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New Release Titles
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Thursday, March 8, 2012



We all know I love to write about bad boys. There’s nothing more delicious to me than placing a guy smack in the middle who takes a walk on the wild side. He’s sexy and hot and makes my blood boil. Some of you know that I write as three different people and the writing styles are very different. From campy murder mystery to erotic thriller and of course erotic romance in between, I’ve noticed that my characters tend to be gritty and very powerful. The kinkier they are to me the better and they have to be adventurous in both bed and in life.

It’s also interesting in talking lately with folks who write what is called category romance – i.e. you have a hero and a heroine period. There is no mixing of sexes and you only hear the voice of the two and the man is usually rich and sexy and powerful and… Is that any different than what I write? Perhaps a touch as sex isn’t as hot as I create but it got me to thinking. Why do I tend to be drawn to the guy who just might be the true dangerous man in the end?

Well, the truth is they are to me more interesting characters to read about but should they get the girl in the end? Good question. Lately in getting reviews the interesting aspect has been the reviewers tend to see through the ugly and darker sides of my characters and are drawn to just how human they can be. They’ve even asked that I consider writing a sequel – now that’s a compliment.

Let’s ask the question, what do I consider dark and dangerous in a character? Okay. Let’s look at the creature I consider to be the ultimate bad boy and you tell me what you think…


In honor of Blue Fire – Domination getting ready to release in March, I thought I would take a gander at my Russian born and bred vampire – Aleksandr Vasiliev. He’s tall and studly and blond and powerful – but he’s a killer. He’s also the leader of his people and his kind but refuses to accept the old ways and is being challenged in more ways than one. It could mean the extinction of his kind or the death of many humans. His true mate happens to be a human male cop – who is fighting all he knows in his heart he craves. And he craves the Russian man not only because of his heritage but because he hungers domination, completely and totally. Doesn’t that sound sexy as hell? Let’s take a taste of Aleks and see what you think.

Aleksandr Vasiliev stood by the window gazing into the sliver of moonlight. On any other night the lilting sounds of Celtic music would be soothing but tonight he remained on edge. Reaching out to Jax perhaps had been a foolish attempt but Aleks not only needed the man in his life but his help. Evil lurked all around them and while he could only taste a certain portion, the threat was growing stronger every day. And he had to find out what was going on. He thought about Durac’s betrayal and knew it wasn’t over yet but because the full moon had passed

without incident, the child, Dimitri was safe. But how long before the Time of Passing came back to bite him? How long before the Jicards wanted more? He knew the answer and he was going to have to deal with all the loose ends.

Snarling, he could only sense the threat was not necessarily from another clan coming into the city. No, there was something evil without a doubt but given his current physical state he wasn’t able to discern who was lurking just in the far reaches. He also couldn’t feel if Nikolay was still alive. Closing his eyes he played back the horrendous events and clenched his fist. Every part of his body shook violently and yet he knew he couldn’t lose control. Not now. The fire had almost destroyed him and had certainly taken its toll on his strength and only recently he’d felt the need to feed. He also hadn’t taken a picture since returning from his two-week slumber. Repairing his body was easy but his soul was something else entirely.

Aleks pressed his finger back and forth across his mouth and sighed. He couldn’t detect Durac but gut told Aleks his former Master would return. At least he’d gotten Felicity out of town and hopefully harm’s way. Nearly catatonic she was a shell of the woman he’d known and refused to say anything to him. Sadly, given his lack of strength he couldn’t tell what had happened to her. Damn it, he hated being prisoner to the monster buried deep inside him. He suspected Durac had taken Dimitri to the old country, biding his time until he could return and finish the damning actions he’d started. Then again if the family was sated for a time with the child who would be King to their people then perhaps there was a chance at gathering strengths. Aleks suspected the plan held yet another turn and one that would rear it’s ugly head soon enough. What he did know for sure was that Jax Steele was smack in the middle of everything. Whether the human believed it or not, he was going to succumb to Aleks in more ways than one.

“These are amazing pieces. You’re very talented.”

In the reflection he watched the young man growing antsy. Aleks had to admit finding the boy working in a club had been a Godsend and not just for revamping his artistic career but a welcome satisfaction for his hungers. Licking his lips, he tamped back his raging needs as he watched the boy flipping through Aleks collection of erotic art. With the recent demise of his single source for selling the pieces in town he was going to concentrate on providing them overseas again. Oddly enough his interest orders had increased significantly. If only he had a business manager. The thought gave him a smile.

“Fascinating work,” the boy breathed as he stole a glance at Aleks. “Is this how you want me to pose?” Holding up a selection depicting a well whipped young man on the steel St. Christopher’s Cross his light blue eyes flashed his complete lever of terror even in the shadowed light.

For me vampires are the ultimate danger zone but there are others. Take my favorite in real life – I love men on Harley’s. There’s something about having a guy on a large steel machine. Imagine the best between his legs or yours as you travel the country side. How about perhaps the man you suspect is a murderer and while you’re strangely attracted to him you’re uncertain about trust. Hmmm… There are many sexy pieces like that. Then there are our every day heroes who sometimes cross the line – such as fireman and policemen. Don’t they sometimes have to kill or even stretch the gray lines just a bit? Can they be true heroes?

I think readers do enjoy seeing the bad guys getting it in the end but in honesty, there’s something much more attractive for readers to see both the good and bad sides of a man. That’s why we’re drawn continually to vampires and other creatures of the night. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sorry nice guys – in real life you finish first but behind the pages of a sexy story, well…

I hope you’ve enjoyed and I have several bad boy pieces coming in the next few months. Remember, allow your imagine to take you into all those dark and sexy visions. It’s much sexier, don’t you think?

Kisses xxx







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