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The man with the golden mustache bent over and grabbed John by his feet, clutching the ankles with hands of an angered man hiding the subtle hint of fear hovering over his thoughts for a mere instant and urged the “newbie” to take hold of the unconscious man’s arms and lift him. Both men grunted heavily as they lifted John Stephenson up in the air.
“This guy’s heavy!” the rookie complained.
“Sure is. He doesn’t look like it, though.”

John’s body swung from side to side like an old, ragged hammock waving through the wind as the guards marched through the empty hall of the grand facility. Distant screams were echoing all around them, bouncing off the walls and creeping into the ears of those unfortunate enough to roam the deadened corridor leading into the facility’s West Wing; a special part of the establishment for a special kind of person.

“They say dead bodies lose a fair amount of weight after a while, but I’ve always thought the quite the opposite. They actually seem to put on a little bit more weight just before they start to rot – at least three or four pounds – and it works just as well for unconscious bodies. It’s as if their souls become… denser; sort of heavier, by the minute.”

As the two men made their way through the narrow and seemingly endless hall holding on to a battered middle-aged novelist by the name of John Stephenson, the screams surrounding them focused on the west. The unsettling shrieks of terror and pain were coming from the depths of the very direction in which they were headed. At the end of the corridor there were two iron doors blocking their path. They were really old, perhaps almost as old as the building itself and yet they held the most important job within the whole facility. Beyond these imposing iron doors lay the unthinkable – a special place for special people. That’s where they were taking John Stephenson – the tremendously feared West Wing of Danvers State Insane Asylum.
Haunting images of lingering death and perpetual sorrow plague the mind of whoever disturbs the macabre domain of the asylum’s West Wing, distinctively enveloped by the feeling of extreme human suffering and its surreal resemblance to some kind of emotional torture chamber. It is the one part of the entire facility that is best left alone. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to that section of the asylum.

Suddenly, the vibrant screams of those locked away beyond the rigid iron doors were degraded and silenced by the monotonous and irritating sound of a wretched rattling released by the guards’ rusty key chain, announcing their arrival to the tune of little metallic, golden keys rubbing against each other through an abrasive choir of intimidation.
The prisoners of the West Wing knew all too well the nature of that sudden visit by the guards. They only received three visits a day and this one wasn’t a regular. The first one usually took place about an hour after dawn, which was followed by a second mid-day visit. Then, right before sunset, the doors would open for a third time and they’d receive their final meal of the day before being locked away and left forgotten until the early rays of light of the following day would liven the hall with its benevolent presence.
But this time the doors were opened off schedule, which they knew meant either someone had been chosen for a much dreaded trip to the third floor, or a brand new inductee was about to grace the family of the damned. The latter seemed to make more sense to them all, and so they waited patiently for their chance to greet the newcomer through the bulletproof glass of their respective iron doors.

As the uniformed duo made their way through the narrow hallway of a place that felt haunted to all who dared intrude, they discovered something odd within one of the rooms.
It was a long and narrow hallway with small, rusty doors on both sides of it. Ten doors to the right and ten to the left; all separated by no more than a twelve-foot gap between them. They were all padded isolation rooms meant to contain the so-called “extreme” patients with great help from the infamous straightjackets they all wore inside. The compressed and overly private interiors of these deadened chambers gave them a very unique feel; they seemed to be little cubicles of grief and despair.

“What the fuck is that?” the brown haired novice guard shouted in shock.

“What’s what?”

“Over there; third door on the right. Is that blood?”

“Oh shit! I knew this would happen.”

About the Author

Chrystian Marrero lives alongside his mother and two siblings in Coroza, Puerto Rico.
Chrystian is pursuing the goal of studying to practice medicine at the University of Puerto Rico.

With several posts on writing websites, it was only a matter of time before someone wandered across the incredible writing of Chrystian Marrero!

NNP Owner, Gina Kincade did exactly that only a few short months ago and since then Chrystian has worked together with NNP to change his life forever. To fulfill his life dream of a becoming published author, with the release of his first book “Danvers Asylum!

It has only just begun...

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THE ART OF DOMINATION, THE POWER OF SUBMISSION: Switch it up! Understanding The BDSM Lifestyle Part Two by Cassandre Dayne

Switch it up! Understanding The BDSM Lifestyle Part Two by Cassandre Dayne

We’re going to take a structured look at living the lifestyle of D/s or BDSM today. Let’s talk a little about some of the fascination around the lifestyle first. For some, it’s about giving up control and freeing yourself. For others they enjoy controlling and caring for their partner at a heightened level. In truth a D/s lifestyle can me more intense and loving and full of trust than many marriages. You don’t have to live this literally every hour of the day but for some, they do in small ways. As a sub, whether you call your D master or Sir or Madame, you respect your D above all others. Respect and trust go hand in hand. A Dom or Domme completely respects you and your welfare. If not – you’re in the wrong situation.

Let’s talk a little about the dynamics of the D/s lifestyle more than playtime. Playtime can indeed be just as intense and for those of you getting into the thought of enjoying – I encourage you to share passion and sex in a way that is slanted toward BDSM. Keep in mind however that all aspects of BDSM don’t include sex. We’re still talking about control so when you are enjoying handcuffing your treat to your bed, just keep in mind that is barely scratching at the surface.

Let’s talk about what BDSM stands for. B – bondage. D – domination and discipline. S – submissive and Sadist. M – Masochism. While the terms are fairly frank the D/s lifestyle doesn’t generally involve sadism and not something we’re going to delve into. D/s is a consensual power exchange between partners. Sometimes it involves corporal punishment and sometimes it involves discipline such as taking away right whether to the television or the Internet. Those terms have already been agreed on. Let’s look at other terminologies. Vanilla – generally is used to indicate non-kinky sex and relationships and normally involve no aspects of BDSM. Top – the dominant of the relationship. Bottom – the submissive. Switch – one that engages in being both top and bottom.

Safe Word – okay – this isn’t playtime here folk. No matter whether you’re engaging in a weekend of hogtying your partner after you’ve learned new rope tricks or perhaps figging – using ginger as an insert into the anus for spanking, you need to agree on a word before you begin play. This word isn’t something that’s going to come up in your course of sharing. Both partners know that if the safe word is mentioned – all activity stops period. Subs know only to say the word if they truly can’t handle the level of discipline or other act. Generally a sub releases the word because an emotional boundary has been crossed they can’t handle. The D/s discusses what happened in order to prevent this in the future.

Some relationships involve sex, others don’t. D/s may be ritualized or freeform and you may find exactly what you need through the Internet. Many D/s situations begin there and expand perhaps to the phone – texting and pictures and some never involve any level of physical activity. Many Dom’s will text their subs throughout the day making sure they are okay and requiring them to perform certain tasks. Many times Dom’s or Domme’s will ask for pictures – sometimes sexual, sometimes not in exchange for a certain freedoms.

