Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#99cents for a limited time! Cowboy Boots & Handcuffs by USA Today Bestselling Author Gina Kincade! #western #curvy #bbw #cowboy #bodyguard #billionaire #contemporary #romance #steamy #booksale

This entitled female is about to find out what happens when young women misbehave. Will she win over the ever-elusive emotions of Jason Majors, or go home to Daddy and an advantageous marriage?

Jason Majors, bodyguard extraordinaire and owner of Majors Creek Ranch, thought he'd dealt with them all before. From the wealthiest models to the daughters of the crime syndicate, his job was to keep them safe. The best in the business, in fact, until now...

Kathryn Caruthers, raised in boarding schools due to her Senator father being re-married to politics, had no one to teach her how to act other than spoiled rich girls and the boarding school employees paid well to cater to her every whim.

Now under the watchful guard of Mr. Majors and his fellow wardens, she's pushing back against life's little changes the only way she knows how.


"I've had it!" Jason was still clearly very angry as he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the stall. "You need a lesson you won't soon forget, young lady. Every time I am stupid enough to step a foot from you for more than a single damn second you put yourself in harm's way. Enough is enough!"
She cringed at the tone in his voice. Jason actually yelling at her, anyone yelling at her for that matter, was more than unexpected, it was literally unheard of.
"Now listen here, Jason. No one, and I mean no one raises—" Her words were sharply cut off as he sat on a hay bale and dragged her facedown over his lap.
"No, you listen, missy. This is the very last time you will disobey my orders and go running off willy nilly into a dangerous situation, do you hear me," he roared at her.
Struggling to push herself upright, she whined back at him, "Jason, let me go."
"Nope, sorry, not this time, pretty lady." He hooked his leg over her jean-clad knees, effectively trapping her over his lap. No matter how much she struggled, Kathryn couldn't get free.
"I've had more than I can take from you, and it's high time you learned what happens to those who misbehave."
Shock registered as his large, firm hand came down hard on her backside. "Jason! What the hell do you—" Another slap rang out in the otherwise quiet barn and she could hear Jason's breathing getting heavy, faster as he panted out obscenities. Each word was enforced by another crack to her now warming ass.
"You. Will. Not. Put. Yourself. In. Danger."
Kathryn felt a blush of heat infuse her face, trailing down her neck to her chest, just as the high temperature spread out over her bruising bottom and down her thighs, sending a rush of moisture to her core. She felt mortified to be in this position. How dare he treat me like a child! Sputtering and attempting her best to wiggle away from his forceful punishment, Kathryn wasn't sure if she were more disgusted by the fact she was being spanked, or her response to his manhandling and objectification.
Jason raged on, "You. Will. Take. Better. Care. Of. Yourself. Young. Lady."
It was clear to her she'd crossed some line, though she truly didn't understand what, and he didn't seem to be slowing any as her buttocks now began a throbbing, searing burn. Tears sprung to her eyes against her will, and for the first time in forever Kathryn couldn't contain them and had no choice but to let them fall.
She stilled her movements, became docile and prone over his legs, no longer fighting the spanking as tears tracked down her face and dropped into the hay on the floor of the barn. The contrast of emotions running through her at this moment sucked away her very breath. Here she was, lying over the lap of her protector like an errant child, getting her ass tanned six ways from Sunday–honestly the first time she had ever been spanked in her life–and yet she was reacting to it as if he'd stroked her intimately.

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