New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When A Party Gets Out of Control…

Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it is bad. This weekend at school, well it kind-of went bad.

Actual pic taken at Kent State this weekend - fun huh? 
Fights, fire, tear gas, and multiple arrests don’t a great party make as far as I’m concerned, and I’m a pretty liberal, fun-loving, open-minded girl! LOL I’m happy to report that I was safely in a different location. We all need to get out once in awhile, especially after a hard semester, blow off a little steam, let loose… But, when it gets out of hand like this did this weekend, well I think it only adds more stress where it wasn’t needed. It wasn’t what I needed.

The release I seek seems dependent upon my mood at the time. Sometimes I need a good party, a good drink, a bunch of friends. Sometimes I just need a good date *winks* And sometimes, I need to stay in and get lost reading or writing a good story.  Without going into detail, I think I covered them all this weekend, and never got arrested, so yeah me! LMAO

Funny though, I woke up to a review for my story, Seeing Red, on Monday and I was reminded of a great party, one I created in my mind, but would love to been able to attend some day. *giggles*  This one involved one woman dressed as a dom along with the two men and two women she created a party with. Now that kind of releases I could use about now!!!!

So speaking of parties, let’sget this party started, or keep the party going here... NNP has been in a gift giving sort of mood, and presents always create a party, right?

First, we have the free read, Postcards of Passion…check it out and get your copy today!!!!
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Or, there is a great party going on on FaceBook and on the NNP and ABA Blogs right here where NNP is giving away Limited Editions of a first in a series by author, friend, and my mentor, Kiki Howell. Go check it out and enter for your chance to win a Limited Edition ebook copy of The Vampire’s Witch, Book 1 in the At War in the Willows series. 


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