Negotiations – we’ve talked about this a bit. A typical BDSM relationship involves negotiation between the partners involved. Every part about playtime or the lifestyle is discussed and decisions made. From how discipline is handled to the responsibility of both parties, a conclusion is presented after both agree. If you are considering engaging in the lifestyle you should discuss with your partner whether you’re going to have a monogamous or polyamorous. If you anticipate you’re going to be the only sub and he or she brings in another partner, you’re not going to be happy.

There are many aspects to BDSM so both parties must know what to anticipate. Not only does this help with trust but also allows for a significant emotional bond. As I’ve said some D/s relationships involve love and others don’t. Fantasy roles may be played out such as a slave situation but not necessarily. What I’m saying is that you decide and negotiate together what your relationship will entail.

Rules are set in place – from being disrobed when you enter the home to scheduled days for maintenance discipline such as spankings. When infractions occur, both parties know what will happen.

As a reminder, there are many sites on the Internet that will help you as you begin your journey. Fet Life – an online community is a wonderful source but there are plenty of others. There are also groups within your sub culture and town that you can join. Even in the Bible belt states, BDSM groups exist to enable learning and sharing.

Many of you have heard about being “collared” before and I know so many folks that are disgusted by the thought of wearing a dog collar. For most in the D/s lifestyle, being collared by your Master or Mistress is a true honor and it involves sometimes years of getting to the place that you are totally and completely entrusting your partner with every aspect of your physical and emotional needs. For many wearing a especially selected necklace as you move toward a more formal collaring is a special time of exploring together. A traditional collar is sometimes worn only in the house while others choose to wear their collar at all times. Many times a lock is involved and it indicates a relationship. The collar is only worn by the sub and again, a great honor to wear one and an honor for the D to be able to say they have a collared sub.

One of the highest forms of discipline is to have the collar taken away for any period of time and this is generally used ONLY for extreme discipline. I’ve mentioned that discipline can be corporal – such as traditional spankings to the loss of privileges. It’s all in the contract.

We’ll explore the aspect even deeper in my next segment. For those of you that are interested in learning more, talk to a society, surf the web, join a forum – there are many ways to learn more before you decide what you like.

Take care…




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Naughty Nights Press speaks to Cover Artist, Shane Willis from Rad Act Photo…

Today our special guest is the witty and charmingly wicked, cover artist extraordinaire Shane Willis from Rad Act Photo. Shane is the last in our series of month long interviews with cover artists and for Naughty Nights Press, he holds a very special place amongst our family as he is also the same person who has made the covers of our authors books, bringing their stories to life.

Thank you so much for being here today Shane, we do appreciate it and truly understand how busy you are at the moment. I can honestly say I can hear echoes of some authors asking where their covers are and are they finished yet. My response to them at the moment is “Back off, Shane is taking some well deserved time out to spend it on NNP’s blog with me.”

So that said, lets waste no time and get started on learning about Shane Willis.

NNP: How long have you been creating book covers for?Don't Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black

Shane: I have all ways been a graphic artist, but I was first published as a book cover artist in 2002 when I did a book cover for Pathfinding by Patricia Raskin , it was a illustration, and it was about 2 years before I started my photography. There was bit of gap due to other projects I was involved in, so my next cover came in 2008. I began doing many more over the subsequent years, and have done the bulk of them in 2010 and 2011.

NNP: What got you into creating book covers?

Shane: In my world, graphic design and photography went together like milk and cookies. My other projects lead me to poster design, CD cover design, and billboard design. All of that took me away from book covers for a while, but the book covers still slowly trickled in. Over the past 2 years I have done several for local authors and publishers. But with the help of this little thing called the World Wide Web, well… it was only a matter of time before my work would spread. My photography has been used for, or I have designed book covers for publishers in Korea, Italy, Argentina, Canada and Great Britain, not to mention all over the US. Today I think I have about 25 or so covers that bare my name.

NNP: Is there a certain medium you prefer to work with?

Shane: Now, I prefer photography. I have illustrated a few covers, but as I haveTHE TRAINING OF TESS sample V3 (1) fallen in love with photography and photo editing. I have come to realize that it can portray a very intimate story. They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and since you can’t put a thousand words on a cover… one photo (the right photo) can do the trick and do it exceptionally well.

NNP: How closely do you work with the Author and Publisher when it comes to creating a book cover?

Shane: How closely I work with the Author and Publisher on a cover is a variable. Some have just been a few emails, and a brief description. Some can be extensive phone calls and conversations getting all the aspects of the story or the desired look of the cover. Sometimes it’s just a request to license my photography for a cover. They design the cover in house, but just want to use my photography. That is the interesting part. Let’s say I created a photo a year ago… then someone see’s that photo, and wants to use it for their cover because it captured the essence or the spirit of the story they wrote. I believe that is part of a mass consciousness. I imagine that the moment they where writing their story and I was thinking of a shot to take, or a message I wanted to convey with my photograph. Perhaps that was the moment we where synchronized. Now, they see my work, and it all fits together. But maybe that’s just me.

NNP: Do you find that it can be frustrating at times trying to get the cover exactly right?

Shane: I haven’t had too much frustration in getting a cover the way it needed to be. In a word… I have an uncanny “gift” to image an image from the minutest of detailed descriptions. Sort of like a police sketch artist I guess. The other part is the ability to create or recreate that image, either in illustration or photography. Yes the more info the better, but like I said my communications with Author and Publisher can be slight to in depth. It all depends on the project. My biggest frustration is FONTS. Getting the right font to convey the feel or that fits the genre can be difficult. I have nearly 3000 fonts in my repertoire and there are Millions more on the web. It’s a matter of keeping it simple, while being noticeable and a little different than everyone else.

NNP: If you are a photographer, do you use only certain models or do you try and match the models to the characters in the book?

Shane: I do have a group of select models that I work best with and yes if the character has long dark hair, or short blond hair or green eyes or blue eyes, I try to make it match. Sometimes character description is left up to the reader, so I feel a little freer to take my artistic license. With photo editing tools however, changing things, such as eye color, to match a character is easy. So if my long hair brunette has brown eyes in reality and the character has blue…it’s a quick and easy touch up. I try doing most of my cover as impressions, so the reader can make up their own visualizations. Only showing the face from the nose down for example, or not showing a face at all, or showing only a silhouetted profile, or something along those lines. This gives the impression to the reader, but leaves the details up to the author.

Sometimes a face is needed. That’s when I have to start looking for a descriptive match… or something pretty darn close.

In setting up a cover, if I have a good synopsis of a book, or a good idea of certain object that are crucial to the story, then I try to incorporate them into the image.

Let’s say I was doing cover for a story about a strip poker game between two or three couples that gets carried away and turns into a steamy “full house” of “Kings over Queens” and “Aces High”.

