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New Release Titles
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

RAPID PULSE: Author Spotlight's Breaking the Rules (A Menage Romance) by @JenniLynnAuthor #PreOrder #99c #Hetero #KU #SizzlingHot #Ménage #MFM #EroticRomance #SecondChances #MénageATrois

If you’ve always lived by the rules, how can you fall for two men who live to break them?

Author Spotlight
Breaking the Rules
(A Menage Romance)
Jennifer Lynne

featured in

A Limited Edition Spicy Romance Collection

~~~ Featuring ~~~

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Breaking the Rules
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Featuring New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors, Rapid Pulse is a sizzling, diverse collection of hetero and same sex romance reads crafted to launch your heartbeat into high gear and drive your senses wild.

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Warning: The Rapid Pulse authors are not responsible for damaged pacemakers. Please read responsibly.

Is it possible for someone who has always lived by the rules, to risk it all for love?  

Breaking the Rules (A Menage Romance) is part of the Forbidden Series of erotic short reads by Jennifer Lynne. This series features different aspects of kink explored within loving relationships.


When you’ve always lived by the rules, how can you fall for two men who live to break them?
Stacey Gamble had it all. The perfect life, the perfect partner, perfect children. Or so she thought, until her husband had a mid-life crisis and ran off with their housekeeper. And the kids decided to follow.
Seeking refuge in a small country town, Stacey wants nothing more than to re-find her niche in a society that embraces the conventional.
Her new neighbors, Teale and James, throw a wrench into her plans. Literally. When the two sexy men rescue Stacey from a broken-down car in the dead of night, she can’t help but be drawn into their lives, and eventually their bed.
While their relationship intrigues her, Stacey’s heart still yearns for acceptance.
Is it possible for someone who has always lived by the rules, to break those rules for love?

Adults-only: “We want you, Stacey.” James’s voice is soft, but I hear the thrum of need running beneath the words. It ramps up my own desire a thousand times over. My clit heads past a dull ache into full-on throbbing, and my throat is tight as I swallow again, trying to hold in the moan that wants to escape.
Teale stands and moves around the bench until he’s directly behind me. His light breath warms the back of my neck and his firm body molds around mine from the rear. He has a hard-on. An unmistakable, very big hard-on that is clearly straining for release from those jeans. “We want you a lot,” he says, confirming the comment from James.
No kidding.
Teale splays his hands on the bench, one each side of me, and just like that I’m imprisoned in a human cage. He shifts, leaning down to whisper further words in my ear. His breath tickles, sending shivers right through my body. “We won’t do anything unless you want this too, Stacey. Do you? Want this?” He thrusts with his pelvis, crushing my mound into the edge of the bench. My breath hisses out at the decadent sensation. Pain, and pleasure. “You’re gonna have to admit it, gorgeous. Out loud.”
I don’t know these men; have never met them officially before tonight, and logic tells me I should be terrified of this situation and ask them to leave my home. But I don’t want to let them go. I want to feel desirable again, to someone. And these two men are making it abundantly clear that in this situation, both of them desire me. I want to remember what it feels like to be loved. I want sex, damn it, for the first time in far too long.

Excerpt 2:

When I sink my fingers into her hair, a subtle perfume is released and I bend my head to take in the scent. Delicious. Her face in the middle is delicate-looking, her lush lips curved into a timid and enticing smile. She reaches up a hand and cups my cheek.
“Did you guys somehow read my mind?” Her voice is husky, so soft that I have to lean in even closer to hear her, and as I do the tip of her tongue flicks out to moisten those lips. I can’t deny their sensual call any longer, and I kiss her despite the awkward upside-down positioning of our mouths. As soon as I do, I’m gone.
