New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, August 12, 2013

A double release...

It's been a while for me, yes - it's always something that authors pride themselves on, and it's definitely an exciting time when a book is released. I don't appear to do things by halves either, so why release just one book? Let's release two!

August has already seen the release of 'Love in an Elevator' Yes! - I love that Aerosmith song - I always seem to hum it when I step into a lift, amongst the many different stories that run through my mind as I stand there either making polite small talk or shifting from foot to foot listening to others' conversations as I wait for my floor. It was definitely my last job which gave me food for thought as I used the 'express' lifts every day to reach my office in the iconic One Canada Square in London. The journey would frequently take quite some time to reach my floor, and my mind often wandered, especially if I took the journey alone. Just what delicious deviance could well have happened a few moments earlier, just where I stood, waiting innocently to reach my place of work. Well - Love in an Elevator details a little of what happened to Isabella Cavendish when she worked in One Canada Square, I wonder if you will enjoy her recount... As for the second release of the month... If you enjoy the delicious Isabella, watch this space...

Lesbian Bisexual Domme Domination and Submission

“Ms. Triannon, I think it’s futile to pretend to not enjoy what we just did. Your whole body is screaming out for more, and in my experienced opinion, you want this.”

I studied her reactions whilst my words sunk in. Confusion and desire raced delightfully across her features as she thought, unable to look away from me as I waited patiently for an answer.

“I know you fight your feelings every day, I’m the same. Everyone assumes I’m straight, or whatever assumption they decide to make about me, but there is no shame in being bisexual. I find it makes me more attuned to others’ desires...Take you, for instance.” I stared at her in a way that left her in no doubt that I wasn’t playing with her in the slightest. A half smile crept across my lips as I let the beast within me emerge, flashing in my eyes for her to plainly see, to tempt her to succumb to me. If she had the desire to submit, this was the crucial time. She knew I was trustworthy and discreet in my job, and I was offering everything she’d ever dreamed of. Of that, I was absolutely sure.

Leaning in closer once more, I breathed in her ear. “I know many women like you, Catherine. Aching with a desire so deeply hidden within you, a desire to submit to another woman, because you know it’s not cheating on your husband if it’s a woman, is it?” I chuckled a low, teasing sound, the goosebumps that raised across her chest in response spurred me on further. I was not losing this battle of wills, not now.

“And, you’re sick of always being in control. At home. At work. Always in control. But, you need to release all of this tension somehow, safely, deniably...No one can ever know what drives you...and yes, Catherine, I am the woman that can give you this. Right now, right here.I can show you delights you’ve only ever dreamed of in your wildest fantasies,those moments when you slip your fingers inside yourself...those moments when you think no one else is watching you, and you close your eyes...”

I took her chin in my fingers, holding her steady, unable to move her head away. I looked hard into her eyes and watched with great satisfaction as the last vestiges of her defense slipped away.

She was mine now, utterly and completely. She would submit.

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  1. Loving the book cover and the excerpt Tess - hot!