Then I would defiantly incorporate a deck of playing cards in the image. Maybe show a seminude woman lying on a poker table, from say her neck or chin, down to her lower waist, with playing cards and poker chips spread all over her body (hiding certain parts) and several other hands reaching from off scene, caressing her from either side of the table. I think the message is impressed to the reader as to what the story is about.

Posted by Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant

Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team

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NNP Presents Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black due for Release September 30th


The most ravishing and tantalizing Elizabeth Black with her newest book that will certainly get everyone’s hearts racing…”DON’T CALL ME BABY



DON'T CALL ME 'BABY' is a fast-paced, quick-witted, sexy, 150,379 word completed novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morals she collides with on a daily basis. It's 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes - married college professors, theatre students, virgins, complete strangers who intrigue her. She has already cost one man his job. But she asks herself lots of questions on her search to enjoy her sexuality. Why don't other women enjoy their sex as much as she does? Why do so many women and men look down on sexually free women, calling them sluts while sexually free men are called studs and Lotharios? She bucks at the double standards!  Catherine has made no commitment to any man. She's free to explore and she gladly does so. No man can tie her down and no woman's judgment will stop her from playing the field to her heart's content. Does she meet her match in a new man who introduces her to sexual bliss she had never before experienced? When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she's found the sexual bliss she is looking for - and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

DON’T CALL ME BABY is due for release September 30th 2011 in E-Book format.

Ms. Black will be visiting some wonderful blogs and answering questions about Don’t Call Me Baby and her life as a writer.

Jot these dates down, so you won’t miss out on what she has to say.

Ø Tuesday 6th September and Wednesday 7th September - Naughty Nights Press blog. One lucky reader who leaves a comment will win themselves a copy of Don’t Call Me Baby.

Ø Wednesday 14th September - Authors by Authors with the incredible Kiki Howell

Ø Friday 16th September - Author Sam Crescent’s blog with none other than the sexy Sam herself

Ø Thursday 29th September and Friday 30th September – Sex Marks the G-Spot with the sexy team

Links to Elizabeth Black

Web site/Blog -

Facebook -

Twitter -

Amazon Author Page -

Yahoo Group -

RomanceWiki -

Cover Art for Don’t Call Me Baby by Shane Willis, Rad Act Photographery

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Naughty Nights Press presents Dawn Lyons from Rebel Ink Press

With us today for our final installment of what different Editors from other publishing houses do is the lovely Dawn Lyons, Editor at Rebel Ink Press.

On behalf of Naughty Nights Press, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions.

Thank you for having me today. It’s a pleasure to be able to share a bit about me and Rebel Ink Press.

How long have you been an editor?rebelink

I’ve been an editor to some degree for about twenty years. I started, believe it or not, in high school as the editor of my school’s yearbook three years running and went from there. I worked in newspaper text while making my way through college to gain a degree in English and most recently I’ve taken on the mantle of editing novels and short stories with Rebel Ink Press.

Could you please describe your job as editor?

The most important thing I can say about my job as an editor is that I’m a teacher first and foremost. It’s not only my job to polish a manuscript until it shines, it’s my job to develop writers and help them hone their craft. Over the years a lot of writer's have believed me to be harsh, but in my opinion sugar coating it doesn’t get the job done. As for the technicalities of the job, they vary from script to script depending on the writer’s abilities. Some scripts require serious tear down technically while others require focus on story and character development. My job starts the minute the script hits my desk and doesn’t stop until it’s safely in the hands of our senior editor for finalization.

Do you do a fully comprehensive edit, line by line edit, and a plot and continuity edit, or only one of these?

Every editor at Rebel Ink Press does a full, comprehensive edit. Without all the components working together a story isn’t complete. That includes line by line technical editing, plot validation, fact checking and consistency. We can’t have Charles removing his pants in one line and two lines later he’s fully dressed. We are very critical and very careful. In the editor’s course we’re required to take we’re taught that every single word is important and should be looked at carefully. We don’t edit sentences. We don’t edit paragraphs. We edit every single word.

Are you completely honest and blunt with an author if there are problems with the manuscript?

I am the most honest and blunt editor you’ll find. I lay it out plain and simple. I do warn my writers I’m that way beforehand so it may take a bit of the sting and shock factor out, however, as I stated above, sugar coating doesn’t cut it.

Are there any other jobs that you do above and beyond editing? For instance do you help the author pick a title for their book or help the author when they are having problems with their story line, etc?

I’m strictly an editor, however, we do check titles before we send anything out to make sure it’s not overused, so yes, if there’s an issue with that one of the editor’s will guide the writer in making a sound decision. Part of my job is to make sure the story line holds water and as such I do a fair amount of advising on that. But a writer’s work is ultimately theirs. I can advise all day long but that doesn’t mean they will take that advice.

How do you keep abreast of what is currently trending genre wise?

I read consistently and constantly as well as watch market reports via news outlets. I get several writer’s and publisher’s periodicals each month as well.

Do you find it easier if you have basic knowledge of the genre you are editing or do you feel it doesn't matter?

If you’re reading with an editor’s eye genre should never be an issue. I’ll admit some genres hold special circumstances that require varying degrees of research, but the technicalities of writing are universal.

Have you or would you, ever approach an author due to the quality of their work, and ask them to submit to your publisher?

Recruiting isn’t my job, so no. If an author asks, I’ll answer questions, but trying to skim writers from other good presses is unethical and we don’t practice that art at Rebel Ink Press.

Thank you Dawn for being with us today, it has been a delight in reading your answers, not to mention finding out what it is your job as Editor entails.

Posted by Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant

Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team

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Author AP Miller, full listing of books & book reviews: 

Andrew & Patti Miller, AP Miller BOOK REVIEWS

• Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Book Review: Under the Mistletoe by AP Miller 


4 Flames = SMOKIN HOTSynopsis

Miranda Harris, successful Event Planner in NYC, fears Christmas. Every year she goes home for the holidays single. The men in her life never stay or can't commit. All Miranda wants for Christmas is good man who will love her, without provisions. Then she meets Donnie Brockaway.

Donnie Brockaway is used to getting what he wants. Only problem is that he is forced to take a wife of his Father's approval or risk loosing his inheritance and the merging of the two companies. He wants a union out of love, so when he meets Miranda Harris the sparks fly and Donnie isn't concerned about what his father thinks.

My Thoughts:AP Miller does it right on their newest short story. One thing that draws me to a book is being able to identify with the characters. Every woman can identify with Miranda Harris on some level, mainly because she is showing us glimpses of our own life...some moments better then others. I found it very hard to believe this was only 60 pages long. AP blended this short story perfectly and definately covered all the bases.

Miranda never quite seems to be lucky in love and decides it's time to take action and make some shoes, sexy clothes and maybe doing some detective work when it come to the hunky businessman, Donnie Brockaway, she saw in the paper. But what happens when your dream man moves in next door? and it turns out he's engaged to another woman! 

