Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Now Available: Craving Her Mates-My Wicked Mates #1 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #romance #menage @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

Now available from USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop!

In the darkness of night, desire reigns supreme.

The sins of the past live on in the present...

Carefree submissive Natalia Adams lived the dream of a promising future. Her life at Inferno, the city’s most exclusive BDSM club, was everything to her until she was thrust into a living nightmare. Now a lynx shifter, and a detective trying to help victims like herself, she hides behind more than one mask to keep herself veiled from the world. When a murder case takes a dark turn, will she be able to rely on her animal instincts to keep her alive?

Seven years, seven murders...

Ryder, a male submissive at Inferno, is devoted to the lifestyle and one very hard to pin down Domme. An incubus that feeds on negative emotions, he is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes. When yet another murder occurs, he is asked to assist Detective Natalia Adams. Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight, and all it can take is one kiss.

The whisper of the cane can bring them heaven or hell...

Cage still dreams about the sub who got away. Natalia was his fantasy girl and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As the new owner of Inferno, he still can’t get her out of his mind. His wolf wants their mate back and they aren’t taking no for an answer. A discovery is about to rock his world and bring the past and future colliding together. If only he has the courage to embrace it.

#shifter #menage #sexytimes #detective #crime #incubus #cat #wolf #paranormalromance

Thursday, February 21, 2019

#FREE For All: Grab Your Copy of Burning Midnight by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #paranormal #witch #vampire @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#free for everyone Feb 21- Feb 25

Also available to #read in kindle unlimited.

#paranormal #witches #vampires #werewolves #romance #booksale #ku #amazon #kindleunlimited

About the book...

The dreams of the heart may be the darkest of all…

Kissed by the moon…
Diana Robichard runs Moon Called, an antique shop specializing in cursed objects. A new antiquity falls into her possession and promptly disappears, her tidy world is upended. When faced with a threat to those she loves the most, witchcraft alone may not be enough to save them. Blood vows and shadowy magic may hold the key, but the ultimate power might just be in the darkest recesses of her heart.

A wolf unleashed…
Alpha wolf, Aristide Benoit, is a wolf on a mission. When multiple pack members, and finally his daughter, go missing, he is ready to do whatever is necessary to find them. A pending war with the vampires looms in the distance but a blacker danger lies closer to home. Will the sexy witch destined to be his mate be his downfall, or his salvation?

Blood and fire…
Vampire Regent, Rand Sinclair, has a problem. His vault is missing an amulet never meant to see the light of day. Endangering a treaty with the wolves, he must act quickly before the woman he loves is swept into an ancient curse that will destroy them all. But can he make room in his heart and embrace a love that can set them all free?

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Last chance at #99cents! One True Mate by USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade! #shifters #paranormal #romance #datingagency #SHDA #werebear #werecat #FureverShifterMates #onetruemate #curvy #bbw #ginakincade


