New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's New at Naughty Nights Press - Our Official Three Month Mark

Well it has been three months since Naughty Nights Press, released our first e-books to the public and what a wonderfully busy three months it has been.

We had the opportunity to debut three new authors and publish stories from other authors who are already known for their unique style of writing.

All our authors have been busily visiting blogs, tweeting about their own books and WIP’s (work in progress) along with what others have been doing, keeping their fans up to date with what is happening in their writing lives on their blogs, websites or Facebook pages.

To say that we treat each other as a family would be an understatement. Every one of those that have been contracted with Naughty Nights Press not only eagerly congratulate each other on what books are coming out through us, but also what books writers have coming out with other publishing houses.

Normally we hold interviews with authors or other people in the literary world, however, we the team of NNP along with our family of authors, have come up with something we hope is not only unique but will be of great fun and interest to you the reader and follower.

Every Monday, starting October 3rd, we will be presenting a segment that we are calling Chit Chat and All That! Each week a pair of writers, both published and unpublished, will be discussing or debating on different subjects.

Now, the way they are presenting it is as if you were sitting in the room with them whilst they chat back and forth between themselves, in a laid back and easy manner. We are all very excited about it and can’t wait for it to begin.

To give you an idea of who we have participating and what they will be talking about, just read this list.

Raymond Frazee/Tessa Wanton 10/03/2011 How do you introduce someone to a D/s lifestyle when either or both have no experience? What is the best way to entice your partner to try something different in the bedroom?

Dawne Prochilo/Ken Charles 10/10/2011
What does Vanilla Sex mean in the 21st Century?

Cassandre Dayne/Abby Hayes 10/17/2011 Difference between Sex play and Scene play

Sharita Lira as BL Morticia/Julez S. Morbius/ Pablo Michaels 10/24/2011 Talk about GLBT, differences in relationships from a hetro relationship, gender identities in the workplace/do you need to hide them?

Kiki Howell/Kim Faulks 11/7/2011 How to increase strength in paranormal stories with or without sexual contact.

Casey-Lyne Johnson/Benjamin Russell 11/14/2011
Can you tell your partner what you really want in the bedroom? Porn - pros and cons of watching it.

Elizabeth Black/Sherry Tooker 11/21/2011 Indie Publishing Vs Self Published Vs Traditional Publishing

Ray Sostre/Cassandre Dayne 11/28/2011 A discussion on Polyamory, Swinging and Multiple Partners. Are one of these lifestyles for you?

Benjamin Russell /Chrystian Marrero 12/5/2011 Evil Side of Muses...where do you get the ideas from/how do you get the ideas?

Ana Hart/Kiki Howell 12/12/2011 Unusual Paranormal creatures...and we aren’t talking about the usual Vampires or Werewolves.

Sherry Tooker/Casey-Lynn Jonson 12/19/2011 Menages - Why we love writing them. What’s hot - m/m, steampunk, paranormal?

Tessa Wanton/Dawne Prochilo 12/26/2011
Mental BDSM vs Physical BDSM Can it be as fulfilling where sexual contact is limited, and in fact isn't the whole concept a mental construct which enhances sexual play?

Abby Hayes/Raymond Frazee 1/2/2012 Fetishes - What we like, what we dislike. What we enjoy writing about. What we would like to try in real life or in our stories?

And if you think that is something to be impressed about, we also have three authors who will be writing posts on a regular basis each month. Now for those who have been following us for a while, you already know that we have the sultry, and oh-so-wicked, Cassandre Dayne, who guest posts every 2nd Thursday. The luscious Kiki Howell will be guest posting the first Friday of every month, and making her debut as a monthly guest blogger, is the always seductive, Abby Hayes, who will be appearing every 3rd Tuesday. So between these three wonderful angels, or should I be saying wicked erotic devils, there should be some truly lively, interesting & hot topics, that will be discussed or debated on, each month.

Naughty Nights Press will still be holding their regular interviews, introducing you to our new authors each month and some of those names you already know.

October will see us chatting to Cassandre Dayne about the success of her first NNP book, Spankdown, and about her next two releases, Red Fire – Surrender and Raging Shadows, which are due out on the 30th of October. There will also be a giveaway to one lucky commenter who will be given a choice of receiving one of Cassandre’s new ebooks, in .pdf format, before they are released.

We will also be having Nathanial Bosch on NNP blog, talking to us about how it feels three months after the release of The Cabin, a story about BDSM that will open your eyes to the beauty that can be shared between a Dom and his pet.

Coming up in the last week of October, we also have some truly wonderful things happening to celebrate Halloween and the release of our first anthology, A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve, on the 30th October and a week long celebration ending with a 100 Blog Hop.

So please mark these dates in your calendars, comment on the posts, and remember to tell your friends.

Above all, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support in helping to make Naughty Nights Press a success.

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