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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fear and Sex – What’s the Connection? by Abby Hayes

In my story, Haunted Party, in the Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve anthology, my female not only gets it on with one, two then three guys at once, but also a ghost. So hmmm, how many people does that make in one bed? You see in my story, sex was a means of building energy to give the ghosts something to feed off of so they would leave the people alone. But in writing this, I noticed distinctly this connection between fear and sex, the way even as I was writing the story that the scarier I made things in my head, the more amplified everything got!

So, I started to think about the connection between the fear and the sex. Is this why there is usually sex in horror films? Really, how did that ever come to be? I looked around a bit, and while I found a few explanations for the amount of sex in scary movies, I’m not sure if any of it is the real explanation. My favorite explanation for the sex in horror flicks was a theory about how when a guy and a girl go on a date to see a scary movie, the boobs in the movie get the guy going and the scary stuff puts the girl in his arms. A twofer I guess! LOL I’d actually heard that one before on a sitcom once, so who knows, maybe there is some truth to it. I even read a theory that this goes back to our prehistoric ancestors, ones who had to have sex while worrying about prehistoric creatures coming up and attacking them! Good one! But, I would love to get into the mind of the first person to write a scary movie who decided to put sex in it and find out why he (okay or she) did it.

Further research just got more interesting... I mean you have to check out this site[nsfw]  or this one Where am i going with this, well who knows? LOL I found the posts pretty amusing or just down right gross, not sexy. I did appreciate the comments though like telling the director to see a psychologist. But, did I learn anything about this connection though, not yet. What I do know is that I will watch a horror flick or read a horror story anytime, curled up on a guys lap, then … well you know the then. .. Of course, the genres of horror and erotica in books is much sexier, at least to me, but then this isn’t a debate about girls being emotional and men being visual.

Maybe it is just the adrenaline rush. I mean your heart is already pumping, you’re already getting hot, so using the state your body is in, working it, until you simply wear yourself out riding that high getting it on…well, there has to be something to that, right?. I for one am not complaining this spooky season. I love the scary and I love the sex, so woo hoo, horror erotica, well bonus for me! I can’t wait to read my fellow authors stories in the Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve Anthology. Fear is definitely a potent aphrodisiac for many, the fear of the unknown gets some people’s engines at a nice steady hum, and then, like me, they need more and more of it, seek, desire a greater intensity all the time.

I did search and search for psychological explanation, and maybe it is just me, but all I found were article after article about the fear OF sex. Not what I was going for. So, what about you? Do you like horror erotica? If so, why do you think that is? What’s the connection? And, if anyone knows why the first sex scene was put into a horror movie, by all means, please share!

Abby Hayes

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