Monday, June 29, 2015

**SPECIAL OFFER** Free for the US celebration of Independence Day

from July 2nd-July 4th inclusive

for the US celebration of Independence Day

To celebrate the 239th birthday of American Independence, and the one week anniversary of a ruling which should have made made at least 239 years ago I am pleased to announce that, for three days only, from July 2nd until July 4th inclusive Naughty Hot Shots: Reunited at a reunion is available for FREE from Amazon.

That's right you read that correctly TOTALLY FREE, just like LGBT couples all over the country are now free to marry, in whichever of the great states of the U.S.A. they wish to do so.

Going to a college reunion, Victor Pierce, a self-made businessman, is looking forward to seeing how his fellow classmates got on in life since they left. What he wasn’t expecting was to run into Ian Kraemer, the male he lost his virginity to and the very man he had thought about almost every day since they lost contact.

What happens when the two men meet? Can they find what they once had? Or has their passion for each other long gone?

Also I'd like to remind everyone. If you are already a member of/subscriber to Kindle Unlimited this book is FREE to read, anytime and anywhere.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A public service announcement

Set free once again I am bringing, possibly, the most important post I ever made in The Crypt. So, yes, most of you will have read this but a lot of people won't and to me what I hope to achieve means so much to me I feel a further airing is needed.

So here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, the BIG announcement I have been promising! 
As all of you who have followed me since my arrival on the erotic romance scene know, I am one hundred percent committed to doing anything I can to help get Transsexuals recognized as equals in society. However, until I had this idea, words of support were all I had. Not any more!
Currently, I have four erotic romance books based around transsexuals and transsexual romance available for purchase and my idea is quite simple.
From this day forward, ALL my royalties earned from the sales of any of the four books advertised on this post will be donated to various charities supporting all those affected by gender identity issues.

Addicted to Charlie
99 cents or FREE on Kindle unlimited

The girl in the red bikini

Star Search
Available FREE on Kindle unlimited

Top Of The Class (Naughty Hot Shots)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GIVEAWAY! Enter To WIN a 1 of 4 Paperback Copies of Shifter Romance "Whisper On A Scream" by Cree Walker!

Win 1 of 4 print copies of Whisper On A Scream: A Paranormal Werewolf Fantasy (The Sugar & Spice Series Book 1) by Cree Walker!

Buy the eBook on Amazon (FREE ON Kindle Unlimited)

What would you do if you were separated from your life mate and you knew it was literally killing you both?  Would you fight against all odds, possibly to the death, to return to their side? 

Werewolves –like their natural counterpart, the wolves– breed for life; and if there is no mate, there is no life. A prolonged separation between mates can kill them more efficiently than any bullet ever could.
The werewolves are dying. Years of war between the Born werewolves and bitten, along with a lack of healthy bloodlines, has taken its toll on the race, and if something isn't done soon, they will all be gone within the next fifty years. They are a strong breed, but have one major weakness that will probably end them all. 
The Council are playing with fire when they use this very weakness against Sugar Lubec, the Born daughter of two bitten parents, to carry the offspring of Alpha Jack Coon. He is the leader of the largest werewolf pack in North America. 
Ending the war between the two groups is the only thing that can save the werewolves and bring Jack and Sugar together. Can they do it before they end up paying the ultimate price for their long separation? Or, will that price be the only thing that can end the war? 
How is it possible for Sugar to live her entire life in the human world being abused and ignored only to find out that she is a wolf and she is being treated the same? Why can't she find peace and love? Sugar finally finds the answers about her parents and sometimes not knowing is better. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book which keeps it interesting. This is a new approach to werewolves and the way they live. . — Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild 

About Cree Walker
Cree Walker lives in Northern Maine with her very patient debate partner and their furry love child, mini rat terrier, Titan. When Cree isn't plugging away at her computer she can most likely be found at the hospital where she works as an advanced psychiatric technician for both children and adults. 

Cree has several novel length publications with Naughty Nights Press, among them the Paranormal werewolf romance, Whisper on a Scream, and it's sequel, Urban Fantasy nominated book for 2012, Willing Sacrifice. She also has paranormal romantic comedy, A Winter's Grave, book one to the Reaper series and her most recent publication, Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals. So far, Maple Lane Manor has been a finalist in the 2013 UpAuthors Fiction Challenge. All of Cree's books have received the coveted 5 star review rating from the Paranormal Romance Guild. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cookies and Lots of Wine - What You Need For Convention Season

Elizabeth Black writes in a wide variety of genres including erotica, erotic romance, and dark fiction. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and three cats. Visit her web site, her Facebook page, and her Amazon Author Page.


