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What's happening at Naughty Nights Press?

Naughty Nights Press and our authors have an amazing couple of weeks coming up and everyone concerned is busily organizing promotions, interviews, giveaways, and most importantly, letting the adult public know that they are amazing authors who have had some of the hottest, kinkiest books published.

Now, we would love to give you (the reader) a complete rundown of what is happening but all we can advise on are dates, where to look for some amazing offers and what is being released.

We strongly suggest that you go to the Naughty Nights Press blogs or on the following days and look for a rectangular button that will detail to you what is on offer.

29th August ~ For One Naughty Day Only

30th August - 1st September ~ Free for Three at ARe

31st August - Mystical Mayhem by Kiki Howell. Kiki once again brings a well developed tale of paranormal erotica that proves why she has been dubbed the Queen of the Underworld.

1st September - Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson is released. A paranormal/BDSM erotic story that will thrill you, chill you and keep you hot in all the right places.

1st September - Campus Sexploits 3, a Naughty Nights Press anthology. This is the third installment of the Campus Sexploits anthologies series that deals with erotic college or university encounters. So, if you have already read and fell in lust with the first two, you are going to cream yourself with the third.

4th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

13th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

20th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

Now for some more diary dates.
Naughty Nights Press invites you to check out the bi-monthly posts that will be starting as of the 10th September with Monday Madness and Mayhem on PRLog and if you miss this post you can then find it on Hump Day Delights on Naughty Nights Press (NNP) blogsites, see above for url’s.
Now, if for some reason you missed it on PRLog and the NNP blog sites, you can catch it again on Friday Fantasies at Blood, Lust and Erotica  
These posts will let you know what is happening at NNP and as you can see, we are always super busy.

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Remember to read through the requirements carefully, as we do have the right to refuse any manuscripts that are not formatted as per our requirements or have not been edited sufficiently.

Our NNP blog also has a variety of authors who will be doing regular guest posts and that is definitely not something to miss.
Our authors will delight you with excerpts from their already published books, upcoming books and works in progress(WIP’s). They will also discuss things that they are passionate about, what annoys them, what thrills them and basically talk about themselves for a bit. So, if you have questions for the authors or wish to state your own opinion on their topic of choice, we do encourage you to visit.
They are not scary people, well okay, it is scary what some of them can come up with, but on a personal level they are all wonderful and approachable.

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Ah, Fantasies…

The simply amazing thing about being an erotic author is getting to live out fantasies in vivid color when you’re writing. I can be all kinds of women, and act on a whim without repercussions – that is unless they’re repercussions I want to live through *winks* I mean really anything goes.

And, what I have fantasized about in my stories so far covers quite a bit of erotic topics. I’ve been a very successful business lady, strong and just a bit jaded against the most romantic of holidays. I’ve had two women and two men and a lot of toys *winks* I’ve been dominant and demanded what I wanted from them, any position, any combination that my mind could come up with. Yes, that’s what I did with Shannon in Seeing Red

Daydreaming of sexual fantasies in front of the computer – yes, that is my life as often as I can grab the time. It’s something though in real life that I can’t imagine, that many naked bodies being pleasured in one room, hmmm… So I IMAGINE it often in my stories because it is just such an enticing idea.

I really played out quite a few fantasies in my first novella, Finding Paradise. From the beginning, I had two women who met on Facebook sharing sex stories, well one world traveler sharing with one stay-at-home mom (a character inspired by the group of women I work with – good thing they will never know). So slave fantasies, capture fantasies, stranger fantasies, mรฉnage fantasies… I was really on a kick there. But, in this story, I ran the quite a spectrum of pairings too: m/f, f/f, m/f/f, m/m, f/m/f/m. And by that last one, again I had a dominant women kind of directing the two sets of couples. I loved how she put the two sexy husbands of different ages on the spot, encouraging interaction between them. I am truly a two are better than one type of woman *winks*

And speaking of fantasies, well a different kind of fantasy, I just got another wonderful review for Finding Paradise at A Redheads Guilty Reads:
Wow, Just WOW! Finding Paradise is just the sorta novel every woman ought to read in her adult life! The scenes, the character everything about Finding Paradise is PERFECT! Absolutely perfect! I will definitely be recommending this book to others!
More of this authors novels will surely be going on my TBR list as her novels always make for an interesting and unforgettable read.....
One things for certain though.... I'll NEVER be the same the in an adult store again.....

