 
To all of you who've followed me through the decades...yes, decades...I adore you! New fans, I won't forget you either. YOU ROCK MY WORLD! 

#fedupwithdeoublestandards #quityourbitching #donotgossip #donotjudge #peopleinglasshousesshouldnotthrowstones

~ Lady Gina Kincade,
Author of Erotica and Erotic Paranormal Romance

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What a STEAL on this New Release! 22 books for $1 - Alpha Fever Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Boxed Set! @ginakincade @kikihowell7

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Check out this Amazing Author Lineup!

Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks –Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis Pierce – Abi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade – Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley – Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport

A small tease from...

Cowboy Boots and Handcuffs
Book One in the Majors Creek Ranch Series
by Gina Kincade and Kiki Howell

A Western BBW Steamy Alpha Male Romance
Not yet available anywhere else!

Shock registered as his large, firm hand came down hard on her backside. "Jason! What the hell do you—" Another slap rang out in the otherwise quiet barn and she could hear Jason's breathing getting heavy, faster as he panted out obscenities. Each word was enforced by another crack to her now warming ass.
"You. Will. Not. Put. Yourself. In. Danger."
Kathryn felt a blush of heat infuse her face, trailing down her neck to her chest, just as the high temperature spread out over her bruising bottom and down her thighs, sending a rush of moisture to her core. She felt mortified to be in this position. How dare he treat me like a child! Sputtering and attempting her best to wiggle away from his forceful punishment, Kathryn wasn't sure if she were more disgusted by the fact she was being spanked, or her response to his manhandling and objectification.
Jason raged on, "You. Will. Take. Better. Care. Of. Yourself. Young. Lady."
It was clear to her she'd crossed some line, though she truly didn't understand what, and he didn't seem to be slowing any as her buttocks now began a throbbing, searing burn. Tears sprung to her eyes against her will, and for the first time in forever Kathryn couldn't contain them and had no choice but to let them fall.

She stilled her movements, became docile and prone over his legs, no longer fighting the spanking as tears tracked down her face and dropped into the hay on the floor of the barn. The contrast of emotions running through her at this moment sucked away her very breath. Here she was, lying over the lap of her protector like an errant child, getting her ass tanned six ways from Sunday–honestly the first time she had ever been spanked in her life–and yet she was reacting to it as if he'd stroked her intimately.

~ Lady Gina Kincade,
Author of Erotica and Erotic Paranormal Romance

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From Fan Fiction To Hot Gay Male Erotic Medical Thriller!

Elizabeth Black writes in a wide variety of genres including erotica, erotic romance, horror, and dark fiction. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, her tuxedo cat, Lucky, and the two new feline additions Chloe and Breena. Visit her web site, her Facebook page, and her Amazon Author Page. 

I admit it. I have written fan fiction. Stop laughing!

The first fan fiction I wrote was when I was in college. I used to write Star Trek fan fiction with my cousin, who was five years younger than me. She lived in Iowa and I lived in Maryland, and we scorched the pages of letters to each other with this crap. My favorite characters were Spock and Scotty. Her favorites were McCoy and Kirk. We wrote long-winded and dreadful letters where we were the stars of our own fantasies and the Trek characters actions revolved around us. 

Yes, we wrote Mary Sues. You're laughing again!

We were perfect in every way. We were beautiful, genius-level intelligent, vivacious, talented, knowledgeable in our fields (whatever the hell they were), and the entire Enterprise crew was in love with us. Of course, the bridge crew couldn't get enough of us. Typical Mary Sue. I had no idea the concept of the Mary Sue even existed, let alone we were splendid at it. We kept these letters going for over a year, and both of us were hooked on classic Trek

I had a blast writing those letters. Sadly, I never saved them. I wish I had. I could laugh and cringe over them while downing a bottle of bubbly. I went another ten years before I wrote fan fiction again. In 1993, I became hooked on The X Files. I wished I could have worked on that show. I was in an AOL fan chat that show writer Glen Morgan used to stop in, and he gave me the contact information to send my resume. That was very nice of him. At the time I was working local crew in Maryland doing lighting, scenic art, and makeup (including prosthetics) for movies, TV, stage, and concerts. I worked on Die Hard With A VengeanceHomicide: Life On The Street, and the movie 12 Monkeys. I loved my work. I had enough of a background to qualify for union work in Vancouver, British Columbia where the show was filmed at the time, and I was willing to move not only across the continent but to another country. I thought I could live in Vancouver, Washington in the U. S. and commute to British Columbia but that wasn't allowed. I'd have to move there and become a citizen. It was a long shot, but I wrote. Never heard back. But I tried. I loved that line of work and being in that fan chat. 

