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The Power of Fire and Ice

Cassandre Dayne

Ah - the power of the two - amazing and something that can't be denied. When I penned the Fire Series, I had no idea how many readers would follow and love my two main characters. Putting a human cop, one with several flaws with a Russian vampire ended up being a sizzling event - especially when they were forced to work together in order to solve horrific crimes as well as an ancient curse. As the trilogy ended readers wanted more. Then again, so did I. So the Ice series was born. This time around things are different, given my cop was turned into a vampire, but the crimes remain, horrors unlike anything we've ever experienced worse than ever. A taste of what will be...


In the black of night there are many secrets, one that can destroy. In the light of day there is little to salvage what remains. Only death can save your blackened soul… “What are you doing?” Blinking several times he could see nothing but a bright blue light shining in the corner All around him was nothing but blackness. Where the fuck was he? He glanced around him and all he could hear was a whirling noise. Everything was fuzzy. The moment he shook his head he screamed in agony. Anguish unlike anything he’d ever known swept through every cell, every muscle in his body. “Hey! Who are you?” His words seemed to echo in the darkness. He could tell his pulse was racing.

He didn’t need to be a doctor to figure out he was close to having a panic attack. Where had he been? What had he been doing? That’s right. He’d gone to the club and had a few
drinks. Then he’d danced with the blond. Yeah. What then?


“What the fuck?” The sound was eerie and he could swear he heard cackling laughter. “Is someone there? Please? I don’t know what’s happened to me.”

“You will soon.”

Where had the voice come from? He jerked forward, suddenly realized he was shackled in some manner. Sweat was running down both sides of his face and he lifted his head, nearly strangling himself on something. Coughing, he wiggled his jaw and whatever was positioned around his neck had just constricted from his movement. “Who are you?”

“I am no one special but I will bring you peace, faggot.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about? I have a wife and kids.” Shivering, a wafting smell, one indicating something rancid, forced bile into his throat. He retched and spit and the noose tightened. Now he could barely breathe.

“Don’t move. Just stay right where you are.”

Fear unlike anything he’d ever known enveloped him and he darted his eyes back and forth, trying to make out anything. The damn light blinded him but he heard a humming noise along with a series of clangs. He thought about his wife and kids, who’d be waiting at home, or maybe they’d be asleep. He had no idea what time it was. Why had he gone to the bar? To get fucked. You wanted a cock stuck up your ass.

The reality hit him hard. He’d been frequenting bars for almost a year for a quick fix, fulfilling a need he didn’t understand. Now he’d been caught. What would his wife think? What would happen to his practice? He licked his lips and realized there was blood on them. There was no memory of anything but… Oh God. The man had been no more than twenty, tops. They’d gone to the bathroom of the club and without any hesitation he’d dropped his pants 
in front of the boy, leaned over the sink and spread his ass cheeks.

Dear God he’d sunk to new levels. He didn’t even remember a condom. What the fuck was he thinking? A tear slipped out of one eye and he sniffed. The sound of his attacker’s laughter made him wheeze. “What the fuck do you want from me? What? Do you want money? So I was fucking a kid. Okay? I was and hell yeah, I enjoyed it. So the fuck what?” 

When there was no additional sound he jerked against whatever confines were keeping him tethered. “What!”

“Destruction will end all fears and all self doubt. Be thankful my friend, for you are one of the chosen.”

The voice was full of a dark husky, the sound almost guttural and he strained to understand the meaning of the words as the light began to swirl, crawl forward in an ominous way. The light was beautiful, mesmerizing in a way he hadn’t noticed before. There was something so very peaceful as he looked into the cascading hues and for a few seconds he smiled.

“And the damned shall rise to take over the earth.”

“The damned?” he asked as the clanging of metal against metal whirled over his head. He blinked several times as the blue light shifted, a figure settling in the middle, morphing into various shapes as it moved closer. He was enthralled by the intense beauty, the magnitude of a sudden understanding of who and what he was and for a few seconds he knew he’d found the very light of salvation.