There seems no end though to my fantasies though *blushes* And, I took on a different angle in Dream Job. Here I got a job as a writer/assistant at an adult film studio. So no longer the woman in control, but more a student of her boss. There were so many sinfully sexy moments during filming that I, well I mean Kim, was privy to, and the touching in the vein of assisting, well *fans self*

I’m keeping them coming too. I have an m/m/m I just finished where those three guys are involved in the MMA – tough, sexy – now there is a FANTASY – naked men wrestling. YUM! Check out The Fights of Summer next month! 
Oh, and wait until Costumes and Dungeons come October. Sexy vampire and some light BDSM… 
Click on any title to go to the NNP Store page for that book for more information :)
Abby Hayes

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The Vampire's Witch is Free for Three at All Romance eBooks

The Vampire’s Witch, Book 1 of At War in the Willows trilogy


The Willows is a resort town run by vampires, werewolves and witches. Here, their true identities are kept secret from humans, and intimate relations between the individual clans are strictly forbidden.

When it becomes known that the vampire Amberlyn has fallen in love with the werewolf Kane, the tedious line of their co-existence has been crossed. Caught in the crossfire of this revelation, Drake, the vampire clan leader and Amberlyn’s maker, is killed along with an innocent witch. These deaths spark a series of horrific events leading to an all out War In The Willows.

In Book 1, The Vampire’s Witch…Amberlyn’s vampire brother, Isaac, always one to kick ass first and deal with the consequences later, kidnaps a witch, Winter. He intends to find out what type of retaliation the witch clan is planning against the vampires and werewolves. In doing so, he finds so much more then he bargained for.

By Book 2, The Vampire’s Wolf…Isaac and Winter devise a plan to try to get the Elders of the clans talking peacefully. But, things don’t go as they’d hoped, and the fighting between the clans becomes more devious – deadly. Now, Devin, another vampire of Drake’s making, steps in to help pick up some of the pieces.

When Book 3, The Vampire’s Human begins, it is Devin who hides the biggest secret; he’s in love with a local human. In a moment of desperation – of love – Devin sweeps this human, Sara, away to his home in order to keep her out of harm’s way.

Unexpected close encounters, bodies ripe with need, and situations beyond their control lead to forbidden relationships. Now three vampires, a witch, a werewolf and a human must ride along the edges of the rules. They will attempt once unthinkable romantic entanglements despite all those who oppose their relationships, while fighting for their lives as well.

With the Willows full of violence and bloodshed, meetings and magic amiss, will the clans ever be able to find peace among them again? Or, will this war destroy the Willows?


