Sunday, May 15, 2022

NEW RELEASE! Rescue (From The Edge, #4) by Eve Riley is live! Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Rescue (From The Edge, #4) by Eve Riley is live!

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Can he save his brother from a life of hell?


Leaving home is the only way Thad and his brother Danny can be free from their abusive and overbearing parents. Working long hours and saving every penny he earns is worth it if they can both just live.


But eight months later, Danny’s freedom is in jeopardy when his parents want to place him in a conversion therapy camp. Feeling powerless, Thad is left with no choice but to file for custody of his brother.


Jay Dawson knows how it feels not to be wanted by your parents. Despite being shuffled to twenty-two foster homes, his rough start in life didn’t hold him back. Now a lawyer, he works with LGBTQ charities to help support kids in and out of the foster system.


When he comes across Thad’s case, Jay instantly agrees to represent him in order to protect Danny. Working closely together, the two find a relationship blossoms despite their efforts to avoid it. They discover just how evil Thad’s parents truly are when Danny is kidnapped.


Will the lawyer help him save his brother, and maybe discover true love in the end?

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