Donnie never thought he'd meet a woman like her, let alone in his buildings elevator; then come to find out she's but one door down. Phermones fly and the air sizzles just being next to her and he's got to make the next move. Wine and pizza in hand he makes his approach, and finds that even her answering the door in cartoon PJs turns him on.

There's so much more to this story then the sexy neighbor and really enjoyable carpet burn. It's erotica with substance, and I liked it.
I'm just glad the full length version will be slated for release in Dec 2011 in time for Christmas. 
Keep a look out for more from AP Miller (Andrew & Patti Miller) writing team.

School of Hard Knocks

"Where can I sign up to go to this school?!"The husband and wife writing team of A.P. Miller, writing as LA Andrews, has once again written a sexy, erotic story that pushes the way you think. They take the ordinary idea of a school for girls and turn it into a fun, exciting, 'look for your husband' type of tale.

Head Mistress Chambers grabs your attention from the start, with her very strict and wicked ways. The introduction of Elizabeth and her growth was well written and very believable.

If you are looking for a sexy girl on girl, girl on guy and every way you can imagine kind of story that will leave you hot and bothered, then this is the story for you!!! All I can say is, "Where can I sign up to go to this school?!"

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted January 2, 2010
• Posted on January 20, 2010 by C.H. Scarlett 

Title: Beyond the Looking Glass

Author: AP Miller

Author Site

Buy Link

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Genre: Fantasy

Length- # OF PAGES: 107

Other: BDSM * M/F * Voyeurism 

Pagan & Pagan Elements: yes/no 

Card Rating: – 4 Tarots

Reviewed by: Gabrielle


About The Book: What happens when Walt Disney meets the Brothers Grimm in a series of twisted, dark, horror-filled fairy tales in a world of Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, and the Gnome King.

In the dark forest, Rhed Riding Hood finds her way to Granny’s house. Years later, her passion is awakened by something so dark and sinister that no form of witchcraft can ever prevent. Prince Charming’s Princess is thrown to the ground as her once elegant coach turns into a pumpkin and becomes surrounded by mice at the stroke of midnight. Suddenly Charming isn’t so charming.

Snow White is sent into the woods to be put to death, but the woodsman has other ideas, and the pure step-daughter is thrown into a realm where even evil itself cannot touch her, but becomes her.

Beyond the Looking Glass finds Alice set in an underground world she would never expect through the very nature of it, which forces her to find her way back through Wonderland with the help of the Cheshire cat.

Will you take a look thru the glass to see what pops out?

The Review:

Just about everyone has grown up hearing those wonderful happily ever after fables. Stories set in beautiful worlds with grand characters and loves. What if those worlds were filled with other, darker beings? Who or what would be your favorite?

In Beyond the Looking Glass the reader is treated to a wondrous world full of those dark creatures and desires. Snow white is no longer so pure after the woodsman has come to her. Prince Charming leads in a very different way and will have his woman no matter what. While visiting her grandmother Rhed Riding Hood finds her dark side. Alice finds herself in another world full of things she never even thought existed.

Although every story is a good read in itself, Rhed Riding Hood’s story would have to be my favorite. Rhed grows into a strong and smart woman who takes her life into her own hands and decides to get what she wants and needs. Learning from her grandmother to respect the forest as well as protecting those that dwell there. Rhed decides she is tired of being alone and goes after what she desires.

Each of the stories are fast-paced and well-written, piquing the readers interest and making them want to know more about the characters and their world. I truly enjoyed these stories and would love to see more takes on many of the other old tales. These stories have a great partnership of horror and eroticism that make for an enjoyable read.

Pagan Elements: no

Cover (Rated 1-10): 8 

Cover makes one interested in the book; making you wonder just what does the young lady see in the forest.


AP Miller’s latest release. Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a must read, and a definite keeper to those of you who enjoy a bit of spice. 

AP Miller has once again titillated us and at the same time tickled our funny bones with Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls, a tale of an innocent and a demon. 

Silly, sleazy, campy, and totally delightful, Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a strange and wonderful tale about a pious young man, his Guardian Angel, and a demon succubus named Pathrusim, Patti for short. Andrew saves Patti from demon hunters, but she in turn falls for him. Wacky, yes, but when heaven and hell clash over the soul of a Succubus, things happen that you won’t believe. In the meantime, the little succubus tries all her erotic wiles on Andrew, who puts up with her trials, and plays as if they are only games. But when she tries to pull a real switch, Andrew calls her hard on it, and Patti caves, and not just once either. Time and time again, she is unable to pull him in. The ending is not what you might expect, so you know the drill…and don’t worry, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Yours in good reading,


In this sexy romp, Librarians Don't Get Married by AP Miller, we meet a town of free-thinking and free-loving people who have one major obstacle. Their exclusive mate-swapping club might be exposed by one maidenly, prudish grump by the name of Grundy, and it is to this end they conspire to face their foe. Heidi, the Doctor, some prominent business men and others are a fun and kinky set who are in it for the sex, and the real love they can share with their play. For those who enjoy a very kinky read, this is definitely one you will enjoy. I found it fun, lighthearted, and a very entertaining read and I think for those open-minded readers of erotic romance, it is a great addition to your bookshelves.

Clearly a horror filled fantasy novel, an observation noticeable just from its cover Beyond the Looking Glass is highly entertaining, wickedly thrilling and skillfully chilling. Reader’s will enjoy the rousing lascivious twists on their favorite fairy tales, although searching for obvious disparities between the “age appropriate” versions. AP Miller maintains just enough of the known cast’s characterization and story line, so creating an illusion of expected normalcy, only to quickly turn them feral, sinister and oh so erotic. At first, it’s shocking but deliciously fun soon afterwards exposing the earthy carnal appetites of weres and vamps, then showcasing the seductive allure of leather and dominance. An anthology that cannot be pushed aside by any horror enthusiasts who enjoys eroticism with their tales of terror. 

AP Miller is the pen name for writing husband and wife team Patti and Andrew Miller, both widely published authors in various newspaper, magazine and of course, novels.



AP Miller has a hot winner in MANAGEMENT TRAINING. The story takes the reader on a fantastic trip where nothing is as it seems; taking several issues that may seem less than romantic but are hot and steamy in their capable hands as a writer. Beverly has never sat back and let things happen. Once she has figured out she wants Mark she is as mean and as nasty as she can be. Mark responds by taking the punishment and drawing out of her the pleasure and degradation she needs in order to free her self from the stress of the day. Mark’s secret was a surprise but it was written perfectly for the book, playing with precision the romance. This book isn’t for the reader who wants a typical romance that doesn’t involve any raw power exchange. If you want a great hot read with a few twists then this is the book to buy!
Lone Huntress Title: Lone Huntress 

Author: AP Miller

Publisher: Carnal Desires 

Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance

Publication date: 2009

Rating: (4.5)

Heat rating: 4 

Reviewer: Raashema

As the name implies, Lisa Huntress is a hunter. To be more precise, she is a green-haired cyborg bounty hunter, maybe the best of her time. But underneath the armor and the tough-as-steel emotional shields is a small child held captive in the prison of her past. 

