New Release Titles

New Release Titles
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Release! #99cents for a Limited Time! Keira's Story: A Vampire Romance Novella by TC Smith #pnr #alpha #romance

New Release! #99cents for a Limited Time!
Keira's Story: A Vampire Romance Novella by TC Smith

Keira was a strong-willed woman, even before she was turned. She never settled for anything less than what she deserved, which is why she was still unmarried when he showed up to the ball. Now, she’d do anything to prove she’s worthy of him, even if it kills her. 
The question is, will it? Is eternity long enough to show Dominic she’s worthy of his praise, and his love?

Dominic had no intentions of leaving the ball with anyone other than the one he had lost so long ago. Yet, when he saw this one, everything changed. She was like a magnet to his soul, always pulling him closer. No matter how hard he pushes her, she always comes back. 
Would she be the one to finally revive his long dead heart? Or, would he push her too far?

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About TC Smith
Author TC Smith has dedicated her life to serving and protecting others, while pursuing her dream as a writer in her spare time. She was born and raised in rural Georgia, but has traveled to many European countries in hopes of finding inspiration for both her work and her life. 
She’s published several magazine articles, and dabbles in poetry as well as erotica. But, vampires hold the keys to her writer’s heart.

Watch for more from TC Smith

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