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Chit Chat and All That! with Cassandre Dayne and Ray Sostre...Polyamory Relationships

Today we have the most delicious Chit Chat and All That! going on. The sexy wicked woman of the web, Cassandre Dayne chats with the ever sexy stud of AfterDark Online, Ray Sostre *drool* 
Oh yes that's right I'm introducing today's Chit Chat, sorry got side tracked for a minute there.
Well to those who are just waking, get that cuppa and make yourself comfy, for those who are just getting home after a hard day of work, pour that icy cold drink and I'll just fan myself off here *giggles*

Cassandre Dayne & Ray Sostre

     We’ve all talked about ménage before and it’s a hot topic to write and read about. Generally the sizzling moment is considered either a one time or playtime event. It’s merely a fantasy. Right? What if you were determined to live the lifestyle sharing your home and your bed with more than one person? That’s something in our society called a polyamory relationship. Just what is a polyamory relationship? It’s defined as the practice, desire or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. In other words this can mean three people sharing an intimate relationship or more – sometimes couples are involved. Often the group lives together sharing not only their physical and emotional passions but their basic every day lives as well. Sometimes marriage is involved with a third person not being legally joined but often times this is not the case.

      People who identify themselves as polyamorous generally reject the viewpoint that sexual and relationship exclusivity are necessary for deep, committed, long term loving relationships. Quite frankly sex is not necessarily a focus in these types of situations. This is more about loving the lifestyle of sharing your life, your families and responsibilities.There are many factions and cultural diversities of this lifestyle that include men and women engaging in BDSM, Modern Tantra and Neo-Pagans. It think Ray and I are going to touch on two aspects today including a loving relationship that perhaps isn’t focused on sex and one in the BDSM lifestyle. While this isn’t for everyone keep an open mind. Think of this – as of 2009 there were over 500,000 of these relationships recorded. Imagine today.

Let’s talk about respective roles played
Cassandre:  I think that I find it fascinating with any couple who takes more of the lead. Often times in modern society home and life including bills are considered shared but we all know that when push comes to shove on member is more in charge. For me I would think it would be an incredible dichotomy sharing this aspect with a third person.

Ray: It could be interesting, I mean what’s more than having to talk with just the same person about your day at work or other issues. But there’s a drawback of dealing with numerous emotions, issues, and having a real piece of mind is the most important thing in any relationship. While it is great to have that type of relationship, there’s nothing like having a piece of mind with one person rather than a number of people.

Cassandre:  I can understand that too but I think for people who are so busy in their lives this would help and also being a woman who can love more than one person – meaning I don’t believe in the idea there is just one single person in the world for you – then I can see this. I really think the highest form of trust, respect and communication is needed however.

Ray: If there is an understanding, sure, but how can they assure trust and respect with a number that is far below 1% of the world’s population? While communication is the key to happiness, I wonder if the individual can remain happy even if they are not always or just not the first choice in the relationship.

The regard to sex and jealousy:

Cassandre:  From what I’ve read about these relationships the members are simply not the jealous type. They are much more interested in learning, sharing and growing as a group than any concept of competing. I’m kind of curious if there are more situations where two women and one man is involved as this seems to be tolerated not only more in our society but also with regard to men. I’ll ask you Ray – could you consider having another man with your woman if all the parties agreed and wanted this?

Ray: Not really. There are insecurity issues to overcome and it all goes with the degree of tolerance. I couldn’t just say that it’s okay if I another man touch my woman. I’m unsure if I can handle the aftermath. Aside from me, there is always that question of trust in mind from another individual.

Cassandre: I honestly wonder why so many men still consider two women in an event or in a lifestyle is okay versus two men. What’s the difference? The hunter and gatherer syndrome? It’s time for the cave man bit to be over with in my opinion. Women can be petty as can be but men are closet cases. Really is a fascinating bit. Not sure how to change it however given our rather closed society.

Ray: In a man’s world it’s about what is socially acceptable. It’s like saying women are allowed to show their emotions and men can’t. As to why there aren’t any relationship situations where a woman can love two men at the same time is unanswerable. Maybe there is a relationship like that, but in a man’s world a relationship like that would be considered the alpha-dog and the omega-dog. There is always one that is dominant than the other.