The road to Bounty Hunter extraordinaire was not an easy one. As a child on the hostile planet Gaia, Lisa and her Tribe fought many environmental hazards and carnivorous fauna None could compare though to the band of pirates that descended from the skies, bringing death and destruction to all but Lisa, whom they kidnapped, held captive and abused for over a year. Her subsequent rescue and later adoption by Materson, also a bounty hunter, would begin the last chapter in the development of Lisa Huntress, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire.

Each of us is only the sum of our life experiences. AP Miller has created a unquestionably emotionally charged space odyssey that highlights one woman’s search for happiness in a world that is extremely critical of women’s beauty and their place in society. We are shown her life in small snapshots that illustrate her emotional triumph as she moves closer to true happiness and learns to trust and accept herself. Lone Huntress is a simply luscious, thought provoking treat that will be remembered long after the last page has been read. You will find yourself looking at society and life in a more critical light. I, for one, can hardly wait for the next installment. So, if you want an erotic sci-fi that is thought provoking, as well as engaging, this should be a definite buy. 

• "A Six Part Futuristic Joy Ride"Lone Huntress:

• Introduces us to a Cyborg Bounty Hunter named Lisa Huntress. She is feared and famed for her cruelty. Her latest mission is to pick a Live bounty by the name of Romeo, a projective telepath. But Romeo has bitten off more than he can chew when he messes with Lisa's dreams.Genesis of the Huntress:

• Brock Masterson rescued Lisa when she was 12 from the Pirates who had eliminated Lisa's home planet, and took her hostage and tortured her for a year. Can Brock pull her out of her depression and offer her a new way of life?Beauty and Beholders:

• After a meeting with the infamous "Pink Barron", who works for the FIA, she is offered a well paying job. If she can prove herself, then she will be put on the FIA's list for bounty hunters. Only the best get to be put on that list. Lisa wastes no time in accepting, but a simple assignment turns out to be a little more than she thought.Love and Hate:

• While in a library Lisa meets Sara. Sara is not afraid of the way she looks or afraid to talk to her. What started out as a friendly conversation turns into something Lisa did not expect. As their relationship goes to new levels, there are things that Sara is not telling Lisa.Family Ties:

• While on board her ship, Lisa Huntress gets a transmission from the Queen of Furcodia. They require her services as an exterminator. The experience offers a interaction with a race Lisa has never come across before. What is supposed to be a simple extermination turns into something more.Therapy:
Taking some advice, Lisa Huntress decides to go for some therapy. What her therapist, Keven see's when Lisa first walks through the door is a shy girl, with unvoiced hope. He knows he can help her. What Lisa finds is someone who understands her, and she finally feels she has found love, but would that require her to give up hunting?Wow! Lone Huntress tells the story of Lisa Huntress, a cyborg, and all of the trials she goes through in her life. From her first experience after being rescued, and her first love, her first f/f. A.P. Miller does a wonderful job of making us feel as if we are there with Lisa. With vivid detail describing her suroundings, as well as her emotions. You really feel Lisa's fear, anger and pain. The love scenes are smoking hot and very detailed. Over all an engaging read with a well thought out plot, and a memorable character in Lisa. A.P. Miller does it again!!!! Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted November 8, 2009

Ap Miller The Boogedyman
By A.P. Miller 

A.P. Miller brings to light the question, "What if the boogeyman
was real" and the terrifying knowledge "What if it was you?" 
This husband and wife writing team will pull you into Murray's world of
nightmares, and fear. Leaving you wondering, right along with Murray,
what is happening and is this real? 
A.P. Miller has done a wonderful job of connecting the reader with Murray, you will be rooting for him, all the while asking yourself "Is he really the bad guy? Overall I
feel that "The Boogedyman" delivers a well thought out scary plot, and I
can promise you one heck of a good read!

Missy Brown, PNR Reviews

Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls

This work combines the smoldering sensuality of well-written erotica with the nail-biting suspense of an edge-of-the-seat thriller. When the final page is turned, the space between these two disparate traits is filled with a deep caring... for the characters, and an eagerness to find out how their lives (and afterlives?) will continue to pan out. Sequel, please? Stevie-C reader

Ap Miller Reviews
December 2009

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Naughty Nights Press Interviews Cover Artist Dan “TheDanimal” Skinner!


Today on Naughty Nights Press, we have the incredible and talented cover artist, Dan “TheDanimal” Skinner. Some of you may know him through his book covers, others may know of Dan’s work through the Deviant Art website. Either way, Dan photographs the most decadent eye candy anyone would want to see.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Naughty Nights Press blog Dan and answering some questions about your job as a cover artist. We appreciate how busy you are and it’s wonderful that you have taken time out of your busy schedule.

NNP: How long have you been creating covers?

DS: I believe I am into my 11th year of creating covers. But since then I have
also branched off into doing magazine features and creating stock
photography for other artists to use. I very rarely sit down now to do
actual covers because the shoots take up most of my time.

NNP: What got you into creating covers?

DS: I had been doing fitness photography and some publishers saw my work and
asked me to work for them. I have since then quit doing fitness shots and
been specializing in particular brands of romance photography that are not
widely available to other artists, such as m/m romance. I wanted to do
something that did not exists in the market, and do it well enough to
compare to what had been in the m/f romance market since..well..forever.
Real people in real contact. I wanted that physical connection that the
simple cut and paste of male figures in a shot could not give. In one word:
Intimacy. Real people touching real people.

NNP: Is there a certain medium you prefer to work with?

DS: I am staying pretty much with photography at the moment. I am having fun
creating real moments between living human beings for the covers. I think it
delivers so much more. I may drift off and do some fantasy manipulations
when the mood and inspiration strikes, but right now I think the need for
intimate romance shots of the type I am doing is more vital to the market. I
am wanting to add as many variations to the theme as possible so the
publishing world has access to shots that are realistically romantic.

NNP: How closely do you work with author and Publisher when it comes to creating
a book cover?

DS: It is an equal exchange of ideas. The authors are brilliant at giving me the
exact ideas of what to convey in a shot, and the publisher gives me the

NNP: Do you find that it can be frustrating at times trying to get the cover
exactly right?

DS: Since I work mainly now in the medium of photography it's the job of the
models to convey the emotions. I am always impressed when you put two actual
people together how the emotion can exceed even the highest of expectations.

NNP: If you are a photographer, do you only use certain models, or do you try to
match to match the characters in the book?