A smile crossed his face as the figure moved from the bright light. Sputtering at the sight of the vile and wretched creature, all he could do was…

**** Destruction. The word continued to remain in the back of Jax’ mind. He swirled the tip of his finger around the rim of his coffee cup, surprised he could taste the bitter brew any longer. Everything about him had changed, including his basic desires. His dreams had been filled with enough blood and gore he was left in need every morning. He swallowed and ran his hand through his hair. Every part of him was shaking. What the hell was going on with him?As if he didn’t know. He was a vampire, recently turned.

“Detective Jax Steele, or should I say the highly decorated Detective Steele. Interesting to see you in the boughs of the city. What brings you to these parts?”

“He enjoys the ugly scenery. Didn’t you know that, Franklin? Suits his nasty moods.”Hearing the bantering of two fellow officers was normal, however this morning he was in no fucking mood for their antics, or anyone else’s for that matter. He was hungry, his needs becoming insatiable. He resisted snarling as he tipped his head. “Detectives Franklin and Oiler. You’re up early. I would have thought the bottle of scotch you drank last night would have kept you under the covers for hours.”

“Ouch!” Detective Oiler narrowed his eyes. “You running tabs on us, buddy?”

“No need to. I could smell you from across the street when I was talking home,” Jax mused as he rose from his chair. There was no way he was going to finish his coffee.

“Jesus Christ. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Detective Franklin said as he leaned in. “As a matter of fact you do have dark circles under your eyes. I think you’ve been performing some extra curricular activities if you ask me.”

“You’re right. Carnal in nature,” Oiler added.

Jax breathed in and dragged his tongue across his emerging fangs. The goading was going to stop, one way or the other. He tossed down a couple bucks for a tip and headed for the café door.

“Thought you’d like to know there’s a mandatory staff meeting later. I’m sure you won’t want to miss it,” Franklin snickered.

Everyone in the department blamed Jax for his partner’s death, something he’d never be able to get out of his mind, let alone forgive himself for. Little did anyone know about the horrific circumstances surrounding the man’s death. They simply couldn’t. “Not for the world.” Fucker. Huffing, he slipped his wallet into his back pocket and stepped outside, wincing from the bright sun. Goddamn he hated the light.

He shivered and headed for the curb.


The blood curdling female scream was instantly followed by a second and a third. Then pandemonium seemed to takeover the entire street. “What the fuck?” Squinting, he tried to make out the reason for the panic. There was no way to tell. The already busy street was quickly evacuating away from an unassuming brownstone building. The entire street was lined with quaint shops and restaurants nestled against a cobblestone street – something Richmond, Virginia was well known for. He sniffed the air, unable to detect anything but adrenaline and utter terror.

Whatever was going on horrified the crowd. He raced across the street, vaguely aware he was being followed by the two beefy detectives. He yanked out his badge, holding the steel piece above his head. “Let me through. Police officer. Let me through.” He pushed his way past men and women who wore expressions of disgust. When he reached the other side, he noticed a single woman on her knees just up ahead. Crying hysterically, her body was convulsing.

“Miss. Are you all right?” Jax asked then his keen sense kicked in. Lifting his head, the sun shifted until the gleaming steel bars shone like a prized possession. Only the prize wasn’t one of good fortune.

“Fuck…me…” Franklin said between clenched teeth as he flanked Jax’ side.

“Oh my God. Who the hell could have done something like this?” Oiler added. Huffing, the expression on his face was one of revulsion.

SYNOPSISFor Detective Jax Steele, his life serving the good people of Richmond Virginia was forever changed. Just coming to terms with his status as a recently turned vampire, he was faced with a series of brutal crimes instilling fear into the hearts of every human in the city. A monster lurked, one so heinous no one was safe from danger. Assigned to the case, he was partnered with a new detective, one who could never know he was now a creature of the night. The crimes centered around the city’s nightlife, including kink clubs and raves, he and his partner were forced to go undercover in an effort to hunt down the killer. Master Vampire Aleksandr Vasiliev’s art business was thriving as well as his newly acquired club, one catering to those interested in all aspects of BDSM. Life was good, especially given his relationship with Jax. The Time of Passing concluded, he was relishing in a peace his kind rarely experienced. When a gruesome murder occurred in his club, he was drawn back into Jax’ world, forced to question whether another malevolent force was at work. Was the killer very human or a new brand of vampire, poised to take over? As the light of day intermingled with the stench of night, a cold wave washed over the city. Would there be anyone who could survive the destruction?

I hope you've enjoyed.


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