"Luke. I can't take it. I can't..."
When he got to the over-heated apex between her thighs, he said only, "Shhhh, it's okay..." then dropped to his knees in front of her. He paused without pulling away, pressed his head against her belly and closed his eyes, his labored breathing evening out a little, the pause of his ministrations helping her quiet her own overwhelming desire. The momentary reprieve didn't last long.
Luke placed soft kisses first on the bottom of her stomach, groaning and growling as he went, his fingers digging into her hips, as if it were all he had to hold himself back, remain in control. She wanted to spread her legs for him, but his grasp on her hips forced her to stand still, not move without his consent as he traced his tongue and kisses over her thighs, her mound, her lips, before he looked up at her, dark eyes flashing with the intensity of his own need.
"Grab on to my shoulders, Tallan, and do not let go." he ordered, his voice gruff, hard, leaving no doubt he meant every word.
She did as he bid her, looking down over him with her eyes wide, curious, her fingers biting into the hard flesh so hard she worried it would bruise but she said not a word. She couldn't.
Luke grasped her broad hips and pulled her sex toward him, moving his hand to curl into the thatch of hair. He trailed one finger down to her crease and circled it slowly to trace over her folds, making her suck in a fast breath at the contact.
She bit down hard on her bottom lip as his fingers played over the tension in her blood-engorged sex. She'd become so wet, so slippery, she could smell her own musky scent as it drifted upward from the dark curls nestled tight to the apex of her thighs and he'd only just begun. That fact alone sent heat rushing into her cheeks.
He ran his tongue down her belly, stopping just before he reached her folds. He used his fingers to carefully separate the labia and then brought his face against her heated core, forcing a deep growl to bubble from her throat. Her panther was dangerously close to the surface now, with all these new sensations and emotions running rampant through her body and mind. She was a little concerned about her ability to maintain her control, not allow the animal within her to shift at this point.
She pressed the beast back, mentally reassuring herself she could do this, concentrate enough on Luke's actions and still keep her animal at bay. After all, this may be new to her but she knew control was a must, even if she felt like she were about to explode.
He blew gently against her heated skin, sinking a slick finger into her tight channel and she keened low and long at the welcome feeling of pleasure that ripped through her at the intrusion. She gasped, sucking in another deep breath and biting hard on her lip as he flicked the very edge of his firm tongue to the tip of her swollen clit.
Her head shot up and she arched, bucking her hips, and for a split second almost losing her grip on his shoulders as he darted his tongue in warm circles around the tight bud.
He followed her movements easily as she whimpered, howled, and shook as she released all the pent up tension, her desire, fear, everything in a rush of her juices and leaving beaded moisture covering his lips and chin. As the last of her climax retreated in delicious spasms, Tallan buried her face in his hair, still holding his shoulders tight.
Luke grasped her generous buttocks, buried his face against her belly and held her tight as the aftershocks of the most amazing orgasm she'd ever had rippled through her.
Not sure what to expect next, she startled when he scooped her up off the floor, one arm cradling her legs and the other wrapped behind her back. She couldn't imagine any man could lift her, but he did so without even a grunt of effort. She let the thought pass as quickly as it had come and settled into his hard chest with a soft sigh, her head cradled under his chin.
Laying her out on the bed, Luke then stood back, admiring her, looking her over every inch of her without hurry or haste. A smile grew on his face, slow and perfect to convey how he felt about what he saw. He backed up, looking her up and down. It was like he sought to memorize the sight of her flushed cheeks, her unfocused eyes, her sated and lethargic body, and imprint the sensual view of her into his mind.
Her whole body tingled, begging for his touch. His eyes only teased, though they brought every ounce of her, inside and out, to life. The fact that she laid there, bare to his roving gaze, post-coital and letting him view her this way seemed to heal something deep inside her that had been ripped apart, shredded by the actions of others long ago. In a short amount of time, this man, his loving treatment and consideration for her, made her feel like a whole woman again, one ready and willing to give herself to a man.

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#99cents #LimitedTime Grab Your Copy of Bound In Fire by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #cat #phoenix #fireman @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

#99cents #limitedtime #KU #shifter

The witch with the phoenix tattoo…
Isobel Fieri loves her dream job of working as an archivist in the city’s most prestigious museum. Well, aside from the creepy advances of her boss, that is. But when her mentor goes missing and a valuable exhibit piece vanishes into thin air, she knows something is very wrong. Bound by her desire to find answers, some really steamy flashbacks, and an attraction to a certain sexy fireman, opening weekend is about to get interesting.

He will find her again and protect her at all costs.

Roark Jameson has never forgotten the mate he loved and lost. He and his cat have pledged their lives to fighting fire, the very thing that took her from them. When he finds himself in front of the Remington Museum, he is drawn in to the mythology exhibit despite himself. A chance meeting will upend his universe and bring his carefully constructed world crashing down around him. Discovering his long lost mate here seems impossible, but when danger roams the hallowed halls of the museum, he must fight for her or lose her forever to the twisted web of fate.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JvT25w
Available to read free in Kindle Unlimited

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#FREEBIE #LIMITEDTIME Grab Your Copy of Sweet Sensations by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #KU #collection @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#FREE for a #limitedtime!