DS: I shoot such a wide ranges of models and scenes I am privileged to be able
to offer publishers and authors a wide selection of realistic romantic shots
and let them choose what fits their personal vision. I have had many authors
buy particular shots, in fact, to create stories that the photo, itself,
inspired. I love when that happens!
Thanx so much for giving me your time, I am so appreciative!

Thank you Dan for being here and sharing these incredible photos with our readers.

Posted by Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant, Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team

Monday, August 15, 2011

Naughty Nights Press Interviews Editor Piper Denna from Lyrical Press

Today we are continuing our month of interviews with Editors from other publishing houses and I would like to introduce to our readers and writers, the talented Editor In Charge at Lyrical Press, Ms. Piper Denna.

Thank you Piper for taking time out of your busy schedule and joining us today on Naughty Nights Press and answering these questions, I know our readers will be interested in reading about what your job entails.

NNP: How long have you been an editor for?

PD: I’ve been editing for 3 years for Lyrical Press (although I do take credit for loads of background experience with the very busy critique groups I’ve been in).

NNP: Could you please describe your job as editor?

PD: As a content editor at Lyrical Press, I’m part editor/part talent management, acting as liaison between authors and the house, as well as providing advice on promotion, and maintaining a fairly close relationship with them. While I may not be any one author’s best friend, I can honestly say I know a heck of a lot about what’s going on their personal lives at any given time. And I like to think they all feel no matter what I ask them to do with their book during edits, I’m only trying to make their book the best it can be. Having a friendly relationship helps with that, I believe. As for the work end of things, I review their submissions, recommend contract (or not, which I can honestly say gives me more pain than receiving a rejection on one of my own books), provide them with documents to fill out for the company, correctly format the file and remove latent coding, then perform content edits, as well as resolve line edit issues, help write the blurb, build the galley file, complete corrections to the galley file, and present the final book file to the publisher for ebook production. Then the author and I take one last look at the book to make sure everything is perfect. Once the book releases, I try to support my author in getting the word out, sharing great reviews, etc.… and wait for their next wonderful manuscript to appear in my Inbox.

NNP: Do you do a fully comprehensive edit, line by line edit, and a plot and continuity edit, or only one of these?

PD: I do all of the above, and generally all at once. I’ll go through the book anywhere from 3-5 rounds—and this is before we send the book on to our line editing department.

NNP: Are you completely honest and blunt with an Author if there are problems with the manuscript?

PD: I have to be—my name is going on that copyright page! Imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t express concerns with saggy conflict, for example, or a character’s speech, (or whatever!) and then the author got dinged for it in a review. Not good.

NNP: Are there any other jobs that you do above and beyond editing? For instance do you help the Author pick a title for their book; help the Author when they are having problems with their story line etc.

PD: I’ve helped with a few different titles I’ve edited. A couple of times the author had no idea for a title. Others have been titles which just didn’t work with their genre. Sometimes I offer suggestions—or simply help them pick from a list of “maybes” they’ve come up with. (I have Title Disability. That’s one of the hardest things for me to do with my own books.) For story line issues, such as motivation, if an idea comes to mind, I’ll definitely suggest it. But if I can’t come up with anything, I’ll simply point out the problem and ask the author to brainstorm with her critique partners/beta readers.

NNP: How do you keep abreast of what is currently trending genre wise?

PD: Workshops, message boards such as Absolute Write, industry publications, Twitter (probably the best source, in my opinion), and cold subs. Also, let us not forget the Holy Grail of Publishing—the royalty statement. It’s irrefutable evidence of what’s selling.

NNP: Do you find it easier if you have basic knowledge of the genre you are editing or do you feel it doesn't matter?

PD: I definitely need to know the genre. What’s mainstream, what’s been “done” too many times so it’s cliché, what will offend/excite/appeal to readers. I mainly edit genres I love to read, so it’s easy to tell a great book from a stinker. (No stinker authors on my roster! They all rock.)

NNP: Have you or would you, ever approach an Author due to the quality of their work, and ask them to submit to your publisher?

PD: I’ve done it with critique partners, but I wouldn’t try to “steal” an author from another publisher. If I judged an awesome unpublished contest entry, I’d try to send a message along via the coordinator… provided it was allowed. Our Irish novella collection helped me find new authors who write in my genre, and let them get a taste of our company, as well as my editing style. I’ve landed some really wonderful authors this way. If authors are considering a different house, participating in a collection or anthology is a nice means without a huge commitment.

Posted by Ms. Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant, Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team

Saturday, August 13, 2011



Naughty Nights Press Submissions Call For Christmas Themed Erotic Ménage Short Stories

"Doing The Naughty List, Twice – Stories of Holiday Ménage"
Holiday Themed Anthology
Deadline: November 1, 2011
Acceptance Notification by December 1, 2011
Expected Publication Date: December 24, 2011
Submission address:
Royalties: 80% net distributed equally between contributors & one digital copy of the anthology for personal use only.

Naughty Nights Press is seeking short stories, between 2500 and 8000 words, involving Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanza or New Years Eve settings or parties and the sexual antics possible in the holiday season. Three or more characters doing something extra special and naughty to enjoy the holidays!

* Social events attended by both male and female characters, culminating in group orgies m/m/m, f/m/f, m/f/m and more.
* Hot sizzling taboo affairs with Santa and an elf or two.
* Christmas Parties where everyone gets kinky
* Play a naughty New Years party game that ends in clothes everywhere
* House parties with half naked people everywhere
* Your favorite fantasy around this ‘giving’ season
* Off to pick out the tree and get caught in a snowstorm & forced to find shelter with your two best friends.
* As the New Year ball drops in Times Square, you go down on two
* Your New Years resolution is to be more social so you accept that invitation out with three friends you’ve not seen in a while
* You hire a date off an Internet site to avoid going to a party alone and end up getting so much more then you paid for

Suggested Titles:

* I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
* Who’s On Santa’s Naughty List?
* All I Want For Christmas Is My Best Friend And His Wife
* Naughty Christmas Ménage Matinee
* Cum They Told Me
* I Joined My Best Friend In Doing Santa Claus
* While Santa’s Away The Elves Will Play
* Santa Comes More Than Once Tonight
* Christmas Stockings
* Mrs. Claus And The Drummer Boys
* Underneath The Mistletoe
* A New Year’s Bash With The Bunch

All stories are to be well written, drawing the reader in and making them feel as though they are there, touching, exploring, and tasting every little image and emotion you describe. Please remember though that there is to be NO characters under the age of 18.