With regard to children:

Cassandre:  I would think this type of relationship could be potentially wonderful and damning when children are involved. The wonderful aspect is that if the group is very nurturing there is more of a chance of the children having more love and attention but we know how society is – if there’s something odd about any kid or their parents the poor child is often tormented. I know that there are literally towns that practice this and encourage – do you think if children are involved that the groups should choose to seek out these villages?

Ray: Good question, I have nothing against that idea of seeking a community where that lifestyle is accepted. While I believe it could help the child be raised with that kind of understanding, I have to think about the future when the child grows up and goes into a world where that particular lifestyle is frowned upon. But I can’t argue this point much, because in my personal experience I have gone to school with children that were raised by same-sex parents; they never turned out to have issues, nor turned out gay as many expected. The best part was the kind of understanding the kind of world and with proper guidance and nurturing, I believe the child(ren) can go far in life.

Cassandre:  I agree with you and I would honestly hate for folks sharing this life to be segregated because I fear this will force more aspects of segregation instead of nurturing togetherness and love.

Ray: No further comment here.

BDSM – In talking with many Dom’s I know that is a consideration many times. Let’s talk about how that’s handled.
Cassandre:  I have talked to several Dom’s who would engage in this scenario. They’ve told me flat out that they would talk to their slave or sub about this and certainly when you engage in this lifestyle you as a sub MUST ask these questions before deciding that you want to be a part of this situation because from what I understand while there is typically a main sub the other is brought in with some frequency and sometimes lives with the couple.

Ray: While I have vey little knowledge upon that particular lifestyle (D/s & S/s), I would have to agree with Cassandre there.

Cassandre:  I mentioned this to my Dom friend the other day and he reminded me however than even in slave situations there is love and passion and the thought of being shared is very similar to any more vanilla relationship. I would love to talk with more Dom’s and Domme’s so really see their feelings. Would you ever consider something of this nature Ray?

Ray: I am willing to take understanding on how their world works, but would I consider that lifestyle? No. Although, I wouldn’t mind interviewing a couple who lives that kind of lifestyle.

Legal Status – should this be legalized as a form of marriage?

Cassandre:  I think that’s a wonderful thought and I know that many experts consider this the next sexual revolution but I hate to say it – we can’t get states to recognize homosexual relationships so I highly doubt in our lifetime this will happen.

Ray: I couldn’t agree more. In fact, who are we to legislate morality? We can legislate behavior, like making sure we aren’t hurting people physically or creating a health risk towards other, but we can’t legislate the choices of individuals. I don’t know about other countries, but in the American society there are a lot of prudes in public and lots of freaks in private. Neither you and I would ever see that happening, we’re lucky to see gay marriage legalized in all 50 states, but how soon could that be? Think of the lengths the Mormon religion had to go through to be accepted in the American society, and today they are still look down as a cult. While I may not practice the lifestyle, I wouldn’t want judge any man or woman that choose that lifestyle, but in the U.S. I believe there should be some civil law to protect them.

Cassandre:  And I think we’re going to see more fighting in this area but the tides will tell as far as whether legal marriages are still accepted in other sections of the United States. It’s interesting – in other countries such as Sweden and Denmark sex is so highly revered that these relationships can be found in clubs on the street. I would find it fascinating to go there.

Ray: What is wrong with the American society is that they believe sheltering people from adult realities and situations would benefit them, when actually it’s the opposite. If we are a free society, why do so many people in the United States feel so ashamed to discuss these topics?

There are many values held high in these relationships including fidelity and trust, setting boundaries and communication. What do you think is most important?
Cassandre:  I don’t think there’s one thing. If you are truly considering entering into this in any form whether for play time with your partner and a trusted friend or for a D/s situation or a non traditional life in situation I think you have to be completely honest and open and set boundaries. This for me wouldn’t be about a free for all with sex but a committed arrangement with very strong emotional bonds. There is not difference for me than a marriage in that there are rules and has to be excellent communication.

Ray: One word, trust. Without trust, there’s no loyalty. In this kind of relationship, there has to be a mental trust, meaning you are readily available to handle the seriousness of the relationship; along with emotional trust, the most important, because you WILL go through moments of not being the center of attention at times, and there are issues to overcome like jealousy and insecurity. Lastly, there’s financial trust. No matter, how good you are as a person or in bed, everyone needs a reliable individual to survive.

Cassandre:  That’s a really good point you bring out about financial trust. Given our state of the economy the last thing we need are more fights in the court systems about couples trying to gain custody or deal with money issues. I’m not sure how that can be handled. But trust all the way around is so necessary.

