Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The More The Merrier? Well, Let Me Ask You...

In the bedroom? Well I say, Hell Ya! There are just so many ways to go there... And I just keep getting inspired to write more and more scenarios too. So, let me go through them, then I have a question for you…

I started off on a bang with my story, “Haunted Party” in A Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve with f/m/m/m and a ghost! Spooky and sexy *winks* While fighting off a ghost with sexual energy was great with one man and one woman, it just kept getting better as I kept adding men!

And, I mixed it up even more in my first novella, Finding Paradise. In this story, it may have started with a nice f/m. Of course, that was all mixed up in between two women sharing sex stories that include all sorts of sexual scenarios from capture fantasy doing the guys next door… But, next comes an f/f in an adult store dressing room with sex toys in the background to tease the reader. The teasing doesn’t continue for long though as the husband invites the other woman into their bedroom with an f/f/m and said sex toys. Of course, I went for my first f/m/f/m by the end :)

I took on an m/f/m in “Chem 101” in the Campus Sexploits anthology with a student, a college prof and a student assistant. Fun, and scientific *giggles*  I found I really liked playing with the power dynamic with this one since the chemistry was already there – sorry had to say it. LOL

Not able to get enough, by Valentines Day this year, I had a woman in charge of two women and two men’s bodies for the holiday in Seeing Red. The main character made some asses red, let me tell you in this f/f/m/f/m I guess it was? I had a lot of fun directing in this one just who was going to be with who – when and how *winks*

I am really excited about my new novella, Dream Job, which releases in May. In this one there are all sorts of things going on as a woman takes a job writing for the adult film industry. Although there is a very hot m/f/m scene in the bedroom, it was really the filming, the touches, the poses, the action in the studio that was soooo sexy and sooo enticing to write.

And, I am beyond excited too about a m/m/m, my first, that I just turned in to NNP too. It is a very dramatic story and a very intense story about three men and the world of MMA fighting…whew…I just can’t wait for this to come out! It took a lot out of me to write actually, as every minute was just so intense in a variety of ways.

So, let me ask you. Readers and a reviewer have suggested that I write a sequel to Finding Paradise. I've bounced some ideas off other authors, and I  am really considering doing so. I was thinking of going with new couples in the sequel that come in contact with the couples in the first one, so you get a new story, new scenarios via Facebook, but also catch up with the original couples in the first novella. What I want to know is what is your favorite sexual mix and what are your favorite sexual scenarios or fantasy? I’m taking a poll. I want to continue to mix things up, hmmm or maybe go into an all out orgy of couples! Who knows!?! But I would love to hear some suggestions if you have a moment. 


  1. Great post Abby, you got me all excited just reading about it *fans self off*

  2. Wow Abby, you've been a busy girl! How about one of those m/m/m meets the couples from Finding Paradise. Would love to see those two women lead 5 men *winks* Like a slave fantasy - see where you take my mind! LOL So what do you think?

  3. Oh my! Now the slave fantasy bit - femdom - THAT would be HAWT!

  4. Yes, I like the idea *rubs hands together above the keyboard*