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New Release Titles
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AfterDark Online: Submissions Call For Charitable Cause, Aids Awareness & Safe Sex

AfterDark Online is calling for Safe Sex Stories, for AIDS Awareness Month

Everything about sex is always fun to do or write about.
We have also come a long way as authors of erotica, but we have a responsibility as well to encourage people about practicing safe sex.

That is why AfterDark Online is calling for short stories submissions, in honor of AIDS Awareness Month (December).

The call for these submissions is for the purpose of charitable causes to promote & encourage safe sex.

Whether you wish to write about two couples having an encounter, group sex, ménage a trios, gay, lesbian, or bisexual stories, they must include practicing safe sex measures.

Stories must be a minimum of 1,000 to 4,000 maximum, approximate.

Size fonts should be 10 pts.

No criteria for style of fonts, so as long as they are legible for proof-reading.

Level of raunchiness may vary, so as long as it fits the guidelines.

Stories must NOT contain:
- pedophilia (all characters must be 18 years of age)
- bestiality
- defecation
- incest
- rape or scenes that includes indirect forcible sex

Any stories that are deemed under contract, will not be permitted for publication.

Stories will be published under the category of Safe Sex Theme beginning August 1st.
December 4th there will be a tribute for the cause of AIDS Awareness.
Closing date: November 27th (11:59PM PST)

All stories will have to be submitted through AfterDark’s Submissions Page
- Be sure you select the genre of "Safe Sex Stories - AIDS Awareness", and the sub-genre of whatever you wish.
- Stories that don't have the genre "Safe Sex" selected will be treated as a normal submission.
- Only .doc formats are accpeted at this time. (Should you have any complications, email to

Email the following:
- Pen name you prefer to go by, or real name is okay
- Quick Summary
- Genre should be Safe Sex
- Sub-Genre; anal, oral, straight sex, gay, lesbian, or etc.
- Is it 1st person narrative or 3rd person narrative.
- Additonal notes if necessary.
- Tags (purely optional)
- email address.

If you have further question, please email to

*Please note this event is for charitable causes.

*AfterDark Online takes your privacy very seriously. We do not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or other companies under any circumstances.
The sole purpose for this submission call is encourage the practice of safe sex and to raise AIDS Awareness.

Posted in support of AIDS AWARENESS on behalf of AfterDark Online and Naughty Nights Press (NNP) by:

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