It's convention season. I love going to conventions and especially staying in hotels. This year so far I have gone to the Roger Zelazny Memorial in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Anthocon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I was going to Necon in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, but I had to pass on that one because all the money for the con went to our new car. My next convention isn't until October. I'm going to the Stanley Hotel Writers Retreat. Looking forward to staying in the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write "The Shining".

Here are some tips for staying in hotels and traveling for conventions.

  1. Always have snacks handy as well as something non-alcoholic to drink. Hotels climate controls can dry you out so be well-hydrated. I always have a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies handy for when the munchies strike. 
  1. Request a fridge in your room in advance so you may store things that are perishable or need to keep cool.
  1. Have a pair of comfortable shoes handy to wear walking around the hotel. Many hotels do not allow guests to walk around barefoot.
  1. Bring liquor. :)
  1. Don't forget your razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bottle opener, and cork screw. Those last two items are of special importance. If you forget something, don't worry. Most hotels have freebies for you.
  1. If your clothes are wrinkled coming out of the suitcase and your room doesn't have an iron, hang the clothes on the shower rod or somewhere in the bathroom. Turn the shower on hot. Close the door. Let the steam build up for about 15 minutes. When you retrieve your clothes, the wrinkles should go away. You can always press down on the clothing with your hands and press out the wrinkles since they will likely be a bit damp with the steam.
  1. If you run out of outlets, you may recharge your phone from the USB port on the back of the television. The TV needs to be on for this to work.

Those are a few of the important things you must do to make your convention stay in a hotel comfortable. Enjoy the con, buy lots of books, and have fun listening to the panelists talk.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Re-visiting an old memory and a darker time #RB4U #MFRWauthor #RomFantasy @NaughtyNightsPr

Just today, I was looking at the archives of some older blogs I've posted. I came across one that brought back a lot of memories for me, none of them good - but thankfully, they no longer create any emotional response in me other than amazement that I could be so blindly stupid. This originally appeared on my Bound By Passion blog, and our lovely Gina Kincade left a very thoughtful response on it back them. I've decided to share it again here, because there is no sell-by date on this kind of crazy, and if anything, it's become a much more relevant topic with social media reaching more people than ever before. So, I give you the experience hard won though it was, of what it was like ot deal with a role-player/sexual predator online. From July 2012, here's the blog in its entirety:

Recently, I posted this article to my blogs, and then after much though, decided I had perhaps revealed too much of myself with all that was said. So, I deleted the posts. In retrospect, while I have lost all of the wonderful and supportive comments that were made, I now have a better understanding of why, perhaps, the post needs to stay here for everyone to see. So, with my apologies, it is back to stay, and I hope that it might serve to help someone else avoid the agony this put me through. Thank you to everyone who's read and commented when it first appeared, and I hope you will not think too badly of me for having deleted your thoughts and support. Believe me, it was and always will be very precious to me!

How do you recognize, or in truth define, an online sexual predator? It’s a tricky question, isn’t it? And most of us would never want to admit that we’ve encountered one, let alone fallen in love with him. But, I have recently. I’m going to speak openly about this despite the sense of idiocy I feel about having fallen into this kind of trap. Maybe someone else can pause long enough not to be sucked into it all by pretty words and intense connection.

First, why the very cold and ugly phrase sexual predator? In this case, and at the core of all predatory relationships, you have a darkness that is usually hidden behind brilliant lightness and sweet words. All of that amazing devotion that evolves so quickly in the online world can blind even the smartest of men and women, because while we are online we are deeply connected to the people we choose to spend our time with, be it in light socializing or continuous one-on-one conversation with people we seem to “click” with in amazing ways.

Six months ago I “met” someone on Facebook, someone who was pleasant and creative. He was involved with a woman I knew casually, and they were very happy when I first encountered them. He was out-going and witty, and I was charmed by him. BUT, he was someone else’s guy, and I simply ignored him beyond the hello and laughter we exchanged in the role-play group he was running at that time. About a month later, I noticed very dark and angry posts going up on his page, and I contacted him privately, expressing my concern. His lady also sent me a message and told me they’d broken up and it had been ugly. I was faced with choosing which one of them I would believe or support, and when she vanished, he and I continued to talk, until most of our days began to be spent together while we worked.

He told me she was “crazy” and cited endless examples to prove to me he was being harassed and persecuted by her obsession with him. He said he was forced to remove his “real-life” profile because she hounded his ex-girlfriend, and was after his family. I had no reason to question him, he was smart and savvy, and I figured he was being honest. We had no reason to lie to each other, did we?

