New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nathanial Bosch heats up NNP blog with his interview and giveaway of THE CABIN

Naughty Nights Press would like to welcome with us today the handsome, charming and downright deliciously delectable Nathanial Bosch, author of the well received BDSM book, THE CABIN.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Nathanial, it is always a pleasure and a thrill to be on the same page as you.

NNP:  Now you were one of the first authors to have a book published by Naughty Nights Press. How did it feel when you received your acceptance and contract?

It was a very good feeling and certainly good news to hear.

NNP:  Does it still feel the same three months down the track or have you gotten used to seeing your name on a book cover?

It still feels the same as when I first heard and I am happy to hold on to the feeling.

NNP:  What inspired you to write The Cabin?

If there was a specific reason for writing it, I cannot now recall what it was.  I felt compelled to record some of my thoughts and the story provided me with a creative outlet to do that in a coherent way.

NNP:  When writing a book, do you start off with the story line, the characters or the location first?

I almost always start with a general concept.  That concept, after some direct and indirect contemplation, then spirals out into plot points, characters, images, etc.

NNP:  What type of research do you do for your writing as I noticed and I am sure all who have read The Cabin have as well, that you had a fair amount of detail that rings true in your books?

Little of what occurs in The Cabin is outside of my own experiences so no research was needed, though I did at times enjoy a few embellishments.

NNP: Do you have any other books in the pipeline and if so, would you care to share a little bit about it?

I do have a project in the works but as a bloody revenge story, it is about the farthest thing possible from The Cabin, thematically speaking.  I am very excited about it though.

NNP: Have you had any type of feedback by friends, family or fans about The Cabin and if so can you tell us what they said?

They have all only had good things to share.  I most appreciated the support I received for branching outward into genres and mediums I have explored in the past, the results of which heretofore had remained withheld, the stories kept secret.

Thank you much Nathanial for being on Naughty Nights Press today. It is always a pleasure and a delight to chat with you. I am sure the readers will be with me on this, when I say that I hope you have continued success and look very forward to reading more of your work.

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In this hard-core BDSM novelette, Victor and his slave experience the thrill of finally being alone to do as they wish.
The happy couple is tired of having to put their Dom/slave relationship on hold to go about their daily lives.
For one glorious weekend, that is all about to change. 
Victor makes the necessary arrangements to take his slave to the family's quaint, isolated mountain cabin to train her to submit properly.  Helena could not be more thrilled!

Thirty miles away and down the mountain, Victor and Helena were bagging the groceries theyd purchased at the general store.  It was the last store, or building of any kind for that matter, up until the cabin out in the wilderness of the mountain.  Smiling and saying thank you to the old man at the counter, they made their way outside and over to the rented SUV Victor had parked in the far corner of the lot.
He unlocked the back hatch and they loaded the groceries and supplies inside.  Victor noticed that there was still plenty of room in the back, even with their luggage and the groceries.  This gave him an idea.

Looking around Victor noticed that the parking lot created a break in the trees, allowing for a view of the setting sun.  He admired the luscious, vibrant colors as he stepped in front of the SUV, leaving the hatch at the back of the truck open.

“Helena, come look at the sunset.”
Helena obediently came around the side of the vehicle to stand at his side.  She stood to his right as she took in the quickly changing colors of the horizon, going from burnt orange to deep red, and then further into purple twilight.

The SUV blocked them from the front of the store.  He watched her, allowing her to watch the colorful display just a little longer before pulling the small length of rope from his pocket and stepping behind her as he wrapped it around her throat.  Victor was firm but did not pull hard, though Helena knew just what was around her throat nonetheless.  She made no mistake about it, her Master was done playing nice for the locals, and there would be no more pretending that they were a normal couple on a romantic getaway.  What they had in mind was romantic to them, but they were far from being a “normal couple.”


  1. I would like to announce the winner of The Cabin by Nathanial Bosch is the only person who commented and that is vampiremorbius.
    Your copy will be coming out to you today and thank you for participating.

  2. :( I didn't know there was an interview until today! But I love this interview!!! I hope to be able to purchase the book soon!