Saturday, November 21, 2015

Limited Time Pre-order Price of 99cents! Leader of the Pack @Phoenix_Johnson #pnr #alpha #romance

Leader of the Pack, Book 3 in the Wolf Smitten Series by Award-winning, Bestselling  Aussie Author Phoenix Johnson! For Release December 1, 2015!

Ever since they first met, Krissy and Derek’s relationship has been tried and tested. They just want a normal life. Will they ever get that dream?
In this final installment of Phoenix Johnson’s Wolf Smitten trilogy, Krissy and Derek are faced with additional challenges; some even more dangerous than anything they’ve faced so far. When a wild wolf attacks Krissy, Derek never suspected he would come face to face with a former high school buddy. It’s not a happy reunion, though, and Krissy is fighting for her life. However things aren’t always as they seem, and Derek’s wolf is about to get some company.
When they finally return home, Krissy’s new status puts another life in danger, and then she’s thrown into dealing with a forgotten dinner date with her parents.
Can Krissy and Derek overcome the constant surprises being thrown at them? Will they ever get their happily ever after?

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