Over the course of weeks, we became a team, writing together, hanging out together, and falling in love with the fabulous intimacy we shared. A running joke with us became that we shared a brain because often we were typing/speaking the same words at the same time–and when we wrote together, the chemistry and passion was sizzling hot. To people who read our work, they knew we were the real deal.

He lost a second group, and in the weeks that followed, while he struggled, I was with him, consoling, calming, and keeping his temper in check…listening with love and empathy to someone I wanted to help. He hit upon a new series of books and we bought them together, read and discussed them, then he asked me to help him create a new group where we could write together and make something truly special. None of the “trouble-makers” from his old groups were to be allowed near us. I agreed. In the couple of months that followed, we did in fact make magic with the group we created, then things changed, almost overnight.

Whispered lies and insinuations can get into the heart of anything creative and start the rot. By the time this occurred, I was head over heels in love with this guy. I’d have done anything for him. We’d made plans, were allowing the days to take us closer to each other all the time. The first real “fight” was devastating. Hour after hour of hammering away at me to supply him with information I simply felt no need to hand over. In the end, I did relent, and peace was restored. I realized in retrospect that I should have walked away that night, but I was in love, wasn’t I? He admitted to me that night that he didn’t know how to back off even when he knew he should. A warning unheeded by me.

A few days passed, and because of personal pressures and professional stress, plus the strain of being in a long-distance relationship and trying to hold a role-play group together for him, I had stopped sleeping altogether. Three days passed, during which I slept for approximately two hours, and I’d stopped eating entirely. This makes the best of us judgementally impaired, and susceptible to suggestions from others that feed our fears. What happened after I reached this dark place is the culmination of months of trust in someone who was, ultimately, using and abusing me.

I have in my possession a week’s worth of anger and insanity that was levelled at me. At one point in the final week, a lawyer’s advice was sought and eventually I was given back work that had been taken in a sweep of fury and anger from my beloved partner. A psychiatrist has looked at those messages in great detail, the conclusion being that it is his opinion that I fell prey to an emotionally unstable person who might at heart be dangerous. The phrase “sexual predator” was broached, and the “evidence” presented to me once my mind cleared enough to listen.

In a panic, my partner contacted me with promises of starting over, of fixing what went wrong, etc., and fool that I was, I still believed him. So, I went about doing all that was needed to eliminate a potential legal disaster from coming down on his family. The moment the situation was resolved and the threat removed, I had one last message. “I have to go for awhile, I’ll check back with you in an hour.” That was three days ago. He deleted his personal email address when I asked him “where do we go from here?” I learned quickly there was not going to be a second chance, and he was already telling anyone who would listen that I was mentally unstable and obsessed and harassing him, and stalking him… ALL the things his previous girl was accused of being. The pattern was becoming quite clear.

It’s very easy to be betrayed by your emotions when you are open and trusting. A friend of mine told me I was easily taken in because he was listening to me and thinking of me, and that made me easy to read. We were “perfectly matched” even in temper and strength, as well as creative passion. The difference between us was simple, I meant what I said, he was using the opportunity my naiveté gave him to use me and laugh at me. The most ironic thing in all this is that according to some of his friends, HE is not even a he, but a she with a really good line. I could very easily pretend none of this happened, but in truth, I’m just the latest in a long line of women who find themselves abused in this way because they are caring and intelligent, and trust too easily.

When online, there is no guarantee that what you are seeing is the truth in anyone. What you invest is real and honest, but you have to take the other party on faith, and that’s where the con man lives and waits in many cases. A sexual predator preys on your desire to be loved and understood, tells you everything he slowly learns you need to hear and feel to be cherished and secure. I’m not an insecure woman, yet with him, at the end, I had nothing but insecurities, and he insisted that the only one I could trust was him, because everyone else had an agenda. I wasn’t to talk to anyone about things, or handle things on my own–he wanted to “take care of me” and make me feel safe. All of this was wonderful, I thought. I must have had my head up my arse because if anyone else had come to me with this kind of story I’d have shaken some sense back into them.