Ray: It all boils down to the morality of the individual, not the people. I can only advise that the person will need to find someone they can definitely trust.

What do you feel might be the biggest hurdle to surpass when deciding on this type of relationship?
Cassandre:  I think you would have two – one would be a possessive person in the relationship who wants all the attention the other would be the cause and effect of society and how you’re viewed and handled. Quite frankly we have so many bigots of all levels in this country and I suspect in the world that being different could cost you most than just your family and friends.

Ray: I would say in a male’s perspective financial. It’s good to have a practical person in your life and two or maybe more practical people are great, but when there are kids involve it has to be financial. I always asked myself, how are they going to come up with the means to provide. I’m not saying women are expensive, but living your life that way has to be. I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost seven years and I have to come up with ways to provide for her and I. I could imagine what a polyamorous couple goes through.

Cassandre: Interesting – given something you said earlier I honestly would think for men it would be the level of intimacy but it’s a very valid point. For me I also think that if it’s a D/s situation there would be a dichotomy of the two women. I would find that rather daunting.

Ray: Well, in a polyamorous relationship there has be leadership involve too, because you have to not only work with your primary wife or girlfriend, but you work around the needs of others. It’s not so easy as it is seen. What others view on television is fantasy. In reality, you have to be built mentally for this. Let’s never confuse polyamory to a threesome. Threesome can last for one night; polyamory is a whole different ballgame.

I think both Ray and I have made some interesting points. The lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone but I think you can see there are positive and potentially negative aspects about engaging but it’s for me personally I enjoy the possibilities. As always there are societies you can talk to and join and forums to find out more information.

Thank you for being a part and we’d love to hear any feedback.

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Welcome to the NNP team...Tessa Wanton!

The Naughty Nights Press (NNP) team takes great pleasure in announcing a new member to our team, Ms. Tessa Wanton. As the Assistant to the Director of Marketing and Research, Penny Peterssen, Tessa comes to us very qualified in the role of marketing and promotions.  Tessa has a lot of wonderful ideas she will be looking into to help promote our authors and NNP to a wider circle.
I am sure everyone is with us in saying “Welcome to the NNP team Tessa”.
Keep an eye out on our blogs for postings by Tessa to do with Naughty Nights Press promotions and more importantly the delicious stable of authors we are building up.

Short Bio:
Tessa Wanton had her very first book, The Training of Tess, published by Naughty Nights Press in August of 2011. The Training of Tess was met to rave reviews, garnering anywhere from a 4 to 5 star rating on some blogs.

Follow Tessa Wanton at these locations:

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Daniel Burnell is appearing on Naughty Nights Press. Win a copy of his new book Poets!

Today I would like to welcome the mysterious and dashing, Daniel Burnell, author of Naughty Nights Press newest release, POETS.


Thank you for joining us here today Daniel, I hope that through your answers to the following questions, our readers will get to know a bit about you and what inspires your writing.

NNP:  What inspired you to write POETS?

                As I got into the writing, there was an interesting disconnect in the narrator between the repressed, conventional, well-meaning persona she presents to the world and her wild, wanton inner self straining to break free.  I found this interesting and sexy and worth pursuing as a writer.  She’s real and regular.  She’s sitting next to you on the bus on the way home from work.  As I got to know her and wrote in her voice, I was struck by the authenticity of her fierce wishes for a wilder life and how they powered her to go beyond wishing to actually acting out step by step her most sexy savage desires.  Because she turned out to be a keen observer of the world, her close observation of the stripping away of her inhibitions with these two poets was a real turn on.  Sometimes I write erotica without getting turned on.  Not this time.   It was the slow stripping of clothes and inhibitions that made her absolute nakedness so authentic and sexy.
Here’s something else: A version of “Poets” actually happened to me years ago but because I was, in the intro above called ‘the mysterious Daniel Burnell’, I’m not going to reveal who I was in the menage, the woman, one of the men or the voyeur next door.  It doesn’t matter.  As a writer, you have to imagine characters and let them lead you.  This time, unlike most of my stories, I used an actual event to help inspire me to create the voice and character of the woman and then just followed her.

NNP:  Have you always wanted to be a writer Daniel?