My God, this kiss. When our mouths connect, a spike of fire shoots straight to my groin. My cock was already halfway to heaven, but now I’m about to burst at the seams. My jeans, which were admittedly snug a minute or two ago, are so restricting it’s painful. I’ve rarely kissed anyone upside-down like this, and it feels weird and far sexier than I was expecting. We tease at first, in a delicate dance of lips and tongues and teeth, parting and reconnecting as we begin to learn each other. She’s good at this, if a bit hesitant at first, but as our kiss goes on, something in the connection changes and I feel her confidence grow. My tongue dips in and out, meeting hers in a sensual caress that draws us in even further. A tiny moan, almost a whimper, erupts from her throat directly into mine, and then she opens her mouth fully to let me in. I drink in her gorgeous essence. Her scent, her texture, her taste.
Stacey. You taste so fucking good. You feel so fucking good.
I’m drowning in this experience. I can’t think; can only taste. Can only feel. I’m lost in the depths of an incredible kiss. Lost in the gentle swell of her breasts beneath my exploring hands. Lost in the tiny moans and groans and the tremors that shake her body beneath my touch. I completely forget Teale, until strong fingers slide into my hair and pull. Hard.

Fuck. How is that possible? I’ve never forgotten Teale before, no matter who we’re with. He and I take our enjoyment with whoever happens to be on hand and yet always, we remain a team of two with a temporary third allowed in to the mix. Stacey’s earlier assumption about us as a couple is at least partially correct. Only this time it’s different. So different. This time Stacey is firmly at the center and there’s no question that this is an equal threesome. This time it feels like a proper ménage a trois. Maybe for the first time ever.

Author Spotlight:

Thanks so much for having me here to visit. I’m appreciative of everyone who supports the romance reading/writing community.

We are so glad you are here! How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve been writing since I was a teen (and that’s a frighteningly long time ago!). I've always loved books and reading and in fact have a degree in Literature. Over the years my dabbling in writing became first a rather consuming hobby, and then a professional career as an author of erotic and sexy romance. My first release was with Red Sage Publishing back in December 2009, but these days I’m what is known as a hybrid author - with a mix of traditionally published and indie published titles, under the names Jennifer Lynne and Jen Katemi.

How did you come up with this storyline?
Ménage stories come easily to me for some reason. I love the idea of pushing boundaries and taking my characters out of their comfort zone, and what better way than to challenge societal “norms” and add an extra person into the sexual mix? My ménage stories always include one woman and at least two men, as I love the idea of the woman being the center of attention and surrounded by sexy men who are all attentive to her needs. Sounds like heaven to me!

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
It just feels right when I'm creating a story, if that makes sense? Like most people with a day job and family, I have limited writing time, but the days when I do write are the best. When the creative mojo is there and the words flow onto the page it’s a natural high. Conversely, the days when I sit in front of the laptop and nothing happens is the worst feeling. That's when I begin to doubt that I can do this “thing” called writing.
Where do you get your ideas?
I suppose I subconsciously stockpile ideas from things I see in my everyday life – little actions, comments or looks that might inspire the creation of a character. Of course I get some inspiration from TV or movies. But primarily, my ideas for character seem to come from some deep well within my imagination. It is a really hard question for me to answer, actually, as I have been known to wake up in the night with a really clear sense of a new character for a story, and no idea where it came from. I guess dreams must also play a part.

What are three of your favorite quotes from Breaking the Rules?
I love it all, of course! But here are three of my favorite bits, one for each of the main characters:

James: “I want that prime position between her legs. I want to feel that rhythmic pressure and squeeze against my cock. I want to take it all the way, driving deep into her channel to feel the tight pull as her vaginal muscles milk me for everything I have.”

Stacey: “Two guys, coming to my rescue. Two really fucking sexy guys, heading my way. My clit, a part of my body I thought long-dead, flickers to life with a throb. I hope they’re here to rescue me. I hope they’re not serial killers.”

Teale: “I almost punch him in the face when I find out he’s ordered some of her soap online … Now we both smell like Stacey, all fresh lemon and eucalyptus, and it’s driving me even more insane. We’re taking showers at all times of the day and night, lathering up with her goddamn soap so we can get a visceral whiff of the woman in the only way we can. Via her delicious scented product that evokes tantalizing memories of our entwined rutting bodies every time I move.”

