Thursday, July 24, 2014

An author's biggest fight

Well here I am again and before we begin I would like to remind everyone of the competition I ran, when I was last here. If you remember I offered one lucky person who left a comment the opportunity to win the Complete Transsexual Romance Collection, consisting of Star Search, Addicted to Charlie, Top of the class and The Girl in the Red Bikini.

Well one month and, according to the stats, 251 people visited the blog and read about the fight I strongly believe in. Not bad at all until you look at the comments, and see that out of all those views just ONE person managed to leave a comment.

So I am therefore pleased to announce the winner of the aforementioned collection is, Sally Bend.
Congratulations, Sally and I hope you will enjoy your prize.

Now this month I want to talk about cheese, no I don't just joking with you. Not that there is anything wrong with cheese, it makes a wonderful sandwich, but I'd rather talk about something all of us authors go through at some stage in our careers, writer's block.

For months now my writing ability has consisted of writing two pieces a week, for a couple of Facebook groups. One is a tease on a Tuesday consisting of one picture, which I myself choose, and 200 words. The other a 100 word flash, written using the same picture as everyone else in the group for inspiration. Even The Crypt of Morbius is suffering as I have pages yet for a new short, varying length, for everyday of the week.

Luckily I had submitted a number of manuscripts early on, when the words were flowing freely but what if I hadn't? How would I overcome this mental block I am currently facing? How do you banish writer's block? Because any help you can give this author would be greatly appreciated?
The thing is I get numerous ideas popping in to my head, all of the time, yet as soon as I sit down in front of the screen, and a new document, my mind goes completely blank and all my ideas have done a runner.

So from one author to many authors I am asking, no begging, for help and ideas to get my writing flowing one again.

This has been an appeal on behalf of J S Morbius

and now I am out of here.

So until next month


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Limited Time Paranormal Romance StoryBundle

Hey NPP Folks! Thanks for letting me take over the blog today to talk about a Limited Time StoryBundle I'm part of.  My NNP family is such a blessing to me, supportive in all my ventures :) So, read about this unique, one of a kind, disappearing in 14 days bundle of ebooks in the paranormal romance genre. Check out their amazing site,, that lets you decide what to pay, to the authors and to charities. Have A Good One! Kiki
About the Bundle by Curator David H. Burton

Welcome to the
Paranormal Romance Bundle, curated by the International Bestseller David H. Burton (Broken: A Paranormal Romance) — a specially selected collection of award-winning paranormal romance books that will leave you wanting more!

Lisa Olsen and Dannika Dark were both kind enough to offer not only one book, but two! Lisa, of the best-selling Forged Bloodlines and The Fallen series brings us two phenomenal paranormal romance novels: The Company of Shadows and Moonsong — both will whet your appetite for more of her 20 works. Dannika, a USA Today Bestselling author of the famed Mageri series and The Seven series has brought us two of her delectable works: Seven Years and Sterling — both firsts in her popular works that will get you quickly hooked!

From the award winning Kristie Cook comes a story right from the incomparable Soul Savers series. For those that have already immersed themselves into this incredible world, you can't miss Genesis. For those that have not read her works, what better way to get acquainted, and then thoroughly addicted, to a best-selling series that will leave you wanting more!

From the sultry Kiki Howell — an author with over thirty stories published between eleven different publishers — is Hidden Salem. I've known Kiki for a few years now and her writing is nothing short of superb. I couldn't wait to include her in this bundle and she had exactly what I was looking for. It's the perfect fit for this bundle!

This is a very exciting bundle that has been a pleasure to curate and I know that you're going to love this line-up as much as I do! – David H. Burton
Paranormal Romance Bundle Details
The initial titles in the bundle (minimum $3 to purchase) are:

   Hidden Salem by Kiki Howell

   Seven Years by Dannika Dark

   The Company of Shadows by Lisa Olsen

   Genesis by Kristie Cook

If you pay more than the bonus price of just $10, you'll get another three books:

   Broken: A Paranormal Romance by David H. Burton

   Sterling by Dannika Dark

   Moonsong by Lisa Olsen

The bundle is available for a very limited time only, via It allows easy reading on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as Kindle and other ereaders via file transfer, email, and other methods. You get multiple DRM-free formats (.epub, and .mobi) for all books, but after the three weeks are over, the bundle is gone forever!