                Yes, absolutely, ever since I read and was carried away by great literary works as a teenager (among them in the beginning, “Huck Finn”, “Catcher In The Rye”, “Lolita”) I said to myself, ‘I want to be able to do that’ and set out to accomplish it.  Nothing else seemed nearly as worthwhile.  How else do we know we want to write except by our experiences in reading?  Those great authors created worlds that were more real to me than my own world and characters more revealed to me than I was to myself.  Writing fiction seemed to me to be a heroic quest.  You set out all on your own into uncharted territory and come back, if you’re lucky, with a treasure to present to the world.  It’s a true test of the whole self.
                Let me say, right here, that I write all kinds of things, plays, literary fiction, reviews, under my real name.  Writing erotica these last few years, I have had to bring all my skills to bear on the story telling and the writing has totally engaged me.  It’s let me have a creative outlet for material that’s unacceptable to the literary world though the lines between the kinds of writing are getting more blurred (and that’s a good thing). Sometimes I get into a story and start to wonder, is this erotica or not? Several of the stories, I started out thinking were erotica, I wound up publishing under my real name.  As a writer, you have to like being different people.

NNP:  What comes first for you, the character or the setting when you begin writing?

                You know it varies and the process feels magical to me.  It seems that my imagination is working on its own in private, that the various elements of story telling, character, setting, voice, dramatic action, come together organically without my participation until the story tears through into my awareness and must be written, almost like writing down a dream.  That’s the kind of alchemy that has to go on for a story to catch me up.  I hardly ever consciously say, I’m going to write about his person or this place.  Something has to go on unconsciously for my imagination to be truly engaged. I do my best thinking in my sleep.

NNP:  What is the main quality you like to see in your characters? 

                First off, they have to be interesting.  Really, interest is the only thing that matters and that usually comes down to the authenticity of the human truth being presented.  Get your readers to believe in the truth of who they’re reading about and they’ll follow your characters anywhere. There are lots of ways to achieve this authenticity, voice, how the characters see and behave, the step by step truth in the rendering of their experience.  But if characters don’t become ‘as if’ real, forget it.  Erotic scenes, no matter how descriptive, are just plain boring, if the reader hasn’t been made to care about the people.  It’s flat, cliched, formulaic, not sexy. Only believable characters can inspire voyeuristic pleasure in watching them behave.

NNP:  What type of research do you do for your writing?

                Hate research.  Never do it.  I know a lot of writers thrive on it but I like to make everything up.  I’d probably benefit from research and that I don’t like to do it has no doubt limited me as a writer.  I can understand how research creates a treasure of authentic detail. 

NNP:  Do you have any type of ritual that you go through before you begin to write?

                When I feel a story is about ready to be started, I’ll clean up my workspace.  As I straighten things out, it seems the elements of the story are being arranged by other hands.
NNP: Do you have any other books in the pipeline or due for release that our readers should keep an eye out for?

                There’s “Marietta Exorcism”, a novella just out from Etopia Press,

Set in Liverpool in the 1870’s during a Halloween-like revel, it’s the story of a beautiful, aristocratic young woman’s night long debauche to avenge a betrayal.  Hide this one from the children.

                I also have stories in a few current or forthcoming anthologies ‘Gotta Have It” and “One Night Only” from Cleis Books and  “Lyrotica: An Anthology of Erotic Poetry and Prose” from Vagabondage Press.

NNP:Thank you Daniel for joining us on Naughty Nights Press blog today, I am sure I speak on behalf of all readers when I say; we hope POETS is a raging success for you.


Synopsis of "Poets" by Daniel Burnell    
        San Francisco, city of pirates, prospectors and poets, has a well-deserved reputation for sexual freedom. People have long come to the city to liberate themselves, release pent up desires and do things they would never dare at home, in short, to go wild with others there to do precisely the same thing. Such is the story of the narrator of "Poets": A sedate woman to all appearances, a first grade teacher living conventionally, having shelved her fierce desires for wildness in her life. She has always had an outlet, a tame one so far; poetry. She attends  readings in San Francisco and, on the night of the story, after a reading, she finds herself the object of intense sexual attention of two well-known San Francisco poets.  The poets are a pair of smooth-tongued, sexy rogues well practiced in the art of seduction and ménage with women like her who they immediately recognize, she says, as "caged, desperately seeking poetry in her life, ready for anything".  She does, in fact, throw all caution to the wind.
When the poets start putting their hands on her in the dark of Vesuvio's, a famous San Francisco saloon, the narrator tells us:  "There was a point at the beginning of the proceedings in Vesuvio's when certain thoughts tried to stop me from doing what I was apparently determined to do that night:  'This isn't you. You don't do things like this.  You're a responsible person who has to get up early tomorrow morning to teach the wonderful first graders who love you so much.  Why are you letting it happen?"  But in almost no time at all, I had to admit that many things about my life were false and that this crazy thing felt like one true thing at last."
Their fooling around manages to get the three thrown out of Vesuvio's and then they adjourn to the woman's car and her apartment for a no holds barred, scorching and ravaging, poetic and very naughty, all night ménage, a night the teacher and the reader will never forget.

