Thursday, June 25, 2015

A public service announcement

Set free once again I am bringing, possibly, the most important post I ever made in The Crypt. So, yes, most of you will have read this but a lot of people won't and to me what I hope to achieve means so much to me I feel a further airing is needed.

So here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, the BIG announcement I have been promising! 
As all of you who have followed me since my arrival on the erotic romance scene know, I am one hundred percent committed to doing anything I can to help get Transsexuals recognized as equals in society. However, until I had this idea, words of support were all I had. Not any more!
Currently, I have four erotic romance books based around transsexuals and transsexual romance available for purchase and my idea is quite simple.
From this day forward, ALL my royalties earned from the sales of any of the four books advertised on this post will be donated to various charities supporting all those affected by gender identity issues.

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The girl in the red bikini

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Top Of The Class (Naughty Hot Shots)

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