It's also super easy to give the gift of reading with StoryBundle, thanks to our gift cards – which allow you to send someone a code that they can redeem for any future StoryBundle bundle – and timed delivery, which allows you to control exactly when your recipient will get the gift of StoryBundle.

Why StoryBundle? Here are just a few benefits StoryBundle provides.

   Get quality reads: We've chosen works from excellent authors to bundle together in one convenient package.

   Pay what you want (minimum $3): You decide how much four fantastic books are worth to you. If you can only spare a little, that's fine! You'll still get access to four thrilling titles.

   Support authors who support DRM-free books: StoryBundle is a platform for authors to get exposure for their works, both for the titles featured in the bundle and for the rest of their catalog. Supporting authors who let you read their books on any device you want—restriction free—will show everyone there's nothing wrong with ditching DRM.

   Give to worthy causes: Bundle buyers have a chance to donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. We're currently featuring Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.

   Receive extra books: If you beat our bonus price, you're not just getting four books, you're getting seven!

StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and

For more information, visit our website at, Twitter us at @storybundle, Like us on Facebook, and Plus us on Google Plus. For press inquiries, please email

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sexing Up Fairy Tales

I'm putting together a book of erotic fairy tales. I've already written several, including erotic retellings of the usual suspects like Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper, and Cinderella. I'm often asked to tackle specific ones, and popular suggestions are The Three Pigs and Beauty and the Beast. One friend suggested The Dancing Princesses, which is one I don't hear very much about. That got me to thinking about obscure fairy tales. Why not tackle one or two of those?

My favorite fairy tale is very obscure. It's Scandinavian, and it's entitled "The Enchanted Wreath". Here's the synopsis: (from Wikipedia)

A man had a wife, and both of them had a daughter from an earlier marriage. One day, the man took his daughter to cut wood and found when he returned that he had left his ax. He told his wife to send her daughter for it, so it would not grow rusty. The stepmother said that his daughter was already wet and, besides, was a strong girl who could take a little wet and cold.

The girl found three doves perched on the axe, looking miserable. She told them to fly back home, where it would be warmer, but first gave them crumbs from her bread. She took the axe and left. Eating the crumbs made the birds feel much better, and they gave her an unfading wreath of roses, with tiny birds singing in it. The stepmother pulled it off, and the birds flew off and the roses withered.

The next day, the father went alone and left his axe again. The stepmother was delighted and sent her own daughter. She found the doves and ordered them off as "dirty creatures." They cursed her to never be able to say anything except "dirty creatures."

The stepmother beat her stepdaughter, and was all the angrier when the doves restored the wreath to its condition and the girl's head. One day, a king's son saw her and took her off to marry her. The news of them made the stepmother and her daughter quite ill, but they recovered when the stepmother made a plan. She had a witch make a mask of her stepdaughter's face. Then she visited her, threw her into the water, and put her daughter in her place, before setting out to see if the same witch could give her something to cure the doves' curse on her daughter.

Her husband was distraught by the change in her, but thought it stemmed an illness. He thought he saw his bride in the water, but she vanished. After twice more seeing her, he was able to catch her. She turned into various animals, a hare, a fish, a bird, and a snake, but he cut off the snake's head, and the bride became a human again.

The stepmother returned with an ointment that would work only if the true bride had really been drowned; she put it on her daughter's tongue and found it did not work. The prince found them and said they deserved to die, but the stepdaughter had persuaded him to merely abandon them on a desert island.