Do you plot your books ahead of time or are you more of an “organic” writer?
I'm definitely not a plotter. I tried it once, but it stifled the creative process for me, and that particular story fizzled out to nothing. So now I concentrate on building a strong sense of the characters and their initial struggle or conflict, and I kind of plot as I go along. To be honest, it’s the characters who usually take me on the journey rather than the other way around.

Are reader reviews important to you? Why?
Oh yes, without a doubt! I write so that others will enjoy the stories I create. Sometimes I’m hugely successful at that, and sometimes not so much. Getting a good review on something I’ve worked hard at, puts a smile on my face for days. Literally, for days! The only way we know that people have read (and hopefully enjoyed!) our work is if someone leaves a review. So yes. To me, reviews are vital.

What three ingredients do you consider an absolute necessity to writing a hot sex scene?
A physical connection between the characters – the sexual chemistry – is a must. But above and beyond that, an emotional connection adds something special and transforms a standard sex scene into one that is far more meaningful. Finally, I’d say an element of fun.

Go-to snack when writing?
Cheese and crackers, and either coffee (during the day) or wine (in the evening).

What do you do when you don’t write? Like in “Real Life”?
In “real life”, I’m a mum of two, step-mum of two, a wife and a slave to various cats. I work in admin at a university in my home town of Melbourne, Australia, and while I do enjoy my day job, writing is my passion. If I could afford it financially, I’d write all hours of the day and night! For relaxation I love to read - pretty much any genre except horror. My ideal weekend away would be somewhere peaceful with a spa, an open fire, a nice bottle of wine, a good book, and rolling green hills outside.

Again, I'd just like to say a huge thank you for having me to visit, and for those who plan to read Breaking the Rules, I do hope you enjoy the latest erotic tale in my Forbidden series. If so, please check out the other Forbidden stories - Alpha Submissive (A Bondage Romance), Marriage Games (A Spanking Romance) and Watch Me (A Voyeurism Romance).

Jennifer Lynne/Jen Katemi
Website for Jennifer Lynne -

Website for Jen Katemi -

About the Author:

Jennifer Lynne writes short contemporary erotic and sexy romance, often with paranormal/fantasy elements. She is published with Red Sage and previously with Breathless Press, and has forged a successful indie career with her popular GODS OF LOVE erotic series about sexy Greek gods searching for love in a modern-day world.
Jennifer also writes as Jen Katemi and is published under that name with Evernight Publishing.
When she’s not writing, Jen is working in the admin day job, running around after the family, pampering various cats and trying to find a smidgen of time for her husband. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

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Like Vampires?
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Lies, betrayal, and maybe a battery-operated boyfriend...

She’s done with men. But someone needs to tell her wolf.

When Laurel’s Alpha female is found murdered and her Alpha turns up missing, the Briarwood Pack is turned upside down. An unwanted blast from Laurel’s romantic past puts her to the test as the fine line between love and hate is redefined. If she can keep herself alive. Love can be murder…unless it saves your life.

Nerdy, hunky boys with a knack for the dead need love too…

With his roommate back from the dead and his future as Montelier College of Witchcraft and Arcane Sciences new necromancer on staff on hold after his mentor’s murder, James Merryweather finds himself looking for answers in the one place he never thought to find them. And when a chance encounter leads him to his heart’s desire, will he have the strength to claim the woman he loves before she’s ripped from his arms forever?

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cimmerian Shade Release Day @naughtynightspr @ginakincade @erzabetbishop @shifter_lover #WordsTurnMeOn



Dare to discover what lurks in the shadows in **New & Exclusive** paranormal and urban fantasy stories from your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors.
Under moonlit skies, witches, werewolves, vampires, dragons, and more, battle not only for their mates, but to stay alive…

Fall for the alphas who play by their own rules despite the odds, whether century-old curses or forbidden love, or worse. For them, what lies in the darkness is worth the fight when it comes to romance.