The Vampire’s Witch by Kiki Howell


One draw of blood into his mouth, and her hips violently trembled. She cried out, but rather than sensing her pleasure, he felt she was casting a spell on him. Her magic poured over him, through him like blood through his veins. He felt her climax as it traveled deep into his groin, filling the area with pleasure. His cock was rock hard, waves of contractions flowed through him. Thoughts, not his, entered his head, my Goddess, Isaac Roberts, just made me come! Fuck me Isaac.
He pulled back. Staring at her, he only realized he’d left the wound marks open on her thigh when blood dripped onto his leg. He licked over tiny holes to seal her flesh, to let it start to heal, before turning back to confront her.
“You did that on purpose. You pushed thoughts into my head.”
“Yes. Mind games. I’m a witch. I’m brilliant at them.”
“But, so easily. Can you hear my thoughts?”
“If I wanted to, I could control them. You vamps don’t fear us for nothing. But, I wouldn’t do that to you. I think you know that. I think you can feel enough of me, of my magic, to know I’m not a threat to you.”
Isaac nodded, looking at her body, her skin glowing in the light of the few lamps that were still on. He realized he’d slept with the light on last night; his face exposed no less. As well, he’d slept like the dead with a stranger in his bed, unprotected. However, the realization brought him pure power rather than vulnerability. Usually, he cared little for life, but right now, he wanted to live it. Question was, could he live with that kind of change?
Like a lion over its prey, he came over her, his body feeling heavy as it met her softness from head to toe. He kissed her gently – for the first time – taking his time to savor the feel of her lips on his, her tongue rubbing along his fangs.
“I taste not only my own arousal, but my own blood.”
“Damn, that was one sexy sentence.” He smiled down at her. And, damn but he could get used to this. A connection, love at first sight, mortal enemies, he just could no longer deny or resist any of it no matter how dangerous or stupid it was.
Moving his hips, he nestled his between hers. The hard, tight, head of his cock met her warm, wet, softness.
“Am I too cold?” he whispered, as he felt her shudder again.
“No, not too cold.”
When she smiled, his heart – the one that no longer beat, but lay dead in his chest – felt like it came alive for one moment. He reached for the blanket on the bed and pulled it over them, hoping to keep some of her body heat in it. He felt deliciously warm. She made him feel so alive, like a true man again. He couldn’t control her thoughts and didn’t know how to send his own to her, as she’d just done to him, so he spoke instead. His fear of rejection outweighed by his pleasure.
“You make me feel so alive again, I swear my heart beat. I feel your warmth, not only in your blood running through me, but every place we touch. For so long, I’ve hardened myself from the world, taking some physical pleasures, but denying any existence of humanity inside myself. That is, until last night when I held you in my arms, carried you across town. You saved me, ten years ago and now. I didn’t know it until just this moment.”
“You’ve saved me too.”
“From what?”
“My solitary existence, even if for just one night if that is all this can be.”
He swept his lips over hers, their smiles coinciding with each other. He entered her then, pushing his length inside her body, feeling her inner walls adjust around him. She practically purred. Their initial slow rhythm became frenzied quickly. Her inner walls gripped him as he moved in and out of her. Her fingers dug into his back. He felt her power swirl around them again, and her voice came across clear in his mind.
Bite me, Isaac. It’s all right. I know you want to.
He did. His fangs piercing her neck sent him over the edge. As her blood flowed into his mouth again, his seed shot into her – void of life, but strong. She quivered around him, tightened and loosened, milking him of every last drop of his come as she came herself.
After healing her wounds with his tongue, he bunched the blanket more in between their chests to protect her from his chill. He moaned when he slipped from inside her. He knew though, that the lost connection would have been worse, if some part of her didn’t still envelope him with her energy.
“Better than I ever dreamed it could be,” she said as she looked up into his eyes. He knew they were still dark, but she didn’t look away. “I could probably heal your face now, with a spell, a few herbs. Not that I care what you look like, you’re beautiful. But, I feel guilty, like I might have done this to you.” Tears slipped from her eyes, tiny knives into his heart, which was just now coming alive.
“No. Don’t feel like that. You’ve already healed something in me that I didn’t care until now was even broken.”
A sound in the distance, the feeling of his family drawing near, had him moving her with lightening speed into the closet; the only hiding space in the whole damn place save for the bathroom.
“There is a door behind this wall. Get in there so they don’t feel you. I’m sorry.”
He left her there, saying something like a prayer to god only knew who, that she would be safe – remain hidden. Although, he knew already, he would protect her to his death. A vampire and a witch? No different than my sister with a werewolf? This was his last thought as the main door opened, and he shoved her nightgown and what was left of her panties under the sheet on the bed.

About Kiki Howell
Ever since she was young, Kiki Howell has loved to listen to a well-woven tale with real characters, inspired plots, and delightful resolutions. Kiki spend hours lost in books and soon knew creating lives, loves, and losses with just words had to be the greatest thing she could do. She’s now had over thirty stories published and couldn’t be more thrilled or grateful to see her creations polished and out in the real world.

Links to Kiki Howell

Purchase books by Kiki Howell at the follow ebook stores

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My Word On The LendInk Issue

I'm truly disheartened by the amount of writers who literally attacked a man's attempt to run a legitimate site even after I and several others confirmed it was legit.  Sadly, even some of my own writers went off and took matters into their own hands AFTER my August 2nd post informing them about LendInk's legitimate status. 

I was asked about our books being on LendInk, did my research into the site, realized quickly there was no hosting of our books, even went so far as to contact Amazon with a couple of questions (which btw if you ask the right questions about books being lendable you get a positive answer rather then a negative one) and returned in a very short time with a definitive answer to their concerns.  The fact that some blatantly ignored my notice makes me quite angry.

In no way whatsoever do I, or my publishing company, support what these writers did.

Further to that, I hearby make this statement in support of Mr. Porter, hopefully ensuring that he and others are fully aware that ANY takedown notices issued by any authors of NNP books listed on his site was done WITHOUT my knowledge and against my expressed advice.  
In fact, as NNP has contracts giving us 100% exclusive rights to distribution and marketing of books we've published, those authors who defied my request to leave LendInk alone, as I had approved of the site's purpose, have technically violated our contracted marketing rights.  