Another obscure fairy tale that made my radar is Hans Christian Anderson's "The Shadow". Here's the synopsis (from Wikipedia):

Once a learned man from the northern regions of Europe went on a voyage south. One night, he sat on his terrace, while the fire behind him cast his shadow on the opposite balcony. As he was sitting there, resting, the man was amused to observe how the shadow followed his every movement, as if he really did sit upon the opposing balcony. When he finally grew tired and went to sleep, he imagined the shadow would likewise retire in the house across the street. The next morning however, the man found to his surprise that he in fact had lost his shadow overnight. As a new shadow slowly grew back from the tip of his toes, the man did not give the incident another thought, returned to northern Europe, and took up writing again. Several years passed by until one night there was a knock at his door. To his surprise, it was his shadow, the one he lost years before in Africa, and now stood upon his doorstep, almost completely human in appearance. Astonished by his sudden reappearance, the learned man invited him into his house, and soon the two sat by the fireplace, as the shadow related how he had come to be man.

The learned man was calm and gentle by nature. His main object of interest lay with the good, the beautiful and the true, a subject of which he wrote often but was of no interest to anyone else. The shadow said his master did not understand the world, that he had seen it as truly was, and how evil some men really were.

The shadow then grew richer and fatter over the years, while the writer grew poorer and paler. Finally he had become so ill that his former shadow proposed a trip to a health resort offering to foot the bill as well, but on condition that he could act as the master now, and the writer would pretend to be his shadow. As absurd as this suggestion sounded, the learned man eventually agreed and together they took the trip, the shadow now as his master. At the resort, the shadow met with a beautiful princess, and as they danced and talked with each other each night, the princess fell in love with him.

When they were about to be married, the shadow offered his former master a luxurious position at the palace, on condition that he now became his own shadow permanently. The writer immediately refused and threatened to tell the princess everything, but the shadow had him arrested. Feigning his distraught, the shadow met with the princess and told her:

"I have gone through the most terrible affair that could possibly happen; only imagine, my shadow has gone mad; I suppose such a poor, shallow brain, could not bear much; he fancies that he has become a real man, and that I am his shadow."
"How very terrible,” cried the princess; "is he locked up?"
"Oh yes, certainly; for I fear he will never recover."
"Poor shadow!" said the princess; "it is very unfortunate for him; it would really be a good deed to free him from his frail existence; and, indeed, when I think how often people take the part of the lower class against the higher, in these days, it would be policy to put him out of the way quietly."

When the shadow wed the princess later that night, the learned man was already executed.

Here's another unusual one I'd heard of from years ago. It's called "The She-Bear", and here's the synopsis:

After his wife dies, a King decides that the only woman in the world who matches his dead wife’s beauty is his own daughter Preziosa – therefore, Preziosa must now marry her deranged father. He tells her that if she will not marry him that very evening then ‘’when I am finished with you there will be nothing left but your ears’’.

An old woman then gives the terrified girl an enchanted bit of wood that will turn her into a bear when she puts it in her mouth. Preziosa – now a bear—flees into the forest and resolves never again to reveal her true form lest her father learns of her whereabouts. A prince discovers the wonderfully friendly she-bear in the woods and takes her home to be his pet.

One day when she believes she is alone, Preziosa takes the bit of wood out of her mouth to brush her hair. The prince looks out his window, spies a gorgeous maiden in his garden and rushes out to find her, but she hears him coming and quickly puts the wood back into her mouth. The prince searches throughout the garden but he cannot find the maiden anywhere—in her place is only his pet she-bear.

The prince becomes sick with lust for the bear-girl and begins to waste away. On request from her son, the prince’s mother sends for the she-bear who is now to reside in the princes bedroom, cook his meals and make his bed for him. The prince becomes overcome with lust for the bear, and begs his mother to let him kiss the animal.

While the mother watches and encourages them enthusiastically, man and bear lock lips. They are kissing so passionately that the bit of wood slips from Preziosa’s mouth and the prince finds that he now holds a stunningly beautiful maiden in his arms. Rejoicing, they get married, and presumably everybody lives happily ever after.

I may tackle these some day. There are others, too, many of them Asian, that interest me. Look for my new book "Wicked Fairy Tales" coming out in the fall.