What Lies Within Us by Kiki Howell & Gina Kincade
Kyna Hughes travels to Ireland only to find out her whole life has been a series of well-orchestrated lies. Thrust into days of dark magic, secret societies, mystical hauntings, and ultimately, kidnappings and satanic weddings, she struggles not to lose her heart to one of two men—a hunky former Navy SEAL hired to protect her, and a sinister Wizard hired to train her to develop her hidden powers.
Dating 911 by Kathleen Grieve
Commiserating with girlfriends over butterscotch martinis, emergency room nurse, Roxanne Carter creates the idea of The Dating Manifesto—a not so scientific research project which promises to point the way to dating success. She wades through a series of unsavory, stale dates while gathering data to find the potentially most suitable single men available, literally putting her back at ground zero.
Just when she is ready to give up on dating, in walks sin personified in the form of a sexy firefighter, tainting all of her previous data.
A traumatic warehouse fire leaves firefighter Jett Avery's closest friend dead. The false mask of charm and pretense is slipping as Jett tries to repress his turbulent emotions, remorse, and guilt. After months of anguish, the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder seems to be taking over his life and he needs an outlet, fast. In an attempt to combat the worst of his depression, he decides to use his brand of therapy—Sex. The remedy, usually a quick pick me up for Jett, has lost its luster. He is almost ready to give up until he encounters a wicked seductress who ignites a fire he's not ready to put out any time soon. The bonus? She's an ER nurse with just the right kind of healing, the missing element Jett's search had not yet uncovered. He finally feels alive when he's in her presence.
Jett’s twin brother, emergency room Doctor Cruz Avery, the playboy of the ER, decides Roxanne is the woman for him. He places all brotherly affection aside and is in hot pursuit, complicating an already tricky situation.
Roxanne finds herself battling a growing competition between brothers for her affection. She discovers she’s drawn to both men, making it difficult not to compare them, and finds herself with an important choice to make. Jett hounds her during every date, and the irresistible hunk generates an indomitable need to play with fire. Yet, there are qualities in Cruz that slide right into the appropriate dating criteria of her Manifesto.
Does she choose the brother who by analysis is the perfect match? Or the one she can’t resist?
Torch Song by Lashell Collins
Dominic Draco has no illusions about who he is. As alpha of the dragon clan, he is also the leader of the shifter Alliance, and that sometimes requires him to be ruthless. He’s a dangerous man to know. In fact, he’s a heartless bastard. That’s the real reason he’s kept the beautiful Lucinda Lindley at bay for so many years, despite the longing he feels for the sexy human singer. But in granting an old friend’s dying request, watching over Lucinda is now his responsibility. Can he keep her safe from the perils of his cut-throat world when the Alliance’s enemies begin to circle? Or will Lucinda become a casualty of the shifter faction war?
Ethereal Witness by Angelica Dawson
Magic just became real for Paige Brown. Since she helped her roommate cast a spell, she has wanted to explore her new-found talent. Flashbacks to her ancestor give her clues, specifically to a love spell that she hopes will snag the professor she has been fantasizing about. Both Paige and her previous incarnation, Jane, find that controlling magic is more than a simple recipe. Will Paige be able to break her own spell? Will she discover the love that is closer than she knows?
Love Story of a Reaper by Elvira Bathory
What would you do if you found out that you weren’t like everyone else?
That you were special, but only in a way no one could find out about?
What lengths would you go to prove yourself to your family? A family that you didn’t know you had?
Morrigana was moving through life with a part-time, minimum wage job, and only a handful of friends. She was different from other people and they treated her that way. However, she was happy with her life until the day she met Kheelan; that is when her life was turned upside down. She finds out that she isn’t even human, and that a family she wasn’t aware she had needed her to complete a mission. As Morrigana and Kheelan's adventure progresses, will their focus on business remain professional or will their growing passion take over?
Burning Midnight by Erzabet Bishop
A triumvirate of blood and fire…
Diana Robichard runs Moon Called, an antique shop specializing in cursed objects. A new antiquity falls into her possession and promptly disappears, her tidy world is upended. When faced with a threat to those she loves the most, witchcraft alone may not be enough to save them.
