New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, February 9, 2012



I think you guys have figured out that I love everything sexy including seduction and all the kinky passion you can muster around it. In talking with other writers and readers is seems that the art of passion and creating a special moment between you and your lover is a dying one at best. I sadly think that’s why romance books are the number one seller and have been for years. What I also find interesting is the continued controversy about both reading about something that might take you out of your comfort zone and heaven forbid doing something that might be considered VERY kinky.

Is everyone really simply into the missionary style of sex and having it maybe your scheduled one night a week? No. I don’t honestly think that but what I do find in talking with folks is that life gets into a routine and the mere thought of doing something a little adventurous, perhaps even outrageous is simply left at the curb. Why?

Fresh off the doing a very sizzling Chit Chat about Oral Sex with Benjamin Russell, I realized that people still have a difficult time talking about kicking up the heat in various methods. Why? Are we so embarrassed we crave something different from time to time that we can’t whisper to words even to our lover? Come on guys… What’s wrong with doing something like say having the love of your life all hot and naked in front of you, knelt down at your feet while you lean back and enjoy watching a football game. Can you imagine what he or she is doing with their mouths? Can you last until halftime before you ravage his or her body? Now of course you better be ready to spread her across a table later and lick her until she screams out your name. Let’s see, chips and dip or her honey? Which would you prefer?

What about a ride into the country side and she’s not wearing any panties underneath so you can slide your hand up under the tiny dress she’s wearing and flick your fingers back and forth, driving her completely insane. Can you envision trying to find the perfect picnic table so you can spread her across the edge and take her hard from behind? Getting a little toasty? Male or female – it doesn’t matter. It’s sexy and hot and uninhibited and very tasty. Don’t you think?

In writing sexy scenes I try and mix it up in my books. Your fantasy goes as far as your imagination allows and whether you long to have a kinky threesome in a hotel over during lunch or crave trying one of those very naughty clubs where anything goes on your next vacation, you’re likely to find what you hunger for. We all fall into the same trap and I like to remind folks you don’t have to. I write about sexy baths and incredible edibles. What about taking a trip together to your favorite lingerie store or you male lovers purchasing some sexy red briefs together. Laugh and enjoy, try some kink and purchase some handcuffs and if you’re really adventurous – let me give you one of my favorite ideas.

Now, I’m telling on myself but one of my favorite and only mildly kinky things to do involves a restaurant. Try and imagine one of those sexy places where there are tablecloths and lovely music in the background. You sit down with your lover and indulge in drinking wine and then you perhaps get a little romantic and kiss and caress until you’re both extremely overheated. What if you weren’t wearing panties and his fingers found their way into your heat? Hmmm… Then he drags his fingers out and tastes you – along with his wine of course.

Would you wink at him and nod toward the restrooms? Would you offer him a wicked tryst in the middle of the bathroom – either a single stall or you go into the last one by the wall and lock the door? I’ve written about this more times than I can say and it’s truly something that turns me on. I’ve also heard from many a reader who enjoys the rather simple concept of doing something way out of their comfort zone. It’s the mere thought of being caught and of allowing others to see that is the most exciting I think for me.

There’s the teasing you do on the way to the restaurant with sexy words and nips and licks and then you do everything in your power in the crowded restaurant to turn him or her on. Can you imagine getting really kinky and dropping to your knees in front of the sink or perhaps forcing her up against the mirror and spreading her legs wide? What if a stranger or two did walk in and enjoyed the show? Would you continue or feel embarrassed? When we were younger we did something like this all the time – didn’t you? Didn’t you tease your date or flash him or her every once in a while when you were out? Think about your hot little number egging you on as you suck or lick, caress and stroke while he moans above you, grabbing your head and forcing your all the way down the length of his throbbing muscle… Smiling yet?

That’s what we seem to be missing in relationships and when I pen sexy little pieces I like to try and remind you what you could do even at no additional cost. It’s all about how comfortable you are with your partner and your fantasies. Telling him or her what you want can truly sizzle what you have together. It’s all about creating a fantasy together. Order on the Internet or buy a little bottle of chocolate sauce and see where the afternoon leads. Remember ladies and gents – football season can be wicked fun if you allow it to be.

For now I’ll keep driving up the kink including giving you pieces about phone sex, sexting, voyeurism, BDSM, domestic discipline and hot moments in a drive in theatre. There’s no end to my imagination – is there to yours?

Kisses my darlings and I hope you enjoyed xxx



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