Excerpt from "Poets"

I was sitting at a small, round table upstairs in Vesuvio's, in the semi-dark, sandwiched between two guys, both of them poets, good poets - I'd made sure of that, with one poet's hand on my left thigh and the other's hand on my right and both pretty far up there but neither touching anything private yet; and one poet's tongue in my mouth and the other poet's finger tracing my breast through my blouse, tentatively, as if it was a wild, caged animal he wasn't quite sure of.
I liked it a lot, really a lot - the tentative, exploratory, poetic attentions of the breast-tracing poet. He was barely indenting my tit, being quite artistic about it, sensitive, and bringing me to life gently, after my long sleep. His touch was of the nerves, flesh and skin and yet not of the nerves, flesh and skin, sensual and not sensual, electrical and not electrical, personal and impersonal; kinky behavior in a saloon and a new poem written into my flesh. I was becoming someone other than who I was and more completely myself at the same time, the truer version. And of course, the regular bodily reactions were happening down below, my pussy, hot and wet, and throbbing wildly with the beating of my heart but I didn't want the poets to kiss me or feel me up any harder or touch me anywhere else just yet, though I certainly would have permitted that and any other poetic or dirty thing these guys wanted to do to me. I wanted them to take me wherever they wanted to go but slowly, poetically and for a long time, just like they were doing.
My breasts felt like they were waking up after a long winter's nap and starting to realize just how hungry they were after their dormancy of not being touched by anyone for many months. Just keep doing it like that, poet, tracing and tracing my flesh, making me quiver and shiver just like that. At the spring rains you may switch to the other one, Sir, and when summer comes, after these delicate attentions, I grant you permission to feel me up like a fumbling teenager in the back of his car and then devour me whole.

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Chit Chat and All That! with Elizabeth Black & Sherry Tooker

Well it is another Monday and yes we all know what that means...no I am not talking about the start of another week at work but none other than CHIT CHAT AND ALL THAT!

This week we have the mysterious and erotic Elizabeth Black and the cheeky and sexy Sherry Tooker, tackling their take on Traditional Publishing v's Indie Publishing v's Self Publishing. Yes a serious one today but as all writer's know it is a subject that can cause the utmost stress and heated debate.
So make yourself comfortable, grab that coffee or cold drink, and get ready to read this week's Chit Chat and All That!
Chit Chat And All That

Traditional Publishing v. Indie Pub v. Self-Pub
By Elizabeth Black and Sherry Tooker

Elizabeth Black and Sherry Tooker here today we discuss our experiences with various forms of publishing, namely traditional v. indie v. self-pub. All three have their pros and cons.

Elizabeth Black: I'm published by several indie publishers of erotic romance including Xcite Books, Circlet Press, Romance Divine, Ravenous Romance, and Naughty Nights Press. I'm also published by two more indie publishers – Stupefying Stories (horror) and Full Metal Orgasm (cyberpunk). A third is Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, a charity anthology to help out Japanese children orphaned by this year's earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Stories range from horror to bizarro and my story is horror. An advantage of indie publishing is that it's easier for me to publish my works in genres I enjoy that aren't necessarily considered mainstream. I also get more hands-on treatment and attention from the editors and owners. I'm not lost in a sea of writers.

Other advantages of indie publishers are that I see a much quicker acceptance and rejection time. I also get more acceptances of, say, short stories that wouldn't make it in the mainstream. The "calls for submissions" I see for short story anthologies – including award-winning ones – are for smaller publishers. I submit to those calls often and my stories are often accepted.

A huge benefit of indie publishing is something Sherry describes below: I get an editor, often a top-notch one. I see and learn from my mistakes. I also am provided with cover art. My cover for The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn was nominated for an award.