I'd like to inform Mr.Porter that he DOES NOT have to respond to a single request regarding our works and we are HAPPY to continue our FREE advertising on his site as part of his previous, in place lending program should he decide to rebuild LendInk or another legitimate site.

I am deeply ashamed at the behavior I've been made aware occurred AFTER my advice to the entire group and therefore, each and every NNP writer.

Further to a discussion in my authors group yesterday, even more accusations have been made against Mr. Porter that truly have me shaking my head.
It was said to my group that "simple questions" were only being asked of the man and that "he became a jerk" and started a "hate list."
So, were these screenshots the "questions" that were being asked of Dale Porter of LendInk?  

By the way, neither of the two people involved in creating this "retribution list" is Dale Porter, owner of LendInk, according to my RESEARCH, but rather individuals who openly admit to never even speaking to him. 

So, once again accusations fly saying that Mr. Porter himself was "a jerk" and created a "hate list". Once again it's obvious that due diligence has not occured before the foolish opened their mouth. Dale Porter has NOTHING to do with any of what he's, yet again, been accused of.  

Perhaps those who put forth claims of bad sandbox play ought to look in the mirror when it comes to a witch hunt.  One person can bring problems to those who never even were a part of it.  Lovely.  

Moral, don't go off on the assumption high horse without realizing the potential consequences that  your actions can bring to others.

I read this: I recognize a few of the named members of this lynch mob! Foolish. Not impressed.  Not impressed at all.

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Isn't that the question today? Well since I am actively working on Yellow Fire - Acceptance, the third in the Fire trilogy, I thought I'd bring you a taste of the final piece of my best selling series. The question about good versus evil comes into play with this book and God and the devil himself. What I hope to do is challenge you with what you truly believe in your heart and soul to be real and your beliefs about creatures who may or may not share the night with us. Take a taste and you tell me, are you terrified yet?



During a series of violent attacks gripping the city of Richmond, Virginia, Aleksandr Vasiliev begins to have nagging nightmares about his old nemeses and previous lover, Durac Chantal. As the gruesome mutilations continue, he realizes the monster is behind the latest murders. The Time of Passing is near and there is no way he can fight his destiny any longer. Haunting visions of his blood son, taken at the hands of a madman, refuse to leave him and he realizes solving the crime will drag him back into the pits of hell. As he turns to his lover and destined mate, Detective Jax Steele, for help they begin their final journey into what might be Aleks’ ultimate demise, a complete submittal to the Fade and the end of his life. Another force is in control of his people and it’s only a matter of time before the final Red Moon approaches, destroying what’s left of humanity.
No longer fearing the world of the night creatures, Jax hungers for more of the dark side of their D/s relationship, having completely submitted his body and his very soul to Aleks. As both men head down a path facing brutal tortures, Aleks is framed and Jax is forced to fight a monster with nothing but his heightened level of humanity. As a little boy is brought forth as a bargaining chip and the final truth about the rise of the vampires is learned, Jax is faced with a single life-altering question. Will he succumb to the ultimate sacrifice and embrace the final acceptance, entering into a life of immortality in order to save the man, his lover and the monster behind the mask? Or have the savage beasts won their fight to rule the world?

“And the end of time is upon us and the rightful master shall become King,” Durac Chantal recited as he moved in a full circle around the brooding Russian. “Drefar Donga Temaine. The moment has arrived, the destiny we all seek. The time of the Passing will be our salvation. You must embrace what always belonged to you or all will be lost to the Fade. There is little time remaining. The Red Moon is upon us. Preparation has to begin.”
“No! I refuse to accept.”
“You must listen to me, Aleksandr. You’re the rightful King of our people. I was merely given to you as a protector and instead I became your lover. I wanted more from our relationship as your mate. When I turned you it was because I was required to. There are many things I still need to tell you but there’s no time. If you don’t accept your position and come back with me to the old country, then our family will begin the Fade.”
“Betwa dormagnon elan.Hissing, Aleksandr Vasiliev studied Durac, the man who he’d loved once, many lifetimes before. This man, this murderer, was the cause for the betrayal of his kind and could tell the biting words held no meaning for the monster.
Throwing back his head Durac laughed as he held up the bottle of branding lotion, exhaling slowly as if in reverence. “Then your people will die in the very flames of hell. They will know no salvation, only torture as they remain in a frozen state for all eternity. And you will be the martyr and one hunted by the Drulins. Trust me, brother, they will find you and when they do they will destroy all you hold dear. Are you ready to give up the fight and allow the ugly creatures to claim what we worked so hard to achieve since the beginning of time. Or will you finally accept the Kingdom?”
“It’s my people now? You mean the throne of death? I want no part of your world. You betrayed us all.” Turning his back, Aleks slipped his hand into his shirt, fingering the amulet, the single most important piece of weaponry of his kind. Many had died in an effort to secure the glistening stone, secured by forged silver and gold. Some said a gift from the heavens, but he knew better. This was the damnation from Satan himself. Durac was right about one aspect. There would be no salvation for his people.
“So be it! Everyone you think you’ve ever cared about will die.”
“You took what didn’t belong to you!” Aleks snapped. “You were the cause of my wife’s death.”
Grinning, Durac closed the distance and narrowed his eyes. “And now I’ll be the cause of the death of your mate. Only then will you understand my level of powers. Only then will you understand what you’ve just given up. And then hell will embrace you.”      