Anyway, a couple of years later I attended a science fiction convention as a guest panelist and I met a guy who was helping to put together some anthologies. One was gay, one was lesbian, and one was TV fan fiction. None of the books were ever published to my knowledge. It was a good thing, too, because I didn't know at the time I could have been sued for publishing and getting paid for a short story based on The X Files without first getting the show's permission. I did start the story but didn't finish it. However, I saved my file. I also wrote a lesbian story for that other book and I saved that file as well. 

Count about a decade into the future. I rewrote the lesbian story and submitted it to Torquere Press for their Vamps anthology, and it was accepted! This was back around 2008. I was delighted. I had worked on the X File for another half dozen years or so. I changed Mulder and Scully to two gay men working on an outbreak at a camp around a lake. I finally finished it a few weeks ago, and I submitted it to submission call for Men At Work.  The story was accepted! I called it Roughing It, and it's due to come out at the end of April.

Although Jake and Lance are two scientists, you can hear Mulder and Scully in their conversations. The story is a cross between The X Files and The Andromeda Strain with a little sex thrown in. The sex works, too. It doesn't seem out of place. I like this story very much, and it's special to me since I have worked on it very hard for nearly 20 years. The story in the Vamps anthology is called Neighbors, and I took the two characters in it – Charlotte and Lina, who could pass for identical twins – and placed them in my work-in-progress Full Moon Fever. That one is a m/m bisexual werewolf erotic romance set in the world of greasepaint - the theater. Considering my past work in that field, it's no surprise I'd base a book in that world.

I find it amusing I've written a story that originated as fan fiction, and the final result is getting published. Hey, if it worked for E. L. James, maybe it will work for me. Everyone knows those 50 Shades of Grey books started out as Twilight fan fiction. I can only dream of selling as well as she has. 

I've also written Once Upon A Time fan fiction, but that's another post. At least I stuck to Belle and Rumpelstiltskin. No Mary Sue in those stories. I won't give links. I'm too embarrassed. LOL Look for Roughing It in April. 

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Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Erotic Romance Stories_Too Hot To Handle! #AlphaFeverBoxedSet #rafflecopter #giveaway #entertowin @DanielleGavan @sexyMuffyWilson #RPBP

Guest Author Danielle Gavan  
Presents Her Story
Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom
From This Wonderful Book Set!

Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories 
(Alpha Heat & Alpha Fever)

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Alpha Heat: 21 Tantalizing Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Short Stories

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Alpha Fever is filled with a scintillating, spicy blend of ***BRAND NEW*** contemporary and paranormal romance stories written by 24 NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best selling Authors wrapped up in one amazing boxed set!

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Elianne Adams – Erzabet Bishop – Muffy Wilson – Rozlyn Sparks –Jacintha Topaz – Elvira Bathory – Tara Crescent – Crystal Dawn – Tricia Owens – D. F. Krieger – A.C. Nixon – Isis Pierce – Abi Aiken – Dawn White – Kiki Howell – Gina Kincade – Bethany Shaw – Danielle Gavan – Abby Hayes – Paige Matthews – Tierney O'Malley – Jacqueline Sweet – Angelica Dawson – Tanith Davenport 

Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom by Danielle Gavan

Ever since Alexandra Porter told her husband, Barry, about the dark side of her sexual preferences—bondage, humiliation, pain—her house has been like the Cold War. A shared existence, not a life together.
Lexa needs a certain kind of man. A true Dominant to exert the control she craves, and administer the pain she needs. Until she finds Him, she scratches her itch by anonymously submitting to a gifted and sadistic Dom at Club Stratosphere. But with every searing slap of leather on flesh, she finds herself fantasizing about Thomas, her hunky neighbor, who’s also her superior at work.

Thomas Daniels has been lusting after petite brunette Lexa since the day he met her. From countless backyard barbecues listening to her whiny husband’s complaints, he understood Lexa’s submissive nature…as only a true Dom can. Once he’s certain the marriage is a sham, he makes his move, messaging her with a curt order to meet him in the back yard.

When they finally get together Tom realizes a truth which leaves him stunned, yet elated. But how will Lexa feel when all her worlds become entangled?

Tom stood in the shadows, scanning the crowd. For a Thursday evening, Stratosphere’s dungeon was surprisingly busy. He sipped at the bottled water a waitress had brought for him earlier. The staff knew him by sight, the single tail he wore wrapped diagonally around his chest was his signature accessory. House Doms wore masks to conceal their identities, and each chose something singular to identify themselves. Sir Daniel’s weapon of choice was the single tail whip, and he wore it as his badge.
Sconces lined the walls, giving off a soft light that left most of the room in some degree of shadowy privacy for its occupants. A red spotlight shone down on the stage and cast a sensual glow over the naked man bound to a frame in its center. The submissive’s wrists and ankles were bound with simple jute, the heavy rope cuffs securing him suspended from the sturdy metal. 