That said, I'd like to be published by a traditional publisher in conjunction with indie pubs because those publishing houses are larger, have more promotional money to work with, and are able to get my books reviewed by the likes of USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and the New York Times. I can't get that with the smaller indie pubs. Disadvantages of indie pubs in addition to their small size are their lack of money for marketing and promotion and they are often so small they are unknown. Bookstores won't carry their POD books because you can't order them through a catalogue. And POD has its own problems, namely expensive books that must be ordered individually and then made rather than picked up already stocked in a bookstore. You can't catch an impulse buyer when it come to POD.

Here are more downsides to working with indie publishers. Owners and editors of indie pubs often lack experience working with larger publishers and/or literary agencies. Some of these pubs are start-ups created by inexperienced people who mean well but operate their businesses in their kitchens when the kids are in school. They generally don't last long. Then again, some fine indie pubs of my acquaintance are also small, at-home operations like I described. It's hit or miss.

I have found that some indie pubs are really nothing more than vanity presses founded by a writer who uses the publishing house as a means of self-publishing their own work. Adding other writers to the mix only pads their bank accounts. Many of those types of indie pubs offer no marketing or promotion and they don't send books to review sites. All of that is left up to the writer. Why bother with a publisher like that when the writer has to do all the work? In cases like that, a writer is better off self-publishing.

I have my own nightmare story of dealing with failed indie publishers. My very first publisher was Twilight Fantasies in 2007. For those who don't know, 2007 was a notorious year for failed erotic romance publishers. Scads of them crashed and burned within a few months of each other, and I somehow had the good luck to be involved with three of them. TF accepted my paranormal erotic romance novel An Unexpected Guest. It was slated to be released late that year but the pub had been having some serious problems. The owner was sick and couldn't keep up with the business. TF isn't the first indie pub I've seen close because of the owner's health problems. From now on, if I hear about "health problems" I avoid the pub like the plague. Emails were not being answered and books were not released properly nor promoted at all. Writers began requesting their rights returned to them because of shoddy business practices. Then, the email addresses of TF and the owners had disappeared so no one could reach owners to have rights returned. One owner was tracked down at her day job (she was a teacher) and contacted there about returning rights. By November, 2007, the company had officially folded. It took me a bit to get my rights reverted back to me.

Dark Eden Publications accepted my short lesbian contemporary story Neighbors and shortly thereafter shut down, leaving Neighbors without a home. At least this time my rights promptly reverted back to me. I'm going by memory here, but I believe this pub also had an owner with health problems. Neighbors, like An Unexpected Guest, had never been published despite the acceptance. I sent my short sweet paranormal romance The Storm to Forbidden Publications was accepted but never saw the light of day because the publisher closed shop. I was also given the worst, most unprofessional cover I have ever seen. All of this happened within the span of a few months in 2007 and 2008. I finally found a publisher for An Unexpected Guest, which was published by Fanny Press in 2009. You may find information on this book here. I self-published The Storm. It's for free and it's on my web site. It also has a new cover, a watercolor painted by artist Gary Gabbard. It's my favorite cover followed by the cover for The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn. Neighbors was accepted by Torquere Press for their Vamps anthology. You may find information about the book and my short story here. (scroll down until you get to Vamps.)

Because of these problems I experienced as well as some disappointments with other publishers I've been with, I really do wish to be published by either larger, better known, and well-respected indie publishers or a traditional publisher. I've been submitting short stories and novellas to Cleis Press, Ellora's Cave, and Loose ID but so far no bites. I hope it's only a matter of time before I'm successful. I'd like to self-publish my two free stories on Smashwords and Amazon, and Sherry Tooker is helping me with that.

Sherry Tooker: That I am Elizabeth, I've found that Smashwords is the easiest way to self publish. I personally am only a self published author at this present time with my two releases Naughty Secretary and The Photoshoot being free reads. I feel as though without an Indie publisher or a Traditional publisher that they shouldn’t be made to pay for. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s the way that I see things.

I personally would love to get published by indie or traditional but it’s a lot harder then self publishing. To me, self publishing is a way to get your story out when you want it the way you want it but unless you have an editor or are amazingly awesome at editing then things can be missed. With indie publishing and traditional that step is usually taken care of for you so a few mistakes won’t lose you fans, Self publishing you can.

In indie publishing I have met some amazing authors who take this step. I have noticed that a lot of indie publishers are a lot like Traditional publishers in the way they accept and deny their books but their submission ways are different. For instance traditional publishing as some of my friends have found out they need a certain word count, no more no less and some even stop writers from finalizing titles until the books are approved. No matter how much I really want to get published traditionally and have my books in paper, sold worldwide in book stores. It’s a lot of hassle. 

