Sunday, July 12, 2015

Books, Coffee, and Crafts News Emporium Favourite Book Covers Contest

So a lot of you would know by now that I recently compiled a paranormal anthology with 7 other authors. Twisted Tales has been getting some fantastic reviews, which drastically eases my extreme nerves about it. However you may not realise that Books, Coffee, and Crafts News Emporium  is running their Favourite Book Covers Contest right now, and Twisted Tales beat out almost 600 other entries to land in the final 7 covers! My first cover (which I cannot say thanks enough to our own Gina Kincade for helping tweak!) to be published has been so well received, and to make the final round, to beat hundreds of other covers, it is astonishing. I'm over the moon.
Enough gushing, however. At 11:30pm Tuesday night, the winning 3 will be announced. What I'm here asking is if you could please go to 2 links to vote. The first one is a simple matter of liking a comment on a Facebook post. How easy is that? Here's the post, all you have to do is scroll down the post to the photo comment with our cover, and like it. Simple!
The second way to vote (both are counted separately, so both do need to be done, please!) is to go to BCCNE's site here and vote for us, #7! At the time of posting, we are ranking top on the site, and tied for second on the Facebook post. The more votes we get, the better. So please, pretty pretty please, go vote and like, and help us WIN! Eternal gratitude to all who vote!

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