Alpha Aristide Benoit is a wolf on a mission. When multiple pack members and finally his daughter go missing, he is ready to do whatever is necessary to find them as well as save the woman who has claimed his heart.
Vampire Regent, Rand Sinclair has a problem. His vault is missing an amulet never meant to see the light of day. Endangering a treaty with the wolves, he must act quickly before the woman he loves is swept into an ancient curse that will destroy them all.
With This Heart by Red L. Jameson
Talk about a killer kiss…
Being a former soldier with PTSD takes its toll on Aaron and has wiped him clean of optimism along with having dreams. But he’s no longer sure if he’s living in reality or fantasy after he tries to save a friend and finds his world filled with women who have wings and…Valkyries.
Adala kills. Not on purpose. She’s a Valkyrie—from just one touch, she takes warriors to the afterlife. Oh, but she’d give anything for a break, for normalcy, to have one day of not wearing her legionnaire uniform. When she’s asked to talk to the human Aaron to help him understand just what he’s in for when he tripped into her world, she jumps at the chance, even though she knows Aaron more than she cares to admit, even though she has an insane crush on him, even though she can’t touch him at all. But she gets to wear jeans and talk to a man—a real-life, hero of a man.
From her adorable made-up swearwords to when she wears his clothes, from the fact that she’s hundreds of years old to her pet Pegasus, Aaron falls hard for the shy Valkyrie. Dare he risk his life for a kiss? He’s thinking about it, because already he’s given her his heart.
With This Heart is a standalone story, that’s part of the With These Wings Series—books that mix rock-hard military men with feathered-fantasy femme fatales for a sizzling hot adventure to find love. Join Chanticleer winner, Red L. Jameson, for more of this heart-tugging fairy tale series.
Saltwater Siren by Muffy Wilson
Was it love at first sight? Perhaps. Many thought it might have been the work of the unscrupulous Sea Witch, Hermione, long a bitter and banished King’s Court Matron. So, was it the crafty wiles of Hermione, scheming to seek her sordid revenge, or was it a simple matter of serendipity? All we know for certain is that two young royals, one landed and one not, met during a raging storm as fierce and intense as the love they would none too soon escape. Was it fate, design, or—perhaps—black magic? Who’s to say?
What we do know is that it was sensuous, erotic, and insatiable as they fought to extinguish the passions that flamed their heat by indulging in every desire that swept them into one another’s arms. Their shared carnal voracity fanned an appetite no amount of indulgence could satisfy.
After all, it happened…Once upon a time…
Dangerous Beauty, Sexy Beast by Dariel Raye
Drayden saved her life— but her incessant need for vengeance could mean the end of his.
Thirteen years after the brutal murder of Treva Evers’ entire family, a cloaked stranger shows up just in time to save her from the same fate. When he disappears as quickly as he appeared, she is drawn into an underworld replete with magic and long forgotten customs, a place where nothing is as it seems, including her mysterious savior, and every word or action could result in brutal consequences.
Rose Tears by Amanda Pillar
Death is coming for Lori Hardcastle.
Half-Succubus, half-Sídhe, Lori has been on the run since she was seventeen. Worried that her vengeful family will find her, she’s been hiding in the Borderlands, a magical plane nestled between the fae and human worlds. However, when her path crosses that of a dangerously sexy fullblooded fae, will she be able to survive the encounter?
Conrad Death is a cleaner (he doesn’t like the term ‘assassin’) for the fae White Queen. His latest mission: find the half-breed daughter of the Count of Tears. Easy. Except no one knows what she looks like, her real age, or even what name she uses. However, Conrad isn’t daunted by simple details – he’s finished every job he’s ever started. But when he meets a smoking hot Succubus in a Borderlands bar, his life is thrown into turmoil.

Rogue by Savannah Verte
Everyday immortal Bree Brigand gets a rude awakening as her family is slaughtered. Not only is the cursed, suicide blade of legend and lore real, but it has chosen her. She must quickly learn to fast-track a course she’s never navigated, in a world she thought only existed in campfire stories. But, only after coming to terms with the facts…her family is not her family.
