New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing Game

Since I am drawing a blank on what to write about, I figured I’d post a writing game. You can see the instructions below, and please feel free to try it for yourself :) The game comes from the Write Brain Workbook.
Terrible Twos Game,
You are two years old. Write from this perspective. Be childlike!
Give yourself a name, initials CAT…Cherry Anna Tenor
Nickname: Duchess
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Favorite Food: McDonald’s French fries
Siblings: None yet
How parents treat you: Spoiled.
Thoughts on toilet training: Scared of the toilet and falling in again, the water was cold, and I’m pretty sure if it was flushed I’d end up getting sucked in.
Start with,
Here I am stuck in my crib, This is stupid. Not only am I stuck in my crib way past the crack ass of dawn, but I have one chubby leg jammed through the bars. I was going to have to either cut back on the milk or cut down to skim. In a hissy fit about being held captive, I threw every single toy out of my crib. Now my nursery is littered with plastic keys, a chew ring, and a bright assortment of teddy bears and blankets. Since this failed to get parental attention, I tried disrobing down to my pamper and tossed my footies across the room. The only thing I had left was my monkey, but in a red furry I tossed her out too, then panicked as I watched her sail through the air, far out of reach. After which I took to screaming my head off for what seemed like forever. I decided my neglectful mother wasn’t coming to my rescue after all and if I wanted the monkey back I was going to have to get her myself. Hence my current predicament with having my limb lodged in a crib that I’m quit certain should have been recalled. I wiggled some but it only hurt so I flopped back in my bed and contemplated a life without a leg and how bad my mother would feel for sleeping in. I jammed my thumb in my mouth and sucked on that while I planned my next move. Slowly my eyes started to slip closed and I thought about how mad my monkey was going to be at me. At least she landed on a blanket which was more than I had at the moment

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