Monday, July 8, 2013

Radio gaga!

It's been a busy month - Naughty Nights Press's second anniversary, and as a result a lot has been going on to celebrate. Blog hops, giveaways galore, and in my case, two radio shows! As an author, I am definitely more comfortable writing my thoughts - and of course it gives you a few more minutes to double check that what you're putting out into the ether is how you want to represent yourself. Being public property, and being under scrutiny can be perilous at the best of times. Hence, why when I go on radio, I get terribly nervous - especially as you simply never know what you're going to sound like!

So I invite you to judge for yourself - the first show was a wonderful hour long chat with Marsha Cook and Naughty Nights Press Authors Elizabeth Black, May McQueen and Delena Silverfox - joined by Bennet Pomerantz.

And the second show was indeed, Bennet Pomerantz's Anything Goes show, where I read out an excerpt live on air. I had to get up for 4am to go on his show, and I was a little sluggish as you can imagine, but it seems that the section I chose from Love in an Elevator was rather enjoyed. There is also the chance to hear the head of Naughty Nights Press, Gina Kincade, and also Author Angelica Dawson - who reads a delicious excerpt too. A lot gets crammed into 30 mins - it's definitely not a show to miss...

And don't forget... Love in an Elevator... out soon - you really don't want to miss this delicious little tale of illicit lust which finally bubbles over when two ladies are trapped - with no escape...

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