Here's information and buy links for my two current erotic fairy tales:

CLIMBING HER TOWER (Erotic Rapunzel)

Blurb: This isn't your mother's Rapunzel.
This erotic version of Rapunzel, "Climbing Her Tower" depicts Rapunzel as a voracious woman who discovers the joys of kinky sex with a sexy prince with a few unusual kinks of his own. This story includes BDSM, M/F, M/F/F, virgin fantasy, and erotic shaving. You'll get so hot you'll want to let your hair down as well! Let Rapunzel and her prince take you on the sexual ride of a lifetime. Absolutely only for 18 years and over.
""Climbing Her Tower" is an erotic twist to the fairy tale Rapunzel. I sure love a good fairy tale and this hot and steamy tale doesn't disappoint." -- Beverly at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
"Climbing Her Tower has all that and more. It is the story of Rapunzel told with a bit of a BDSM twist." -- Hitherandthee from Night Owl Reviews
WARNING: Rapunzel isn't sweet and innocent. In this fairy tale erotica, she tires of being a virgin and craves the touch of Prince Richard's hands all over her body. Although she begins naive, she blossoms with sexual excitement under the watchful eye of her prince, who introduces her to BDSM, erotic shaving, and deep penetration. He leaves her wanting more, and you will want more too!


Blurb: This isn't your mother's Puss In Boots.
This erotic version of Puss In Boots, "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" is a story packed with hot, sexy, body humping adult fairy tale erotica.
"Trouble in Thigh High Boots is a delightfully creative retelling of the Puss in Boots tale. It is a tale that has been told myriad times, but never in such a wonderfully imaginative way. The characters are enchanting, and the story flows beautifully. The love scenes are sizzling." -- Hitherandthee of Night Owl Reviews
WARNING: Tita isn't your run of the mill Puss In Boots. She's a cat shapeshifter who turns into a mouth-wateringly sexy human woman with a sex drive to match. This story includes M/F, F/F, M/F/M/F, light bondage, and lactation. This erotic fairy tale will get you hot in all the right places. Definitely for only 18 years and over.

Here's where to find me on the web:

Elizabeth Black - Facebook

Elizabeth Black - Twitter

Elizabeth Black - Amazon Author Page

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The hazards of being a writer

My sincerest apologies for being so late! Just as I was starting to write today's post, my parents dropped by, and that usually renders me pretty useless in regards to thoughts and emotions. A bit of a defense mechanism against judgement, I suppose.

But the panic of having to then write up the post, albeit it quite late, struck me as something writers have to contend with. Whether they're full time, part time, or just do it
Courtesy of Thomas Hawk,
as a hobby, there are so many outside sources of distraction that can cause someone's writing to be, well, less than regular. Top of the list? Family. Especially for those who write full time. People tend to think that, well, you're just writing, and that it can wait, because they need to come over and talk about anything and everything. They'll happily distract you for hours on end, while you're sitting there desperately hoping that your will to write today will stick around until they're gone, trying not to pull out your hair and scream in frustration.
Or is that just me?
In any case, just as they frustrate you with distractions, they'll often also then constantly pester you with questions: "So, when's your next book coming out? Why aren't you done already? How long does it take to write a book? Surely you're done now?"
Courtesy of TempasVolat,
I don't know about other writers and authors, but I can tell you that I often feel like bursting out into a huge lecture on how the endless questions and inane discussions are keeping you from writing the books that I'm constantly being asked about. Books don't write themselves, and I'm not one of those writers who can pump out 10k minimum words a day. I have an extremely fleeting muse, and if I try to force my writing, it just doesn't work. So you can imagine, those times that I actually do manage to sit down and start writing that any outside distractions cause incredible irritation.

The point of this post is this: if you have someone in your family, or a friend who is a writer, then please, don't expect them to always be happy for a surprise visit. Especially for a full time writer. Our days aren't spent in front of the TV or on Facebook all day (alright, a lot of us do keep Facebook on while we write, but sometimes the option of a distraction without the actual distraction is all someone needs to be productive), our time is just as important as someone who has full time employment. So please, be courteous and call to arrange a time to visit, and don't take offense if we say we are busy. Odds are, we might just be writing the next hit that will gain cult following!

