New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Monday, April 30, 2012

New release for Ana Hart, Naughty Hot Shots - Six to One


Girls, have you ever wondered what it would be like to take on six guys at once?
Well Ana Hart has penned an erotically hot and sensual story to let your imagination run wild.

Naughty Hot Shots - Six to One is available for purchase from the now from All Romance E-Books, Amazon and Smashwords.

Every woman’s fantasy comes to life in this ménage with six men lavishing their sexual attentions on a single woman.
The nameless female protagonist in this story has always dreamed of being, well, gang-banged. She confides this fantasy to her lover of two years, Derek, and much to her surprise, he sets out to make fantasy become a reality.
The story details our protagonist's journey into fantasy nirvana as she suddenly finds herself faced with the prospect of being with six men, including Derek, all at the same time.
Six to one is a fast-paced tale of lust and fulfillment, of animal passions and raw need.

Naughty Hot Shots – Six to One by Ana Hart
“Well, I … I've always wanted to be a part of a, uh … well, a gang-bang.”
That single word, so completely foreign within the walls of our little duplex, lingered between us for many long moments. The silence was beyond unbearable. I couldn't meet Derek's eyes.
“A gang-bang?” He repeated, soft and slow.
I went on the defensive.
“Well, you asked,” I huffed, pushing back a chunk of my wavy hair. So far, we had spent a rather quiet evening in talking about all those things we never had time to talk about and Derek had asked whether there was anything I wanted to try (in bed) that we hadn't covered yet. After two years together, there wasn't much we hadn't covered, but there was one thing still lurking in my fantasy arsenal.
There was something so inexplicably appealing about the thought of a group of men taking me, using me, pleasuring me, all at once, that I just couldn't shake. I wanted it.
“Are you serious?”
There was something about Derek's tone that caused me to look up, to meet his eyes. His gaze was dark, intense, focused.
“Yes?” I whispered, and he nodded, catching me off guard with his sudden assent.
“Okay, I know some guys from work,” he stated simply, easily, like we were just inviting some of his buddies over for dinner. Was he serious? I studied his face for a few moments, searching for that special smile of his that always hinted at a joke. But it wasn't there. He was serious.

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