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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gina Kincade Interviews Sexy, Multi-Talented, Naughty Erotic Author Dawne Prochilo on Naughty Nights Press blog!

Naughty Nights Press has the extreme pleasure of welcoming the multi-talented, sexy as hell and equally naughty Dawne Prochilo to the blog today to be interviewed by Gina Kincade!

*Gina does happy dance*

Hi Dawne ! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host an interview with you on Naughty Nights Press blog! I am so thrilled to have you here hun! With all that you do every single day to be honest I am amazed you even found the time.

You need to relax more. Put your feet up. Perhaps a Caribbean vacation with a favorite author friend or two? *hints relentlessly and giggles at the absurdity of Dawne taking a moment to herself*
Ya right! I know it may never happen but if it does girl you count me in!

Oh Gina, you know if and when I ever escape to a sultry island with cabana boys named Raoul and Rico, you're the first female partner I'd call in...what fun is it to have two sexy men all to myself...oh, well, yes, it can be fun but I would want to share you...with them for a short time.

Anyway we could go on, and on...and on about the sexy young cabana boys for a while...or not. There are people here who wanna know about Dawne, not the men...Oh, on to the juicy info...I mean interview! *wicked grin*

1. Can you share a few “tid bits” about your self? What is a typical day like for you? What “pet peeves” do you have if any?

A typical day for me? There is no such thing. Sometimes I wake up at a normal time (generally by 5am) other times I don't sleep at all. When it comes to a typical day of writing it all depends on deadlines, upcoming writing assigments and my part time work schedule. When the mood strikes to write, I'll stay awake for hours into the night to get the scene, story line or dialogue finished.
I spend the early hours of the morning awake alone answering emails, doing some promoting on social networks, checking my normal haunts for freelance writing gigs and cruising through book reviews.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be an author?

During my freshman year of high school. My English teacher was a tough old cookie and she demanded more from me. She pushed me, made me think about writing and always pointed out simple faults and downfalls in my writing. She basically used a form of reverse pschycology on me and damned if it didn't work. Gotta love that.

3. What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?

Speaking as an erotic author, I would have to say the tension building up to the main sex scene. I love the sexual desire and passion that starts the entire mood. The feelings and emotions that go into that particular scene really affects me and makes me want to share the desire with my words. It's exhilerating.

4. Can you please share with us how old you were when you wrote your first story?

My earliest memory of writing was when I was in kindergarten and my friend and I write a picture book. She actually found thast book a decade ago and we laughed- I had forgotten all about it.

5. What was your goal for yourself as a writer when you started? Did you meet or surpass it or did it change for you along the way?

My original goal was to just get published. I was hired as a stringer (freelance contributing writer) for a local newspaper. Once I had the taste of seeing my byline I wanted more. Over the years my writing and publishing goals have changed and expanded. I'm always looking for new writing ventures and styles to broaden my hoizons and skill.

6. How did you decide to write books in your specific genre? Was there anything that influenced your choice?

Romance books have been a part of my life since high school so it just seemed to come naturally. I wrote two contemporary romance novels that were published in 2009, then I expanded further and discovered erotic romance. I found my niche in the writing world and am thrilled with my career.

7. How do you become inspired to write?

My imagination plays a large role. Whether it's fantasies, what-ifs or how I'd like to see my love life. I'll sit down at laptop, situate my headphones and listen to rock music. The tempo of the music and sometimes the lyrics get my brain churning and my fingers tapping the keyboard.

8. Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

I wish it was a schedule but it all comes down to the mood, the muse and time allowance. I write when the mood strikes, when the muse kicks me int he butt or when I have time to get lost in the story.

9. Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

For me it's the basic story then I add in the characters. The setting can be adjusted according to my, and my characters', need. I tend to change the synopsis frequently due to the characters' minds taking over but that's the life of a writer.

10. What are the elements of a great erotic romance for you?

Connection- I know erotic is strong sexual content but all my novels, whether erotic or contemporary, have to display a connection between at least two of the characters. If they fall in love- great. If they just have a sexual relationship- they'll be committed to each other.