Phoenix Johnson is an Australian author who has always had the passion for the written word. She had her nose in at least one book ever since she could read and would even scrutinize the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast. It was only natural she take up writing.
After reviewing a few delicious titles for Naughty Nights Press as she wrote her first title, The Wolf in the Neighborhood, Phoenix was of one mind to submit it to NNP, and she hasn't looked back. The Return of Their Master now joins her first title for sale, and both books are receiving great reviews. Phoenix feels that being invited to write for the NNP blog is a great honour, and loves being part of the team!
You can get in touch with Phoenix on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestTumblr or view her website here, or buy her books direct from Naughty Nights Press, or other good ebook distributors. 

First or Third?

I would imagine that almost every fiction writer writes in third person narrative. If the story is a novel then third is a must. To read anything of any length simply requires it to be. But what about short stories of 3000 words or less?
Sometimes I am just driven to write in first person narrative, I simply have no choice. The words tumble out onto the page as I feel them, imagine them and want to share them. At these times I feel at my most sensual. One such story and an anthology inclusion ‘Between the Pages’ tells the story of a woman who discovers a small notebook left behind in a bus terminal café. The contents stir up curiosity and a determination to discover for herself the experiences shared between the pages. Another first person narrative is ‘Anytime, Anyplace’ where delicious, unbridled passion is the order of the day…and night. Food can be so sensual don’t you agree?
At other times I become the story teller, ‘Jessica Arkwright climbed the rickety stairs to find her lover standing naked in her pretty room…’ well you know what I mean!
There are a mixture of stories included in my latest Anthology ‘Fevered Kisses’ with a variety of themes showcasing first and third narrative. For a full synopsis see below:

Between The Pages:

A notebook carelessly left in a café brings a new lease of life to Alice. What will she do with the information she discovers inside? Some things are worth trying out for ourselves!

Too Darn Hot:

Miranda Briggs is a successful dance instructor who occasionally wants to share the trappings of her success with lithe, young men. When the sun is blazing down who can resist the allure of an outside pool?

Anytime, Anyplace:

Sometimes lust can catch us at the most unsuitable of times and sometimes it’s almost exactly what we planned. Either way when passion calls everything else takes second place.


Amber Nugent was a beautiful, passionate, predatory female who sought out thrills after dark with dangerous determination. How many lovers will it take to satisfy her overwhelming need?

Some Time Away:

Melanie is tired of her busy existence. When a traffic jam pushes her over the edge she heads straight for the airport. Will she discover who she really is and what it will take to make her happy?

Just Imagine:

Emma has only one thing on her mind, Paul. Every day she works alongside him as she battles to control the daydreams that see them both naked in a dance of lust, does Paul even know that she exists?    

Excerpt (Anytime, Anyplace):

I was reminded of other people in the restaurant when the waiter reached for my empty starter dish. He raised an eyebrow when my lustful gaze crossed his face as l pulled it away from Shaun’s.
The main course arrived. Though my appetite was distracted by my lover’s lips once again tasting the wine.
I lifted a forkful of food and sampled the explosion of flavour.
“This salsa is lovely.” I declared.
“I would like to see you salsa,” Shaun replied, “Preferably naked.”
I laughed but then he leaned forward and lowered his voice to a husky whisper,
“Dance for me baby, l want to watch you, l really do.”
“I don’t know how to salsa.” I spoke as quietly as him.
“Just take your clothes off and move around, l want you to.”
His eyes bore through me and l shivered in anticipation of them feasting on my body as l writhed before him, suddenly all my hunger was in a different part of my body.
“Getting a little uncomfortable?” Shaun teased.
I was beginning to think it hadn’t been my best idea to leave the panties at home as l shifted a little in my seat and tried not to watch the food slipping into that sensual mouth to be turned and churned by that very capable tongue. My breathing became a little laboured and Shaun lowered his eyes to my breasts which were rising and falling more obviously than usual as l tried to breathe deeper and relax.
“I need to get you out of that dress.” Shaun purred.
I nodded.
“Here Baby, try this.” Shaun held a forkful of chicken and l leaned in to take it from him. A slow moan escaped me as the fusion of fine spices melted across the surface of my tongue.
“It’s so good.” I purred.
Shaun shifted and his expression grew darker.

