New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ghosts, Haunted Houses & More!

It’s October! All things creepy and spooky are on the menu! Since I can remember, I’ve loved ghost stories, haunted houses, cemeteries, etc. I watched scary movies earlier than I should have - had a girlfriend whose older sister and mother loved them :) I could never sleep those nights, but I have such fond memories of time spent with Cindy, Kerry and their mother, Anna! I remember reading books about ghosts long before I was old enough too as well. Too bad there wasn’t (or at least I didn’t know about them) shows like Ghost Hunters and stuff. I would have been all over them too.

I love to write ghost stories, and I find the fun in doing so is not just imaging the situation, but also in coming up with the descriptions to show the story to the reader. I want to pull them out of their current reality and make them feel the chill go down their spine like a thousand icy fingers tapping their way down their back. I want to engage all of their senses in the scene.

There was this empty house behind me where I grew up. It was quite a hike through the woods behind my house, but I made it often just to wonder through rooms. I used the house once, of course, as a setting in one of my very first ghost stories, written about four years ago about a house with an old witch’s curse, a house which was haunted by that same witch. Now, this is one of my first stories understand, but sharing a bit of the house description I though would be fun :)

Having come to the end of the trail, Rachael paused where the full green of the tree line gave way to an open expanse of land. The remains of a field, long unattended, rolled out before her until the sun-drenched colors of the land took on the blackness of shadow. From where she stood it seemed as if the long-abandoned house had burned the land with its mere presence. The symmetry of the two-story square made it appear intimidating, despite it's aged wood and cracking paint, as if the house was smirking at her in a domineering stance. The large fallen tree whose weight the house now sustained seemed an elaboration of contorted fingers grappling for possession of the sky itself. Dead twigs of brown held onto its foundation as if paying homage to their master.
Once she left the protection of the trees, the house, black with the soot of neglect, chilled her even as the sun burned her shoulders. This was how the house had greeted her for years. A few clouds rolled in muting the sun, the light-play of shadows giving the illusion of specters in the windows.
Alone with this house, Rachael always realized how far she had come from civilization; nonetheless, she still reveled in her solitude. She had left far behind the small waterfall in the woods just beyond her backyard that always enticed her to sit and the upward curve of the stream that always lured her up the hill. She stepped onto the creaking porch where steps must have once been.
She squeezed her body into the house beside the ancient heavy door with rusted hinges and walked into the living room as if she owned the place. The sun filtering through the filthy windows furthered the eerie feel of an aged room. It never ceased to amaze her how time took its toll. She started up the stairs with her hand on the wall never quite trusting the wobbly banister or the middle of the warped stairs. Her hand grazed over an upturned seam of the yellowing wallpaper right where an old red flower bled across it.
At the top turning to follow the curve of the railing, she was stunned to find the closest door shut. She had always found the doors open in all of the years she had been coming here. She shook off the idea that someone else had been in the house. Standing before the door, she gave a quick look behind her careful not to put any weight on the railing that was supposed to prevent you from falling onto the floor below. Her hand tensed as she touched the doorknob. The knob was loose, and she had to jiggle it a little to make it release the door from its frame. Conscious of the raised floorboard right at the doorway, she followed the door into the room.
Air pulled deep into her lungs to the point of pain. Stepping back on instinct, she forgot the raised floorboard and found herself falling backward.

When I went to write my story for the Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve Anthology with Naughty Nights Press, I searched through local ghost stories for inspiration this time. First, I looked back in my home town in Southern Ohio, knowing most of them, but was surprised and excited to have stumbled upon a few I didn’t. But, it was actually a ghost story in the town I live in now, with a haunted theater, that inspired my story, Midnight Showing for the anthology. It’s a bit different for me in that the ghost inspires a bit of a ménage action. So how many does that make? LOL Moral of the story, don’t tick of the ghost mourning the lost of her life and an old love in a theater by playing a scary movie. The sex scene might just be more than all parties involved can handle! LOL But, a ghost getting in on the action is nothing new  for my writing *giggles*. Alive, dead, why should they be left out of the fun?

Okay, so you want a taste of that man on woman with ghost action, right? Would love to share… back to that first ghost story, o set you up, the ghost of the witch is pushing Gabe and Rachael together (strangers before the house), even getting in on the action, while trying to prevent them from finding the hexed stone hidden in the house. Of course, a lot of this is explained in the old witch’s book they find earlier in the story, but let’s get to the good stuff here! Again, first adult ghost story here ;)

“I feel her too. Just hang in there and let her play.”
She forgot to breath as her inner walls clenched around Gabe’s
finger. It felt as if someone was running ice cubes along her thighs, her
pussy, and her lower stomach. Trying to concentrate only on Gabe’s
finger, she pushed against it drawing it further into her.
“Good girl.” He ignored the pain. “I just need to loosen the slate a
little more.”
Sparks started flying from the fire lighting the ceiling before
extinguishing themselves. The shriek began again, and fire leapt at them
fully as the piece of slate was pushed free.
“Are you burned?”
“No. You?”
“No. We have to give her more. Get up on your knees.”
She did, and Gabe let his cock replace his finger. He was ready to
explode into her until he felt the icy fingers run along his ass to his balls.
He pumped into Rachael anyway. As he crept his hand along the floor
to the hole in the hearth, the cold left him. He felt Rachael gasp again.
“Concentrate on my cock.”
“She is pushing against my clit.”
“Feel me.” He rammed into her faster hoping to get her closer to
orgasm. Trying to hold off his own, he reached into the hole someone
had obviously made in the hearth. His hands touched something smooth
as he felt Rachael begin to pant.
“Cum for me.” He pulled the golf ball sized object up to look at it
just as he felt her clenching around his cock in pleasure. With the fire
blazing, he saw a stone in his hand. It took only a few seconds to sink in.
Then, he hurled the stone at the window just as he let his seed go.
Glass shattered around them as their orgasms twisted within. With
a loud cry, the fire went out and the wind died. They could feel the
humid air of August fill the room again. Gabe pulled out still feeling the
pulses of his pleasure. He stood scooping up Rachael, then running for
the door. It opened easily, and he practically dropped her onto porch in
his hast. She caught herself on the railing. It creaked under her weight.
“Gabe, where are you going?” Her whole body shook. Cum was
spilling out of her down her leg. Her body still felt tiny shocks within it. She
was overly aware of the absence of his body as the heavy mist curled up
around her legs.

Is she gone? I don’t think so! They never are right? 

I'm very excited about the coming release of A Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve Anthology. Just so thrilled to be a part of it!  Come celebrate with us!

Kiki Howell
~where love is a mystical thing~


  1. Kiki, what a brilliant post. I got chills of the right kind just reading the little teasers. Can't wait for A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve to come out.

    *bites n kisses*

  2. Excellent kiki. You're writing certainly hits all the right spots, you are an extremely talented writer

  3. Thanks, to both of you! I really appreciate your kinds words. Just love the ghost stuff, so much fun!