Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Delights

With Christmas edging ever nearer I thought it might be a good time to mention my Christmas anthology 'Christmas Delights'.
Christmas can be quite stressful if we don't take the time to switch off for a while and relax. Grab those new chocolates, pour yourself a drink of something warming and disappear into a world of erotic fantasy!

So what would you like Santa to leave you under the tree this year? I am always happy with something to read, something to eat and a little something extra special to wear (silk normally suffices!) I love lingerie and have way too much of it crammed into drawers, the silkier, lacier or racier the better!
Not everyone is happy to receive such personal gifts from their lover. In my anthology story ‘Christmas Lingerie Danielle is embarrassed to wear her present from Michael. But something is different about this underwear. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear lingerie that really made you feel beautiful? Here is a short excerpt from this story which can be found in my anthology ‘Christmas Delights’:

“Take the box out Danielle, take a look at it,” said Michael.
“Oh Michael, why?” Danielle turned her head to look for a moment into his warm brown eyes.
“Because this underwear is special,” he told her.
Danielle sighed and reached for the box. Another buxom blonde with double D breasts smiled out, her nipples peeping seductively and unnervingly long from the triangular slits in the bra.
“Michael,” Danielle sighed, “You shouldn’t have spent so much money, I’m sorry.”
Michael chuckled and took the box from her.
“Look where l bought it from,” he grinned pointing to a logo in the bottom right hand corner. His finger was far too close to the blonde’s curvaceous hip for Danielle’s liking.
She tried hard to ignore the picture as she took the box from Michael and read aloud.
“Magical Lingerie. So?”
“Have you ever heard of them?” Michael asked.
“No, of course not Michael, l don’t know any lingerie brands, it isn’t my thing you know that.” she was beginning to sound whiney.
“No-ones heard of them!” Michael beamed, “They’re a secret designer outlet.”
Danielle sighed, why was Michael looking so pleased with himself, she hoped again that he hadn’t spent too much money on this ridiculous clothing. Then something occurred to her and she groaned.
“Oh no Michael, they haven’t got pads in them have they?” she felt ashamed and pulled the jumper even further away from her body to hide her modest chest, thinking of false boobs and fake bum pads.
Michael laughed, “Danielle, you know l think you’re gorgeous just the way you are, why would l do that? I love your figure.”
“I look like a boy.” Danielle sighed unconvinced of his sincerity. Who wouldn’t prefer the girl on the box? She had so much more flesh to get hold of.
“Ok that’s enough negativity.” said Michael. “This lingerie is really special. I bought it for you because it has special powers.”
“What?” Danielle smiled for the first time, just how gullible was her boyfriend? “Special powers? Don’t be silly Michael!”
“Trust me,” he said mysteriously, “I’ve seen the video proof, try them on.”
Danielle quickly pushed from her mind the idea of Michael watching hot girls parading around in their underwear in a promotional video and studied his face.
“Fine.” she sighed eventually and flounced off to the bathroom with the box under her arm.
She took the peephole bra and held it up before her, wrinkling her nose at the decadent materiel. There was a label attached to it:
‘Please be aware we accept no responsibility for the effects our magic materiel may have. This item is to be worn with extreme caution’.
“Well that is some pretentious marketing technique.” Danielle scoffed as she pulled off her oversize jumper.
To Danielle’s surprise the bra was a perfect fit. Her small nipples peeked through the little slits just as expected and her small swell of flesh rose temptingly above the lace.
It felt warm.
Feeling a little more optimistic, Danielle tried on the thong.
The intricate lacing was very flattering as it caressed her pussy before rising to a small butterfly V at the back.
Danielle looked over her shoulder, the tightness of the materiel between her bum cheeks made them swell provocatively like two small, round globes.
Well, this lingerie was certainly flattering; her small assets looked quite voluptuous thanks to clever cutting and soft elastic in all the right places.
Danielle stared almost disbelievingly at her reflection for quite a long time. Her body felt unusually warm and she began to feel a subtle tingling between her legs.
Michael knocked on the bathroom door.
Danielle continued to stare at her reflection.


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                 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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