Please ensure that ALL submissions are followed in the manner detailed below. For multiple submissions please send each in its own individual email with separate cover information, synopsis, word count etc.
In the body of the email AND the first page of the manuscript please include the following:

Your Legal Name and Contact Information
Genre/Sub-Genre or Category
Word Count
Brief Synopsis Of The Story (Min 1/2 page, single spaced)
A 50-75 word Biography written in the third person

Please ensure you include the following as an attachment to the email in .doc format only (no .docx or rtf): Save the file in the following manner: YOURLEGALNAME_TITLE_HOLIDAY THEME.doc

Text is Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing. No other formatting or spaces please!!
Identify new chapters only with "Chapter Two" title, no extra lines or spaces, no ****** or other stuff please.

Submissions are due in no later than November 1, 2011

Artwork courtesy of Rad Act Photography

Thursday, August 11, 2011

THE ART OF DOMINATION, THE POWER OF SUBMISSION: Switch It Up! Understanding The BDSM Lifestyle by Cassandre Dayne



Switch It Up! Understanding The BDSM Lifestyle by Cassandre Dayne

In my continuing journey, as it’s really become, to not only bring to my readers certain aspects of enjoying sexuality in ways that might seem to be a bit taboo to others. As an erotic writer, there are aspects of true kink that we can’t insert into our books and no worries there because the last thing I want to do in personify any activity that is truly horrific or against the law. BUT…there are sexy aspects to actual lifestyles that are whispered about and craved in secret.

Talking about BDSM is not new and not for me on this forum. However, the more I talk with Domme’s and Dom’s about their interests and then try and have discussions with others – whether writers or readers – I realize there are not only continued serious misnomers about the lifestyle but a fear that mentioning they might light to try a D/s situation is something akin to mentioning you have murderous feelings.

First of all I don’t think you can seriously write about BDSM without knowing something about it. That doesn’t mean you have to TRY everything but you do have to do your research. A pet peeve of mine are folks that attempt to write it and they think that playful spanking or aspects of pain such as a sadist would consider doing is the lifestyle. It’s not. It’s also not just about tying people up and having your way with them. On the flip side – it’s not about allowing the D to inflict and enjoy pain. That my friends is called sadism.

So…am I am expert? Oh God no. But I do talk and read and read more. I’m involved in an Internet group called FetLife. It’s a wonderful resource for learning about many levels of kink. Let me tell you, it there’s something you’re interested in learning about you’re going to find it there. From figging (the art of using ginger as a control method for discipline) to medical play, spanking to group sex – you can find a group or a group of people that share your hungers.

The people involved are from every walk of life including doctors and lawyers to mechanics and stay at home mothers. Before you snicker, you have fantasies as well, don’t you? Some feel confident to be themselves while others hide behind a mask. Their pictures may be of themselves in various stages of engaging in play while sometimes they are stock photos purchased and used but generally the pictures give you an indication of what they enjoy.

I’m also involved in several secret “rooms” on Facebook what have mostly writers with some readers that enjoy the erotic genre as well. I posed the question – have you ever been interested in experiencing a D/s relationship and if so, what drew you to the thought? Let’s just say it got very chilly in the rooms. Granted, it was early in the morning but it brought to light how people are so afraid of the concept. Now as the topic continued this morning – I’ve heard more realistic thoughts but so many believe that they’d prefer romantic sex than tying their partner up. There again, that is only a tiny aspect of some D/s relationships.

Another curious thing is that my books that sell tend to have aspects of BDSM in them. Spankdown is about a card game that I read on a real life, spanking site. Many people consider themselves “spankos” and hunger for discipline that includes spanking.

Whether you have a HOH (head of household) situation where the man or woman rules the roost and the other receive maintenance and/or punishment spankings or you occasionally engage in more of a play spanking – people really seem to enjoy. The card game gave you the number of spanks seen on the card. The two doubles the number of strikes. Yes, different implements are used. What’s funny is that people feel comfortable devouring the stories in the privacy of they homes but are cautious at admitting their needs either to their partner or friends. Well, I guess that’s what makes a fantasy, right?

When you join FetLife – you can be you or anybody else you want to be. I admit I use a cute pseudo on the site but folks know I write as Cassandre Dayne. And yes, I put on the site some things I life. It doesn’t mean I’ve done them all but I have no problems admitting that I crave having a dominant male over me. There. I said it. Horrible? No. In my real life I am very bold and bodacious. It comes across in my personality, my clothes and my sexual appetites. I dare say it probably comes across in my writing as well.

Does it mean I’m going to leave all that I have and run away with a dominating guy? No. It simply means I can enjoy playing out my personal fantasies on paper.

I also find that many men truly want a dominating female. Is this a product of our lifestyle in that men are traditionally the breadwinners and therefore feel the need to give up control? Perhaps. This is my opinion but I think that the way men perceive the notion is probably closer to reality than how women do. How so? The D/s lifestyle is more about control and not pain. The majority of women that I ask say – oh I’d love to be spanked but I can’t tolerate any other levels of pain. Men say they are intrigued by the thought of being helpless and unable to do anything. It’s interesting the difference.

I have several men friends that are comfortable enough with me to allow me into their psyche and their hungers and have shard their greatest fantasies regarding living a lifestyle with a Domme. They have various reasons why but basically they feel the need to give up control and feel free and alive. That’s really a huge part of the lifestyle – giving up control and it’s completely freeing.

Others try and achieve the lifestyle. If you are curious at all, I suggest you try the site. You can locate others in your area, have basic discussions and ask questions, find a friend or two and compare notes and also potentially meet someone. Now, here’s where I give the word or five or warning. Just as with every Internet site or sex club or every day life, there are predators so I caution you not to simply decide to meet someone. As with any developing relationship there has to be trust. I’ll get back to the trust word – which is huge in the lifestyle – in a minute.

I recently attended a conference in Louisville that was geared more toward the movie industry than anything but they had some wonderful panels for writers including erotic writers. I shared several panels with some great folks and learned a lot. One panel I was asked to be on was BDSM. Now…there were two or three on the panel that openly said they weren’t sure why they were on the panel in the first place. They had barely written a scene in one of their books and they truly hadn’t done any research.

That’s part of the problem writers – research before you put it out there. Whether you’re trying to put a scene in that includes a playroom full of apparatuses – including the “X” cross (St. Christopher’s cross) or a spanking bench or even whips and canes – you need to really read on how and why they’re used. If you put something out there on paper I can guarantee someone is going to try it and people can get hurt. You’ve read about forms of asphyxiation and people use that in some heightened levels of BDSM – not something I’m interested in but if you write about the act you better know what you’re talking about.

I shared the panel with an every day Domme – who is a writer as well as shares her life with a man, her sub that she calls her slave. She was very concerned that the wrong message was put out to the masses and while by the end of the panel she realized I certainly had at least done my research, she offered to continue my education. Since then she has friended me on FetLife, sent me a copy of her highly respected non fiction book, At Her Feet, and has answered question after question for me.

