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New Release Titles
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Favorite Word - Hot Except of CandyMan

Greetings peeps. Here I am, in the flesh with another blog post. Hmm, you see that title? What is my favorite word? Well other than sex, men, and music, what could it be? Ooh I know, a word I use a lot when I write; the word FUCK!

Yeah I do use that quite a bit. *grins* I even counted almost 100 fucks in my latest tale, Wretched 1.6. Can you imagine? Well hell, what can I say, I love to swear. Fuck is a really great fucking word. It can mean so many things. Yeah, yeah it’s real derogatory but a long fucking time ago it was acceptable to say the work fuck.

Need proof? Well, in Wikipedia under the word fuck, it talks about it going as far back as the 15th century from a poem with a mixture of Latin and English called Flies, Fleas and Friars. One of the lines translates to the sentence; they are not in heaven because they fuck wives of Ely.

Wow. *eyes widen* Can you imagine the use of such a great word going that far back? Besides that, think of what else the word derives from; German flikken, to fuck, Dutch fokken, to breed, Norwegian fukka to copulate. Just a few examples of where this might have come from and that brings us to modern day. Fuck, a derogatory word meaning having sex but we also say it when we’re pissed off, we add it to sentences like, get out of my fucking face, bitch. And then we might even use it to be cool. When something makes us happy, we say, fuck yeah! Oh I fucking hate that phrase. *laughs*

Yeah, you didn’t believe that it had some importance right? Well hell, everything comes from something and our great forefathers were usually the ones responsible so, heck, keep on fucking using the word fuck if you are so fucking inclined.

This has been a fucking hilarious and informational post by your resident bad girl, BLMorticia.

Alain Roux is the new owner of the world famous Diamond Candies chocolate factory on the South Side of Chicago. His father, Demi Roux just lost his battle with cancer and has left it in his care despite Demi’s brother’s advice to leave it to him. Alain has no interest in the company but to fulfill his father’s last wish, he takes on the day to day of it anyway.

He’s a spoiled brat, a young man that’s lived off his father’s money, and never worked a day in his life and now Alain’s responsibility is this huge company that he could care less about till he meets one of the more attractive employees, Ty Washington.

Ty is a born and raised Southsider who’s working there to put him through college. Recently, his father threw him out because he confessed he might be gay. This hardens him a bit and he makes the choice not to pursue any gay relationships in hopes he’ll eventually grow out of it and begin to date women. However, when he and Alain talk, his heart soars and as badly as he tries to fight it, the two connect and eventually they decide to give their relationship a try.
Alain slid Ty’s jacket off his broad shoulders and he loosened his boss’s tie while tangling tongues with him. “Mhmm…” he moaned into his embrace and tossed his necktie aside. Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, he buried his face in his neck. The scents of his cologne and natural musk infiltrated his nostrils. The heat between them rose a couple of notches when both men started pulling at each other’s trousers. Ty made a trail from Alain’s earlobe to the top of his lips.
In one swift move, Alain captured Ty’s mouth with his and forced his tongue inside.
Enjoying the interaction, Ty moved along with Alain’s hand once again. Swelling from arousal, Ty gasped and gritted his teeth.
Alain pulled Ty’s pants down and he stepped out of them. He slid his underwear down from his waist with his free hand. With their lips still locked together, Ty did the same, yanking Alain’s boxers from his slender torso.
“Ooh fuck, Ty!” Alain broke the embrace and reached down to discard the rest of his clothing and step out his shoes.
Ty shed the rest of his clothes. Again, Alain molded his mouth to Ty’s, causing him to lose his breath and balance. But Alain held on to him, wrapping his arms around Ty’s waist.
The adrenaline flowing through him, Ty couldn’t help but stare into Alain’s green eyes, getting lost in the emerald haze.
With all his might, Alain pushed Ty backwards towards his bed. He gave him one firm shove and hovered over him when his ass hit the mattress. Despite the nerves, Ty couldn’t wait to feel Alain’s hard cock inside his ass. Yeah it scared him to death, but who better to break him in than the man he desired so badly?
“You’re probably tight as Fort fuckin’ Knox. I need to loosen you up a little. Just remember to breathe and push out. Don’t tense or it will hurt more.” He walked away to grab a few things from his armoire.
When he made that statement, Alain’s facial expression was very stern. This told Ty he was totally serious. He rested his hands on Alain’s tattooed shoulders when he returned. God the man was even hotter with his clothes off. A dragon tat on one bicep, while the other had some Asian writing and a beautiful bird. On his lower back, another tattoo that appeared to be some kind of Latin saying with flowers around it. Ty wondered what all the symbolism meant, but he’d ask later. They’d have plenty of time to chat.
Ty met Alain’s gaze as he opened the lube and squeezed some out on his fingers. “I’ll be honest with ya; it won’t be too pleasant at first but damn – once you get used to it, you’ll love it.” Alain rubbed his index and thumb together and slid one into Ty’s ass.
“Mmph…” Ty held onto the bed sheets and braced himself. He closed his eyes tight, trying to forget about the pain and burning sensation in his nether region. “Ugh…”
“You okay? You want me to stop? I figured my finger would be good before I tried something bigger.” Alain flashed him a wicked smile.
“Er, no… don’t. I wanna feel you, Alain.” Shit, this hurt like hell and he barely had nails!
“Okay, remember what I said. Let’s try again, and I’ll go slower.”
Ty only nodded and did as Alain told him, attempting to breathe and contract his ass muscles. After a minute or two, Ty got used to it and wanted more. “Yes, oh that feels good.”
“Yeah? You want something else?”
Ty was confused. What was the something Alain was talking about? “Your cock?”
“Naw, not yet. You need a little more loosening before I do that, babe.” He pulled his finger out and reached for something above Ty’s head. “This.”
Ty smiled and moistened his lips as he looked at a black phallus about six inches in size. “Oh so you play with toys?”
“Yes I do!” Alain licked the tip before putting some slick on the plastic head. “It’s a lot more fun and will get you better prepared.” Alain leaned in and kissed him lightly on his mouth.
Ty couldn’t help but feel excited. Hell yeah he wanted some of that to get ready for the main course – Alain’s cock. As he watched Alain massage it as if it were his own dick, he pinched his nipples tightly.
“Mhmmm… you ready for it, baby?”
Ty nodded and his eyes followed the dildo as his partner slid the first inch inside his anus. Again, he gnashed his teeth and gripped the sheets.Fuck that stings! It felt like his ass was on fire, but he knew eventually he’d get used to it.
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BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. She entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! She also writes a monthly column on Blak Rayne Books and blogs on the First Thursday of the month at NNP Blog. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark

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