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Welcome to the Tantalizing Tuesday Christmas Blog Hop

We here at NNP are very proud to be apart of this blog hop as it is quite unique.
Every Tuesday, a group of authors get together  and they have to write a 200 word piece on  a picture that has been put up for them.
It is amazing how in just 200 words they can draw you in, leaving you wanting to know more about what is happening.
Now I am sure you are wondering what it is we are giving away on this blog hop...well that's easy, we are giving away to the first three people randomly chosen their choice of either a copy of Spontaneous Liaisons, The Boys Club or Campus Sexploits Deux. All you will need to do is follow the instructions on Rafflecopter and winners will be announced no later than the 23rd December 2012.

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Spontaneous Liaisons

The Authors at Naughty Nights Press bring six "Spontaneous Liaisons" to wet the whistle, get the inner fires burning and perhaps even leave readers thinking of their next quick encounter.
These sizzling, to-the-point, erotic rendezvous are each a perfect read for busy people on the go. 
From entrance to exit, this collection of titillating stories, by some of the best erotic authors, are sure to have readers browsing the nearest virtual bookstore to buy more of their spicy work!

A perfect lunchtime read. - Author J.D. Morgan

Juicy, kinky and sure to boost up your daily drive! - Mason Mallory, Hamilton Spectator

A hot read on a cold night. - Cassandre Dayne, Author

Spontaneous Liaisons - Contributors List

A Little Knowledge by CJ Black

A woman sitting alone at a bar, angry about her life and how it was turning out, just needed a little something different and sexy to change her view of things even if for only one night. Drew, a young bartender, intends to give her a few lessons of his own.

Reinventing the Quickie, The Diary of Sam by Kiki Howell

Samantha Donovan writes in her diary when she can, and this year’s new book she is starting by discussing New Year’s Resolutions: her failures with them in the past and what she wants this year as a working mom with teenagers in the house. She decides it would be great to combine a few of things, like weight loss and more sex, by offering her husband an arrangement of quickies in their busy lives, sort of a sex diet she once read about. Of course her hubby is all for the idea, but with their crazy schedules, it proves harder than they thought. So, they get more creative, use their time more wisely, and even kick up the quickies with little themes. By the end of January, things are suddenly getting sexier and sexier in Samantha’s life…

Summer Rain, Fiona’s Story By Vampirique Dezire

It is believed that when the winds have blown the earth dry and the sun creates an internal heat, deep within its core, that a rainstorm will come, one like nobody has seen before. During the last of summer’s hot, fiery kiss, the rain will sluice over the earth’s body, making love to it, allowing the heat of pent up sexual tensions to be released by those who are caught in it.

It is the last days of summer and Fiona has organized to meet up with Jake, a guy she met at a nightclub. Needless to say, Fiona’s date doesn’t arrive but she gets plenty of admiring glances from the men and women around her. After waiting a period of time, Fiona decides to leave the restaurant and begins to take a walk down the street refusing to let her day be ruined.

During a sudden downpour, Fiona seeks shelter on a building site. Unbeknownst to her, Brant one of the builders waiting out the storm sees her taking off her wet clothes. As he watches her, he notices a beam about to give way just above her. Before it collapses on top of her Brant rushes in to save her, suddenly the two strangers find themselves in the midst of making hard, passionate love...their lust and desire taking over their very beings.

Blind Date by Jennifer Stone

Expecting to be disappointed by her blind date before it even starts, Lindsey quickly finds out that he is romantic and full of passion not to mention oozing with sexuality and the urge to be naughty. The raw intensity of their first encounter sends shocks through both of them; awakening a passion that they never knew they were capable of having.

Fast Food On Campus by Abby Hayes

Friends, working together on campus, come together, finally, hot and fast, several times, after confessing their feelings about each other. A quickie on the freezer at work, groping during the car ride home, just inside the front door of his place, are just a few of the sexy yet quick encounters Devin and Amanda have. Promises of longer, of tomorrows are still whispered though…

Unprofessional by CM Owens

When an actress fails to turn up for her part in a sex scene, Carrie has to choose between stepping into the spotlight or letting her friends down. But, she’s not an actress; her place is behind the camera, not in front of it. Can she keep it cool with actor Jake or will things get unprofessional?

The Boys Club

Eleven authors – twelve naughty male-on-male stories that will bring you to your knees. 

Join the authors and find out just what happens – what only exclusive members are privileged to see – in “The Boys Club”

Our author’s kinky characters tell all about the sexual escapades they partake of within the pages of The Boys Club in their individual gay male stories. 


Cassandre Dayne, Abby Hayes, BLMorticia, J.S. Morbius, Jill Boyd, Pablo Michaels, Stella Harris, Rachel Carling, Eve., Garland., Logan Zachary

Campus Sexploits Deux

“Campus Sexploits Deux” A Naughty Nights Press Anthology

Ever do anything in college or university that was considered “outrageous” by your friends?
Maybe you engaged in spontaneous, steamy sex with a “god-like” classmate you’d lusted after all year... Or found that one of your Professor’s best classes - the most memorable - was hands on tutelage of the sexual kind... Or perhaps you joined your roommate in a special brand of her own kink, had a girl on girl experience, or both at the same time...

Campus Sexploits Deux is the second book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth. Four naughty college/university themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses while giving readers a little taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave. Worlds of incredible earth-shattering sexual freedom involving college or university students and the sexual antics they participate in. Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into...

Nicole Wolfe - Twenty Toes
When Shelley comes home early from swim team practice to find her college roommate, Alice, watching girl-girl porn and sucking her own toes, she gets to dip her toes into the pool of foot worship.

Rowan Elizabeth - Binding Dean
Sage’s twenty-first birthday is not starting with the bang she hoped it would. Her older group of friends had done bar hopping to death and weren’t interested in helping Sage with her first experience.
She meets up with a previous semester geography class’ object of lust, built Army Ranger Dean, and the two go out to celebrate. Sage and the Soldier end up in the back seat of Sage’s car and an odd request throws Sage out of the confines of her normally vanilla sex life.  This is one birthday she is sure to remember.

A. L. Jones - Late Night Rendezvous
Leila is a college student at Cornell University. One night, while walking home from the library, she runs into Erik, one of her coworkers from the Green Dragon cafe. Erik offers to drive her back to her dorm, and before she knows it, Leila is hooking up with Erik in the back of his car.

Maggie Morton - Carnal Knowledge
Professor Stevens normally teaches Creative Writing, but that’s only her day job – at night, she teaches an entirely different type of class. With a volunteer named Emma, and twelve attentive students, she is going to demonstrate how to properly pleasure a woman. All the men are virgins, as is Emma, so in the Professor’s opinion, this class is intensely necessary.
The Professor doesn’t really teach the class to help out the men – no, it’s to make sure that any women they go to bed with in the future receive exactly what they’re owed – amazing sex. And it’s to help a young woman come into her own sexually, just like Emma does during the class. Once everyone has taken their turn, they all leave, and the Professor’s favorite class is next – she gets out black, plastic gloves and puts a new sign on the door to the classroom – “Anal Fisting 101.”

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