Tammy Jo Eckhart’s comments at the show really sunk in with me. BDSM is about trust and control and a contract. What I found interesting after I left is that I had questions, mostly from men, that wanted everything from a quiet drink to having me wield a whip – there is that sexy connotation that some people have. I’m not sure the majority of people would call BDSM romantic; but then again, perhaps for some it is. For me personally I hunger for a strong man that understands me both sexually and emotionally. For me personally discipline would be involved but punishment comes in many forms, not just whips and chains – another misnomer.

What I want to leave you with today is the word TRUST. This is the most vital word that you’re going to hear and you have to trust your partner implicitly or you’ll have a miserable time and not be fulfilled. In truth you and your partner negotiate and talk about how far you want to go with your lifestyle before you ever consider engaging and then in a sense a contract is entered into. We’ll talk about all phases in an upcoming blog.

In part two of my new series on engaging and learning about the lifestyle, I’ll give you a bit more of the nitty gritty about what you can expect. I hope you’ve enjoyed and while the majority of my books only give you a glimpse of the lifestyle, it certainly has opened some of my reader’s eyes.



Visit My NNP Author Page for an Excerpt from Spankdown
Buy Link For Spankdown on Amazon Kindle
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Naughty Nights Press presents Cover Artist Valerie Tibbs!

In keeping with our month long interviews with cover artists,Naughty Nights Press is very fortunate in having the lovely and artistic Valerie Tibbs as our guest today.

NNP: How long have you been creating book covers for?

VT: I started in August 2008. But I have been a graphic designer for about fifteen years.

NNP:What got you into creating book covers?

VT: I was impressed by many of the covers out there and I was dismayed at others out there and thought I could do a better job. I applied to several publishers, got rejected, and kept trying until Aspen Mountain gave me my big break.

NNP: Is there a certain medium you prefer to work with?

VT: I use Photoshop 99% of the time. Occasionally I need to use Adobe Illustrator for vector images, but I still go back into Photoshop to finish the project.

NNP: How closely do you work with the Author and Publisher when it comes to creating a book cover?

VT: This depends on the publisher. Most of the time I work with the art director and they work with the author. At a particular publisher, I work with the editor, who works with the authors. Then it goes to the art director, then to the EIC. At another publisher, it’s strictly me and the publisher. So it does vary.

NNP: Do you find that it can be frustrating at times trying to get the cover exactly right?

VT: Yes, on many occasions no matter what the author has described in the cover art request, it is impossible to comply. So, we have to make concessions and we end up going back and forth several times. As an example, for one publisher/cover I ended up doing seventeen different mockups for a cover before everyone was happy. This is not the norm, and most other cover artists would have refused to do that many, but I really wanted to make everyone happy, even if it was a financial loss to me.

NNP: If you are a photographer, do you use only certain models or do you try and match the models to the characters in the book?

VT: I’m not a professional photographer, but I have taken pictures of scenery that I’ve been fortunate enough to use in a couple of covers.

Thank you Valerie for being here today. It has been lovely learning about your craft and giving our readers a chance to understand what goes on behind the scenes so to speak in preparing the covers of books that jump out at us, screaming “Buy Me”.

To view more of Valerie’s work go to


Posted by Ms. Penny Peterssen

Personal Executive Assistant, Director of Marketing and Research

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) Team

Sunday, August 7, 2011



Naughty Nights Press Submissions Call For University/College Erotic Short Stories

"Campus Sexploits"
College/University Anthology
Deadline: October 1, 2011
Acceptance Notification by November 1, 2011
Expected Publication Date: December 2011
Royalties: 80% net distributed equally between contributors & one digital copy of the anthology for personal use only.

Submission address:

Naughty Nights Press is seeking short stories, between 2500 and 8000 words, involving college or university settings and the sexual antics of the students within. This can be a real tale of something that happened when you attended college or something you wished would have happened.

* Hot sizzling taboo affairs with the Professor of your class.
* Sorority initiations that will make your panties drip, wanting more.
* Get hot watching your roomie do his girl and want to join in or perhaps you end up making it with your best buddy after a night of getting blasted
* Play a naughty party game that ends in clothes everywhere
* Frat house parties with half naked people everywhere that make want you to explode
* Social events attended by both male and female students, culminating in group orgies m/m/m, f/m/f, m/f/m and more.
* You hire a tutor to help you do better in that failing class and finding you’re being tutored in more ways than one.

All stories are to be well written, drawing the reader in and making them feel as though they are there, touching, exploring, and tasting every little image and emotion you describe. Please remember though that there is to be NO characters under the age of 18.

Please ensure that ALL submissions are followed in the manner detailed below. For multiple submissions please send each in its own individual email with separate cover information, synopsis, word count etc.
In the body of the email AND the first page of the manuscript please include the following:

Your Legal Name and Contact Information
Genre/Sub-Genre or Category
Word Count
Brief Synopsis Of The Story (Min 1/2 page, single spaced)
A 50-75 word Biography written in the third person

Please ensure you include the following as an attachment to the email in .doc format only (no .docx or rtf): Save the file in the following manner: YOURLEGALNAME_TITLE_CAMPUS SEXPLOITS.doc

Text is Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing, and one-inch margins. No other formatting or spaces please!!
Identify new chapters only with "Chapter Two" title, no extra lines or spaces, no ****** or other stuff please.

Submissions are due in no later than October 1, 2011

Artwork courtesy of Rad Act Photography

LAST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!! Naughty Halloween Theme Erotic Short Stories


Halloween Theme: Call For Submissions

Got a unique, hair-raising, spine-chilling, bizarre or darkly haunted story laced with wicked, shameless, kinky, impassioned, earth shattering and mind numbing sex?

Ghosts, gobblins, witches, werewolves, vampires and other worldly creepy critters that like to go bump-de-hump in the night.

Short stories with a paranormal element, halloween party masquerade, haunted house or simply a spooky, ghoulish theme and loaded with sizzling sexual escapades and encounters of the other world kind.

Join Naughty Nights Press in their soon to be released "A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve" ebook anthology!

Special preference given to: f/f, f/f/f, m/f/m, or other ménage combination or those with a fetish theme.

2500-7000 words, 12 point times new roman, single spaced, 1 in margins.
(no extra spaces or returns)


Send as a .doc attachment (not .docx or rtf) with "Halloween Theme" as the subject line to: with the following information on the first page of the manuscript:
Legal Name, pseudonym (if applicable), title of the story, word count, and short synopsis.
Also include: A 50-75 word bio, written in the third person and link to your website or blog.

Royalties are 80% net to the contributors and one complimentary ebook copy.

Deadline: August 31, 2011
Acceptance Notification by September 30, 2011
Release Date: October 30th, 2011

Have or want to write a halloween themed Naughty Novelette, 7,500 to 17,500 or Novella, 17,500 to 40,000 words?? Send it in!!
We will be epublishing several of the most titillating books for Halloween release too!
Same criteria and deadline as above.
Royalties are 40% net.