Indie publishers seem more down to earth and flexible which is definitely what the writing world needs. Just because one person at traditional publisher doesn’t like the way you write your book doesn’t see the light of day where as in indie publishing they think of the audience more than how the writer writes. We all have different styles and it’s nice to know that we have an outlet for it in indie publishing.

My goal is to get published by NNP, Naughty Nights Press. I hope that one day my dream will come true and it happens. Without NNP I wouldn’t be still writing to be honest. They help you so much, like a lot of other indie publishers. It feels more relaxed, more like a family then just pure business, yes, no, etc. It’s a nice environment, you may not get the bookstore exposure with it but you get word of mouth, friends of friends etc. I love how it’s more personal and more connected this way then traditional and even Self Publishing.

Elizabeth Black: So there you have it. There are many advantages and disadvantages to traditional publishing, indie publishing, and self-publishing. Why limit yourself to one? Gain experience in all three! And if you make it into the Big Six, more power to you.

Sherry Tooker: And if you don’t feel as though your story is long enough for a paperback book enter it to an indie publisher or get yourself an editor and release it yourself. Give it a go. You never know what may come of it!

Thank you so much Elizabeth and Sherry for your very thoughtful views, the both of you have definitely given the readers lots to think about.

Elizabeth Black

Sherry Tooker
Tumblr: http://authorsherrytooker.tumblr.com/

Next week on Chit Chat and All That! we will be having the talents of a remarkable couple, Ray Sostre and Cassandre Dayne who will be discussing, Polyamory, Swinging and Multiple Partners, are one of these lifestyles for you? Hmm I know which one I would want to be involved in *wink*

The AfterDark World: AfterDark's Interview with Gina Kincade

The AfterDark World: AfterDark's Interview with Gina Kincade: AfterDark Online is pleased to interview a very familiar face in the erotic publishing industry, Ms. Gina Kincade; erotic author, founder of...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have you heard the news? No...well start reading!

Not only has STAR SEARCH by Julez S. Morbius and POETS by Daniel Burnell been released early by Naughty Nights Press, but so has SOMETHING FRESH SERVED HOT by BLMorticia.

So now have you got your clicking finger and book buying skills on the ready and don’t forget you need to have your calendar up and ready so as you can take note of the following dates where you can go and read interviews being held with the authors and be in the running to win a copy of their book.

We make entering extremely easy; all you have to do is leave a comment after the interview, along with your email address and voila! you are now in the draw for that author’s book on the blog site they are being hosted by.


Come and meet BLMorticia at Blood, Lust and Erotica on 22nd & 23rd November.
BL will also be appearing on Lindsay’s Scribbles on 29th November.


Fun and games on BL Rawiya’s blog when they interview Julez on the 21st November.


Daniel is being interviewed by the Naughty Nights Press team on 29th and 30th November on the Naughty Nights Press blog.

Now along with these interviews, we have a group of Naughty Nights Press authors who will be taking over BL Rawiya’s blog site for ten days.
These authors are:

11/21 Julez Morbius
11/22 Tessa Wanton
11/23 Abby Hayes
11/24 Kiki Howell
11/25 Sarah Bella & CM Owens
11/26 Ken Charles
11/27 Ana Hart
11/28 Gemma Parkes
11/29 Chrystian Marrero
11/30 Cree Walker
12/01 John Simpson

Now come on, tell me this is not ‘THE’ way to end a most magnificent month. Oh and don’t forget Chit Chat and All That! this Monday on Naughty Nights Press blog.

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I’ve written many things about BDSM and the acts and playtime and the discipline occurring within the lifestyle. But in truth what you’ve heard about are much more of a vanilla laced – if you will – events. Everything from being flogged on the St. Andrew’s Cross to nipple clamps, these are very traditional methods used. Then there’s what’s called Edge Play or the extreme in BDSM. What is edge play? Going far enough out on a limb that actual physical damage could occur. This could involve nipple torture, cutting, burning and breath play. And trust me there are more. In giving you a taste of something else I first caution you to read this with an open mind and listen to all the red flags that might be going off in your brain. These methods aren't for the newcomer or the faint of heart.

