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New Release Titles
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Change is coming

If you remember last month I spoke about my ongoing fight with the demon called depression, but for those of you who missed it here is the link:

Well since then I have been doing a lot of thinking, soul searching and too much feeling sorry for myself and because of this my writing has suffered and I feel I am letting my publisher, Naughty Nights Press and Mistress Gina down and for this I truly apologize.

So this, as well as an unexpected letter from my doctor, resulted in me going for a health check and being told, in no uncertain terms, I am living life on the edge of heart disease, diabetes, possible heart attacks and possible strokes I have decided things have to change.

Now after all the years I have drifted through life unhealthily change, to me, seemed impossible but so far I have manage to add fruit, salad, fruit juices etc to my diet while cutting out the fatty, fried, greasy crap which was leading merrily towards hospital and/or a casket.
Yes my depression is still trying to hold me back but I am fighting against it and, although I haven't come up with the beginnings of any new work, I have had a few ideas, all in the GLBT genre which I am known for, which will hopefully get my writing back on track as well.

I want to thank everybody who did read last month's post, especially those who commented with their positive vibes, and I now believe I, J S Morbius, am finally able to see a small chink of light in the darkness and that can only mean one thing

I'm Back, back again
Morbius is back
So tell your friends

Thank you 


  1. Glad to hear of positive changes, honey!! :-)

  2. Good luck my darling dark lord of words.

  3. Keep at it. I did. I'm testament to the fact that when all seems a fight, a nearly impossible battle, one thing, just one thing thing and then another will suddenly change things. not to protect mind you, but so much better than you'd hoped to dream. Hugs

  4. Ah that was to say perfect not protect. Sorry.