New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Julez S. Morbius talks about Star Search, his first book with NNP. Now available on Smashwords

Naughty Nights Press has with us today the dark, sexy and talented J.S. Morbius who has his first ever book, Star Search being released on November 30th.



Thank you for joining us here today Julez, I hope that through your answers to the following questions, our readers will get to know a bit about you and your writing.

JSMORBIUS: Thanks for having me.

NNP:  What inspired you to write STAR SEARCH?

JSMORBIUS: After reading a few stories in the transgender genre, I noticed that they mostly tended towards the fact that the transsexual was only there for a sex object, for men to discover more about their sexuality, to be used as nothing more than an object, and I wanted to show that they are people as well, and have real feelings and emotions.

NNP:  Can you tell our readers what makes your Transgender stories better than some of the others out there?

JSMORBIUS: Well hopefully the fact that I mentioned in the previous question is one of the reasons. Transsexuals are people, just like you and I, and deserve to bet reated as such. I try to give them a real feel of humanity, something that seems lacking in a lot of the short stories I have read, and describe their feelings, emotions and even the difficulties that they STILL face even in this day and age.

NNP:  What comes first, the character or the setting when you begin writing?

JSMORBIUS: NormallyI begin with a single character and build a story from there, adding people, situations and descriptions as I go along. It is extremely rare that I actually plan a story. Usually they just flow from my mind to my fingertips to the keyboard.

NNP:  What is the main quality you like to see in your characters?

JSMORBIUS: I like my characters to have a sense of right and wrong, be strong yet vulnerable and above all happy, even if it takes alot to reach that happiness.

NNP:  What type of research do you do for your writing?

JSMORBIUS: I read a lot of transsexual, and gay, fiction, watch videos and look at pictures to get the descriptions of the act correct and also have a few followers on twitter that I have spoken to about life in general.

NNP:  Can you tell us a bit about STAR SEARCH?

JSMORBIUS:  Star Search is the story of Joe, a man whose sexual partners of preference are transsexuals and, after receiving an invite to go to a party with a partner, he finds out about a transsexual escort agency and hires a girl called Star. After spending the most amazing night with her he wakes up to find Star gone and a note that she left behind.
Going back to the agency he hired her from Joe, and getting threatened to keep out of it and stop looking for her, gets dragged into the darker side of escorting and goes through kidnap, assault, sexual deviancy until he is finally reunited with the woman he has fallen in love with.
Do the two of them escape the clutches of the twisted agency boss and her thugs? Do the two of them finally get accepted by society as avcouple?
Get yourself a copy of Star Search and find out.

NNP: Do you have any other books in the pipeline or due for release that our readers should keep an eye out for?

JSMORBIUS: I have submitted, and have had accepted, a short m/m/m piece for inclusion in an anthology sometime in the future and a couple more transsexual stories that Iam going to submit to NNP at some point.

Thank you Julez for joining us here today,  I am sure you have piqued alot of interest in your book and we look forward to seeing you become a well known name in the erotic literature world.

Author Bio:
Julian Spong is the real name of Julez S. Morbius. Julez is engaged to a woman who totally completes his life and a father to nine children, four of his own and five step-children. He is also partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition that has caused his nervous system to deteriorate over the years and finds writing to be the way to express his feelings, and fantasies.
He has writing for less than five years and with the recent release of his first ebook, Star Search, published by Naughty Nights Press, fueling his confidence, Julian now considers writing to be his main occupation, and continues to write, mainly in gay male, transgender and cross-dressing genres.


Links to Julez S. Morbius

As soon as the last of them had gone, Star closed and locked the door, took hold of my hand and led me across the front room and into my bedroom. She closed the door and walked me over to my bed, before stopping and standing in front of me.
“It’s just youand me now Joe,” Star said and leaned in as if to kiss me again.
However, she didn’t want a kiss, as I quickly found out. As I leaned in towards her she placed both her hands against my chest, and pushed, catching me unaware. I tried to put a foot back to keep my balance but, as there was nowhere for me to go, I fell back onto the bed. As soon as I was on my back Star climbed on top of me, and placed her knees either side of me.
“Tonight Joe, I am going to give you a night you will never forget,” Star said looking down at me. “As my way of saying thank you for everything...”
“There’s no need for this Star,” I said.
“I know there’s no need Joe,” she said. “But I want to.”
Before I could say another word Star bent her head down and placed her lips against mine again. This time there was no urgency, no rushing; just soft passionate kissing. Our lips and mouths opened and our tongues danced together, like two snakes circling each other before they mate, before darting into each other’s mouths. I wrapped my arms tightly around her back, holding her as close to me as I could, and we stayed like that for a few minutes, just kissing, nothing else.
Eventually Star pulled away from me, sat up and pulled her top over her head, exposing her gorgeous tits to me. Throwing her head back she grabbed them in her hands and sat there on me, massaging them roughly while grinding her groin against my rock hard cock. Looking up at her hands as she played with her tits, I reached up, slowly moving her hands out of the way and placing my hands against her perfectly shaped, fake breasts. Gently running my fingers over her nipples I reached behind her, held her tight and sat up, taking each nipple in my mouth alternately and flicking my tongue over them, occasionally giving them a little nip with my teeth.
Star continued to grind and thrust her hips against my cock before moving down until she was sitting on my lower legs. Reaching forward she quickly, and eagerly, undid the zip and button on my jeans and began to pull them down. Once she had got them as far down as she could, her hand reached towards my cock, the outline of which was clearly visible against my tight boxer shorts, and began to rub me softly.
I closed my eyes and let out a small gasp at the softness of her touch, only for her to quickly pull my boxer shorts down and release my cock. Gently wrapping her long, soft fingers around my thick, hard shaft she started to caress me slowly, as I moved my hips up and down against her hand movements. Expertly she played with my balls as she stroked my cock, taking me to the brink a number of times before lowering her head and flicking her tongue over the end of my cock, tasting the drop of pre-cum that had seeped out.
I lifted my head and watched as her tongue danced back and forth over the end of my cock. Gripping it tightly, Star opened her mouth and engulfed every inch of me. Her head began to bob up and down rhythmically as she sucked and stroked, my cock. I could feel my balls starting to tighten, and knew that I wouldn’t last much longer if she carried on like she was.
“Mmm, Star that feels so good,” I gasped as her hand began to massage my balls as well. “You’re going to make me cum.”
Unable to speak, Star let me know exactly what she wanted as she started to suck me harder and faster and all of a sudden I completely lost control. My cock throbbed violently and the first stream of cum erupted forcefully and hit the back of her throat. Every spasm released more and more cum into Star’s mouth and she eagerly swallowed every drop that she could, until I was totally spent. Finally, Star lifted her head, a small drop of cum still on her lips and looked me in the eyes.
“That’s just for starters Joe,” she said sliding up my body and laying on top of me.


  1. Nice :)

    Congrats on the early release!

  2. Great Interview, Julez! I have read one other author who writes some very deep, very emotional stories with transgender characters. And your story sounds great! I love fiction with an underlying cause :)