People who insist on hiding behind false identities are inevitably hiding more than just their names. I think that’s an inarguable truth. Learn well from this, because trust is all we have to go on, and it must be extended carefully or you’ll lose a lot more than you can imagine at this stage. If you enter into a “relationship” and it progresses to the stage where “I love you” is exchanged easily and daily–there is no reason to hide your life from the person you’re telling your most intimate secrets to–if they continue to hold back simple things like a phone number, a full name, an address…ask yourself if this is someone you SHOULD be extending all your trust to. I think when the brain kicks in over the promises of love, we all know that someone like this is bored and looking for the next woman to exploit. Enjoy your social networking, but be wary and smart. I wasn’t, and as a result, I may never fully trust anyone again. That’s sad, and such a disservice to the people out there who are decent, but will pay for this man’s abuse of my love in spite of my intelligent awareness that he is not the template by which anyone should be measured.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

When the talented but shy are recognised...

I'm not one to brag. I never have been, and I doubt I ever will be. As much as Gina tries to get me brag about my achievements. But I do want to gush a little about my recent achievements.

So quite a few people are probably aware of the recent Easychair Bookshop Awards. Their first annual contest received an overwhelming amount of entrants, and the entire team did a fantastic job, making it a very smoothly run event. I cried when I was informed that I had placed first in Paranormal with Once Bitten Twice Shy. I was just as honoured when I was informed that The Wolf In The Neighborhood and Wolf Smitten had placed third in their respective categories (paranormal, and series). Not only that, but thanks to my involvement with the excellent box set Alphas on the Prowl, I also hit all the bestselling lists in May, including hitting #1 on the Naughty Nights Press list, and reaching #49 on the Amazon Top 100 Authors!

I'm also absolutely thrilled to be less than two weeks away from hitting "Publish" for my latest project, paranormal anthology Twisted Tales. Brain child of Australian author Nicole Daffurn, I was honoured to take over when she had to pull out for personal reasons. I have been extremely busy getting everything organised for it, which is why I missed posting this on the right day. (Apologies!) However, I'm very excited to be gathering interest for reviews and blogs to host to the launch. I do hope you will check it once it goes live. To tempt your tastebuds, as it were, here's a little snippet from my contributing story, So Mote It Be...

The young woman knelt in front of the small stone altar, her head bowed as though in prayer. Her lips halted in their silent movements as a tear gradually slid from her closed eyes and down her cheek. Candlelight flickered and incense smoke floated in different directions, carried by the light breeze that wafted across the graveyard. Gentle chanting drifted towards her from the ring of robed beings standing around her, reminding her that she wasn’t alone and would do well to stay on task rather than dwell on her loss. With a deep breath, she resumed her own, silent chanting. She needed to stay focused or everything would be lost and her lover’s death will have been in vain.

Darkness was settling around her like a cloak, weighing on her shoulders as though her very mood brought the night to her. As she continued her hushed invocation, however, light from above began to shine as the moon made its appearance from behind delicate cloud coverage. She could feel the power within her growing as the full moon was now completely revealed. Revenge, justice, they were the same in this instance, and she would revel in every second of it.

Phoenix Johnson is an award winning, bestselling Australian author who has always had the passion for the written word. She had her nose in at least one book ever since she could read and would even scrutinize the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast. It was only natural she take up writing.
After reviewing a few delicious titles for Naughty Nights Press as she wrote her first title, The Wolf in the Neighborhood, Phoenix was of one mind to submit it to NNP, and she hasn't looked back. The Return of Their Master and Once Bitten Twice Shy now join her first title for sale, and all three books are receiving great reviews. Phoenix feels that being invited to write for the NNP blog is a great honour, and loves being part of the team!

You can get in touch with Phoenix on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestTumblr or view her website here, or buy her books direct from Naughty Nights Press, or other good ebook distributors. And don't forget to sign up to The Nest, Phoenix's newsletter.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Giveaway! Win 1 of 4 print copies of Devil's Bitch by Delena Silverfox!

Win 1 of 4 print copies of Devil's Bitch by Delena Silverfox!
Buy ebook on Amazon

Norelia, Imperial heir and zealous second-in-command of the Endless Army, is cornered by a wager against her father, the Emperor. The stakes? To marry the winner of the next Summer Games in order to ensure the continuation of the Imperial line.

Confident she will win the Games and the wager, she is devastated when a mysterious contender named Reoth defeats her and claims not only the title of Champion, but claims Norelia as well. A misplaced note reveals Reoth and her father placed wagers on Reoth's ability to "tame" her, proving it was all a game after all.

When her father is killed in a surprise invasion, the Empire stands on the brink of war and Norelia is thrust into the center of it with Reoth, a man she'd sooner kill than trust. As Reoth admits knowledge regarding who is behind this invasion, Norelia must determine where his true allegiance lies before the Empire, and her heart, are destroyed forever.

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