New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naughty Nights Press Super Sale, Danvers Asylum, The Cabin, Poets, all 1/2 price

Do you fancy spending a chilling night curled up under the covers, a copy of DANVERS ASYLUM in hand? A faint sound of scratching along the floor boards, will you be too scared to peak over the top of your e-reader to see what that sound was?
Well here is your chance to buy a copy of DANVERS ASYLUM by CHRYSTIAN MARRERO.
You would have to be crazy not to get your copy now!
Can you handle a stay at Danvers Asylum? Insanity is the only way out!
Welcome to Danvers State Insane Asylum, home to some of the most demented men and women in the country. Doctor Eugene Charles - head of the asylum and manager of its inner workings - has seen his share of insanity in the eyes of every patient residing behind the walls of his asylum.
But the newest addition to his facility will redefine the meaning of insanity once and for all. John Stephenson, an American writer of horror/fiction, is about to publish his latest creation and the haunting, subliminal messages that go along with them. His books are the works of a madman and the hidden verses within them will change the lives of whoever reads them . . . including yours.
Do your tastes lay more along the lines of Dominant Males and their submissive female slaves. Where there will be Bondage and Discipline, erotic photography and mountain cabins to perfect the fantasy. If they are, then you will want to buy your own copy of THE CABIN by NATHANIAL BOSCH so you can read it over and over again.
In this hard-core BDSM novelette, Victor and his slave experience the thrill of finally being alone to do as they wish.
The happy couple is tired of having to put their Dom/slave relationship on hold to go about their daily lives.
For one glorious weekend, that is all about to change.
Victor makes the necessary arrangements to take his slave to the family's quaint, isolated mountain cabin to train her to submit properly.  Helena could not be more thrilled!
If poetic  ménage a trois  with two sexy men and one stunning woman, seems to be more your speed, then you would be yearning for a copy of POETS by DANIEL BURNELL.
POETS will have you squirming in your seat as you read the liquid words that Mr. Burnell puts together to weave a creation of hot, soul searching M/F/M sex.
San Francisco, city of pirates, prospectors and poets, has a well-deserved reputation for sexual freedom. People have long come to the city to liberate themselves, release pent up desires and do things they would never dare at home, in short, to go wild with others there to do precisely the same thing. Such is the story of the narrator of “Poets”: A sedate woman to all appearances, a first grade teacher living conventionally, having shelved her fierce desires for wildness in her life. She has always had an outlet, a tame one so far; poetry. She attends readings in San Francisco and, on the night of the story, after a reading, she finds herself the object of intense sexual attention of two well-known San Francisco poets.  The poets are a pair of smooth-tongued, sexy rogues well practiced in the art of seduction and ménage with women like her who they immediately recognize, she says, as “caged, desperately seeking poetry in her life, ready for anything”. She does, in fact, throw all caution to the wind.
When the poets start putting their hands on her in the dark of Vesuvio's, a famous San Francisco saloon, the narrator tells us: There was a point at the beginning of the proceedings in Vesuvio's when certain thoughts tried to stop me from doing what I was apparently determined to do that night: This isn't you. You don't do things like this. You're a responsible person who has to get up early tomorrow morning to teach the wonderful first graders who love you so much.  Why are you letting it happen?” But in almost no time at all, I had to admit that many things about my life were false and that this crazy thing felt like one true thing at last.
Their fooling around manages to get the three thrown out of Vesuvio's and then they adjourn to the woman's car and her apartment for a no holds barred, scorching and ravaging, poetic and very naughty, all night ménage, a night the teacher and the reader will never forget.

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