Friday, May 26, 2017

#Freebie! Beauty and the Beast: An Adult #Fairytale #Romance (Once Upon a Spell Book 1) by Vivienne Savage #pnr #bargain

Grab your FREE copy of Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance (Once Upon a Spell Book 1) May 26-28 on Amazon!

Princess Anastasia Rose dreams of attending school, but her plans are put on hold when war begins between her father and the beastly lord of a nearby castle in the mountains.

Prince Alistair isn't an ordinary dragon. He's a shifter afflicted by a curse, unable to become human again until he finds his true love. When a mortal king's adventurers trespass in Alistair's territory to steal a rare flower, the prince decides to steal a valuable prize of his own.

Undertake a magical journey in USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Savage's new romantic fantasy series loosely based on the lore of multiple fairy tales. Meet strong heroines supported by a cast of sexy heroes, intriguing friends, and devious villains.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Release! Post-Apocalyptic #YA #Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Kimberly Gould #IARTG

Duty & Sacrifice
(Cargon series, Book Two)
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In a post-apocalyptic world, a lowly servant is at the front of a second renaissance.

Eve has been accepted into the elite of her home country, but a trip to help a neighbor shows her that not all elite are ready to recognize a servant as their equal. She is ideal for communicating between the middle caste, commoners, and the elite of Augustia, owing to her birth and childhood among the servants. Upon her return, work begins anew on harnessing the mythical power of light.

Can she balance her legal husband with her lover?

How will she deal with the knowledge these devices reveal?

**Reading these books in order is not necessary, however it is recommended.**

Only 99 cents for a limited time!
Honor & Privilege
(Cargon series, Book One)

Sovereignty - Coming May 3oth!
(Cargon series, Book Three)
Available in Print (coming soon!)

About the Author

Kimberly Gould hates being called Kimmy, but her mother called her Kimmydonn and that was okay. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and daughter. When she isn't writing about the post-apocalyptic world, she is doing her best to prevent an apocalypse as an environmental consultant.
She is the author of the Cargon series, Never Say Die, and a co-author with USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade in Darkness of Light, an upcoming YA paranormal shifter romance.

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12 All New Reads From Rockstar Romance Series You Love!

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Let these scorching bad boy rock stars melt your panties and your hearts as they burn up the stage at a fictional rock festival in one of the world’s sexiest playgrounds!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Cover Reveal & Pre-order! Darkness of Light by Gina Kincade & Kimberly Gould EXCLUSIVELY in this boxed set! #pnr #YA #Romance

Creatures: A Limited Edition Collection of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today’s indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors!

You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark creature known to lurk the pages of fantasy fiction, you’re sure to find yourself up past your bedtime and reading well into the witching hour!

So curl up on your sofa with a steaming cup of tea and PreOrder today if you dare brave the beasts!

Including stories from...

New York Times bestselling author A K Michaels 
USA Today bestselling authors Gina Kincade and Kimberly Gould 
USA Today bestselling author Bianca D’Arc 
Boone Brux 
Morgan Wylie 
Felicia Beasley 
Kyoko M 
Jules Barnard 
Monica La Porta 
Heather Marie Adkins
Aoife Marie Sheridan 
Alex Owens 
Juliana Haygert 
E. M. Moore 
Skye Knizley 
Shelique Lize 
Lydia Sherrer 
Wendy Owens 
S.M. Blooding 
Stephanie Marks
J & L Wells writing with Laura Greenwood 
USA Today bestselling author Erzabet Bishop

Friday, May 5, 2017

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Join the dark side with ***ALL NEW & EXCLUSIVE*** books from some of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, Award Winning, and International Bestselling authors. 

Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love. 
Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire? Claim your book boyfriend now!