Hell had already embraced him, dragging him into despair and an uncontrollable rage. Sitting up from the silk sheets, Aleksandr issued a husky, keening howl, one only his kind could hear and yet he sensed Jax stirring next to him. As he turned to face his lover, the man who would be his mate soon enough, he dragged the tip of his tongue across his sharp canines. The nightmares were getting worse and had been since the time of the waning crescent Red Moon. The event had been a foretelling for his people and sadly all of mankind. Unfortunately humans knew little of the creatures of the night surrounding them, waiting with baited breath to annihilate and consume their flesh, their blood. They needed to go about their normal lives in disbelieve of the evil luring in their dark streets. While some of the dream was based in actual memories, the rest he wasn’t certain about.
He hadn’t been able to get Durac out of his mind since he heard about his son. His son. Simply saying the words enraged and confused the hell out of him. How could he not know Dimitri was his blood son? While the damning answer continued to nag him, he knew why. Durac. His not knowing had been his son’s only safety net and now the fucker had his baby. Holding out his hand, he allowed a shower of moonlight to trickle down the length of his arm.
Even his complexion had changed. Aleks longed to fight the realization of what was truly happening, but even the monster filling his every dream state reminded him he could no longer run. As Jax shifted and issued a single moan, he turned to face his lover, brushing the tips of his fingers down his cheek. He’d told the good detective only as much as he was able up to this point, but soon the entire ancient story as well as the curse would need to be shown to the human.
Exhaling slowly, the tone was laced with a deep growl and he realized the man wanted to believe he was still human, but the truth was far from the case. Jax Steele had ceased to be even remotely human the day they’d exchanged blood, now months before. And yet the detective continued to fight his own destiny. Inhaling the man’s scent, he grew hungry. Lowering his head, he allowed his fangs to elongate as he neared the man’s creamy skin. With one hand he rubbed down Jax’ chest to his groin, enjoying the feel of his pubic hair surrounding his swelling cock.

I hope you enjoyed and this will be coming soon...

Purr   xxx


Whisper on a Scream by Cree Walker is FREE for THREE at ARe



Whisper on a Scream
The werewolves are dying. Years of war between the Born werewolves and bitten, along with a lack of healthy bloodlines, has taken its toll on the race and if something isn’t done soon they will all be gone within the next fifty years. They are a strong breed, but have one major weakness that will probably end them all.
Werewolves – like their natural counterpart the wolves – breed for life; and if there is no mate, there is no life. A prolonged separation between mates can kill them more efficiently than any bullet ever could.
The Council are playing with fire when they use this very weakness against Sugar Lubec, the Born daughter of two bitten parents, to carry the offspring of Alpha Jack Coon. He is the leader of the largest werewolf pack in North America.
Ending the war between the two groups is the only thing that can save the werewolves and bring Jack and Sugar together. Can they do it before they end up paying the ultimate price for their long separation? Or will that price be the only thing that can end the war?

