New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greetings from J S Morbius

Well, this place is a little different from my usual home. It’s certainly a lot brighter for a start. You see, usually I can be found deep in the depths of “The Crypt” teasing and tantalizing everyone with wonderful images and tales of erotica, usually of the gay male/transgender/cross-dresser variety, but today I have been asked here, to the home blog of Naughty Nights Press - my publisher - to share instead.
Before I go too far I guess I should introduce myself to you all. My name is J S Morbius, I am an author of erotica and I write exclusively for Naughty Nights Press. Currently I have a number of titles released under the NNP Imprint and after this past weekend, when I received more acceptances and contracts, I’m happy to say there are a lot more to come.

My current releases are:

Joe is a gay man who prefers to date Transsexuals. He begins a journey to find the one he just knows he could love - The one woman who has captured his desires in only one night. Do you believe in love at first sight? Joe does, and he is determined to find her against all odds. Explore this suspenseful, dangerous and unusual adventure with Joe as he travels to find love with the third sex...
Karl, a single man, meets and begins to date Charlie, a pre-op transsexual woman. Never having been gay in his life Karl journeys through confusion and lust, experiencing the delights of transsexual sex along the way, before realizing that Charlie is the perfect woman for him.

Going to a college reunion, Victor Pierce, a self-made businessman, is looking forward to seeing how his fellow classmates got on in life since they left. What he wasn’t expecting was to run into Ian Kraemer, the male he lost his virginity to and the very man he had thought about almost every day since they lost contact.

What happens when the two men meet? Can they find what they once had? Or has their passion for each other long gone?

I also have two short stories, Opposites Attract and Room for Two, in the gay male anthology “The Boy’s Club” and a cross-dresser short, Toni’s First Night Out, in "Postcards of Passion".

My recent acceptances :
The Girl in The Red Bikini - Transsexual romance
From Martin to Martina - Cross-dressing
Lust of the Vampires - m/m, f/m, m/f/f anthology
For the Love of Leon - Gay Male

To find out more about me, my work,my interests and the reason why I prefer to write transsexual, gay male and cross-dressing stories head to:-

The Crypt of Morbius:

Hopefully you have enjoyed my first NNP Blog post and if you have maybe I'll be allowed back out of The Crypt again next month so until then



  1. Great post Julez. I love your work and follow you regularly. I'm so pleased NNP found and published you. You thoroughly deserve continued success

  2. Nice to see you in the daylight Julez :) Great post!

  3. Thank you Naomi and Cree. Yes the daylight was a refreshing change I'll have to admit, even if it did make my eyes and skin burn a little ;)