Excerpt (Insatiable):

In the evenings Amber would take a bus into the next town. She would dress up in slinky evening dresses that would hug her enviable figure and show off her long legs.
Amber would sit alone in swanky wine bars waiting to be approached. This would never take long; sometimes she would time how long it took just for her own satisfaction. The feeling of so many male eyes following the contours of her body thrilled her so much that excitement pricked at her tawny skin. Occasionally she would glance back at a group of curious men to encourage them with a shy smile. It was always the alpha male in the group who would approach her first, the brave, confident man. Though every now and then Amber hankered after the shyest member of the group she rarely waited for his approach.
The game would begin; she would be bought a drink and then flattered relentlessly while her brave suitor’s friends looked on enviously. Amber would tease her prey, making him believe that it was he who was the predator. More drinks would follow, though Amber would never go beyond three. Compliments would be whispered into her ear behind the sparkling diamond earrings that were a gift from a grateful lover. His body would move closer until warmth began to seep into her skin through her receptive pores. Amber would gaze up and listen to every word, how beautiful her eyes were, how silky her hair and how stunning she looked in her clingy dress.
All these compliments nourished Amber; she needed them constantly and she would look up adoringly into the earnest face of the man standing so close that their bodies would be touching. Her lovers never missed their cue. When Amber flashed her eyes and lightly touched an arm there would be no need to clarify unspoken words. They would leave the building together to incredulous, covetous glances from the bereft friends.


                                     Buy Direct
                                    Amazon UK

If anyone would like a copy of ‘Fevered Kisses’ to review please contact Gemma Parkes through one of the following:

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No Girlie Bits, Please

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today here on NNP. This blog is a follow-up to an article I wrote about switching genres on Sweet and Sexy Divas. You can readthe blog here.

If you missed it, I basically talked about how difficult it was for me to switch from m/m to m/f when reading and writing. This happened when I decided to work on a new m/f book for a friend. I’d been putting it off and when I finally got the idea together on what to write, it was a little more difficult than I thought. To get ready, I read nothing but m/f shorts for three weeks and I swear, it nearly killed me. I missed my men in love, the emotions, the turmoil of my men getting over the hump to get a happy ending. Not the fault of any of the authors I read, it was just too hard for me to stay focused.

That prompted me to ask the question in a popular m/m Facebook group I’m a part of. I asked for a show of hands how many people preferred m/m all the time versus reading m/m and m/f. An overwhelming number of the people who answered said they can’t and or won’t read any m/f. Out of 153 who answered, 106 said they read m/m all the time while 34 said they read m/m and m/f. 16 said they read m/f sometimes.


That’s quite a ratio when you think about it and most of the people polled were female.

Here are some of the quotes from this poll. I won’t use names to protect the identities of those who answered.

“I started reading m/m in 2009 and haven’t went back to m/f since.”

“Thinking of m/f makes me shudder.”

“I don’t like the way women are portrayed in m/f.”

“I can’t go back to m/f. It holds no appeal at all.”

“I don’t read m/f, never have and never will.”

“No lady bits in the books I read.”

Then there were others who said it had to be certain authors who wrote the m/f for them to read it; specifically if it’s part of a series. This is true for me as well and I tend to gravitate towards m/f books if they have a subgenre I love. For example, the book I finished was a rock and roll book. My femme fell in love with a musician. I love books about musicians whether they be m/m or m/f so this is usually an easy thing for me. However, when I was reading just that, my mind didn’t stay on course with the m/f and I found myself skipping over the sex scenes just to get to the next part. Again, no fault of the author but I wanted to move along and get to the end. Despite this, I did enjoy the few m/f’s I read and I figured, if I'm going to continue to write both I have to read both on the regular.

What about you as a reader or author? Is it hard for you to switch back and forth between m/m and m/f? Are you like many who say no girlie bits in our books? I’d love to hear your comments.

Thanks for listening!