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New Release Titles
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ah, Fantasies…

The simply amazing thing about being an erotic author is getting to live out fantasies in vivid color when you’re writing. I can be all kinds of women, and act on a whim without repercussions – that is unless they’re repercussions I want to live through *winks* I mean really anything goes.

And, what I have fantasized about in my stories so far covers quite a bit of erotic topics. I’ve been a very successful business lady, strong and just a bit jaded against the most romantic of holidays. I’ve had two women and two men and a lot of toys *winks* I’ve been dominant and demanded what I wanted from them, any position, any combination that my mind could come up with. Yes, that’s what I did with Shannon in Seeing Red

Daydreaming of sexual fantasies in front of the computer – yes, that is my life as often as I can grab the time. It’s something though in real life that I can’t imagine, that many naked bodies being pleasured in one room, hmmm… So I IMAGINE it often in my stories because it is just such an enticing idea.

I really played out quite a few fantasies in my first novella, Finding Paradise. From the beginning, I had two women who met on Facebook sharing sex stories, well one world traveler sharing with one stay-at-home mom (a character inspired by the group of women I work with – good thing they will never know). So slave fantasies, capture fantasies, stranger fantasies, ménage fantasies… I was really on a kick there. But, in this story, I ran the quite a spectrum of pairings too: m/f, f/f, m/f/f, m/m, f/m/f/m. And by that last one, again I had a dominant women kind of directing the two sets of couples. I loved how she put the two sexy husbands of different ages on the spot, encouraging interaction between them. I am truly a two are better than one type of woman *winks*

And speaking of fantasies, well a different kind of fantasy, I just got another wonderful review for Finding Paradise at A Redheads Guilty Reads:
Wow, Just WOW! Finding Paradise is just the sorta novel every woman ought to read in her adult life! The scenes, the character everything about Finding Paradise is PERFECT! Absolutely perfect! I will definitely be recommending this book to others!
More of this authors novels will surely be going on my TBR list as her novels always make for an interesting and unforgettable read.....
One things for certain though.... I'll NEVER be the same the in an adult store again.....

There seems no end though to my fantasies though *blushes* And, I took on a different angle in Dream Job. Here I got a job as a writer/assistant at an adult film studio. So no longer the woman in control, but more a student of her boss. There were so many sinfully sexy moments during filming that I, well I mean Kim, was privy to, and the touching in the vein of assisting, well *fans self*

I’m keeping them coming too. I have an m/m/m I just finished where those three guys are involved in the MMA – tough, sexy – now there is a FANTASY – naked men wrestling. YUM! Check out The Fights of Summer next month! 
Oh, and wait until Costumes and Dungeons come October. Sexy vampire and some light BDSM… 
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Abby Hayes

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