Truths and lies collide in a world where the hunters and the hunted trade places faster than she can discern who is which, and everyone is an assassin. Can she find and claim her destiny? Or, will being marked by a male who is not her one true mate ruin everything, and clip this dragon’s wings before she can become all she is meant to be?
Hexing Hearts by Alyssa Drake
At eighteen, undeveloped witch, Remy Vasile abandoned her island home without a backward glance. Five years later, circumstances outside of Remy’s control have drawn her back to Firefly Island, dredging up painful memories which lay dormant during her absence.
Sebastian Ayres enjoyed a life of pleasure pursuits. However, his blasé attitude evaporates the moment Remy’s hand brushes against his. Irresistibly drawn to his mate, Sebastian must undertake the daunting task of persuading Remy that he is not just any man, but the only man, for her.
Unbeknownst to either, dark secrets, hidden since Remy’s birth, are about to be uncovered and Remy will be confronted with a life-altering decision. With the help of her sister and some unexpected allies, Remy must decide if she will fight and risk her heart or continue running from her destiny.
Dragons Curvy Concierge by Mychal Daniels
When Bronwyn Scott finds herself way over her head as the first-time business owner of a personal concierge service, she’s not about to fall for a rich mystery man trying to test her professionalism at every turn.
Determined to make her business a great success to find and show the mother who left her at birth that she made something of herself, Bronwyn has no time for games or entitled, gorgeous rich dudes.
MacMillan “Mac” Kelnar is at that time in his life where his business can run itself, he’s successful, powerful, and a mature Dragon who’s paid his dues.
When he sees his mate across the parking lot of a Home Improvement Center parking lot as she suffers a hit and run, he’ll stop at nothing to have her, even if that means pretending to hire her as his personal concierge.
Determined to have his mate, this Dragon won’t stop at nothing until his mate realizes that the only services he’s interested in are having all of her.
Credence - Moon Dragons by Decadent Kane
Torren is days away from competing in the Draconic Challenge and earning the prize he needs to complete his magic credence. His sky-high dream of apprenticing with the Ancients is finally in sight. The last thing this solitary moon dragon needs is a mate dragging him down to earth, and a human one at that. Not that his body will listen.
Dovie is minding her own business—literally—when a handsome stranger walks into her bookstore. One spontaneous orgasm later, she’s left with no choice but to close up shop. The last thing she needs is an overbearing dragon dragging her to his mountain and telling her to shelve her dreams in favor of a stupid contest. Not that her body will listen.
Torren and Dovie must fight their treacherous attraction to each other or sacrifice their ambitions forever. But moon dragon magic doesn’t choose lightly, and when darker forces shatter the peaceful mountain enclave the dragons call home, human and moon dragon alike will have to reconsider just what they need to achieve a happy ending.
Kiss of the Fallen by Kharma Kelley

Dear Readers,
I just wanted to be left alone. I wanted nothing to do with the war brewing among all the Supernaturals and have grown tired of fighting all these centuries. All of us are screwed up anyway; but who am I to judge who drinks blood and who eats souls?
As luck (or lack thereof) would have it, I get sucked into one last mission with the vampires and the next thing I know, I find a half-naked demon chained to my bed; and let's just say she is not happy.  And, as much as I enjoy seeing a beautiful woman grace my bed, unfortunately, I'm not happy either.
Of all demons, someone delivers to me a Black Blood Slayer; demons bred to do one thing and one thing only: kill vampires.  Her blood is spiked with a desire I long to tame, but if I do, I could be six-feet under... again. And this time forever.  But her fighter's spirit and tenderness shakes me to my missing soul, wanting to claim her with a need I cannot name.  But with both of us on the run and my people gunning for us, how can I be sure she wants me to love or to kill?
-Commander Tristan Castillion, Vampire Royal Guard
Selene by Shelique Lize
My name is Selene and I am a moon goddess. Between my siblings and me, we control the balance of the universe. Without us, the mortal and immortal realms would be thrust into eternal chaos. Don’t ask me what that means. It’s what I’ve been told for as long I can remember. I have never questioned my existence because it was the only life I have ever known. Then one day, everything changed when I became enthralled with the earth.