Erotic asphyxiation is the term used for purposely cutting off oxygen to the brain in order to achieve sexual arousal. Chemically, when oxygen is deprived from the brain carbon dioxide is produced causing giddiness and in many people an instant arousal. It often produces a lucid, semi hallucinogenic state called hypoxia that when combined with an orgasm, the rush can be as powerful as a hit of cocaine and just as addictive. You might ask yourself, what the hell is the thrill?

You don't have to know consciously that what you're doing is dangerous, because all your body's reflexes are screaming it at you. Put the back of a crooked forefinger over your windpipe, in the middle of the angle where your neck joins your chin, and push up and back very gently. It takes hardly any pressure to feel very uncomfortable indeed. Do it to someone else and they will certainly try to move your hand away without even thinking about it.

There are all kinds of things people might get out of breath control. You may find there is a sensual pleasure in just the fact of having their breathing restricted, or enjoy the way it underlines the sense of enclosure when using a mask or hood. And it is the ultimate trust game, with the bottom literally putting their life in their top's hands.

Breath control may be used in moderation to introduce an element of vulnerability or danger into the scene. However some people pursue it to the point of near or actual unconsciousness, and enjoy the resulting psychological 'altered state'. Some say this is the only way they can achieve what many people call subspace - the wondrous state of extreme ecstasy.

There are many methods of achieving this including some things you’ve probably seen in moves such as a plastic bag being placed over the heads of the sub. Kids have been known to practice this themselves and often times with disastrous results. Within the BDSM community there are several methods including airtight masks and hoods with some form of air inlet that can be controlled can be a thrill just to wear. Using hands over the inlet will allow subtle gradations of restriction and also give easy and safe release. Gas masks are ideal since they are usually reliably made with a large, easy-to-locate inlet; anaesthetists' masks can also be employed. Leather/fetish suppliers make a wide range of purpose-built hoods, usually from rubber, but be very careful to check their integrity before playing, especially ones with a very restrictive inlet, and think carefully about how easy they are to get off. Keep a pair of big blunt-ended scissors handy as an emergency measure.

There are also other extreme methods including hanging and carotid pressure – which is literally having a force of pressure placed on your windpipe to stop the breathing for some time. I personally am not into this type of edge play and have heard too many terrible stories of people – including children who hang themselves for this reason – to even EVER consider it.

In talking with the Dom many you have heard me mention, he told me flat out there are many types of edge play he won’t consider including knife and gun play and breath control. He told me a story that haunts him to this day about a good friend of his that had a long time slave and they engaged in the practice and had for years. Unfortunately during one session of play time things got out of hand and she died. He was in jail for a few months as the police investigated him and the claims that their playtime was a consensual event and an accident instead of murder. You can imagine trying to explain to a cop what you and your partner were doing and how he or she died.

It’s horrible what happened to her and while she kept records of their relationship enabling a solid background of their BDSM activities enabling him to be exonerated, he was crushed at the loss. My Dom had engaged until that time and swears never again.

There are ways you can watch carefully your partner and minimize the risks but in truth, I’m not going to go over those because I fear people who have no business in edge play will try something like this with horrendous results. I strongly encourage anyone even curious about this to spend LOTS of time talking to people and learning and reconsidering before you attempt anything of this nature. You don’t want to have something that you thought would be kinky end in death.

I also include some aspects of edgier type play and my upcoming release with Naughty Nights Press is very out there. Forced Fantasies will be a something that may stretch your boundaries to a point you're not sure about. Take a look at the blurb.


Devlin Carter yearned to find a new life including a career that allowed him more freedom to be the man he’d buried inside. Longing for a partner to share his dark cravings of being owned and collared, he fought his personal demons wearing a conservative mask but something had to give. Stumbling onto Dark Obsession, an Internet Fetish Community that catered to every kinky need, he was intrigued. Invited to a very posh and private party hosted by the owner of the site, Devlin was concerned co-workers would find out about his exotic hungers and he’d lose his job.

Granger Williams, Staff Master to all that knew him, savored owning the extensive Internet site with his partner and lover, Tanner Simpson. Enjoying all flavors of BDSM, they shared a life together but they both held a horrible secret and one Granger refused to talk about. For some reason Granger couldn’t keep his mind off of the very sexy Devlin and against his better judgment invited the newbie to the highly sought after event. After all, Tanner wanted him to find a new partner before it was too late. Unfortunately fate had other ideas. Torn apart, could the two souls forgive and learn to deal with the unfolding tragedy?

Kisses xxx





Email: cassandre@cassandredayne.com