Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meet My New Cats Chloe and Breena

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Meet Breena. She's the big-eyed cat in the picture below. She's one of two new additions to our household. We adopted Breena and Chloe on Saturday, and our 12 year old cat Lucky isn't sure what to think. Cats inspire me in my writing, so I had to surround me with more of them. Besides, Lucky's two sisters Domino and Scully died about a month ago one right after the other. He is grieving and he's lonely. He needs new friends.

Now if only he'd stop hissing at them. LOL Give him time. He'll like them soon enough.

Meet Chloe. She's in the picture below. She's a carpet whale. At about 12 pounds, she's bigger than Lucky and more than half his age. Breena is 3 and Chloe is 4. Lucky has been hissing at Chloe, most likely establishing that even though she's bigger than he is, he's Top Cat in this house. I don't know who's winning that battle.

I've included my cats in my stories before. I'm sure Breena and Chloe will eventually be immortalized in print. We adopted them from a local shelter. Breena and Chloe are special needs cats. Chloe has a heart murmur and Breena is blind. They're doing very well so far. Breena gets around so well you'd never know she's blind. Lucky also can't get into territorial staring contests with her because she can't see him, although she can see shadows. So trying to bully her that way won't work. Now if only Lucky would come back in the bedroom at night and in the afternoon for his nap. The bedroom is his favorite room, but he's been hiding in the back storage room under a table. He refuses to come into the bedroom, which is too bad because I miss petting him at night. All three of these guys are petting hounds. I hope they adjust soon - the new additions to their new home and Lucky to his new friends. This was our Christmas gift to ourselves and to the kitties. We have new friends, Lucky has some buddies, and Breena and Chloe have a new forever home. Merry Christmas!

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