11. What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of writing?

Most challenging is finding new story lines and not repeating phrases over and over. I mean, how many words and phrases can be used for the male or female anatomy.
Most rewarding is being able to bring someone into my world and let them enjoy themselves for a few hours. Forget their problems and get lost in love and fantasy.

12. Can you share a little bit about your current release with us? Where can we find it?

What's a woman to do when her sexual needs are ignored? Every woman has needs and sexualdesires.
When Rachel's married lover is selfish, she turns to her best friend, Kari, for support and love. A girl's night in turns into a night of explosive passion and
realization of frenzied love.

Buy Link's-Desire.html

13. If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

I've actually never thought about that. Writing is all I've ever wanted to do. I guess if I had to answer I'd have to say it would have to be something in the office atmosphere. I'm an office administrator for a non-profit organization and camp for special needs adults and children. I love my job, coworkers and the campers.

14. Is there a specific bit of advice you would give to an aspiring author who is looking to publish their work? Traditional or Self-Publishing, which would you suggest?

Be persistent and never, ever give up. With every rejection letter or email I received it made me more determined to succeed and prove myself to those that didn't have faith in me.
I have done both- I have five ebooks out now and one self published sex/relationship advice book through smashwords.

15. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Where can our readers find you?

I also have a weekly radio segment every Tuesday morning on a local station where I talk with the DJ's about sex and relationships in a humorous way.

Thank you Dawne! It’s been great getting to know more about you and your writing. I hope we will do it again real soon!

About Dawne Prochilo

Dawne is published erotic romance author, a freelance writer and online journalist, administrative editor of the WM Freelance & Review Connection and Moderator of WM Freelance Writers Connection Forums and Administrator for the forum at the WM Freelance Connection and the Lead Administrator and founder of Sex Marks The G-Spot Blog for new upcoming romance authors of every heat level and adult content writers.

What Dawne's Friends and Fellow Authors say about her

*** "Dawne also hosts a Facebook erotic author group where she organizes and assists several established and aspiring authors in connecting with one another and literally a TON of resources. Dawne writes for and maintains blogs, facebook fan pages, and her website on a regular basis in addition to writing her books. She is always there to lend a helping hand to her fellow authors for whatever they may need be it promotional assistance, questions, critique or comments about a fellow author's work or even just someone to talk to when a friend is having a rough day.

Friends and fellow authors look to her as a "mentor" of sorts as they are baffled at how she manages to do all that she does AND keep a happy home as well. Keep up the great work Dawne! We are all so proud of you!" ~GK

*** "Dawne as been wonderfully helpful, warm, and accepting of me from the first moment I met her. She took great care to answer questions and give guidance to a new published author beyond what was necessary. She always goes the extra mile to be a teacher and mentor to those of us still learning the business. I'm grateful to her for the way she welcomed me into her world and has been a true big sister in every sense. I learn something new from Dawne every day and trust her instincts and judgment. She's definitely a true friend to all of us writers and industry people. It wouldn't be the same here without her, and she is a rare asset to the literary world and to those who know her personally." ~SJH

*** "Dawn has a way of making you feel comfortable regardless of the silly things you may say. Through her I have been introduced to a variety of other authors who are just as spectacular as Dawn." ~ VD

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  1. Very nice interview! And yes, she's always busy, but a wonderful author and friend!

  2. Great Interview! Dawn you're living the life we want - write books, freelance writing and being able to work from home. We are our my way there hopefully soon :) Will have to check out your websites. How many books have you written and published?
    Gina, love the photo up top, had to stare/fantasize a few minutes before reading the interview LOL

  3. Thank you for having me Gina- and Robert, for the kind words- Brenda I have five books out now and one more being released in April

  4. As usual, Gina has another great interview with Dawne. I found her inspiration for writing and her schedule similar to mine. If only the days and nights were longer. I'm quite amazed with her busy schedule and have to compliment her with that and her success.

  5. Hi Guys. Great interview. Dawne you are a woman of many talents. I am looking forward to reading your stories