New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

October, A Busy Month for Naughty Nights Press

Well October is here and what a busy month this is going to be for the Naughty Nights Press family.
Our lineup for October is going to be filled with lots of information, book releases, giveaways, interviews, guest posters and off course our new weekly Chit Chat and All That! That sees authors discussing all sorts of delicious and wicked subjects.

The deliciously sexy and self confessed Mistress of Wicked writing, Cassandre Dayne, is releasing two new books on the 30th of October and we all know what that means…blog hopping and giveaways.

October 5th pop on over to Authors by Authors and read the interview she has with Kiki Howell about her two new releases, Raging Shadows, a BDSM/Halloween themed story and the first book in the Surrender Series. Red Fire - Surrender, is an Erotic Paranormal Suspense with M/F and M/M scenes, leave a comment at the end of the interview and please do not forget to leave your email address so as we can get in touch with you and let us know which book you would prefer to win.

October 6th will see Cassandre Dayne doing her naughty best to make sure her guest posting on Naughty Nights Press blog, keeps you tingling all over as usual.

October 7th sees Kiki Howell making her debut on Naughty Nights Press blog discussing all sorts of wicked topics that will make you go weak at the knees. This will be a monthly occurrence for Kiki and I am sure you will all be eager to see what she has to say.

October 10th on Chit Chat and All That!, we have Dawne Prochilo and Ken Charles discussing Vanilla Sex in the 21st Century. How better to start the work week off then by reading something sexy and interesting.

October 11th and 12th will be a special two day event with Cassandre Dayne who again will be discussing her two new releases with Naughty Nights Press, Raging Shadows and Red Fire - Surrender and her first book released with NNP, Spankdown. Again one lucky who leaves a comment at the end of the interview and leaves their email address, will have a chance to win a copy of either Raging Shadows or Red - Fire Surrender.

October 17th on Chit Chat and All That!, Cassandre Dayne and Abby Hayes discuss the difference between Sex Play and Scene Play. Hope everyone takes notes for some good bedroom fun to try out during the week.

October 18th we will be seeing the first of the monthly guest posts by the alluring Abby Hayes. Abby will be talking about a variety of topics each month that will make you want more.

October 19th and 20th we get to speak to the sexy body of male flesh, Nathanial Bosch about what he has been doing since The Cabin was first released by NNP in July 2011. Giveaway day again, leave your email address with a comment and you could win yourself a copy of the thigh trembling, BDSM book, The Cabin.

October 24th catch Cassandre Dayne on Lindsay’s Scribblings talking about Raging Shadows and
Red Fire - Surrender. Don’t miss out on your chance to win a copy of one of these two books and remember, you have to leave your email address and what book you would like for your own.

October 24th Chit Chat and All That! will be taken over today by BL Morticia, Julez S. Morbius and Pablo Michaels. These three extraordinary Authors will be chatting about GLBT and relationships. Are they any different to a Hetro relationship? Gender Identities in the workplace and do you need to hide them.

October 25th to October 31st will be our week long celebration of the release of A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve anthology, due out on the 30th October. Just in time to read for Halloween, allowing you think about all the things that go Bump!, in the night. An incredible line up of Authors has contributed to this anthology. We have as follows:

·         A Midnight Showing by Kiki Howell
·         Inamorate  by Kim Faulks
·         Haunted Party by Abby Hayes
·         I Dream of Dalian by BL Morticia
·         Welcome To The Inferno by Ana Hart
·         Cassandra by Gemma Parkes
·         Triage by Sarah Bella
·         Experiment IV by Canth? Decided

There will be a giveaway during the week with more details to come.

October 28th Naughty Nights Press joins 100 other bloggers in the 100 Halloween Blog Hop. That is over 100 chances to win e-books and other great prizes. A truly awesome event, you won’t want to miss. More details on how to follow the Halloween Blog Hop to come.

So there we have everyone, our very busy and exciting October Calendar of Events.
We look forward to seeing everyone on the Naughty Nights Press blog and remember to have a Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve.

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  1. Can't wait to be here! Tomorrow I'll be talking about spooky and sexy as well as ghosts that want in on the action ;)