I couldn’t resist the alluring beauty that beckoned me almost every single night. My curiosity was so fierce and dominate, it was becoming impossible to ignore it and I gave in. I found the only god brave enough to take me to the mortal realm but he wanted something in return. He wanted my body, and I gave it to.
I went to earth and experienced life like never before. It was like my eyes were opening and I started to question my entire existence. Feelings all of a sudden are very present and then everything changed again, when I fell in love with a human.
Being a goddess has never been so complicated.
One Last Lullaby by Kallysten
When Kirsten walks back into Jacob’s life after years of estrangement, it’s not to resume the relationship she once ended abruptly. Instead, she’s there to work as a mage for the same agency in which Jacob is a Special Enforcer… or at least, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Whether Andrew, her boss and one of Jacob’s fathers, hired her for her skills or to get her back in Jacob’s life is anyone’s guess.
Although Jacob is determined to see in Kirsten a co-worker and friend, he still loves her as much as he ever did. He used to believe she was ‘the one,’ and even years after she broke up with him he still doesn’t understand what happened. It doesn’t help that every little thing she does reminds him of what they once shared.
As the agency battles deadly demons night after night, the relationship between Jacob and Kirsten goes from awkward to downright painful… until one botched magic spell traps them in a strange world inhabited by the demons, and the only way back will require them to reveal to each other their most painful secret…
Lust by Liz Gavin
Magical, sinful New Orleans attracts many lost souls who find haven at kinky Club Desire. Marcel Revault is the real deal: bound to the house, haunting it for over 150 years. Clara Hervaux, movie-star extraordinaire, indulges in her dark side as a club regular. As an empath, she’s gotten hooked on Marcel’s otherworldly sexiness. When Clara goes missing, Marcel uses their empathic link to find her, but can he break the curse to save her? Or will Clara fall prey to the jealous witch who cursed him?
Witch Playground by Isis Pierce
When Samantha Smith agreed to cast a spell to sneak her friend Sassy into the hottest paranormals’ club in Vegas, she never thought she’d actually get caught. Now she’s facing a trial and the possibility of losing everything—including her magic, and maybe even her life. To get out of legal trouble, she might have to sleep with a vampire or go to hell with a bounty hunter. Maybe both. And that’s a whole new kind of trouble.
Frozen Soul by Catherine Banks
A wolf's love is forever...and so is the bond of the pack.
Even after she broke it off with their Alpha, Tysen, the pack still loved Jess. So when they discover her current boyfriend, Jon, is literally draining her soul, her wolf family is right there to come to her rescue. Back amongst their ranks, the bond she shares with them, and Tysen, grows stronger than ever, and she can't deny how desperately she's missed them all.
But now the truth of Jess and Jon's relationship comes blasting through the door and brings everyone to their knees; she's sacrificed more for the pack than any of them realized.
The question now remains: is there a way for Tysen to save her soul?
Taste Of Darkness by Catherine Vale
Natalya should have known better than to watch the handsome fisherman from the shadows, but she found herself drawn to him, night after night. If she had only stayed away from him, he would not be facing the darkness that will now haunt him for eternity. But she couldn’t stay away, and now it’s too late; he’s been turned into an abomination, a creature that will never again be free.
Natalya is all that Caine has left. He just doesn’t know it yet.
Natalya knows better than anyone what it’s like to have her world ripped out from under her, forced into the darkness, never to walk in the sun again. It wasn’t long ago when she was turned into a blood-sucking vamp, a ruthless killer. So when she finds herself to blame for an innocent human being turned, she knows that it’s up to her to save his life. But when Caine awakens to discover what he has become, will he ever be able to find his place in a world, where he just doesn’t fit in? And can he learn to forgive Natalya long enough to fight alongside her?
When a merciless pack of werewolves scent the newly created vamp, they will stop at nothing to destroy him, and everything he loves. Caine must learn to embrace his darkness, if he wishes to survive.

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