New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Submissions Call At NNP: Pagan Inspired Erotica and Erotic Romances!

Naughty Nights Press has started a new line of wickedly wonderful reading! 

A truly magickal theme of sensual and spicy, all rolled into one, everyone at NNP is quite excited about!

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Ms. Erzabet Bishop, a new author with NNP, with Beltane Fires and Samhain Shadows (to be released in October) under the erotic short stories theme, and our own enchanting spell weaver, Ms. Kiki Howell, a long time NNP author, with her erotic romance, Working Out The Kinks

We owe these ladies something very special for sparking the inspiration for the Pagan-themed line of submissions calls.
We will have to see what we can stir up for them. *wicked grin*

So... without further ado... we now have:

Line Name: The Erotic World Of Paganism: 
The editor for all stories within this line will be Cynthia Boudreaux.

These stories are sometimes considered erotic literature more than erotic fiction as they center on the Pagan/Wiccan Faith, both ancient and modern day, and all the beauty it entails
They are, however, still intended to be fictional works, and so, even though our acceptances will be detailed and delicious, as always, we cannot condone the kept secrets of the Wiccan Covens being given away in our publications. 
We must respect the members of our faith, the right to keep some practices or writings private and be sure we do not cross the lines.
If your submission contains factual information on any Wiccan practice, you must have written permission from the creator or rights holder before we can publish it in your book. Please be aware when researching your sources.

Heading/Primary Book Titles:(Followed by Author’s Book Title On The Cover)

The Erotic Pagans Series: 

A series/group of short stories (4500-9500 words), based on Pagan/Wiccan traditions, spells, handfastings, holiday rituals, etc., with an obvious spicy erotica theme.

The Erotic World Of Pagan Romance:

This part of the line will consist of works 10, 000 words and up where the primary focus is on the romantic relationships of the characters. Must follow some sort of Pagan/Wiccan traditions, cultures, spells, handfastings, holiday rituals, etc., made into stories of an erotic romance nature and contain all the other typical requirements for any of our erotic romance works. MUST have HEA or HFN

These erotic romances can be any manner of couplings. The Pagan faith does not judge. Although fertility may be a main focus of portions of paganism, there are also the romance and sexual aspects of the faith that carry a heavier core attraction. The primary rede of Wicca is “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

Sub-heading/themes in the erotic romances:

Each story must fit into one of the sub-headings/themes listed below:

Amorous Pagan Traditions - works based on Pagan, non-holiday traditions where the characters engage in some sort of romantic relationship but where the Pagan tradition is a primary focal point within the work.

Passionate Pagan Rituals - works based on Pagan rituals where the characters engage in or further a romantic relationship. Perhaps a Pagan ritual for fertility, true love, etc. The ritual or rituals performed must be a primary focal point within the work.
Optional: The exact details of any ritual can be shared within the book and the source(s) quoted.

Sensual Pagan Weddings - works focused on handfastings/bindings (weddings) where the characters engage in a romantic relationship before, during and/or after the wedding but where the handfasting is a primary focal point within the work.
Optional: Vows can be original or traditional and should be listed within the story with source(s) quoted.

Impassioned Pagan Holiday Traditions - works focused on Pagan or Wiccan holidays and traditions for a specific holiday where the characters engage in a romantic relationship but where the holiday tradition is a primary focal point within the work.

Seductive Pagan Potions & Sex Spells - stories focused on potions, blessings or spells used within the story to assist the characters in engaging in or furthering a romantic relationship, but where the spell and/or creation of a potion is a primary focal point or necessity within the work.
Optional: The spell or potion will be partially shared within the book and the source(s) quoted.
Due to the nature of potential dangerous spells in the hands of those who do not know the weight they carry and how to properly manipulate them, we will not publish a full spell or potion recipe.

So, my friends, let’s polish up those research skills and make some magick words start covering the pages of your word processor, shall we! Our readers can’t wait!

Submission Guidelines:

Please ensure that all submissions are followed in the manner detailed below. For multiple submissions, please send each in its own individual email with separate cover letter including the requested personal information, story details, synopsis, word count, attachment, etc.

Works must be original, previously unpublished or free of existing publication rights, polished and ready for publication. This means we do expect all submissions to be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

• Text is Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing.
NO other formatting, header/footer, page numbers, tabs, indents or spaces please.

• Underline all text that is to be italicized. (ie: character thoughts and words with emphasis)

• Identify new chapters with the chapter title only. (Chapter Two or A Wiccan Wonderland), with two blank lines above the title.

• Manual page break immediately at the end of the chapter (Ctrl +Enter) (no lines or spaces)

• Scene breaks with *** centered, one blank line above and one blank line below, no spaces or other characters in between the asterisks.

• In the body of the email AND on the first page of the manuscript, please include the following:

Your Legal Name, Mailing Address and Contact Information
Pseudonym (If any)
Author's Title
Word Count
Primary Heading/Title Category and sub-heading/theme it fits into (If applicable)
Primary genre (ie: BDSM erotic romance) and at least two additional genre categories your story contains (ie: paranormal, comedy, drama, gay male fiction, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, new adult)

Brief Synopsis Of The Story (Min 1/2 page, single spaced)
A condensed 400-character blurb of the story. (See “How To Write a Synopsis Made Simple” and “Writing a Blurb Made Simple”)
A 50 - 75 word Biography written in the third person.
Your Marketing Proposal detailing how you intend to market your work.

• Please ensure you include the following as an attachment to the email in .doc format (No docx or rtf): Save the file in the following manner: YourLegalName_StoryTitle_EWOP.doc

Please email submissions as per the guidelines with the appropriate title of the submissions call as the subject line to: submissions at naughtynightspress dot com
(Change at to @ and dot to . accordingly)

This submissions call is currently open. 

Subject to change without warning depending on the volume of submissions.

Submissions that do not follow the above guidelines will be discarded without notice.
NNP reserves the right to change, add to, modify or remove any/all of these dates or entire intended releases/submissions calls at our discretion.

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  1. So excited to be a part of this wonderful series! More stories are brewing in my writerly cauldron as we speak!