Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ménage à trois


This delightful French term, which literally means a 'household of three', is more commonly used to apply to a one-off sexual liaison rather than a domestic arrangement. Also known as a threesome it is a topic close to the hearts of many erotic writers including mine. What a delicious fantasy it is to imagine sharing our beds, and our bodies, with two other people! Whether or not that is two men and one woman or one man and two women is irrelevant, as we can just as easily fantasize and occasionally write about, both.

As an erotic writer l am always exploring sexual fantasies. Occasionally they're my own. ‘The Slipper for Rose’ for example was a recurring fantasy l would conjure up whenever the need arose. The delicious idea of being strapped into a device guaranteed to tease and please appealed to the naughtiest side of my wanton nature.


There was a round piece of latex stuck on top of the desk, part way in from the edge; it was shaped like a small cushion. Rose inspected it closely; it felt soft and yielding under her palm. Some way towards the centre of the desk were what looked like wrist restraints screwed into the wood about a foot apart. Rose turned to look at him quizzically. Mr. Phillips didn’t move. Rose followed the contraption with her hand, down beneath the edge of the desk in front of the latex. Peering underneath she saw what looked like a soft, curved vibrator lying on its side. It had been pushed backwards level with the edge of the desk and held into place between two wooden blocks by an elastic strap.

But l digress...

I have written ménage scenes into many of my earlier books including ‘Alice’s Initiation’ and ‘Three’s a Crowd’ where the thrill of getting what you think you want throws up an unexpected question or two. In real life l’m sure multi partner situations are rarely trouble free, but in erotic fiction they need to be fun!
For the voyeur in all of us l have written many multi partner scenes most noticeably in ‘Park ‘n Ride’ a collection of 4 outdoor sex stories two of which are based on the ‘dogging’ scene.

Excerpt from Good Doggy two – Park ‘n Ride:

There was a cheer that signalled the end of the sexual performance in the saloon. I hit the music on the Transit’s CD player and turned on the lights in the back of the van. The crowd sensed action and followed Max back to the vehicle. Phil was hyped up from what he had just witnessed. His eyes were bright and wide, his bulge obvious. They climbed into the back with me and the crowd closed around us.

Both men stripped before easing me out of my skirt and top. I heard grunts of approval from the gathered men. We knelt together on the carpet, Max came behind me caressing my breasts and trailing kisses along my neck. We were facing our audience who were almost close enough to touch. My nipples peaked, pointing at the crowd. Max squeezed them between thumb and forefinger, the little shocks making me squirm. We moved sideways and he pushed his cock, rigid from watching the previous ’act,’ against my ass. I fell forward onto my hands, my ass jutting upwards seeking him out. The hungry faces in the crowd, the thrill of what we were doing and the two naked studs, their expectant cocks waiting to please me was all l needed.

Coming soon a Naughty Nights Press Exclusive…

A multi - partner treat for lovers of ménage and group sex…

‘A Voyeuristic Lover’ by Gemma Parkes.

Watch this space!

Until next time, love one another,


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