Important Notices

Dear Readers/Writers,

The authors at NNP would like to take this opportunity to thank all our faithful readers for your patronage at the NNP eStore. Sadly, it is with a heavy heart we must let you all know we will be phasing out the use of our independent storefront. Unfortunately, with 2017 changes to Paypal's pricing to Canadian Businesses, it is simply not competitively feasible for us to try to continue to offer our books on our own website the way we have for the last eight years.

Please do not stress as there is plenty of time to back up your digital purchases from the store, and these records will be kept so we will always know who bought what books.  

Yes, this sucks and we hate it as much as you do. We do hope in the future we can find an alternate method but until then, our books will always be available on all major distributors.

As always, we look forward to continuing as one of your top providers of quality reading content on the Internet. That is one thing we will never change! 

Remember: If you read, please review. Word of mouth is the highest form of praise for our authors!

Yours Faithfully,

Gina Kincade, CEO

About Naughty Nights Press LLC:

NNP is a small, independently owned publisher in our fourteenth year of business. By combining modern technology-based marketing skills with advanced education and knowledge acquired in traditional publishing, Naughty Nights Press LLC has become a leader in small press publishing.

Our Claim To Fame for 2023: To-date, we have helped over 350 authors achieve their goal of having their books reach the USA Today and Amazon Bestseller lists.

Starting out with the advancement and integration of Y2k applications at a top Insurance firm in Canada, adding multiple years in the business of fiction publications, we sought out and developed  a new generation of advanced publishing where our authors are the focus rather than the traditional methods of many publishers out there today, including the big five.

After years of experience in content management and digital marketing, we allow our reputation among authors, both traditionally published and Indie, to speak for itself in regard to helping authors improve their quality results. Our effective methods increase author exposure, marketing and sales, and yet reduce their online presence, leaving more time for what writers truly need to do: write.

We have combined our expertise with the tools of today's technology, staying up-to-date on developing trends in the marketplace, and providing our clients with a true unique publishing opportunity, giving them a competitive advantage.

We have a great wealth of knowledge in developing both print and digital publications, and have worked side by side with many independent authors in re-launching their successful writing careers.

Thank you,
The Naughty Nights Press LLC Team