Mistress lifted her flogger, a heavy fall of long, thick leather straps, and flicked her wrist. The tails whooshed through the air, landing with a solid thwack across her submissive’s broad back. Tom flinched, familiar with the feel of Mistress’ powerful swing and the brutal sting of her flogger. He would have felt bad for the sub, except he knew just how much Jonas, Mistress’ boy-toy, loved the pain she meted out to him. 

The opening notes of Nick Jonas’ Levels boomed out from the sound system and Tom straightened. He took the few short steps to where the Saint Andrews Cross stood and scanned the crowd for Angel. The song was her cue that she was on the floor, and on her way to him. He grinned, spotting the familiar shape of her face beneath the mask she wore. His eyes roamed from the top of her head, and the tight bun at the crown, to the sweep of her forehead and the curve of her cheek beneath the leather strip covering her eyes. 
Her eyes met his and her lips curved into a small smile of acknowledgement as she made her way through the crowd. Tom noticed the short robe Angel wore, the article of clothing out of place with her usual appearance. His beautiful little sub wasn’t one to hide her body. Clad in nothing but her custom made cuffs, she strode through the club from the locker-room to the play area confident and comfortable in all of her naked glory.

Amazon and ARe Bestselling Author Danielle Gavan

Danielle Gavan lives in Ontario, Canada with her two sons. Danielle has been writing in her spare time since she was in middle school. She is currently writing full time. Readers are welcome to visit her website Danielle welcomes email and you may contact her at
Follow Danielle on Twitter @DanielleGa@DanielleGavan

Thanks for having me on the blog today to talk about my novella, Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom. It’s great to be here, and to get the word about my book, as well as the 21 other fantastic stories in the Alpha Fever boxed set.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve been writing professionally since 2009 when I wrote the first book in my Abbey of Angels series, Ardeur. Writing is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. Books, and a deep love of them, have been a part of my life since childhood. I can remember writing stories down on a little heart-shaped notepad in 7th grade and filling the pages with my loopy scrawl.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
For me, the best part is being able to create. I get to tell stories about fantastical worlds and creatures, sexy Doms and their equally beautiful submissives. The world is my oyster when I’m putting words on the page. The downside is that I’m very critical of my own work, and have a hard time shutting of my inner editor so that I can write without editing as I go.

What inspires you to write?
Writing is my passion, so the inspiration comes easily. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Now I get to do exercise my passion, and share my work with readers.

What is the title of your story included in Alpha Fever? How did you come up with this story?

Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom. It was originally a short story that I’d written several years ago, but I didn’t feel like it was finished. When I was offered the opportunity to be included in the Alpha Fever compilation, I knew this was my chance to give the story the attention it deserved.

How did you conduct your research for Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom?
Personal experience, visits to Swingers/BDSM clubs and local lifestyle events. I have several friends, and acquaintances in the lifestyle who were happy to share their knowledge and experiences as well.

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom?
1. “Damn,” he laughed. “Can’t blame me for trying. I’ve been waiting forever for this—for you.”

2. “I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on you and I’m not going to let being kicked out of my house keep me from getting what I want. And right now? I want you.”

3. Leaning in, Tom murmured against her ear. “Be a good little slut now, kitten.”

What would your friends say is your best quality?
They’d say I’m kind-hearted.

Are reader reviews important to you?
Of course! Good or bad, reviews are what recommend an author’s work to other readers.

Do you have any blogs/websites?
It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything to my blog. My website, however, is and is updated fairly regularly. Readers are welcome to visit and see what’s new, read excerpts and/or use the contact form to get in touch with me. 

What do you do when you don’t write?
When not writing, I’m usually taking a class of some sort to polish up my editing skills, busy being a mom to my two pre-teen boys or spending time with the man who holds the keys to my heart (and collar lol). Of course, there’s always a book (or five) open on my Kindle, too.

Tell us about your other books?
The Abbey of Angels is a series of Paranormal Romance books with the main setting in a hidden-from-humans part of an abbey. The annex is run by angels and is a refuge for supernatural beings seeking asylum. There are currently three (3) books in the series, and several more planned.

Aside from the AoA series, I have four stand-alone Erotic Romance novellas: Cursed, Tarnished Tiaras, UnWrapped and The Lists.

There are more stories planned for Club Stratospheres, too. The original story starring Ellie and Robbie Avery (formerly of Miss Ellie Swings) is next.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
Follow your dreams, and do what you love.

Thank you for sharing with us Danielle! It has been a pleasure meeting you!
Thank you so much for having me, and the crew from Alpha Fever. It’s been a great pleasure.

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