Monday, January 23, 2012

Chit Chat and All That! trip down memory lane finale

Well it is Monday once again and I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and an even better weekend.
I know you have all been anticipating the arrival of Monday for nothing else, other than the fact that it is CHIT CHAT AND ALL THAT! time again *wink*

December 12th 2011, we had the cheeky duo of Casey-Lyn Johnson and Sherry Tooker, talking about GLBT, Steampunk, Paranormal and Menage and what it is about it that readers like to read it and how it feels for authors to write it.
They did keep us in giggles as they went back and forth between each other. They really did give you the impression of being a voyeur sitting on the periphery of their conversation.

Kiki Howell and Ana Hart then spoke to us on December 19th 2011 about Paranormal Creatures and they weren’t talking about Vampires and Werewolves either. It was interesting to read about mythical creatures and magick, brought back many happy memories.

What better way to wake up the morning after Christmas Day, 26th December 2011, than with Tessa Wanton and Dawne Prochilo, discussing the differences between Mental BDSM and Physical BDSM. There were lots of brilliant points made plus the pictures they provided did tend to tease the libido somewhat.

And what better way to end the final Chit Chat and All That!, which was posted on January 2nd 2012, for our 2011 series, than having two of my favorite kinksters, Abby Hayes and Raymond Frazee talking about Fetishes.
This was a very unique post as Abby and Raymond did a post together which saw them discovering fantasies and Raymond admitting his fondness for quite a few different fantasies.
We then had an extra post by Raymond himself, which actually gave some very informative insight.

So there we go, our final trip down memory lane for the 2011 series of Chit Chat and All That!.
Next week I’ll be letting you know the dates and who will be appearing and what they will be talking about.
Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to go back and relive some of the magical moments we had.

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Have yourself a very steamy and erotic week and remember, Be Safe!

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