Join USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop as she leads you through literary dreams and fantasies, a holiday cookie exchange, zombie dating, sexy cowboys, and more in this collection of some of her favorite short stories.

#sexytimes #zombiedating #cowboys #highwayman #cookieexhange #storycollection #free #KU

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Now Available from USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author Erzabet Bishop #shiftinghearts #pnr #shifters #boxset @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

Tired of your mother managing your dating life?

Weary of the club scene or endless blind dates?

Enter the world of the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency and find your fated mate. A little bit of magic and a whole lot of hunky shifters await you.

#shiftinghearts #datingagency #shifters #paranormalromance #boxset #cat #wolf #witch #curvygirls #fatedmates #pnr #bookishlove #readinglife #bear #sexytimes

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#Free to #read in Kindle Unlimited! #shapeshifters #WMW #curvy #bbw #bookboyfriend #fatedmates #witches #gargoyles #wolves #paranormal #PNR #Amazon #kindleunlimited #ku #shifterlove

Now #Free to #read in Kindle Unlimited! 
Meet your next book boyfriend.
Find your fated mate...
Enter the world of shapeshifter paranormal romance with the Westmore Wolves series!

Wicked for You (Westmore Wolves #1) 

Heart’s Protector (Westmore Wolves #2) 

Burning for You (Westmore Wolves #3) 

Taming the Beast (Westmore Wolves #4)

Mistletoe Kisses (Westmore Wolves #5)

Excerpt from Wicked For You

His lips captured hers, claiming her body and soul. The long, hard length of his erection pressed into her softness and she groaned into his mouth. Her core was molten and the need to be claimed by him a physical necessity.
She fumbled with his zipper, his cock springing free between their bodies.
“God, woman…”
Another scream and the sound of breaking glass met her ears. She turned in his arms and waggled her ass, giving him full view of her body. “You gonna make me wait?”
He was on her in seconds, his cock sliding beneath her ass cheeks. She bent over a little more. The velvet tip of him poised at her entrance.
“Now,” she hissed and drove back on him. She groaned as he filled her, his hardness sinking deep into the slippery confines of her pussy.
“I’m not going to be gentle.”
“Next time.” She brought his hand around her and pressed a kiss to his palm. “But now, I need you and the pack needs us.”
“I’m going to make your toes curl and I’m keeping you in bed for a week.” Carrick snaked his hand down the front of her body and found her clit. He pulled out and once more thrust his cock hard inside of her, the pulse of their energies swirling around them.
Her nipples were pinpoints of desire and when one of his hands brushed over her breasts, she jerked in his arms as the first edge of an orgasm slid through her body.
“I…Oh, God. Sage.” He buried his face in her hair and groaned, his hips pumping. The fabric of his tux rubbed against her ass and she wanted more than anything to feel his naked skin on her and to be able to take their time. Her fingers curled into the decorative brickwork of the alcove and she held on for dear life as his tempo increased, stroking her heat from without and within.
“Claim me…” she arched against him as another fission of energy moved between them.
Sage threw back her head, her insides coiled and ready. Her own fangs descended, itching to bury themselves inside of his flesh.  “Give me your bite.”
Carrick growled, his fangs breaking the unmarked skin of her shoulder. He bit down the pain zinged through her body, awakening her and making her long for more time in his arms. She came all over his dick, her pussy clenching as the sensation of a full mating sizzled along her skin. Sage cried out, sinking back into his arms. She raised his hand to her mouth and clamped down, her fangs breaking the skin of his hand. Carrick shuddered, his heat enveloped her inside and out as his seed bathed the inside of her womb.
The hold that had been over her for six years broke. Her mate still moved within her and her heart sang with the clarity of his senses as their bond solidified.
“Can you hear our pack? They know we mated.”
Carrick withdrew, placing a kiss on the bite mark. “I can.” He fixed himself and reached down for her discarded dress.
“Thank you.”
He helped her step into the black gown and pressed a kiss to her lips. “Are you ready?”
Sage grinned and suddenly wished she’d thought to call Mel. She was going to be so pissed she missed a good fight. “You bet.”