“Miss Lubec, though Alpha Coon's offer may be tempting, I must keep in mind the bloodlines from which you are descended. Your parents have killed off our race for over thirty years. They left you for dead and you were brought up by the human race. From looking through your records, I have come to the conclusion that you were raised to be a monster and you do it well. You showed signs of aggression at a very early age and showed no hesitation when it came to injuring people. Dangerous enough as a human woman, but a recipe for disaster as a werewolf because that is what you now are. As I see it, Miss Lubec, you are your mother's daughter right down to your good looks and quick wit.” Even though I knew nothing of my family, I now knew enough to know that this was a bad thing.
“But …” the second speaking member continued, “I am not the only member of this Council, and some feel you should be given a chance to thrive in a Pack-related environment, even if it is only an temporary experiment.”
The only person in the line up who looked at me was the woman on the end, Jack's relative. She was my saving grace, but she had a dangerous air about her. They say politics can corrupt an otherwise pure mind, and the longer you are exposed to them the worse it becomes – like standing next to a power plant and letting it turn your brain to cancer.
“Alpha Coon was right to offer the one thing we need, but I am denying you both that right. You will be allowed to live within the Pack for as long as you wish, but you will not be permitted to marry or have children within its ranks.” The woman at the end of the table flinched – as well as a woman of her age and condition could – but quickly covered it. I saw in that moment that she hadn't gotten the job for her lack of backbone or wit, and though she may have seemed decrepit, she was a force to be reckoned with. At the moment, I was just glad she seemed to be on my side.
Jack stood up, knocking his chair to the floor in his rush. “You're condemning her to death!” His features were twisted in hate and rage, as he pointed a finger towards the speaking elder.
I stood up and placed a hand on his extended arm lowering it gently. With it Jack's whole body sagged. It looked like my touch had the same affect on him as his did on me. A warrior's lace; the one thing that can soften a man of war is a woman's lace. A high school English teacher once told me why women like Lady Guinevere and Helen of Troy, though they were not the appointed leaders of their nations, could build them up according to the men they chose to love. The women could also be their death, depending on how the cards fell.
“No Mr. Coon, she will be permitted to marry outside the Pack if she chooses a human companion, but if you decide to once again ignore our commands, you will be punished with a death...hers.” The old man gave a confident nod of his head to signal the meeting's end and the group stood and filed out the way they came in, including the oldest woman, without a second glace in my direction.
Jack dropped his head into his hands when the room was empty. “They are testing my patience.” He voice made my lips curl into a frown. He sounded too confident for a man who feared this group so much.
I stood in back of his chair like a painted doll and stared at the clock...still ticking. Life goes on once again …


 Author Bio:

Cree Walker lives in Northern Maine, otherwise known as the part north of Bangor. There she lives with her partner in crime and most patient debate opponent and their two dogs, a Doberman Pinscher for snuggling and a thirteen pound Rat Terrier for security. She can be found most days typing away at the computer or because she's forced to, working a full time job as an advanced psychiatric technician for the local hospital. Cree Walker lives in Northern Maine, otherwise known as the part north of Bangor. There she lives with her partner in crime and most patient debate opponent and their two dogs, a Doberman Pinscher for snuggling and a thirteen pound Rat Terrier for security. She can be found most days typing away at the computer or because she's forced to, working a full time job as an advanced psychiatric technician for the local hospital.


Find Cree Walker here:

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A Series! I Wrote A Series…

Sorry, I get pretty excited about that fact. For one, I never thought I would write a series. In fact, I probably said once or twice that I never would.  Why not? Well, they are serious hard work, for one. I could only imagine all the difficulties like keeping all the information straight, keeping interest throughout, devising the twists and turns, pulling book one into book two and book three…oh, the horror! The simple idea of it freaked me out – no lie J

But then, one day, our fearless leader here at NNP, Gina Kincade, proposed to me a trilogy idea.  She spoke of paranormal clans, wars, point of view, etc and well I was challenged.  But let me tell you, the challenge only continued even after the books were written. I went rounds with myself trying to come up with a Book Trailer Video for the series. Condensing the three storylines into one long blurb was tough enough. And I can’t tell you how many emails went back and forth between Gina and myself in writing that blurb. But then, I had to take that blurb and condense it again into something that could be read in about one minute *sighs* I needed the bare bones of the story, and I had to dig up images to match. While there are lots of pics to buy of vampires, werewolves and un-clichรฉ witches are a bit tougher to come by.

So, red-faced, I will admit that it took me from the release of Book One in the series, to a week before the release of Book Two, to create a video that runs about a minute and a half L But, I did it. Tell me what you think…

Genres: Erotic, Paranormal (Vampire, Witch, Werewolf) Romance

Book I, The Vampire's Witch - Available Now at AmazonNNP Store and All Romance eBooks 
Book II, The Vampire's Wolf - Available Now at AmazonNNP Store and All Romance eBooks
Book III, The Vampire's Human - Coming Fall 2012

Kiki Howell 
~where love is a mystical thing~